How Terror-Students Seized HK

Hong Kong has 300,000 university students, with the largest student populations in the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK, 100,000+) and Hong Kong University (HKU, 100,000). The bulk of the student populations have in the past three days returned home or fled back to, for example, Mainland China and Taiwan (see earlier posts and image below).

In CUHK, about 800 Black Shirt students remained behind and campus authorities, from the President down, have surrendered the university to them. Repeat CUHK’s case at seven other universities across Hong Kong, a picture of what’s happened should emerge.

While CUHK student-terrorists control the north, up to the Shenzhen Mainland boundary; students of Polytechnic University, third largest, control Kowloon central, including HK’s primary toll road that cuts across it. HKU students have, on their part, seized parts of the HK island, including all the roads passing the campus and they occupy the main business, financial district of Central for three straight days.

On campus, not all Black Shirts are students. Take CUHK itself, for example. After police broke up a Black Shirt mob on campus, two of the five arrested were young unemployed persons.

In short, about 4,000 students, mostly from CUHK, HKU and Polytech, with a fucked-up ideology and with outside financial backing, are enough to seize Hong Kong physically. All kindergartens and schools have been closed until further notice because of inaccessibility. The residential and commercial districts of, for example, Mongkok and Tsimshatsui and Tsuen Wan have been taken over by other Black Shirts from the ‘pan-democrat’ political parties.

All told, the 4,000 student-terrorists plus 1,000 to 2,000 Black Shirt ‘democrats’ hold the key parts of Hong Kong at ransom.

However, newspapers and the international Media (including Malaysiakini and especially Radio-Television Hong Kong) spread the fictional narrative that the students are simply dug in to ‘protect’ or to ‘guard‘ the university from police attacks without those reports ever stating, Why would the police want to attack the universities when they haven’t doesn’t so for decades?

RTHK and SCMP Anglophile commentators, including some thambi called Michael Chugani, have vowed to defend the universities to the death. It is propaganda show time again…

But, what is the narrative line the Press would sell on behalf of the Black Shirts? I’d wager anyone 1 million dollar this: Defense of academic freedom.

What do the terrorists want? Make a guess. Freedom? Elections? Or, to really answer that, look again — carefully this time — at the image on top (taken at CUHK).

Rest of this post in Chinese.

Image above clip: Chinese students being evacuated. Picture on Nov 11, next door to CUHK. The students have to be smuggled out of campus, literally, in the middle of the night. (See clip above of the man who organized the smuggling. In Cantonese. He is a lawyer and parliamentarian.)

The sea route is used because the main north-south rail and road lines have been crippled and are controlled by the student-terrorists. To see the importance of the physical infrastructure: shelves at grocery and food shops are starting to empty. For example, there was no bread yesterday. Milk is scarce and prices have shot up 50 percent.


This is a small update: Hong Kong’s primary Internet node, that is, the concentration of its main, physical infrastructure is located in CUHK’s basement complex. A part of that is in image below. The student terrorists have control of the node. Wait now for Google, Facebook and CIA to walk right in.

You have connections in Hong Kong?


CUHK: Students take over, convert into terror camp



一連幾日,香港中文大學都淪為暴亂戰場,黑衣暴徒企圖霸佔中大二號橋,以破壞、癱瘓吐露港公路及東鐵線,不惜造成嚴重的意外和傷亡。校內處處可見鐵通、汽油彈、弓箭、磚頭、鐵錘,甚至有人拍到一班暴徒在校園內分工合作製造汽油彈等爆炸武器。現時中大校園被暴徒佔據,路障遍佈,任何人進入中大都要通過暴徒設立的哨卡搜身、盤問,多個入口設置了「CU入境」招牌。一些暴徒在校園內訓練,一些繼續製造武器,一些在運送物資……整個中大已變成暴徒的「軍事基地」,為暴徒不斷提供參與暴亂的培訓和武器。 (more)


CUHK terrorists seize weapons; control road, rail choke points in Hong Kong


Clip below: Supplies distribution by students inside campus.

With the universities in terrorist control, they can pretty much do anything, use anything they like on campus. Because all schools are closed, they have lots of time. Much money came in recently, and the Black Shirts are prepared for a city assault. Note the gasoline bomb bottles, cartons after cartons.

Also see earlier clips in which supplies are organized, brought in from outside, then packaged as ready for use.


Polytech University: Students seize campus, toll road, train hub


暴徒堵紅隧 入理大需查證






For further background, see this, this and this.



For more reliable information on what’s been happening, try this, this and this. For commercial media this. (All Cantonese.)






In Hong Kong, nobody is safe: Mobs rule the streets; places of work are threatened daily; public transport risk being bombed and set alight. Even the police can barely defend themselves (see clip below), and can’t fire a pistol at a thief or an arsonist without facing a barrage of condemnation.

Five months into it, the riots, committed in the name of freedom and democracy, have been reduced to unabashed and unmitigated arson, extortion, outright piracy, assaults, beatings, and bombings. On the streets, in malls, schools, business premises, bands of thugs, with recruits from an ever younger population from the secondary schools, roam and plunder with impunity — all with the open encouragement of the Church, the Free Press, school teachers, university professors and legislative politicians.

The present, daily outcomes of these riots are in plain sight, each riot justified by some absurd and abstract slogans pilfered from Hollywood movie scripts. Lies becomes truths. Evil is goodness.

Legal security powers available to the government, and often pointed out to it, are not employed. It’s for fear of offending the rights of criminals — yes, fear of offending criminals! The government becomes answerable to the Free Press and the Black Shirts instead of the law and the people.

Hong Kong has been changed irreversibly. The seeds of anarchy, lawlessness and contempt for law were long ago planted. Nothing can reverse that tomorrow. Rectification of that is a long-term agenda.

What can be done is to first restore law and order because without stability, predictability, safety and security all pledges about rooting out the causes is just that, yada, yada, yada. Without peace, everything else ceases in their tracks. But, therein lies Carrie Lam’s failure: she can’t even deliver a semblance of that tranquility, not even a semblance.

Beneath their tongues and in their hearts, everyone is saying, Enough is enough. In the same vein, Hong Kong, too, has had enough of Carrie Lam speeches, used to sugar coat the failing of a most fundamental kind: protection from the Black Shirts and their political backers.

For the reason — and much more but primarily the above — Hong Kong vigilantes have proposed a new political force with a security militia as its front. This movement will be structured, purposeful and disciplined for it to last and be meaningful. Foremost in the priority of this militia is security.

像林郑月娥 您的动摇,您的道德废话和您的光顾演讲无济于事。 四个月证明了这一点是正确的。This post is especially for the following at: 该消息特别针对以下对象

(continued bottom of post)


Nests of Vipers: Media, Church, School


The Reporter

On an overhead pedestrian bridge, Oct 13, with the cover of Press reporters, stabbed a passing policeman in the neck with a box cutter. When another policeman attempted to arrest the assailant, a cameraman deliberately stepped in between, tussling and pulling at the police. The assailant has since been arrested and the box cutter seized. But the cameraman walks.


The Church

Immediately below, is Christian Pastor 胡志偉 Ho Chi Wai. When the video recorder on Oct 13 filmed the Pastor at a Tseun Kwan O shopping mall atrium riling up the flock (which subsequently led to an orgy of destruction and multiple assaults), Ho went up to him. He kept pushing the video backwards with his body and blocked further recording with his face.

From behind and beside him, three of Ho’s thugs jumped on the video recorder, beating him.

Pastor Ho’s Facebook page list his Democratic Party office address at: 九龍黃大仙富山村富信樓地下3E室 Unit 3E, G/F, Fu Shing House, Fu Shan Estate, Wong Tai Sin, Kowloon. Email: chiwaioffice2016@gmail.com. Phone: 2325 0763

The video recording…


The School


(continued from the top)


As if as a daily routine, Black Shirts set fire to people, attack, assault, rampage, destroy and throw bombs. The Church, on the other hand, offer them shelter; the Media spread their lies; and western Anglophile politicians, at home and abroad, cover up for those crimes.

While the police have to fight rioters with a hand tied behind their backs, Carrie Lam fiddles, watching the city burns.

People say that, history at the first instance is tragic, the second is a farce. The people of Hong Kong must organize to protect themselves because there is nobody else to do it.

