(The above, an ancient idiom-in-poem, was found on Twitter. Free translation…)

Heavens are not in halves
Earth and land are never apart
The Wise knows silence
Parents know their names
A teacher isn’t you at shoulder
Why then think this is about you?



Something isn’t quite right with this voter registration poster…

it presumes all votes have a moral content, they are equal and the man’s vote equal yours.


Impossibility theorem at work.


Imagine a moment:

Malaysia without God, without standards


Kenneth Arrow has recently died (read here about the person and his work), the man who designed the ‘Impossibility Theorem’ around the idea that people typically make lousy choices and if they were given a second chance to correct the mistake first made they will again pick lousy ones. An infinite number of choices deliver an infinite number of bad judgments so, one can’t be the result of the other.

Hence, when liberals beat us with the cliche — you deserve the government you voted in — those moronic Anglophiles don’t know what it is they are babbling about. There is simply no ideal situation delivering an ideal set of information for making an ideal choice. In economics, that means no perfect markets; in politics no perfect system for an outcome entirely fair and just.

Change the conditions of a circumstance, or even change the settings during a decision, preferences change. This isn’t fickle-mindedness exerted by some invisible hand. Rather, conditions are never what you’d hope for, which goes to show that imperfection serves itself and so, too, imperfect markets. Or, in another way of saying the same thing, something imperfect is its own perfection. And if some lonely woman, say, Annie of the Valley, were to shop around for a perfect man according to a set list of criteria then she’d be drawing out a list every year instead of shopping. Poor woman. And if we think everything around us as unsatisfactory — Malaysians have shiploads of dissatisfaction — then that’s a view perfect only to ourselves. But we’ll never know if the perfection is true because, how can we?

(Why will one never know? Answer: depends on who you ask. According to the Great Moron of Manchester, ‘There are no truths because all views are subjective.‘ If, indeed, there are no objective truths out there then, by the same token, that statement couldn’t be true either. If not T then F. And if F, the Moron’s statement is nonsense. This is what happens when English La Salle and Victorian little old boys try to sell snake oil philosophy outside a Manchester nasi lemak restaurant.)


Arrow’s theorem was great economic work from the use of vigorous mathematics that defeated earlier, commonplace economic and political assumptions which have no basis in mathematical probabilities. By commonplace, it means whining, an Ariff Sabri whine, so much yada, yada out of a Raub durian farm.

(Imagine this ludicrous statement from that DAP bleeding heart: ‘The defining characteristic of a Malay is poverty,’ a race-equal-poor definition plucked from before the 1950s when nine-tenths of the world was poor, including Lim Goh Tong. But never mind that, spare a thought instead for the Orang Asli today, poor, poorer, poorest, still poor, not Malay, without Umno and — thank god — without kampung heads like Ariff’s to struggle on their behalf.)

Arrow’s theorem had profound implications: it meant that material or social progress should not — and couldn’t be, anyway — be set to a single standard. In economics, such a standard, say, a perfect market is simply an artifice of invention which the Great Syed Akbar Ali calls the ‘Laws of Economics’. That man just discovered those laws at work in Malaysia 250 years after Adam Smith.

In Malaysian politics, standard setting is the desire of PAS, of some Umno ministers and numerous government-appointed muftis. Standards create, so they say, an ‘Islamic’ environment, supposedly so that the Malays could live out their Muslim lives fully, ‘holistically’, the Islamic way. RU355 is an example of the standard setting — the ‘Laws of Allah’, says the towel head Hadi Awang — giving form to a supposed Islamic environment. Of course, expect no God of heaven to thunder out and verify his commands that are being shepherded around by Hadi and that other Pahang towel head mufti.

Enter Bersatu and PKR, while Ariff’s DAP sit on its village hands. Also enter Mahathir Mohamad and Bro. Anwar Ibrahim, the latter in the person of Azmin Ali because Bro. Anwar, so happens, is indisposed. Both Mahathir and Anwar are continuing where they left off in the 1980s, currying favor with Islamist political groups — even after, and this what really gets to you — seeing the disastrous results of their early efforts. The decision by Bersatu and PKR to stick with PAS was purely electoral, One-to-One, but all know that the inevitable consequence in their maneuvers will simply hand over the country to those towel heads to dictate other people lives and fix other people’s standards.

Would Mahathir care? No. His hatred for Najib Razak is deeper than his desire to Save Malaysia from himself, from PAS and Islamism. That is, a Malaysia of humanly sane Malays unmolested by the impossibility of arbitrary standards.

In the old days, Mahathir’s excuse for collaborating with Islamist groups (in the person of Anwar) was to craft a set of Muslim standards for Malays while, in return, the latter would support Umno. In this horse trading, the presumptions were many, for example, a Saudi-type religious environment (No external interference in domestic affairs? That’s a load of Malay chauvinist shit.) was necessary for Malays to be good and what’s good for Malays has to be good for Malaysia.

But — and this is the key — they didn’t presume this: Anwar’s Islamic environment agenda was nothing more than standard setting. Instead they took the standard setting for granted, obligatory even. Why? Their answer, because it is a Muslim duty. Says who? Says Allah, never mind if those standards were never verifiable nor proven because, if that was true, Najib Razak who has since devoted so much time and money in the perfect kingdom of Mecca would be the model of sainthood.

All of which arrives at this other conclusion: Other than removing Najib, are Mahathir’s excuses for collaborating with Hadi any different from those during the Anwar days? The answer, if it isn’t self-evident by now, goes to show, once again, Mahathir is dangerous to everybody. He presumes he knows what is good for Malays (and everybody else) but his decisions are as arbitrary as Arrow’s Theorem — supposedly rational one day but would be idiotic the next. And, in between, causing innumerable damage to the fabric of society.

Mahathir is little different from PAS in their approach to politics and treatment of people and society. While he was fixated to the idea — then demanded — that an entire country be modeled after a prescribed standard (Malays! Get rich!), PAS would go about the kampung with its own prescription. Mahathir’s sycophants, namely Kadir Jasin and Firdaus Abdullah, would then call that stupid man a ‘visionary’.

The result: the simple, straightforward idea of merely administrating well and governing fairly is completely lost to these propaganda assholes.

But, here’s the even bigger problem visiting the country: both Bersatu (actually Umno by another name) and PAS are still standard setting because, so their argument goes, the first set had failed: more sex, more hair saloons, more girls on bikes, more unwed mothers. Like Pentecostal Christians — another bunch of assholes — the Hadis and the Berjaya ulamas have convinced themselves their set of moralities are greater than everybody else. So, must be followed — or else we’ll whip you.