Street assaults




The raison d’etre of a political movement is to offer a platform in democratic participation.

Democracy can only function properly in a peaceful environment. But it is not good enough to talk about peace.

The protection of citizens is an overriding concern as well as the primary safeguard. It is overriding because only in citizens is the territorial integrity of Hong Kong and the sovereignty of the Chinese state preserved.

There is today a clear and present danger to Hong Kong, its institutions and its way of life. All have been under assault daily, ceaselessly, directly and covertly.

The aims and purposes of the political movement are lawful. Indeed, when Hong Kong is under threat, Motherland China by extension, then it is incumbent on the citizen’s ethical, political, constitutional and birth right obligations to challenge and push back against the dark forces. We are the indigenous people of this land called China and it’s therefore our constitutional and moral duty to preserve our home.

We must make no apology for what we are about to embark upon. This political movement reaches out to the future and is, therefore, long-term. Its Militia wing is an auxiliary power, adjunct to and organized within the ambit of its umbrella political organ and authority.

The Militia may be composed of but not restricted to all above age 18, men and women. It is eligible to all patriots. It may be composed of Chinese only, whether at home, in the Mainland and abroad. Members of the uniformed services, in particular the Police, the Customs and the Emergency Services departments are entitled to join as private citizens.

Broad terms of engagement between the Militia and the Black Shirts shall be established and spelt out in writing.

These are the 5 immediate tasks of the People’s Militia:

  • (a) seek, hunt down and arrest, exterminate if necessary, all rioters, masked or unmasked, in particular the core group of local plotters and those serving the frontline of attacks on the city;
  • (b) remove existing and/or destroy all attempts to barricade the streets;
  • (c) defend any and all intrusions into public and private premises, in particular homes, schools, community halls, offices, unions, shops, banks and restaurants;
  • (d) fight off, exterminate if necessary, against invasion in any form or shape on private and public properties; and,
  • (e) shut down all channels and sources of supply for rioting and of rioters, including but not limited to the churches, the media and the schools — in that order. All church leaders advocating Hong Kong independence shall be placed immediately under arrest. Their release is conditional on their public broadcast of their confession, plus the denunciation of the separatists. Those who have demonstrated to have been involved in rioting or in other forms of separatist activities, directly or indirectly, will be tried by a Militia Tribunal composed of five men and women. The maximum penalty is death and/or exile abroad or life imprisonment at home.

The People’s Party, and its corollary the People’s Militia, is an open, transparent and democratic organization. Hence, all death executions, including decapitation, are public, open and transparent. Black terror will meet white Justice.





In HK, State of Permanent Chaos

CIA in Why, Who, What. Similar regime change traits in Syria, Bolivia and Hong Kong.





Bolivia & Hong Kong: The Parallel

Military and police in Bolivia go against the government, Bolivia falls to the CIA. In Hong Kong, the police is the only line left, defending and holding up Carrie Lam’s government.





Annie’s Freedom Fighters surround, beat a woman on the street


Annie’s Freedom Fighters rob tourists

Annie’s Freedom Fighters break into then loot pawn shop.

Annie’s Freedom Fighters set fire to bank — after robbing it.

Annie’s Freedom Fighters burn a man — alive.


The above is a replacement; click and wait 30 seconds. YouTube censored then banished the earlier clip. Like Reuters and Steven Gan keeping a lid on it, Google, YouTube’s owner, wants to cover up the cruelty of the Black Shirts and protect their media propaganda — that is, Black Shirts are supposed to be God-sent heroes, Annie’s fighters for freedom, whereas Chinese are evil and their police brutal.

Not in the clip: man is in ICU, death appears likely because prior to being set alight on the pedestrian bridge he had been beaten with hammers on the head and body at the bridge entrance that form the connection to the subway. For a fuller report see this, in Chinese.

With passengers still inside, the Black Shirt had earlier set fire to two subway cars in a train that had stopped at the station. On Nov 11 morning alone, 25 subway stations had to be closed because of that and other arson attacks.


Annie’s Freedom Fighters fighting for democracy. Yes, democracy.

In all of these cases happening within the last 48 hours  — and there are hundreds more — reporters make money writing news daily, filming, preaching, spreading ‘activists’ propaganda, while watching the destruction and murder and people beaten half dead. Watching that orgy of violence is a freedom more important than other people’s lives.

No doubt, White Reuters and Anglophile Stevie ‘Wonder’ Gan call all that Freedom of the Press, knowing very well the Black Shirts, hidden behind their masks, never, never, never have to account for their crimes.


黑衣希望有死人 周梓樂蟑螂死了 好啊 !


Hooray! Chow Tsz-lok, the Cockroach, is Dead!

Black Shirts have been waiting for this day: A dead Black Shirt.

May there be a thousand more Chow Loks!

Image result for Chow Tsz-lok wiki"

周樂㞗死了 好幸福!

Image result for Chow Tsz-lok wiki"

Champagne for celebration? That’s not enough! We have vodka, Maxim cakes and Miami cigars. You’ve been waiting for this day, No? We invite you to join us! Long live the Revolution!


Within an hour of Chow’s death, Black Shirts, assisted by the above at home and Reuters abroad, launched a propaganda hate campaign: Police threw the cockroach from the third floor; police forced him to suicide when escaping tear gas; police obstructed first aid. Black Shirts have actually been hoping for such a dead person in order to manufacture a martyr and so get more students out on the streets, to burn more shops, to destroy more subway stations, to throw more petrol bombs and to beat up more people.

Indeed, they have never ceased trying, creating a nameless, faceless, sexless dead on Aug 31 at a Mongkok subway station. They created the death of Chan Yin-lam in September then rioted, torched and destroyed on her behalf five times in October. Not even the coroner examiner knew how she could have ended up forever dead in the sea near her school, the Hong Kong Design Institute.

Any police investigation into Chan’s death would require interviewing Black Shirts who are more likely to render cooperation than their fathers screwing their daughters. Besides, the Black Shirts had infinitely more reasons to see her dead than any of the 30,000 cops who had never heard the name, much less pay attention to a student starting class at the institute. Cops are out 16 hours a day, everyday, breaking up riots.

Now, there is this Chow Tse-lok. Thank Jesus for this dead motherfucker: one fewer cockroach prowling the streets of Kowloon, wrecking everything in sight.

Black Shirts have actually hoped there will be more Chow Loks and when he died, the immediate result can be seen in the clip below.

More Chow Loks? We Chinese certainly hope so, dead or maimed it doesn’t matter but better the latter.


The next two images and clip show Black Shirt Chow Lok at the carpark as early as 00.30 am on Nov 4. At that hour, was he waiting for his date? Or scouting for a nice spot to throw bricks?

Chow first went to Level 2 (below, and note time stamp). Fifteen minutes later, 00:47, he was photographed on CCTV at Level 3 scurrying around like a rat. By 01:10 he was on Level 2 his head cracked and barely alive. There are only two ways he could have gotten there: he was thrown by one of his Black Shirt mates, or he fell.

Whichever the method, it doesn’t matter. He’s dead as a fish and Hong Kong is one Black Shirt fewer and safer. Hooray!

The Wonderful Death of Chow Tsz-lok, 22

He was a student of University of Science and Technology which held its graduation on Saturday, Nov. 9. He died just in time, missing it by several hours. Again, hooray! May Jesus have mercy on his fucked-up soul.

Behind that (brown-colored) inner wall, Chow couldn’t throw his bricks at the cops below. It leaves him with only one option: Climb up the beam traversing the inner and outer walls (see the two clips below).

This produced only one consequence: he lost his balance and fell or he was thrown. Either way, he’s dead and that is a victory for democracy.

But, with a martyr in hand — after five long months — the Black Shirts are in hyper drive to blame the police. Nobody believes the Black Shirts anyway because it isn’t that they haven’t tried before: Chan Yin-lam and Mongkok.

When Chow’s death was made known, this is (below) what the Black Shirts started to do within the same hour. It went on for six more hours until about 3 a.m. Nov 9 the next day.


The Thambi Cunt Called 利君雅 Li Junya

Image result for 利君雅"

Since when is the government of Hong Kong, or any government, answerable to some Indian cunt, to CNN, to Reuters or to America?


The Thambi’s Cunt of Radio-Television Hong Kong

Nabela Qoser above is employed by the the Radio-Television Hong Kong, the equivalent of RTM of Malaysia. At a police Press conference which announced Chow’s death as well as notify the public that the case has now been passed on to the coroner’s, Nabela was there. A HK resident of Indian-Pakistani parents, age 33, born 1986, graduated from journalism at the that third rate Baptist University, Nabela’s Chinese name is 利君雅 Li Junya.

Reporters attended formal Press conferences primarily to hear what authorities have to say. The police did not go to Level 3 until well after 01:20 am after students threw bricks at them on the ground floor from the upper level. By the time police arrived, Chow’s body was already found and taken away, all facts corroborated by CCTV cameras. Those cameras also show that, at the time of Chow’s death, there was no tear gas whether on Level 3 or lower.

Yet Nabela point blank accused the police of being responsible, suggesting that it should be investigated as suspects to Chow’s murder.

No doubt, that’s her agenda, the same one that the Black Shirts have been spreading. It is the same agenda held by Stevie ‘Wonder’ Gan and Reuters. It is that the media can say, accuse anything and write anything because it is their right to free speech, their speaking ‘truth to power’.

Isn’t there a law in Hong Kong, as in Malaysia, for criminal defamation?

It’s astonishing that the Chinese government of Hong Kong, Chinese taxpayers by extension, have to keep that fucking thambi employed.


In a Chinese Society

The Problem of the Anglo Thambis

The fires of Hong Kong are found, all of it, in the clip above and immediately below:

  • Anglophiles & Anglo-Americans. For too long the Chinese have tolerated them; the government closed an eye, letting them feed on Chinese society, to fester and breed like cockroaches in the schools and universities, in the education department and legal services, and in propaganda and information bureau. The time has come, we do a real spring clean. (See: ‘Revisiting Marlon Brando’, at the bottom of post.)
  • Multiculturalism. This is a dead end. Thambis such as the like of the Nabelas and the Chuganis are not equal to Chinese. They are inferior, racially, intellectually, culturally, materially. Don’t even bother to kick out the motherfuckers: they have no home land to return to. Shoot them and drop these brown skins into the Indian Ocean.
  • Christianity. All churches, preachers and their choir boys must be vetted, pass voodoo-free, pedophile-free tests, and then licensed — on a renewable annual basis. Those who failed are send back to Jesus Christ, with no return postage.
  • English Language. In the state of China, there is only one official language. It’s called Chinese and it has no equal. All citizens, including permanent residents, must pass a written and oral Chinese test. Those with a C and below are deported. If Britain or the USA, will not accept them, we let them to drift in the Atlantic.
  • Free Press. All freedoms of expressions are guaranteed. The Journalists Association of Hong Kong will be disbanded and allowed to freely operate in the UK and America. All ‘journalists’ re-employed by the state of China must be licensed after passing a freedom test: Write a 10,000 treatise to define freedom, its uses and its purposes — in Chinese, of course. Those graded C and below will be sacked and prohibited from employment in the Media since they don’t know what’s freedom.


Kill the motherfucker or be killed by him.

See the guy in the yellow vest? CK, we’ll deal with the like of him on spring cleaning. Let the ‘Press’ keep tabs on the ‘Press’.


Killing Cockroaches

Returning to the title of this post: Is Beijing willing to watch Hong Kong burn?

To answer that question, we go to the interview immediately below. The long and short of it is this: The methods — the means — adopted by the Black Shirts, and this includes murder, tyranny, arson, cruelty, don’t merely justify the end.

No. Indeed, the means is the actual end. That is, the destruction of Hong Kong exists for its own sake — an object that squares with the American position towards China. It wants to wreck it from the outside in.

In wrecking Hong Kong, Tim Sebastian then raises the farther question: What about the innocent when the Black Shirts act to “bring down the roof on everyone”. Answers Joey Siu: “It’s a risk we are willing to take.”

Siu saying that isn’t new. It not only reaffirms the American-driven motive, made known from the start, to wreck Hong Kong. But, also, her statement revealed that the Black Shirts are willing to go the ends of the world to accomplish their American mission.

Conversely — that is, on the inverse side of the riots — Carrie Lam’s government believed, falsely, that if they accede to Black Shirt demands then normalcy returns. Lam fails to see that those are not demands for peace, reconciliation much less, but that the demands are intended to serve the motives in the first place. Evidences to this is piling up. That is, the results she had expected from her decision had turned out to be diametrically opposite. Here are examples:

  • Lam rescinds the Fugitive Bill, the Black Shirt demands change and multiply and the riots get worse. There was nothing wrong with the Bill, it was legitimate and morally correct. Backtracking was the signal to the Black Shirts that their violence can effectively produce the desired results.
  • Police were ordered to deploy minimal force and to minimize injuries in the hope that this would not infuriate the Black Shirts and so intensify their violence. Again, the opposite took place. Because no Black Shirt died, it intensified the stage for them to actually manufacture deaths, that is, to create martyrs: Star Ferry in June, Mongkok MTR in August, Chan Yin-lam in September, Chow Tsz-lok in November;
  • Lam’s decision not to treat the riots as a coup d’etat but primarily as a law-and-order problem sets up the police — and only the police — as Black Shirt’s main target. The result? With each passing day, more and more policemen end up in hospital, today totalling more than 300, some with acid burns. This means that the only thin, separation line between complete anarchy and the rule of law, between the fall of the government and Black Shirt victory, between genuine democracy and fraud, between China and the US, between economic stability and collapse, has fallen squarely on the police. The police gives up tomorrow, Hong Kong goes down and everything with it.
  • Lam’s refusal to recognize and therefore treat the riots as a national problem involving treason and foreign subversion has turned the Black Shirts into domestic heroes. Treated as local heroes, their news propaganda make them out to be defenders of Hong Kong. As defenders, their actions are therefore justified while the police are regarded as villains. And the result? Daily destruction, accompanied by attacks on the police. In their turn, such attacks are turned into daily propagandized fodder — as feats of heroes, making personal sacrifices for the future of Hong Kong. Hence, their arson, beatings and destruction go on uncheck.

Several conclusions can be derived from the above. Here’s the main one: It is today impossible to deal with the Black Shirts. They are beyond reason, and they don’t want to be reasoned with. Their position is irreversible and rock solid: either Carrie Lam goes or they go.

If they are beyond reason, then there is only one outcome coming from either side: We Chinese kill the Black Shirts or they’d kill us. Those we don’t kill, we lock them up and throw away the key. We’ll let them decide who steps up to volunteer to die: Chow Tsz-lok, 22, of the University of Science and Technology being the first among them.

Beijing’s Hands-Off Attitude

In the face of this continued destruction Carrie Lam’s next steps are important because they will affect Beijing’s decision whether or not to intervene or even to offer assistance. Beijing will intervene only if Hong Kong’s affairs affect the larger, national interest of 1.4 bn people. Now, to the corollary issue: Is Hong Kong worth the bother of the central government?

The answer being passed around (and so to be picked up) is a flat out, ‘No!’

The reasons for that answer is outlined further below. What’s even more worrisome (for Hong Kong) is this: Beijing cannot see how Carrie Lam is equally bothered about Hong Kong’s future and its welfare. Anyone can offer lip service, and this is the easy part. But, she can’t control the situation and, worse for it, she don’t or can’t recognize that failure.

The premise for Beijing’s pessimism is this: Carrie Lam refuses to turn to the central government for help even though such an assistance is plain for all to see, and would have been automatically granted especially in terms of ideas and strategies, in terms of manpower, intelligence and finance. This also means that if Lam had wanted Beijing’s help, she would make the tough decisions which, in their turn, would also render the assistance necessary and imperative. So, the riots drag on, worsening the law-and-order situation, the economy falls into recession, and nobody sees any hope.

The Chief Executive’s office is today a political office and not an administrative shithole that she had grown up and trained to believe is the legacy of a British colonial system. Hong Kong is not a colony of China; it is a part thereof.

As political leader, a tough political decision would be to recognize that Hong Kong is in a state of war. And war is simply politics by other means. But, seeing her inability to recognize that truth and reality, and then seeing her continue, willy-nilly, with her pretense and delusion, who in Beijing has any compunction to want to help her save Hong Kong?