Mahathir’s presumed moral world was, on the other hand, utterly infantile when not materialistic: feed full the Malay stomach, his intellectual powers will therefore grow; he will be smarter, become doctors, and all injustices will vanish. The PAS world of morality was, of course, primarily about sausages, haircuts, sex and women. Their morality was never — not even remotely — about Hermes bags or condominiums in England. (This absurdity is why in Saudi Arabia’s women-oppressed world, perfumes by Victoria Secret and clothes by Chanel sell so well even though their women will only get to use those things at home.)

Predictably, as a result, PAS has little to say about Najib’s 1MDB nor all the handbags accumulated by all the Umno wives. Corruption simply isn’t the PAS kind of Saudi morality standard they had been driving around the country since Day One, starting with the veil, Friday holidays, Melayu fetus tossed onto KTM rail tracks, leading to RU355 today — never mind if the Saudis flaunted their morality by booking a whole kafir island for a holiday.

If, ultimately, the PAS version of Saudi morality has nothing to do with money, or Najib in particular, then Umno is still the better of the two choices between it and Bersatu. All that Mahathir wants from PAS, through this 1-to-1 seat contest (which — and don’t laugh — Azmin calls a ‘principle’) is for the latter to deliver Najib’s head to them.

But Najib is the least of the problems confronting Malays and Malaysia. (Among 27 million only one man agrees with this conclusion — S. Thayaparan.) Najib as a national problem is a short-term one. More damaging, more lasting, and more insidious than the man himself is that Najib has gotten on board the Islam agenda which, to be precise, is a Wahhabist agenda fronted by and being fashioned out of PAS.

Yet this is the same Saudi front that Mahathir wants to work with, ignoring the dilapidating consequences from his decades of bringing into Malaysian mainstream the PAS in Anwar and PAS outright. (Remember the Islamic state?) And all that for what? For consolidating his power, what has it gotten Malays and Malaysia? So, for Najib’s head, Mahathir is again willing to throw an entire Malay society to the Arab dogs of Kelantan? Just like he did in his hey-days against political opponents.

That reason alone, Mahathir’s egoism — trading off the entire future of a nation, the greater good of the Malays, for the one man he hates — is  sufficient to reject Bersatu and, regretfully, all of Pakatan as well. We rather stick with Najib and Umno and Barisan: if money can buy Hermes bags, surely it can buy any God.


Women Without Men


Now, girls why would you need Hermes (below) if you had God (above)? The PAS answer, Because it is the woman’s “true function”. Handbags are god created exclusively for women just as women belong in a house, also exclusively.

From the wise assholes at PAS is this standard they have set for the Malay women:

The PAS Ulama council has called for women to be allowed to fulfil their true function as homemakers, even as the world celebrates Women’s Day today.

PAS Ulama information chief Datuk Dr Mohd Khairuddin Aman Razali At-Takiri said households in Malaysia were increasingly broken, citing the rising number of divorces as evidence that the institution of the family was growing weaker.

“As such, it is appropriate that the institution of the family be restored, including providing room and conducive space for each couple, especially wives so that they may perform their true function at home as wives and mothers,” he said in a statement.

Malays have lost so much ground already in spite of Malaysia, such as its Constitution, which had protected them from the vestiges of Islamism. While Umno talked and talked ketuanan, PAS, hiding behind that talk and hiding behind the word Allah, came to the forefront of stripping off those hard-earned rights. The next general election will see if the Malays will even lose more.

Every general election was never about how much the Chinese might or might gain in political power although this had been the handed down propaganda but, really, about how far Malays will retain their freedom and independence from an Arab religion. So far the Chinese have stood in between them and the desert force: Imagine then if the Chinese stop voting.

(Also see bottom of this post, the feature clip about women, Saudi society and its elections.)


Even the recovery of those handbags from Johor had nothing to do with the morality standard of Allah set by PAS that they had copied from Arab camel herders. Only Anglophiles and Christians, associating money with evil, therefore moralizing the two, think it otherwise. Those handbags were about fixing up an Umno chieftain.


Men Without God

Something is terribly wrong in the deputy minister’s answer, 355 won’t solve all of society’s ills. Who says it is suppose to? But, more to the point, since 355 comes from God (so says Hadi) then the Timbalan is also saying one of two things: (a) Allah is imperfect, or (b) 355 isn’t from Allah.

Regardless, the Timbalan in the above clip is evidence of Arrow’s Theorem at work in Malaysia: people change their decisions all the time and nothing in them, in any of those choices, will be fair and perfect.

The inference?

Malays (and Malaysians) are safer with Umno than with Mahathir (or Bersatu) who, like PAS, set humanly impossible standards then blame everybody else for failing to comply — but not themselves for proclaiming those standards. After which, and in order to rectify earlier failures, theirs, they go about making up even more standards that they then say had come from God, a god with an Impossibility syndrome. (picture at the bottom).

That being so, why even bother to start with? But those Kelantan Malay coconut heads will, in turn, answer (clip below): ‘This is the way we are, the way with our society; we follow Allah.’

That answer — ‘That’s the way with Malays‘ — is the Mother of all Lies, a self-contradictory and self-defeating answer because, in Kadir Jasin’s perverse, contradictory reasoning, it would mean that a once riverine, padi society would have had to originate from and had grew up in a desert 8000 miles away.



Maria Without Opposition

Over an article critical of the Opposition, Maria Chin was told to fire her Bersih colleague Mandeep Karpall Singh, which she refused to do. Because, she said, “I don’t know why so many people are jumping up and down about it.

So, if she knew why people are ‘jumping up and down’, Maria would sack Mandeep? She was being disingenuous, of course. She knows why people are ‘jumping up and down’: The Opposition people — DAP motherfuckers in particular — are convinced they are morally superior to Barisan and so are beyond reproach. You cross them, they fix you.

Imagine them in the seat of power. In his days, Mahathir was like that. The Opposition (picture below) today is the most illiberal bunch, the largest ever pile of bigot shit gathered under a single kampung roof.

Here is the ought-to answer for Maria’s question about ‘don’t know why’: Fuck Mahathir, fuck Lim Kit Siang and fuck the Opposition — your Opposition, Maria.


Impossibility syndrome found in the man above: Dulu Umno Melayu ketuanan bigot, sekarang DAP Melayu bleeding heart bigot. All the same a bigot; on top of that, a village idiot.

Look at that picture…

…then at the boy at the bottom.


Why the picture above?

According to Kadir Jasin, it is proof that (and hang on to your seat): ‘China treats every nation that owes it money as its slave and subordinate’.

And how so it treats Malaysia as slave and subordinate?

Well, here is Kadir’s answer to, how China enslaved Malaysia? One name. He had spotted in that pictured billboard the name China State Construction Engineering, the world’s third largest construction company undertaking a mosquito job, says Kadir, ‘at the most 15 million ringgit’. Kadir made sure to drop the post-fix ‘(M) Sdn Bhd‘ because that might suggests the Chinese are not the sole owners.

So, in alerting his readers to his Great Discovery, he concludes that China is on the way to taking over Malaysia, violating its sovereignty and, in the process, the Chinese business is seizing by ‘monopolising‘ the national wealth but expect no crumbs from them. Even for the third largest constructor, 15 million also they sapu.

That, if you recall, is how Mahathir Mohamad had justified the NEP: ‘We must protect the Malays from the Chinese who monopolize the economy and leaving nothing for the bumi, not even ikan bilis. These Chinese are always up to no good. We have to squeeze those bastards.’ Hence, from Mahathir on, they had bumi this, bumi that; AP this, AP that; 30 percent this, 30 percent that, and all the other stuff.

This is, of course, a well established, worn out Umno line, especially put to effective use during the propaganda hey-days of Kadir and in Mahathir’s era. Today they use it to fix up and to nail Najib Razak.

If the last column had the name Kadir Jasin Construction Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd, would Kadir be bellyaching about Chinese monopoly? Yesterday was about ketuanan and bumi rights, today it’s national sovereignty. Why sovereignty? Because, today, he needs the local Chinese to help Mahathir fix up Najib; local Chinese because the Malays just won’t give a shit for him.

It’s all about money, ain’t it, Kadir — the Mahathir small fish crony type you can buy at a snap.

You have only to grease that motherfucker, and for sure he’d say nice things about you. In fact, he will say China is Malaysia’s salvation, to help Selamatkan Malaysia. It explains why people like Kadir and Zaid Ibrahim are such great Katak team players. They had found in Lim Kit Siang and the DAP their Ali Baba political partner. It used to be Vincent Tan and Ling Liong Sik.


Kadir looking up to the heavens: ‘Boohoo, boohoo. Where’s my lollipop? I don’t want ringgit. Where’s my renminbi?’

So we, the Chinese, told him: ‘It’s between Mahathir’s legs. Go suck it out of his cock.’



The End of Malaysia



Oouch! Ini tangan Melayu! Saya Malaiyoooo!

Umno protects the Malays from Islam: Give them more Islam.


Asri Zainal Abidin (above) was right about the political nature of Malaysia: it is a Westphalian state.

But Asri didn’t expand on that notion: Westphalian sovereignty is a state, a country, answerable to only itself, independent of outsiders, Allah included, and not beholden to any Islamic, political or religious doctrine, given by Allah or not.

This Westphalian quality is the bedrock principle of Malaysia’s independence. Take that away, the Malay ceases to be Malay by ceasing to be the padi and coconut farmer and riverine, kampung dweller that originally defined the Malay. The Malay becomes instead the mirror image of a camel herder and desert tribal lunatic, seconded into an Arab identity, and losing altogether his own. Malaysia loses that fundamental part of its character that first made it up.


[Syed Akbar Ali had uploaded the above video on his site. Thanks for it, asshole. You asked: How much do I know about hudud? Answer: enough to spit on it.]


RU355 and Hudud are

neither Malay nor Malaysian Laws


Before Mahathir Mohamad, the qualifications of being Malay were never pivoted on a piece of paper. The Malay was a loose term and in some ways open-ended. Since, though, Mahathir declared Malaysia an Islamic state, the inverse of the process to bring in Islam into the Malay consciousness and existential being became unstoppable, aided by that piece of paper called the Constitution.

Because the Malay is today so narrowly defined, primarily and singularly by Islam, Najib Razak has little problem in sequestering Hadi Awang’s parliamentary bill RU355 on behalf of Malays, of Umno and the Barisan Nasional. Doing that, Najib hammers in the last nail to entomb then to exterminate the surviving quality of the Malay — his tropical existence — and forever made irreversible that which had originally defined the Malay.

The two remaining legs of the Malays existence, custom and language, would have to be subverted to Islam. Then they fade, disappear and rendered obsolete. In their places would be the Arab language and Arab customary laws.

The Malay ceases to exist altogether. Malaysia becomes Melayustan.

It would be the price Najib pays to stay out of jail, so concluding the process, started by Mahathir and Anwar Ibrahim, in exterminating the Malay identity and thereby kill the fundamental idea into what had constituted Malaysia. That is, its Westphalian political quality which, in turn, rests on its multi-ethnic and multi-cultural foundations.

Doing that, Umno and PAS, and Hadi and Najib, commit the ultimate treason: the ending of Malaysia as it was conceived.

Standing between this final end and Najib’s self-serving politics are the Chinese (including the populations which had moderated politics in Sarawak and Sabah). Should we, the Chinese, let the Malays kill themselves?


But if we do then Malay self-extermination will be followed by Malaysia’s destruction; it, in turn, to be replaced by a sort of Pakistan — and we know what sort of lunatic country that is.

1MDB will not kill Malaysia; at worse the Malays will eat cow grass and that’s halal anyway. So, the ‘Save Malaysia’ campaign is grossly misdirected and gets only little traction because the 50 billion ringgit theft does not fracture the structures of statehood. (True, the police, Bank Negara, and the AG Chambers were compromised to protect Najib, but such institutions were not dismantled; they are still there.)

RU355 will instead do more lasting, fundamental and irreversible damage to the structures of the national foundations.

Should other Barisan components, including Sarawak, quit their alliances with Umno then Najib (along with Hadi) will have complete reign to insert then to hasten full Syaria laws into Malay life, that is, in the extermination of the Malay identity. Sarawak, if it sticks to its guts, will be further repelled from staying in the Federation. With Umno and PAS on one side of Parliament’s aisle, the rest of Malaysia, or what’s left of it, on the other side, the end of Malaysia is complete.

This has been the dream of racist bigots and Islamo fascists. Other than Hadi and Najib, it has been talked about by Umno’s motherfucker mouthpieces such as Helen Aku Cina Ang, Kadir Jasin, Ismail Sabri, and the Pahang mufti. These morons: Do they know the consequences of what they had wished for?

Perhaps the Chinese should grant them their wish: Support RU355.

The MCA is right with its decision. Let Umno self-immolate because, with the Malay dead, United Malays National Organization would have to undergo its own ‘transformation‘, changing its name included. Najib, over to you….

If Mahathir truly wants to Save Malaysia, and if Lim Kit Siang also wishes to do likewise, they should jointly and openly campaign against the Bill. But they dare not.

That being so, why the hell should the Chinese give a shit for Saving Malaysia? It ain’t our agama, bangsa dan negara.


林吉祥, 肏你的妈!


Lim Kit Siang in his finest hour, berating a TV3 reporter while explaining why his U-Turn on Tun Mahathir Mohamad is not a U-Tun. “You got proof, ah?” U-Tun Lim said to the poor reporter who didn’t know where to place his face. Nor evidence (so, at bottom of post, is space supplied to him free). But he did manage to take the photo above. Thanks, asshole.