  • One, Beijing has far, far many more fish to fry, most recently the free-trade Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RECP), to which Hong Kong is not a part thereof. This means that if Hong Kong goes down, its fall won’t amount to a blip on the Mainland, much less in a common market area that stretches from Japan to Myanmar and south to New Zealand. Hong Kong’s 7 million people is worth nothing to China. Its GDP is under 2 percent of national total, under 0.01 percent of RECP.
  • Two, those Chinese worried about their future in Hong Kong will invariably emigrate to Shenzhen and beyond, where the Mainland is safer. As for the rest, that is, the Black Shirts and cockroaches and their descendants, they will see their own ruin, fight among themselves and kill each other. So what? Working against their Motherland, serving American’s interests and having caused so much destruction, then whether they live or die, nobody in Beijing cares.
  • Three, Hong Kong is today’s proving ground for the western ideological myth that its form of democracy and its freedom ideals are recipes for disaster. Beijing would be happy to let that happen. Chow Tsz-lok, 22, one of the first dead among the Black Shirts, is also evidence into their self-destruction. The police doesn’t even have to fire a shot to kill a cockroach.
  • Four, Big Business especially the landed gentry has become too powerful. The riots will destroy their rice bowl and this would be for the better. Hong Kong’s crisis is a demonstration that Big Business must be placed at all times under the control of politics and not the other way around as seen in the US and the UK. The Party must have primacy over Big Business because the former exists for the People, the latter for themselves. Now, as the riots drag on, business bosses like Jimmy Lai will begin to see that they have started the fire right under their arse. Let then burn. This present generation is finished, so let it be.



The Reconstitution of Hong Kong

On the surface, in the above clip, the exchange is banal to a fault, except for that split second at 4:58. The Chinese words are more profound that their English translation.

There’s no other way to be viable and sustainable the next 1,000 years: Hong Kong has to be reconstructed — that is, reconstituted — from the ground up.

Overseas Chinese! Let’s take over Hong Kong

CK Ho, above (in Chinese), is not alone to think along those lines. All 1.4 bn Chinese, especially the central government, are thinking the same.

We’ll work out the details later, particularly in dealing with the like of the Chuganis and Claudia Bowring and Albert Ho and Jimmy Lai. For the moment, let’s refine the principles, work out of the skeleton of our tasks, and complete the master-lists of traitors.

To the Chinese of Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, people loyal and sincere towards the Motherland: We’ll need your help, please. Stand by. Let’s take over Hong Kong and run it ourselves. You like?


Revisiting Marlon Brando

Hollywood Racism & White Anglo-America


Defending HK Against America

Listen to the interview with Syria’s Assad; there is a parallel lesson.

US will attack foes and friends to protect its hegemony. Syria is just a latest victim – Bashar Assad

Wrong! Hong Kong is the latest victim.

Black Shirts are fighting for the interests of American, without it sending one soldier. Not one. We must kill Black Shirts, therefore, to defend Chinese interests.


Shooting a Cockroach

In time sequential order.

In the beginning, the traffic policeman had come to clear the barricade set up by between 10 and 20 Black Shirts and to re-direct traffic. Seeing him, three Black Shirts set on him, two on his right, one left.

Man in white was first to approach the cop, challenging him to fire. When cop attempts instead to collar and apprehend the man, the remaining two came in the front (of camera), two more behind him from across the road.

Not in the sequence: the cop fired two more shots when the four Black Shirts tried to take his gun. A second cop arrived in time to help.

Also noteworthy is the following: When an ambulance arrived, the cockroach got up and ran! He was caught again. In hospital, the bullet was removed from his abdomen, but the motherfucker lives. A short portion of clip is below…



Update: On the Chinese University of Hong Kong

What you will never, never, never see in the Anglophone and Anglophile media….


The Chinese University (CUHK) is only about 10km south of Shenzhen. Its campus sits smack in the middle of the main highway and railway metro track that runs north-south, between Hong Kong city and the Mainland Shenzhen. For five months, ever since the riots broke out, the police left it untouched.

Then, daily from Nov 10 onward, Black Shirt students were attacking traffic below from the overhead road bridge that connects the campus to the north-south highway (see Daniel D clip above). They also threw petrol bombs at passing metro trains. The attacks were not just made against any train but especially only those heading south from Shenzhen into Hong Kong.

So, early morning on Nov 12, the police moved in to occupy that overhead access road bridge. Students began to attack the police. And, predictably, Malaysiakini, Reuters, CNN, SCMP, Bloomberg, etc went to town with the spin — and the lie — that police were invading the campus, interfering with academic freedom.

On November 11 and 12, with the help of nearby villagers and the local district council, and under protection of the police, Mainland students were moved out of the campus, taken by marine police boats to cross the river into Shenzhen. (Pictures below. CUHK faces the sea. Near the campus, a village has a small docking yard for fishermen. Police used that for evacuation.)

Police has since moved out, and the students again occupied the bridge, an act which has been glorified in the Anglophile SCMP and Singapore’s CNA as students retaking ‘their’ campus. CNA says the students are ‘fending’ off possible police ‘attacks’ with arrows and javelins, stolen from the track and field storeroom. SCMP says the students are ‘hunkering down’ in anticipation of those ‘attacks’.

You get the point? One can put up with countless inaccuracies in Anglophile media as matters of intellectual incompetency but their lies are so deliberate as to be nauseating.


The clip below shows the organization and the Black Shirt/rioters’ preparatory work going on at CUHK, work which includes riot training, provision of food, use of the university’s facilities (such as transport), and the manufacture of Molotov cocktails. Video was taken undercover.

Compare that organization — and financing thereof — to the overarching narrative in the Anglophone media that the HK riots so far are ‘leaderless’, therefore, ‘spontaneous’, angered by ‘injustices’. To put it plainly, however, the CUHK is an ISIS-style terrorist camp and will be treated as such. We’ll wait, amass the information, collect the data and finalize the master-lists of plotters.

We will have to forgo the older students who are beyond reason, but we need to save the younger ones (top clip).

Fuck Anglo-America. Fuck its Editors (see the Uighur clip for the same modus operandi).


Media, CIA and the Uighurs



Daniel D’s YouTube channel is here. He speaks good Mandarin.

The Media Staging Freedom Fighting…

Daniel does a marvelous job: Each video is self-contained, self-explanatory. It requires nothing more from me.


My Love. My Motherland China…

黑超哥 Black Pepper’s YouTube Channel is here.


In HK, State of Permanent Chaos

CIA in Why, Who, What: Similar regime change traits in Syria, Bolivia and Hong Kong.




Bolivia & Hong Kong: The Parallel

Military and police in Bolivia go against the government, Bolivia falls to the CIA. In Hong Kong, the police is the only line defending and holding up Carrie Lam’s government.



This is a long essay, more than 5,000 words. It is organized in an inductive logical structure, meaning you actually have to begin from the beginning in order to follow the train of logic to arrive at the conclusion. Throughout, sub-headings (in bold) will allow you to break up your reading, if necessary.





Not yet dead Jimmy…

the Pondan of Tsimshatsui, glorified in the Anglophile SCMP as the democratic Savior of Hong Kong.

Image result for jimmy sham"

Pondan among Muslims

Jimmy Sham, images above: Two men were with him that night. They didn’t stop the attack nor call the ambulance immediately after. Instead they set up the body as if staging a shoot, snapped, then circulated to the newspapers.

To see the staging, notice how Jimmy’s fingers are used to keep balance with the body, although he was supposed to be unconscious, and see that his bag is used as pillow. Within a day and a half, fit as a fiddle, he is talking the next riot strategy with others in the (government) hospital, his wound photographed in a different part of the head.

It was a set up from the beginning (see, for eg., the video with the girl given fake blood) that the Media willingly spread, along side the propaganda of police brutality.

Only in Hong Kong, nothing happens, everybody gets away with all that; the government treats the wounds of its enemies; more plots are hatched daily, and more riots, more bombs, more blood, real blood, and even far, far more propaganda, Reuters churning out daily propaganda to say the Black Shirts are demanding freedoms that’s supposed to have been ‘eroded’ (sic!).