For the benefit of those motherfucking DAP Anglophiles who don’t read Chinese — shame on you, and we promise to piss on your daughter’s grave — those hanyu words on top means this: ‘Lim Kit Siang, Fuck Your Mother’.

Understand now?


Straight Lives, Crooked Ones

Hidden for nearly a year behind his moral invective of 1MDB, it is assuring to rediscover that Mahathir Mohamad is today the same man who 40 years ago began a process of mangling this country beyond recognition of its original face. Reassuring because then one has no longer to put up with his hypocritical venom: there is enough to poison and drown everyone.


The time Jian had asked to visit Malaysia was the only time we talked extensively about the country. Extensive means the conversation lasted more than the usual passing mention, for about two minutes exactly.

In this short duration it surprises how far one is able to penetrate the depths of this country’s misery. But then Malaysia is a Malay sial. It is an artifice, a construct, so there is really no difficulty with its comprehension, like how one quickly learns to tie a shoe lace. There’s no other way to go about it other than one. It was, and still is, ruled by bumbling fools, administered by an unthinking civil service than by expertise; its politics written about and lied to by political hacks than by literary minds. There was no having it any other way — this sial Malay country.

From the beginning, Malaysia had been the misnomer of a misnamed country. The Malays sequestered it from the inland tribes and then went on to lie about its ownership (how the fuck do you own a country?) and creating the structures to prop up the lies. Otherwise, where in the world does one find seven rulers in nine states? Federated and Unfederated? Not just the sultans, but those structures also show the confusion in the British minds; there had been kings without a kingdom; a made up race without a people.

Structures like building scaffolding give form. Form lend credence to the Great Malaiyoo Lie. Britain especially needed the lie with the form. Otherwise, if you were a White Raja, who do you talk to, to give independence? Malay history is suppose to begin in Malacca. After that it vanished and then reappeared, mysteriously, somehow, hundreds of miles away in another patch of mosquito swarm land. Where were the Malaccans then? And where are they today?

Life when made arbitrary it had to be made up, the way online language is made up: blogs, web, plugins…. This, thus, is power derived from language. From then on, language gave the arbitrary Malay life some semblance of culture. Language provided law, an instrument of power.

It was only the white man who had all that. The Malays? They had to learn to write sitting on top a coconut tree. Even among themselves there was no assurance the Malay life is truly Malay because who is to know what that is. You could tell, on the other hand, without argument or convincing, a Chinese is a Chinese while the white man is indeed White. You could tell that an imitation White such as Kit Siang is Chinese, even if he were to hide behind his squeamish, Mangala English diction. Once he is exposed as a charlatan, he becomes mad: “You don’t understand English, ah?” he told one reporter. English?

So the Malay…?

He had to be invented — on legal paper. The Malay had to be defined because his skin is no help in his identity politics, birthplace much less though, today, even after sequestering a desert god.

Once given language form, the Malay came into being, and so obeys the Daoist dictum that unless a thing is given its proper name, that thing has no existence. For a name to be ‘proper’ is to reflect its deeper, existential truth. But ‘proper’ in the Malay is what white people say is proper.  They held the power to name things, give away kings, kingdoms, indeed a whole ‘race’.

In this way, in the beginning, is the falsified world of the Malayan life and then further warped by snake oil messiahs (Mahathir Mohamad, Hadi Awang), by charlatans (Najib Razak), and by the bogus (‘Tengku’ Adnan, Pahang ‘mufti’ Abdul Rahman Osman).

“I failed to change the Malays,” is classic among Mahathir’s fabrications because how is a thing possibly altered if it were intrinsically true to begin with? The Malay, like Mahathir himself, was a true fake.

Like the manufacture of nails or the Bible, Mahathir simply make more of the same counterfeit and then applied to it the Malay name. Even the Malay god — Allah — was made up, shipped in from the desert 8,000 miles away then used to strike terror on the Chinese who don’t buy the Malay idiocy.


Jian: You are a Malaysian but are you Malay or Chinese?

Answer: What do you think?

Jian: Of course you are Chinese. What’s a Malay?

Answer: I don’t know.

Jian: Strange country. Strange people.

Answer: Yes. It’s a strange, fucked up country.

Jian: So a nothing country. Can we not talk about it?

Answer: Of course.

She returned to coloring her toe nails. Her world had no place for the world I had given up, and the better for it and for us.


A woman must love without inhibition and dread if she is to live and not die mad. All that a man needs to do is, keep up.

Below: Aranjuez wasn’t there when she found it. With other intentions, Fate simply waited.

Dear Reader, I shit you not. There are now evidences, scientifically established, demonstrated irrefutably, that love is identical to cocaine addiction. Following are the symptoms afflicting both: craving, exhilaration, intoxication, obsessiveness, withdrawal, helplessness.

Tian-ah, give me more.



It’s astonishing how decades of living alongside the Malay, the Chinese keep their Chinese-ness, and this is in spite of the Malaiyoo efforts to trammel on and convert us — those motherfuckers. Not all Chinese succeed to remain distinct. The failed ones: Ridhuan Tee, Lisa Ng, Josh Hong, Lim Kit Siang, his fellow party travelers, Liew Chin Tong, et al; all Malaysian in passport name but, like the lost Malay, neither Chinese nor English.

When Kit Siang declared himself Malaysian first and Chinese second, he was comparing and asking people to choose between a legality, a paper qualification, and the existential being. He conflated nationality with ethnicity, showing the depths of the man’s confusion. Nay, his stupidity. Like the Malay who can’t be Malay if there was no Constitution, rootless and a bumbling vagrant in the South China Sea, Anglophile Kit Siang wouldn’t be Chinese if not for his IC.

Mahathir Mohamad, the two-dime, useless cold and flu small town doctor and Malay forgery, didn’t know better to call Kit Siang a Chinese chauvinist.

Malacca’s ‘Gang of Four‘: Surprise, Kit Siang?

His son Guan Eng had labelled the four a Gang only because Kit Siang can’t take a slap in the face. Their revolt had everything to do with the Lim family leadership, their association with Mahathir, and nothing to do with MCA so that the more he blames Umno for the implosion, the greater is his guilt.

At another level, the Gang is also saying this, Kit Siang is no good for either Chinese or Malaysia because, worse than an opportunist, he is an insufferable charlatan — 蒙古大夫 —  a quack like Mahathir is a quack. Quack doctors, quack lawyers, quack economists; the Oppo, such as the DAP, has got it all.

Najib Razak has no need to beat up the DAP because that merely hurts MCA’s comeback chances; Kit Siang is doing the job well enough. For Najib to insult the DAP is to reaffirm the Mahathir line DAP is Chinese chauvinist; and that the Chinese vote, like the Malay’s, is tied to race, both points of view being patently false. The Chinese will see to it that the DAP will not last another term, a clear sign of which is below in the newspaper clip.