Image result for hong kong protest tsim sha tsui police station bombs october"

Singapore imports a non-existent religious conflict drummed by a Pondan (Jimmy Sham, top) owing Muslims money and was attacked by them with hammers. The Anglophone media then helped him spread the propaganda that it was the police who were behind the attack.

After which Pondan turns up near the mosque to throw gasoline bombs at a police station. Next minute, after the water cannon truck had passed, he organizes the cleaning of the mosque that Pondan told his Black Shirts the night before not to destroy but to bring them onto his side.

Image result for hong kong mosque protest"

《朋友一個》A Friend

朋友只得一個 在我心中已全足夠
繁華市人面是冷酷 但真摯是你心意
朋友你的關注 是冷風中暖流一縷
濃情意熊熊像火焰 令溫暖熱燙心窩

那怕冷風吹擊 可抵擋火煎雨打
也因身邊有人伴我走 友愛我心珍惜
不輕輕把它放走 即使以後分手
心中也熱愛你 (這心也熱愛你)


In never ending memories…


The Sorrows of Young Werther


Chan Yin-lam, dead at age 15: Even the oceans could not fill the tears that came before and after.

She were at one rally in June, one in July, and that’s true, but she never went again and never needed the freedom they hoisted on her. She only wanted to be an artist, a good artist. This meant that while self-righteous Anglophiles sing ‘Glory to Hong Kong’ and Christian politicians preach freedom and democracy, it is others — ordinary Chinese — who must die for their plots and their American causes.

Against so many plots, against so many attacks, against the fire and brimstone, against so many enemies — Singapore the latest — any other city, any other place, any other people would have been reduced to ashes. Something keeps Hong Kong intact and its sanity. Ask, what?

When Chan began school in the Hong Kong Institute of Design in September, during which she would have nothing more to do with the riots, Black Shirt school mates pressured and harassed her not to stop. Within 14 days of classes starting she was dead from drowning in the nearby sea.

The image above was captured on the night of Nov. 7 near the institute.

Even when she is dead, they won’t leave her alone, the Black Shirts using her as an excuse for more rioting and for news propaganda about police brutality, the Annie ‘Freedom Fighters’. Annie, apa mau tipu lagi?

That borrowed Malay phrase, so succinct, strikes at the heart of the causes of the HK riots: Tipu. It means, ‘cheat’ which in the English has no force of revulsion, much like the words ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ — cheat-slogans in a dog and pony show for the benefit of the Ango-American Media and world.


Under siege, HK pays the price for being Chinese

Black Shirts in S’pore &

Why Mugam goes after a HK Cook


This is Day 153 in the HK Riots

The Black Shirt Mosque

For more than an hour on an early Sunday afternoon, October 20, the Black Shirts had laid siege to the Tsimshatsui police station, tearing at its gate, vandalizing police signs and every few minutes lobbing gasoline bombs into its main, public entrance — all told three dozen bottles. When, at last, the water cannon truck arrived, it quickly relieve the besieged station from the rioting mob. After which the riot police emerge out of the gates to disperse the rest. The truck first swept away the core group of Black Shirts at the steps fronting Nathan Road then passed a mosque, a farther 150 meters away.

On websites the same day and in print the next, the Anglophone media went to town with such headlines: Police target mosque (Hong Kong Free Press, Reuters), ‘Police spray on mosque’ (AlJazeera), ‘Hong Kong police douse mosque‘ (Global News Canada), ‘Police fire at Hong Kong mosque‘ (UPI).

Only the front steps and the metal rails separating the mosque compound from the pedestrian pavement were washed in a blue dye. But the Media’s inference and its intent were clear: Police, rather than the Black Shirts, acted with malice and had deliberately went after Muslims because they are Muslims.

Here is Reuters: “It was unnecessary to drag this place of worship into this conflict between the government and the people,” said Arabi Mohideen, 60.

Reuters again: “(The mosque) is a symbol of peace,” said Waqar Haider, an interpreter for South Asian residents and worshipper at the mosque. “It shouldn’t have happened…South Asians have not been involved in any protesting — anti-Hong Kong or pro-Hong Kong. We’re just living peacefully.

‘Drag’ Islam into the conflict: Why drag? Who’s dragging, and what for? South Asians were never involved: What were they doing with the pondan Jimmy Sham? Sucking his dick — peacefully?

Here is the Anglophile SCMP toadying to the Black Shirt Andy Chan.

Reuters’s deliberate act of pouring fuel into the flame is not a coincidence — that is, it was by chance their reporters happened on the peace-loving Waqar or Arabi Muslim, motherfucking brown skin racist thambis who feel they are racially superior to Chinese because they speak a White man’s language called English.

Minutes after the water truck passed the mosque, Black Shirt gangs descended on the mosque, climbing the metal fence, polishing it (yes, polish) with rags washed in pails of water. They so happen to bring along these things to the riots. (Either the reporters are stupid or the Media is a part of the plot. Choose the latter.)

Just the night before, Black Shirts were at nearby Chungking Mansions on Nathan Road, the main place where South Asians (and, these days, Africans too) spent their evenings drinking, pimping, peddling fake phones, selling tailor services and accosting White tourists for money. There, Jimmy Sham’s friends met the like of Waqar and Arabi Muslim. Muslims, they are told, would be safe from the Black Shirts. A spokesman among them reiterated the Facebook circular urging its members not to attack any South Asians. The ‘matter’ — meaning, money — had been settled with Jimmy and the ‘Civic Human Rights Front’, issuer of the circular, doesn’t consider South Asians as enemies.

In their turn, Muslims say they would station several people at Chungking to ‘defend’ it. They never say, against who but everybody understood it to mean the ‘police’. The precedent cause of this exchange was that, three days earlier, four South Asian ‘looking’ men were seen by witnesses hammering Jimmy’s head, convenor of the Civic Front, that grandiose, American-styled politically correct name for the coalition of Black Shirt organizers which include the Democratic Party, second largest in Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong Association of Journalists.


This HK Tea Shop Man is a threat to S’pore security?


Above: 華記/华记 (or wah-kee/huaji), the Hong Kong real estate salesman and restaurant owner entered Singapore on Oct 10, summoned to the police station the next day, served with a notice he is under investigation for security offenses, passport confiscated and he has since been prohibited from leaving.

Other consequences: Many of his videos on his YouTube channel were blocked after which he gave up all further broadcast. Although new to YouTube — the account was set up as an aftermath of the riots primarily to expose Black Shirt violence and propaganda — he has chalked up more than 150,000 subscribers and an aggregate of more than a million views.


Singapore does a Canada Meng Wanzhou

Alex Yueng never said a word about the mosque on his YouTube broadcast although, surely, the news would have reached Singapore, especially in its Anglophile, maligned and distorted form.

Yueng owns and runs a small restaurant chain called 華記/华记 (or wah-kee/huaji) and a real estate agency. On his YouTube channel he points daily to the inhumanity of the Black Shirts and the cruelty in their tactics and speeches. Rattled by the lawlessness in HK, by the inadequacy of internal security, especially the required state obligation and guarantee to protect private property and personal safety, he began looking at other countries to park his assets and also perhaps to migrate his business.

He arrived in Singapore on Oct 10, intending to stay until Oct 12 (two nights and three days) on a scouting mission for property, meeting real estate agents and looking for business ventures with Hong Kong residents in Singapore. The night of Day Two on his arrival, he was summoned to the police station, his passport confiscated.

Today, almost a month since his planned departure date, Yeung is still in Singapore. Two weeks into over-staying, he announced on his Oct 21 YouTube he intend to cease his broadcast for an indefinite period. (This was, as is so often in Chinese culture and habits of thought, a way of mitigating or downplaying one’s personal misfortunes.)

In the preceding 36 hours Yeung had released an unusual number of clips, six are still up, all lifted from elsewhere including one from Black Shirts that threatened to fix him; others showing intense Black Shirt violence, street beatings, arson and gasoline bombs, all of which are today’s daily features of Hong Kong life that since June have spiraled into unmitigated anarchy. All were subsequently censored by YouTube for showing violence.

On the night of Nov 4, on his YouTube channel, Yeung told what had happened to him, answering questions by friends why out of the blue, like Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou stopping over in Vancouver, he wasn’t allowed to leave Singapore. The answer that came back is this: Complaints had been made against him, police are investigating, and until the investigations are completed and decision made he is prohibited from leaving.

The implications are legal: if the investigations take ten years, Yeung stays in Singapore for ten years. If he is eventually detained, without charges proven against him, he faces, he said, five years jail under Singapore’s security laws (as opposed to the criminal Penal Code). For the moment, skip the question of charges. What political offense could land him up to five years imprisonment?

The operative word is, ‘security’. Here, we have it: A lone restaurant cook and part-time rental salesman travels from Hong Kong to Singapore and is suddenly found to be a potential threat to Singapore’s national security! What could Singapore have on him to fix him? Who complained? What has the complaint to do with national security? What national security? Singapore’s democracy? How? Black Shirts in Singapore. Secret messages in fortune cookies? Or selling Canton, communist-style noodles?

CIA threatens HK Coup-style in Singapore?

In Singapore’s national security claim, the only applicable law is the Internal Security Act (ISA).

Like the one in Malaysia, this deals with treason or subversion offenses or both. Part XII of Singapore’s ISA reiterates the motive of a person or persons arrested under the law, or to be arrested. Quote:

(1) If an act recites that action has been taken or threatened by any substantial body of persons, whether inside or outside Singapore —

  • (a) to cause, or to cause a substantial number of citizens to fear, organised violence against persons or property;
  • (b) to excite disaffection against the President or the Government;
  • (c) to promote feelings of ill-will and hostility between different races or other classes of the population likely to cause violence;
  • (d) to procure the alteration, otherwise than by lawful means, of anything by law established; or
  • (e) which is prejudicial to the security of Singapore.

Ruling out (b) and (d) because they are improbable leaves (a) and (c) and they, in their turn, leads to (e).

Digression: See how Singaporeans produce trite law in trite English, these Anglophiles thinking the world of pastoral villages with Thomas Hardy preachers running off with the neighbor’s maid. They copy English colonial tyranny. Reread (e) and compare that to the rest. It’s call a tautology, which is like saying 2 and 2 is 4. That, like saying a bachelor is an unmarried man, traps any arrested suspect in a double whammer: a person would be automatically guilty of (e) once arrested on suspicion of any of the above, from (a) to (d). Or, to restate, suspicion on any part from (a) to (d) proves itself in (e). You get the point? In Chinese law, you will never find this sort of mendacity or deceit that attempts to prove a charge or attempts to entrap people by relying on verbiage — that is, English language shit.

Singapore’s Shanmugam goes after a HK Salesman

Back to our narrative: What could have possibly trigger (a), which is, the act of causing or fear the causing of ‘organised violence’? Notice the word, ‘fear’? It meant that the speculation of a future event, whether it will happen being inconsequential, is enough to trigger ISA use. Worse off than premonition this is a judgment stacked on stitching together arguments, not unlike arguing for the possibility of being hit by a bus tomorrow. It meant that a few Hong Kong residents in Singapore could, in effect, go to the police with the story of the Hong Kong riots, and Yeung being an agent of the Communist Party of China (more on this later) has come to Singapore on a spy-and-revenge mission.

Image result for martin oei"

Pug face Chinaman Oei: “Call me Martin,” and he can’t even string together two proper sentences — in English! What a piece of narcissistic dick.


Exhibit A: Indeed, a day after his arrival, a number of residents from Hong Kong met him, probably even recorded, on video or tape or both, their conversations, and they took group photographs. After which, says Yeung in his YouTube broadcast they went to the police with those materials as evidences apparently.

Exhibit B: Martin Oei. A self-confessed Hong Kong Black Shirt, and classic as an Anglophile apologist for neo-colonialism, Oei had worked as a reporter in Singapore (those motherfucking reporters again). In this, for example, Oei linked him to Muslims in the region, to Islamic jihad, to bringing outside politics into Singapore, and praised Yeung’s immediate arrest, bragging about it as necessary for ‘peace and stability’ (sic!) and warning others against taking the side of the Hong Kong government and Beijing.

Exhibit C: Oei bringing in Islam, although completely unrelated to Yeung’s Singapore trip, revisits the events at the Hong Kong mosque on Oct 20. Even in Oei’s fabricated form, mere talk of Islam triggers sub-clause (c), to ‘promote feelings of ill-will‘. That is, in saying the same thing, mere talk — a complaint — strikes at the heart of sub-clause (c). A hole is dug, Oei and friends kick Yeung in, leaving it to a Singapore Minister to shoot him while still in the hole.

By now, you can, inside your thoughts, begin to picture a crystallizing image of Yeung’s arrest in Singapore.

This fuzzy imagery is bizarre and is, indeed, as absurd and irrational as to the arguments the Black Shirts used in justifying inflicting mayhem. But, face it, that is the effect of the English language on thought, rationality and reality: something can be made where none exists. The Bible is an example: people long ago concocted some stories, write them down, stitched them into a book, and today that compendium of fiction is considered holy and ‘the Word of God’. Ship the same thought process into this part of the world, you produce a motherfucker like Oei — the effect from decades of Anglophile cultural and mental colonization, never mind if he is just a monkey perched on a tree shrieking calls about enemies of freedom.

The logic of the law that lead to Yeung’s arrest lies not its capacity for rationality or irrationality, nor in its truth or falsity, but in its functional use so that in an Anglophile society such as Singapore, such as its Minister for Home Affairs K Shanmugam, Anglophiles have no other way to think, to reason and so for injustice to seep through. Black can be made white; wrong, right; false, true. You want to fix up somebody? Here are the ISA words for use. Parallel words like ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ are used in the riots. You want to destroy Hong Kong? Here they are, choice words for deploying to rile up stupid students and naive kids.

Black Shirts, Anglophiles and Singaporeans move about in the culture of White man’s ways, stemming from the Hobbesian idea that life is ‘solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short,‘ and of one against all. So they make the most of it, calculating, plotting and scheming.

This is completely at odds with Chinese thought as well as in our treatment of lives.

While Anglophone legalism tailored event/facts to fit into stamped words on paper — square pegs in round holes — we first cast aside the law in order to see events/facts, standing alone, for what they are, independently. The charge comes after the fact, not before. (For 2,000 years, Chinese culture hated legalism, which is what rule-of-law means, as a social organizing principle; it prefers Confucianism.)

Exhibit D:

Below, is a piece of video evidence that Singapore’s ISA Minister K Shanmugam could use to fix Alex Yeung. It is a video clip of Yeung himself and a group celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the PRC. Although the event took place in Hong Kong and filmed there before leaving, Yeung uploaded it on his YouTube, Oct 13, three days after his arrival in Singapore.

Yeung didn’t explain why he posted it in Singapore and why belated. But one could surmise this: He felt that, after a separation of time and space, he could mitigate against any intention of the Black Shirts to go after him.

In Hong Kong, the Black Shirts prowling the streets daily will lynch you — alive — for carrying the Chinese flag, even to speak in Mandarin (this happened to a JP Morgan Chinese banker while out for his lunch break). Yeung’s restaurants have been a target of vandalism. On the street alone, Yeung hides his face behind a mask and wear black clothes.


If you hadn’t been following what’s been going on, you’d find the media statement below queer, coming out of the blue and released Nov 7. But, for the moment, take it for what it says (click to enlarge). You can also find it here.

華記正能量Alex Yeung channel

Singapore Black Shirts

Never mind that the PRC event was held in Hong Kong. Never mind that it had nothing to do with Singapore. Never mind it does not violate the intent (or ‘spirit’) of the ISA. Those are not arguments that can be fought over in court anyway: there won’t be any because ISA detention has no trial, therefore, known as ‘preventive detention’. (This again illustrates, for the umpteenth time, why Hong Kong, China by extension, is one of the world’s freest societies, freer than Singapore and Malaysia, freer than America or Britain.)

The ‘substantive’ part of the ISA (that is, its main plank) is broken up as follows (taken from the law):

  • I. Prohibition of organisations and associations of a political or quasi-military character and uniforms, etc.
  • II. Powers of preventive detention.
  • III. Special powers relating to subversive publications, etc.
  • IV. Control of entertainments and exhibitions.
  • V. Other powers for the prevention of subversion.
  • VI. Miscellaneous.