Its reporter Kong See Hoh, like Kit Siang, is an Anglophile who writes in English like those idiot Malaysiakini columnists who don’t know their Queen’s English. He can’t tell cynicism from ‘apathy’. If a mere 13 percent of under age 30 Chinese are registered to vote that’s because they don’t care for the like of Wan Azizah — and Lim Kit Siang especially — and not because they are indifferent to politics. A dozen general elections have told them that their vote is good up to a point only. These reporters: they never fail to get it wrong, all the time.

On the other hand, we, the Chinese, are good at telling a quack from a mile away. And Kit Siang, like his son, like today’s DAP, is a family of quacks.

Wan Azizah should stop whining: her PKR is on its way down, down, down and Anwar Ibrahim ain’t coming home soon. Live with it, woman! But — it’s a big but — if you would kick out Lim and family and all those Anglophiles and motherfucking Malaiyoos, then we, the Chinese, might just reconsider our position. Get thee behind us, Malaiyoo!

1MDB? So what? Let it all go.

We ain’t going to be worse off than we have been treated the last 50, 60 years. Mahathir had his chances a year ago to get even with Najib — the matter was handed to him on a platter so there won’t be another. Helped by Kadir Jasin, he blew it, not once but countless times. Among the biggest mistakes: setting up this Umno clone named Bersatu then inserting himself into Oppo, poisoning and dragging it down with him, with his filthy mamak hands.

It’s a simply equation: Lim + Zaid Ibrahim + Mahathir = Malaiyoo votes – the Chinese.

Sim’s Malacca revolt is just the beginning: you didn’t see that coming, did you, Lim 肏你妈 Kit Siang? We’ll screw you from behind while you are busy in the front with that Fascist. The higher up your family climbs in Penang, the farther it has to fall to land in Johor.

And there aren’t many of us needed to toss your family out the 14th Floor window. Plonk!

On your way down, you’ll wonder: Why? Why? Why?

Here’s a first in the Chinese code of ethics, and remember it while you still breathe, Old Fart: Live your life straight.



The Crook Life of Annie

Annie should throw her mother into the sea for voting the DAP the last time, along of course with all her maternal aunties and uncles and cousins and whatever.

Can someone please, please, please give her a good, proper fuck. That, or supply her a dog. And while you are at it, educate her  — even if just a little — the difference between the rights of citizenship and party loyalties. After 30, 40 years, she still has the twisted fascist Umno, Malaiyoo mind that they own and are, therefore, entitled to dictate Chinese lives: we give you this, vote us that. Or else…! Go fuck your father, Stupid Phony Malaiyoo Bitch of the Valley (above), veiling her threats to kill Chinese.

Malays vote against Umno, you hear her threaten? Who the fuck does she think she is? Goddess Aminah of Kluang? Small wonder her Cina boyfriend left her dry and wetting her bed — alone — the racist bitch that she is, identical to Helen ‘Aku Cina‘ Ang.




The Old Twin Farts: we pray to Jesus and to Allah for your early deaths, and so to spare us your charades which we had endured for far too long. On your way out, take your sons with you.



Anglo Chauvinist or Chinese?

Both politicians and the media have painted the above picture as something of the Great Merger, the coming together of a Malay and a Chinese political heavyweight. Bullshit. The only plausibility that they stand together is because both are Anglophiles, sharing an identical, imported western culture with a common worldview.

Their coming together was a political strategy to pull back Malay fears (first instilled by Mahathir Mohamad) of Chinese chauvinism in the DAP and then to re-bridge the popular Malay perception that Pakatan is Chinese driven, a perception that has tainted and worked against the political fortunes of PKR and Amanah, and so to reverse that. Amanah, PKR and Bersatu especially need Zaid to be in DAP more than the DAP needs Zaid. In the DAP, Zaid is superflous — redundant. Now, Pakatan Malays and Bersatu don’t have to explain why they are with Chinese chauvinists who have been considered for ages as anti-Malay and anti-Islam, thanks to Mahathir who started it.


The Chinese Chauvinist


Still saddled with Umno’s bigotry, still haven’t shaken off Mahathirism from his guts, Syed Akbar Ali has this to say on the significance of Zaid Ibrahim in the DAP:

It is an opportunity to show that ‘No we are not Chinese chauvinists‘.

From the annals of Umno bigotry, Chinese chauvinism was made into a bad thing, the ultimate badge of the unpatriotic and the disloyal. In racist Mahathirism, it means the Chinese are unwilling to ‘integrate’ (whatever that is) or, worse, assimilate. Either of which Malays like Kadir Jasin and, of course, Mahathir Mohamad mean to ‘masuk Melayu‘. Before Najib Razak, these Malaiyoos would have preferred Ridhuan Tee to, say, Lim Kit Siang.

What then is Chinese chauvinism? Or, what defines a Chinese chauvinist?

Looking under the sheets for an answer, the term chauvinist isn’t reliable. Framed within the western lexicon-thought, there is no Chinese equivalent because there isn’t an identical concept. Without a word for it, chauvinism had to be made up: 沙文主义 shāwén zhǔyì which reads ridiculous in literal terms, sand/culture/master/righteousness.

The western idea says chauvinism is ‘exaggerated patriotism or nationalism’, that is, the belligerent belief in a national superiority and glory. You could fit a Malaiyoo, say, Kadir into that category and so called him a Malay chauvinist — although strangely nobody, the media especially, do it. Why? Because chauvinism is derogatory. The Chinese is fair game though.

Kadir is Malay chauvinist because that’s what he himself has professed: only Malays are the rightful heirs of Malaysia, others are pendatangs, and that the Malays are in possession of a great (but fictitious) culture and civilization (imported from Arabia).

Apply that frame of Malay chauvinism to a Chinese and it doesn’t make sense in any nationalist way. On the contrary, the Chinese chauvinist is considered to be the embodiment of  disloyalty. Hence, the term becomes a convenient Umno and Malay tool to beat up on the Chinese, so justifying half a century of discrimination in Malaysia.

In the justification, the NEP is considered, falsely, ‘reverse affirmation action‘ (a term every motherfucking English language reporter uses) when, in point of fact, it was and remains an apartheid policy today set in stone. (In the US, affirmative action arose as a result of a long history of minority discrimination — education, jobs, even getting a bus seat — without making the majority worse off. In Malaysia, the opposite, bizarre thing happens where Mahathir’s NEP discriminates against the minority as punishment and as if the Chinese were collectively responsible for Malay poverty.)