Sub-clause I, is pertinent to Yeung’s case. Under it, the relevant Minister is entitled to prohibit any bodies to be used,

“for the purpose of enabling them to be employed for the use or display of physical force in promoting any political or other object, or in such a manner as to arouse reasonable apprehension that they are organised or trained or equipped for that purpose.”

In that part, the only object that can ‘arouse reasonable apprehension’ and which is banned outright is this emblem or symbol or device existing…

“in the form of a 5-pointed red star or a hammer and sickle in circumstances which raise a reasonable presumption that the emblem or device was intended or was likely to be used in a manner prejudicial to the interests of Singapore or to promote or foster a purpose prejudicial to or incompatible with peace, welfare or good order in Singapore”

The above is the only emblem/symbol in the world banned in Singapore. But not, for example, the ISIS flag. Thus, on the point of law alone — words on paper — Alex Yeung is guilty as hell (see above clip again).

Such is rule-of-law tyranny. The difference between Yeung (others) and the Black Shirt motherfuckers like Martin Oei or Jimmy Sham or Claudia Bowring are plain for all to see. Yet, it is Yeung who Singapore goes after while the Black Shirts get away with their mayhem they caused. The differences between them, therefore, isn’t in the truth (who is causing the upheaval) nor in their respective ethical qualities (hence, intent).

In Singapore, as in the West, notions of ‘freedom’ are never presented in terms of actual outcomes but in their abstract ends, wrapped in legal jargon: Black Shirts declare themselves ‘democrats’, therefore, all the plunder they have helped direct can amount nothing. Yeung, on the other hand, displays a legally prohibited item and is immediately cast as an enemy. An emblem becomes a proof of threat, not the Black Shirt riot outcomes.


The Stoicism of Marcus Aurelius Yeung

This matter of the law out of the way, we come now to Yeung’s future, which is in the hands of Singapore’s Home Minister K Shanmugam. Mugam runs internal security. Before that, return for a moment to Yeung’s confession video. In it, he has resigned to the fact that his future is today not in his control: “If it (jail) comes, it comes.” (See Nov. 4 video clip at the end of essay.)

This Daoist stoicism, typical in Chinese thought, mirrors the ancient Greek Stoic philosophy (for example, in Marcus Aurelius, the last of Rome’s good rulers; Aurelius appears is the opening parts of the movie The Gladiator):

Image result for stoicism"

What’s to be done: China steps in

But Yeung’s stoicism is misplaced. If so, then the option to change his fate are two-fold:

One, begin with the premise that Yeung has done no harm. In his case, therefore, right or wrong is not a point of law nor of ethics because the ISA has removed both legs in its Anglophone jurisprudence.

If not law, not ethics, then whether or not Yeung is guilty or not guilty of a foreign, national security charge is a question of power. To imagine what that means, picture an American being arrested under an ISA charge: Put your hand to your heart and answer this, Would K Shanmugam dare?

This is, however, not the sort of power being fought out between a Singaporean individual and the Singapore state that characterizes ISA cases. Yeung is not a Singaporean and has no backing of Singapore society. Rather, it’s between the state of China and Singapore, he being a Chinese citizen and the backdrop of his case concerns the Hong Kong riots.

Yeung has refused to seek China embassy help, by making the case, from a Chinese ethical argument, that he should involve no family members (the state of China being the patriarch) in his own personal battles. Again Yeung is both naive and logically wrong. Wrong because he has hurt nobody. Naive because he assumes, falsely, Singapore is an independent, sovereign state and that, in a matter such as this, no other powers are involved. Three quick facts dispels this naivety: (a) behind the Hong Kong riots is America, and (b) behind Singapore’s rule of law is America, (c) behind the Black Shirts is America.

As in Meng Wanzhou, abducted out of the blue in Vancouver, China has the duty to intervene so as protect her own people against such arbitrary and mendacious conduct coming from Mugam’s Home Ministry. If not, China fails in its duty as the patriarch of the Chinese people.

Two, quietly and nicely persuade Singapore to change the terms of Yeung’s prosecution and detention. Try him in a court on charges other than the ISA even if the proceedings are held in camera. In this way Singapore can appease the Americans, get a face-saving way out, and avoid a full blown international crisis. This is a decision for Lee Hsien Loong. If Lee refuses, go back to the above, One.

There are several ways to secure Yeung’s release and, let’s be realistic: Anglo-American power must be met with power. It’s the only thing they understand — or appreciate. As in the Canadian abduction of Meng Wanzhou, China must meet Yeung’s case with an identical and, at minimum, an equally strong response: Grab not a Singaporean but half a dozen of them, even if of Chinese ethnicity, people from the Singapore foreign and home ministries. But, best of all, a couple of senior executives from Temasik stopping in Suzhou.

Singapore must be told from the outset: play all you like your role as America’s running dog, but this is the red line you will never, never cross. If no Chinese is safe in Singapore, no Singaporeans will be safe outside it. Yeung must understand this: if he is not let go then other Chinese will face the same problem, that is, Mugam can grab any Chinese he fancies. And the ISA has no legal recourse; you can’t sue (assuming you can afford it) for habeas corpus.

America’s Taiwanese poodle dog in SEA

There are long terms implications in Yeung’s case. Because a Chinese is today never, never safe in the West, first in Canada and America, and now in the Anglophile world such as Singapore that is under America’s thumb, it behooves on China to draft a policy response: What to do?

This is to let the world know: Don’t play dirty, don’t mess with us; we know all the tricks. China will protect its people; the Chinese must be made to feel safe, wherever we go, and not be subject to arbitrary threats in whatever form or shape. The Chinese state duty to its people is a given in our familial law and in our culture.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong ought to know his Home Ministry is detaining a Chinese national on trumped up charges. Assuming he isn’t carrying out America’s orders, what does he want with China? Want, because what’s a person like Yeung to Lee, a cook and salesman who the world never knew exist not even in the Mainland, not even after imprisonment in Singapore. A nobody, unlike Meng Wanzhou of Huawei, makes for a easy target by K Shanmugam?

Black Shirts can beat, kill, rob, burn and destroy and yet they have the protection of Taiwan, America and now Singapore as well? The fact, therefore, of Yeung’s detention means Lee Hsien Loong has picked a side between the Black Shirts and Hong Kong, between the Pondan of Nathan Road and the Tsimshatsui police, between America and China, and between evil and good.

America has openly demanded from the rest of the world, Europeans in particular, to pick a side. Publicly, however, Lee avoids this matter in an interview with CNN. This presumes Singapore is a sovereign country, with a spine, able and willing to act independently. But is it?

Like a Siamese twin, Singapore is joined to America at the hips, excepting for this difference: the twins are not equal. Wherever America goes, Singapore follows.

Of its S$491 billion GDP size, almost 40 percent are in business and financial services, and of which 79 percent are tied to America, directly and indirectly via banks, insurers, freight, legal services, and investment finance (especially hedge funds, public and private equity). You can see why, therefore, 1MDB’s money was routed from New York to Singapore; the latter making money from every dollar exchanged. The US dollar is pivotal to Singapore’s economic and financial health. Singapore Airlines make money serving America from all the students and business people travelling from Indonesia and Malaysia. It’s manufacturing of goods, again tied to the US market, is 22 percent of GDP overall. America can sanction Iran and nobody starves. America sanction Singapore, the first thing to go down the drain is the Singapore dollar and after that it won’t even have money to pay for Johor’s water. It is that vulnerable. Where the Singapore dollar goes, so goes its sovereignty and independence.

Image result for lee hsien loong on hong kong"

Thambi to Chinaman : Anglophile to Anglophile.

But, little does Lee Hsien Loong realize that America is Singapore’s biggest national security threat, and that’s understating a fact.


Singapore in America’s pockets

Some years ago, a newspaper article jumped out of its pages: it was about a Singaporean minister — or was it the Speaker? — urging members of parliament to build a ‘first class’ (sic!) Parliament by improving on their intellectual skills and adopting a certain attitude towards debate. Example of first class? The US Congress. Don’t laugh, because this is not an exaggeration.

The point in the above harks back to Lee’s non-committal answer about taking sides because he might as well be forthright to tell America: You already have our souls, need you ask?