In China where one would expect to find numerous Chinese chauvinists, the term is a contradiction in terms since everyone in every ethnic group is by state policy Chinese, policy as opposed to the legal definition (in Malaysia). One would be hardpressed to find a chauvinist out of 1.3 billion. Here’s Mao Zedong in 1956:

“…on the relationship between the Han nationality and the minority nationalities…. we put the emphasis on opposing Han chauvinism.”

In that Mao line ethnocentrism is the closest rendering to any semblance of western chauvinism. Han chauvinism is rendered in pinyin as da hanzu zhuyi 大汉族主义. Mao ordered any expression of that zhuyi 主义 eradicated on the grounds that China is a civilizational state not a legal contraption (like is America or France or Malaysia) where laws were made up, sometimes implicitly, often explicitly (the Malaysian Constitution), to give legal existence to multiple ethnicities. The civilization that defines China has long been well established, indeed since the Han dynasty 2000 years ago wherein there was then just one emperor and all are equally his subjects. The People’s Republic follows that tradition, a single unitary state from which is created in whose name all its nationalities (actually ethnicities, 56 in total).

If Chinese chauvinism cannot be framed in (western) political terms what then is its intrinsic meaning? Asked in this way then there seem to be no other point of reference in Malaysia other than this: A Chinese chauvinist is someone who is steeped in Chinese culture, learning and in its traditions.

Who would be the perfect example of such a Chinese chauvinist? Helen ‘Aku Cina‘ Ang? How about Lim Kit Siang? (Care to nominate anyone of them, you are a stupid clown.)

Not even among the contributors at shuzheng could you properly fit that label because such a chauvinist would have to, by its internal logic, embody all that’s intrinsic in Chinese-ness. These characteristic qualities of Chinese-ness wouldn’t be something you can fake, as a Malaiyoo can be faked — the Malay has no determined roots nor any fixed indigenous past. Nor fake to be a Muslim or Christian wherein all one needs to do is to open your mouth and wag your tongue’s allegiance to some God. Ridhuan Tee would claim he is Malay and who is to say he can’t?

The Chinese does not exist by a declaration.

Since the eradication of Han ethnic-centricity, Chinese-ness, by taking in a history of traditions, has acquired a metaphysical dimension. Tang ren 唐人 or Tang people, from an era around 1,000 AD, is often treated as synonym to being true Chinese. In another form the Chinese is also called huaren 华人 or flower people, any of which underlies the traditional notion the Chinese is defined by a set of certain character qualities — and perpetually cultivating them.

Cultivation begins with learning, which comes from the idea that the qualitative being of a person changes from moment to moment — we are different in the way we react to a girl friend or as a son. A person never ceases to change; no person is fully form not even in death so that the cultivation of individual character is itself the goal of humanity.

This, the ceaseless drive to cultivate the self, is the essence of what’s to be Chinese so that, contained within the idea, is the English phrase, ‘let people be’. The Chinese invented liberalism centuries before the word came into vogue in modern political discourse.

To be steeped in Chinese culture and learning, one could try imitating but there’s a 3,000 year long history to start. When? Which starting point? Confucius is still your best bet because he was, by historical consensus today, one of the three persons who best defined what’s to be Chinese; the others being Qin Shihuang, first Qin emperor of a unified China, and Sima Qian 司马迁 (145 or 135 – 86 BC), a court scribe who wrote the first Chinese history (3,000+ pages) during Emperor Wu in the Han dynasty era. (Without him, many nationalities such as Mongolians and Manchus would have no existence in name today; they would be unclassifiable as an ethnicity.)

Question thus: What is it to be a Confucian? Some aspects are taken for granted and which are today text-written in Chinese books and others passed on by word of mouth in the homes, from mother/father to son and so on. An example: filial piety. Another, the Rule of the Golden Mean.

Confucius was the world’s first ‘liberal’ and ‘democrat’ and ‘humanitarian’ nobody in the West could well imagine, except that they don’t know and don’t read widely and can’t.

Now, wouldn’t it be nice if, in Malaysia, all Malays were Chinese chauvinists as well?

In the circumstance, one would have hoped that all 7 million Chinese in Malaysia would be chauvinists. But, alas, Mahathir, like Zaid Ibrahim today, preferred Anglophiles and still haven’t learned nor have they gotten rid of the confusion in their minds the difference between the two.


See a Malay Pig slouched in his chair contemplating Chinese chauvinism?


A Malay Pig Arm Stretched Out to the Chinese

That man with an arm over the shoulders of a Chinese chauvinist is Kadir Jasin, one of Mahathir’s henchmen. In Mahathir’s days, his Umno government slapped a toll gate in the middle of Cheras where Tan Kok Wai was, and still is, the MP (he has been since 1995). The suburb is near 100 percent Chinese, and this was the days of Mahathir’s privitization.

To milk the Chinese of what they had, Mahathir got Samy Vellu to add two to the existing four lanes of a 3 km portion of the Cheras Road into KL. After which the stretch was labelled a ‘highway’. Two years on and the toll drawing only a meagre income, JKR cut off the only other but congested access out of Cheras, forcing everyone to pay an extortionate rate to the concession holder, an Umno company owned by an Anwar Ibrahim crony. Because of this extortion, Tan launched a series of protest. Police broke into Tan’s house late one night, threw him into jail for inciting riots, and Kadir Jasin used the New Straits Times to promote the Mahathir line that Tan was an anti-national element, a gangster and especially a Chinese chauvinist.

Numerous Chinese, both the ordinary and the politicians, have suffered greatly under Umno hands, under Mahathir, and maligned by Kadir. Now these same motherfuckers — these insufferable assholes — are pleading to Save Malaysia.

Tan or 陈国伟 Chen Guowei in pinyin speaks bad English and Malay but his Mandarin is perfect. He has a bad eye and isn’t the sort of Khairy J poster boy so admired by that Lady of the Valley bitch named Annie. (Kit Siang would be nowhere today without the like of Tan, slogging behind.) Like many DAP politicians, though, Tan has worked quietly and tirelessly for a fairer and just administration, no matter who ruled. Is that too much to ask? (Photo below was taken ten years ago, December 2006.) Kadir, among numerous Umno racists, twisted fairer and just to mean Chinese chauvinism. But fairer and just had to be applied to be Chinese, and not Malays, because millions of them (and Indians) were at the receiving end of a huge truncheon wielded by Umno and Mahathir.

Only in the Chinese chauvinists could they have endured Mahathirism and oppression with such fortitude and forbearance and not permit everything to descend into chaos and civil war, as did in Sri Lanka and Syria. The most drastic step the Chinese chauvinists took in protest was to emigrate. More than a million did, twice the number of Syrians who fled to Europe.

I did, too, and I don’t give a fuck for Saving Malaysia. So, Kadir, take your filthy Malaiyoo hands off our shoulders. It’s payback time and may Najib turn you into minced pork then toss off your shrivelled prick to the dogs.