But, here’s the problem: Does Lee even know his mind is colonized, fed as he is, like millions of other kids in Singapore and Hong Kong, in a diet of scones and marmalade, of Judeo-Christian absolutist obedience (Nietzsche calls it ‘slave morality’), of pastoral Jane Austen farms and docile Thomas Hardy sheep led to slaughter?

In the week Yeung was being investigated under the ISA and refused exit, Lee had on three occasions (between Oct 10 in Japan and Oct 17 with Forbes) talked about China and Hong Kong. Again and again he touches on Singaporean sovereignty without mentioning the word, not once. His answer, if he’d give one, would be self-evident after all.

Lee sounds like he was addressing China (the ‘region’, he calls it) as if we Chinese are a stupid lot and he and his administration can only conduct foreign relations via CNN and Forbes magazine. The salient fact in Lee’s reiteration about Hong Kong isn’t in the said remarks, Black Shirts are out to undermine the government, the economic dislocations and so on — we know all that. Excepting this: Lee made a comparison between Hong Kong and Singapore. If the same Black Shirt riots took place in Singapore, he said, the city would be finished.

Who is he saying that to? It can’t be China or Hong Kong or Malaysia. If not those governments, then Uncle Sam? The Hong Kong riots were, after all, plotted, engineered, financed and launched out of Washington, the acts of subversion which it even passes into law (The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act) then smirks about it: “So what!”

America pulling in the reins on Lee Hsien Loong’s tail raises a further question: Why? The answer can be found in the question by CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, an Indian thambi-migrant to America then growing up to become a colonialist, foreign mouthpiece for the neo-conservatives and liberals. No White American can do the task better than Fareed to represent White liberals in the Anglophone world: He speaka English; he is brown; he is Anglophile. He thinks a world of the Whitey, like countless Indian brown skins, but better because he wears journalist credentials, posing as an ‘independent’, freedom watchdog, much like Malaysiakini’s Steven Gan and Bersih’s Ambiga.

Fareed’s point blank question to Lee was, Whose side are you on., China or America?

Now, Lee is no Duterte of the Philippines, willing, able and with the gumption to carve out a new set of foreign relations with Russia and China.

The problem with Lee isn’t therefore in taking sides, and so risk Singapore’s prosperity, but it is not in being fair, honest and sincere, not even to himself. China, after all, is perfectly willing to live with whatever it is Lee decides. The Chinese lived next door to South Korea and Japan. We lived with the Philippines, pre-Duterte, for 70 years.

Chinese culture and habits of dialectical thought don’t teach us to see a problem in taking sides, choosing between black versus white, good versus evil in relationships, personal or international. On the other hand, Anglo-American territorial imperialism, intellectual upbringing, and its ethical and religious culture repeatedly demand unwavering obedience and allegiance:

Thou shalt have no other god before me! — Exodus 20:2, Deuteronomy 5:6

Anglophile Lee, not unlike common Singaporeans, faces a daily existential angst: he runs a state but not a nation. This is a country with a hodgepodge of transferred identities, of bought, corrupted personalities, speaking neither the Queen’s English nor Chinese nor Malaiyoo but Singlish in a mish-mesh of values even they themselves don’t know what. Without roots, Singapore is a people who can be bought and sold. The only question left to answer, is how much.

Lee’s evasion to Fareed’s question exemplifies a sort of bargain: pussy-footing in a barrage of verbiage (he talked about Europe and Australia) amounting to nothing. His words reflect the Anglophile character of a man who can’t see the daoist intermingling quality in relationships, in events and in facts: That is, without darkness there is no thing called light; high is defined by the low; without the emptiness of a jar, the clay for making it is useless. (See below in Alan Watts clips on ‘wuwei’  无为 and ‘Do you do it or does it do you…’)

In his meandering thoughts, much like when Mahathir Mohamad speaks, he couldn’t bring himself to speak a plain truth to Fareed, Uncle Sam’s propaganda chief: “We are already on your side. You own our soul so that if Singapore goes, America goes with it. There will be no America in Southeast Asia nor the South China Sea. If America destroys Singapore, it destroys itself.”

Singapore is America’s stooge — and that is a fact. Only Lee, like his grossly overrated father, pretends to be independent and sovereign and, yet, this fools nobody. It’s called a delusion.

Delusional Alice Wu & Her Singapore Prophet

Filipinos are willing eat grass instead of having to bow daily to wash the feet of America. Lee will feed of the bread scraps below the table serving American burgers. You read and see this contradictory, two-sided delusional Anglophile culture daily, every hour of the day. In Alice Wu, for example, commenting on Lee’s remarks, she is ecstatic:

At last, a prophet from Singapore!

After listening to Lee, Alice urges Beijing and Hong Kong: “Both sides must accept that all of this pain has accumulated over decades of sweeping political issues and difficult dialogue under the carpet.

The editors of SCMP might think that profound and not preachy. But, wait a minute, what gobbledygook stuff is that — pain, sweeping political issues, dialogue under the carpet? They sound like intellectual masturbation, Anglophile-style.

Wu, like Lee, cannot bring herself to stare at and acknowledge the evidences and the truth piling up daily in Hong Kong: the destruction have their direct origins — materially, financially, culturally, politically, ideologically, religiously, even in the ruins of the destruction — in Anglo-America. They are subvented into the colonized Anglophile mind and heart, so what if Wu claims to be some high flying “political consultant”.

The plain fact states this, right from the start: Hong Kong is not about freedom or democracy but about grabbing power and corralling the riches of the city to one side. If America’s Black Shirts had wanted 1-country, 2-system, then it will be made to work and the riots won’t happen. If not, then not.

The rest of the propaganda is just garnishing. Problems exists, of course, but if they were humanly created they can be humanly untangled. Reason follows the Will.

Singapore chooses to be Yankee; Hong Kong, Chinese

America had also demanded Hong Kong to choose: the US or China. The Chinese of Hong Kong chose to remain to be true to themselves, Chinese, and the riots is the price we pay. So what?

For Lee to say the Black Shirts want to “undermine” Hong Kong and “bring down” its government is neither a statement of profundity nor truth. It is a lie, like the Anglophile life is a pretense. America wants to (hopefully) bring down the Hong Kong government, and not the Black Shirts, a fact that the US Congress and Nancy Pelosi don’t even bother to hide. Black Shirts are one lot of stooges, like Singapore is a poodle.

Acknowledging that status, or reality, one makes a giant leap nearer to the solution: To remain as poodle or not. If yes, how so. If not, how not.

The Chinese decision has, in the last five months, produced 3,000 ruined lives, almost 500 of them kids, many as young as 12, with another 200 in hospital. The Black Shirt riots that followed have, in their turn, led Yeung to Singapore. If he were not in Singapore, he wouldn’t be under Lee’s thump. The like of Anglophile Lee Hsien Loong and Alice Wu are not new in the world. It’s their bigotry, greed, pretensions and hypocrisy that make everyone sick, very sick.

Beijing, being Chinese like Yeung, was never exposed to, experience much less, this level of perversion. Even today, my Mainland compatriots cannot fathom such conduct and attitudes in an Anglophile world. It is the reason why there, in the Mainland, the Chinese look on at the destruction in Hong Kong then turn (to me) to ask with incredulity in the eyes:

“Black Shirts or white, they are Chinese. How can they?”

Yes, they can because they are not Chinese other than in skin and name. Still, the Chinese learned a moral lesson: Our worse enemies are among us, namely the Anglophiles. Their only worldview see things from the prism of skin color — racism.

Singapore’s choice (Hong Kong has already decided) is not between America or China. No, it is between right and wrong, between true and false, between two cultures, and between decency and indecency. This, in the collective, is commonly known as, integrity.

Even assuming Lee manages to cross that ethical dilemma, he and Singaporeans will be face to face with another fundamental problem: What do they know about what’s right and wrong? By what standard will they use? How can Lee tell the difference, an Anglophile, after all, with neither culture nor knowledge to guide his life and decisions?

Result: Lee farts and farts, pussyfooting in front of that thambi Fareed. And now bullying a hapless Chinese.

To America and Lee Hsien Loong:

“Hong Kong will survive then bounce back. We have for 5,000 years — as an unbroken Chinese nation. Imagine!”


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Alan Watts

  1. wuwei  无为


2. Do you do it or does it do you…


Huanghe, Mother of China

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