The Malay Pig



Another day, another Malay Oppression of the Chinese

Malaiyoo! Take your filthy hands off our things!

These Malaiyoos don’t know how to be sensitive. For centuries, the Chinese have been selling (to Chinese!) and using these brushes in schools and at homes. Now, suddenly out of the blue, on some frivolous pretext, and because of their Umno and PAS, because of some Allah and Jakim Allah-keepers, they find those brushes illegal. The Malays are truly insufferable: how have we been bothering them? By selling custom-made Chinese things to Malays?

Without hudud they do this; imagine then during hudud. It isn’t enough for Malay authorities to go after their girls and boys on bikes, now they want to tell the Chinese how to do their business — among the Chinese themselves.

Fuck off, Malaiyoo! We will remember your oppression, and you will pay. That we promise.


Chinese Chauvinism is a Pig Bristle Brush

At some point in his work, the Muslim man above would have had to use pig bristle brushes. He, you see, lives in China. Hear him complain that Allah told him the brushes are haram.

These insufferable Malaiyoo pigs, endlessly inventing grievances, a cake before now a brush!


Don’t Laugh, But This Reporter (below) Doesn’t Know…

Is Mahathir Racist?


Above, ex M-Insider Sheridan Mahavera: The man who faked a survey — and gets upgraded to SCMP!

Like Mahathir would, Sheridan has suggested that the Chinese in Malaysia were anti-Malay because they spoke to each other only in their mothertongue Chinese and not his colonial Queen’s English. And like Mahathir who today works in Opposition politics, Sheridan now works for a Chinese-owned newspaper in Hong Kong.

Even in rascism, the Daoists were right about cyclical change.

Sheridan, O! Sheridan. What a motherfucker you are….


In, In Malaysia, hopes fade for a post-racial politics, the ex-Malaysian Insider reporter Sheridan Mahavera has asked the questions: Is Mahathir Mohamad a racist? Is Mahathir employing an old Umno method to bait the Malay electorate?

Strange questions; Sheridan is pretending he doesn’t have the answers. Strange because he is himself a racist. Like so many Umno and ex-Umno Malays, he has argued (from a forged survey carried out by himself) that the Chinese are the root cause — ‘the barrier‘, Sheridan says —  in Malaysian racial harmony. How so? His answer: Because the Chinese speaks Chinese among themselves. (In that MI article where Sheridan had faked a statistical survey, he concluded that 100 of 100 Chinese can’t or won’t speak Malay among themselves; therefore, he added, they were against integration.)

It is either that (the Sheridan Pretense) or he wants to cast doubts on Mahathir’s racism so that he could pick up some loose change from the South China Morning Post by yet faking another round of news. You see, it’s at the SCMP where, like in the DAP, it is packed full of liberal Anglophiles who are likely to be sympathetic to Mahathir’s (and Sheridan’s) new political cause. Or perhaps, although this would be implausible, Sheridan is trying to rehabilitate Mahathir’s name in time for the general elections.

In Mahathir’s time, and with that sort of questions, Sheridan would be laughed out the door. In another time, today for instance, the same questions would raise a shrug. Mahathir says he is no racist? So what else is new? The man says whatever he wants to say, anything for his political cause, anything to get whatever it is he wants excepting that the man is an incorrigible racist.

Given the same questions to different people at different times will produce different answers. Take the DAP for instance.  Here is Liew Chin Tong’s answer:

[He said,] criticising Chinese investments was not the same as attacking ethnically Chinese Malaysians. ‘The view that all Chinese Malaysians are automatically pro-China is also simplistic. Small and medium Chinese-owned businesses are worried about big capital from China because they cannot compete against them.’

Note how Liew (and Sheridan as well), both Anglophiles and leftists to boot, equate ‘big capital’ to monopoly and that in its turn to being anti-small business. If that were true then, in China, it would have shut down the day after Deng Xiaopeng opened up the country to western businesses. Yet, in truth, no Chinese-minded actually sees it that way: big money in or small, it is still money and where money is to be found then money is to be made — from whoever.

Worse in their racism is how the two men conflate cultural or motherland sentiment to business competition as if the two are mutually exclusive. Both Liew and Sheridan are saying this: without material benefit to themselves the local Chinese will be anti-China. (This is the same racist, anti-Chinese trope that has been a favorite of Mahathir for ages, that is, the Chinese care about little else other than to satisfy their material greed.)

True to their racism (and DAP Anglophiles, too,) the Liew statement is an identical sort of absurdity and illogic which fill Sheridan’s insistence in his articles that because Chinese speak Chinese, therefore, they must be against the Malay to want to be friends: Chinese, THE BARRIER to unity!

Sheridan’s penultimate conclusion is borrowed and copied from his fellow-traveller Liew:

‘I don’t know if Chinese Malaysians think Mahathir is being racist. But I can tell you that Chinese Malaysians are against China bailing out 1MDB.’

Both men, Liew and Sheridan, like thinking racism especially once the Chinese (in Malaysia or China) are called into question. Which raises the other, related question: what has Mahathir’s racist attitudes to do with 1MDB, with or without a bailout?

Those remarks aren’t just Liew’s Anglophile racism at work, but illustrates instead how the two men are completely cuckoo at their intellectual level. (Worry should Liew Chin Tong ever makes it to be minister: ‘Save Malaysia‘ indeed.) The depth of their hypocrisy is incredulous:

  • Mahathir showed very well, and said so himself repeatedly, he was interested only in getting back at Najib Razak, everything else being secondary, and never mind the methods or the morality thereof and this included aligning himself with Altantuya Shaarribuu’s convicted murderer by the name of Sirul Azhar Umar.
  • Mahathir’s attack on China’s ‘big capital’ (Liew’s words) are identical to his heyday attacks on big Chinese businesses (banks, property and transport in particular) in order to make space for incoming big Malay businesses (RHB, CIMB, MISC), never mind if the results were to completely disenfrancized the small Malay farms (oil palm and cocoa) from the mainstream economy. Felda’s financial woes are traceable to his decision then.
  • China ‘bailing out’ 1MDB is convenient newspaper headline invective, but how is outbidding others for the two main pieces of 1MDB assets (land and power plants) a bailout? If it wasn’t for China’s money, somebody else would have to pay for 1MDB’s debts? Who? Taxpayers? How? Liew and Sheridan will sell their daughters in Golok to raise funds?
  • How is ‘bailing out’ 1MDB a Chinese expression of support for Najib’s political future? If it were, then explain why China stood up against the Umno government not once but twice at least, in particular warning Najib (without mentioning his name) and his Red Shirts to back off at Petaling Street and from threatening harm to the Chinese?
  • Chinese Malaysians are against the theft at 1MDB but Liew conflates, again, theft and ‘bailout’. Where’s the evidence of Chinese against bailout because if the problem wasn’t sorted out today, it would be inherited by any incoming new government after the next general election. The DAP included, if it were lucky to get in. (But the DAP won’t, and we, the Chinese, will see to it.)



Above, Sheridan Mahavera’s fellow traveller Liew Chin Tong:

“It looks this way when I stick out my penis. My tongue does better, it forks out like a snake’s.”

Fuck Off, Annabelle


annaleeAbove, Annabelle Lee: Even in imitation as a western copy then crowning herself with an English name, she is progressive. Contained in a single word, it had to be four syllables long with four vowels. What an Anglophile witch….



DAP’s Chinese Politics

& a Progressive Malaysian


Annabelle Lee (above) considers herself as something of a ‘Progressive’, more precisely a ‘Malaysian Progressive’. Although the word progressive is unexplained but she probably means to say she is way ahead of everybody in the way she thinks of the world and of the societies around her.

Progressives desire to shape the world after their fashion, the way one becomes a Christian to shake off the past, traditions, customs, culture and so on, and to don new clothes, acquire a new language, even a new name. As some ‘masuk Melayu‘, others ‘masuk Olang Putih‘. To Christians, ‘born-again‘ ones in particular, their inherited culture is ‘low class’, and literally a ‘yoke’ to be cast off.  Hence, here’s Annabelle, and the above named organization is something of a church that’s to be emblematic of her arrival and to gather the flock wherein she can announce the answers to the problems of the world, usually political ones, in Malaysia especially. It’s also her pulpit platform from which to stand bellowing and to holler.

Anna needs it.

Progressives like Anna talk a lot, shout the loudest often heavily laced with biblical quotations. An Anna favorite is (predictably) 2 Timothy 1:7: For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. In that order of priorities, power is first. Shouting is power, and yelling at Malaysians from Melbourne is power. Bantah Trump is especially a demonstration of that power.

Love? She loves herself more than her mother, which explains why she loves listening to herself bellowing and the comeuppance smirking selfie in her Twitter photo. Self-discipline? If she had that, she would be yelling less.

Progressivism has had a long history. Consider the following lines from Theogony in the pre-Christian Greek era:

Verily first of all did Chaos come into being, and then broad-bosomed Gaia (Earth), a firm seat of all things forever,… Out of Chaos, Erebos and black Night came into being; and from black Night, again, came Aither and Day, whom she conceived and bore after mingling in love with Erebos. …

Now, check out another biblical mythology in the opening passage of the Genesis:

And God said, ‘Let there be light’, and there was light. God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness. God called the light ‘day’, and the darkness he called ‘night’. And there was evening and there was morning — the first day. …

This present era of faking news, ‘Good News’ is how the Bible is often termed, didn’t begin in Malaysia nor did it begin with Reuters or Malaysiakini. Progressivism is the western conception of linearity, not Daoist cyclical change that the Chinese accept is the very nature of the world. Hence, in both Theogony and the Genesis is the progression from nothingness to something, from chaos to order, from light to day.

Although people like Anna would say progressivism’s applicability is universal, that is, across all cultures and societies and religions, its birth is clearly the West wherein is the messianic idea that if the barbaric, chaotic non-White societies, Asian or African, were to emulate Europe, the conditions in your life would improve: subscribe to their God as one subscribes to Twitter and MPOZ, acquire their English language, eat their fish and chips, and buy into their democracy politics.

From Wiki:

Sociologist Robert Nisbet defines five “crucial premises” of the Idea of Progress as being: value of the past; nobility of Western civilization; worth of economic/technological growth; scientific/scholarly knowledge obtained through reason over faith; the intrinsic importance and worth of life on Earth. … The contemporary common political conception of progressivism in the culture of the Western world emerged from the vast social changes brought about by industrialization in the Western world in the late 19th century, particularly out of the view that progress was being stifled by vast economic inequality between the rich and the poor; minimally regulated laissez-faire capitalism with monopolistic corporations…, claiming that measures were needed to address these problems.

In Progressivism thus is a short-hand for left-wing politics: If only the barbaric societies that needed ‘saving’ (remember Save Malaysia?) were to adopt the western progress model, chaos would turn into order. One often hears the same derision from DAP’s Hannah Yeoh and Liew Chin Tong: Other people, Malays in particular, are so ‘low class’.

Progressives are, in their origins, birthed by Christiandom. A person such as Anna is therefore Anglophile first, Christian next, then Progressive — in that order. Take that formula and you’d find it filling the ranks of the DAP and PKR: Hannah Yeoh, Elizabeth Wong, Anthony Loke, Liew Chin Tong, Howard Lee, Charles Santiago…, the same types who grew up in the La Salle and going to the same school in Australia, feeding on toast and marmalade for breakfast.

They would exploit the disenchantment of the Chinese electorate in Malaysia, milk it for all that it’s worth, and once they get to Parliament continue their shouting, not on the basis of the vote received but that they have been endowed and blessed by God instead; one hears this peppered in the speeches of Howard Lee (a Hannah protege) and Charles Santiago. Other than the subscription to another name of a God, are they any different from a PAS MP? Is it any surprise they write and speak primarily in English — it would be, they claim, their mother tongue — and that they would claim Chinese second? (Of course, they won’t say that when they go hustling for votes.)

PKR’s Saifuddin Abdullah lies when he say that Pakatan and Bersatu were protesting against the inhumanity in Donald Trump’s barring of seven Muslim nationals from the US. How could Saifuddin advocate for the same thing as did PAS bigots, protesting in front of the same embassy a day earlier? How could Christianity or Islam, either of which promise you fire and brimstone if you refused their God, has any sense of humanity?

Progressives and Anglophiles, Malay or Chinese, can’t and won’t tolerate another human different from them, different from Annabelle.

Yee Weejie misses the point when he denounced this Malaysian hypocrisy. The like of Saifuddin and Annabelle act not out of hypocrisy but because their progressive politics feed off from the same cultural and value systems they import from the West and which are lodged in Umno racism and enshrined in the Malaysian Constitution, with the Orwellian line such as, ‘All are created equal but some are more equal than others‘.

  • Hence, Lim Kit Siang has no problems sleeping with Mahathir Mohamad who wants to specifically ban Chinese from China entering Malaysia for whatever purpose, business in particular: power first, you see. Hence, the DAP complains about Trump’s discriminatory policies while does nothing to stop Mahathir’s or Bersatu’s discrimination in replicating Umno politics.
  • Human rights is for those with the power. Hence, Kit Siang complains about hudud laws but does nothing to protest Bersatu and PKR from dealing with PAS and from distinguishing Pakatan away from emulating Umno in baiting the Malay votes.

There is an Annabelle in all the DAP and PKR Anglophile motherfuckers, imitation Progressives conniving in their blindness to their own racism, looking down on others who see the world different from them.