Olympic news report titles from Malaiyoo editors

For a Malay

  • Azizulhasni Awang melakar sejarah (makes history)

For Chinese

  • Peng Soon-Liu Ying hampakan jutaan rakyat Malaysia (Peng Soon-Liu Ying disappoint millions of Malaysians)
  • Beregu campuran sekadar raih perak (Mixed doubles pair merely manages a silver).



Malaysiakini reported: “Newspapers, said former Bernama general manager Yong Soo Heong (above), play an important role in shaping the minds and feelings of the people.”

Yada, yada, yada…. So much fart from a fatass.

This, below, is what happens when fatass Yong, having served a racist regime all his life, begins pontificating: He still pretends he is some wise ‘veteran’ journalist instead of the Umno propagandist-and-hatchetman he has been all along. People’s minds and feelings are for motherfucker Yong to ‘shape’. No wonder the Malaiyoos are still stupid after 60 years of Yong’s mind ‘shaping’.


Yong: You must be sensitive lah in your headlines.

Kosmos Editor: What do you mean sensitive?

Yong: You jangan simply taruk.

Kosmos Editor: We didn’t simply taruk. We deliberately taruk.

Yong: But you jangan macam tu. People don’t like.

Kosmos Editor: What’s there not to like. We’re stating facts.

Yong: That may be true. Facts can be stated in different ways.

Kosmos Editor: That’s also true. The way of our headline was provided by your Bernama.




Malaiyoos With Crutches Can Never Climb Podiums

If Chan Peng Soon and Goh Liu Ying, the Olympic badminton players, were defeated in the quarter-finals, the Utusan and other Malay papers, Berita Harian for example, would have even nastier things to say. At every opportunity, they like nothing better than to spit at Chinese. Umno, helped by Bernama (General Manager Fatass Yong, above), had raised them like that.

Which is all the more contradictory because Malaysia had never before gotten so many medals especially at this stage of the games. For those Malaiyoo papers, therefore, their issue with Peng Soon and Liu Ying couldn’t be the color of the medals. If not that, then what?

The answer comes from another question: If instead one of the players was named, say, Maimunah would the Malaiyoos have insulted her the same way they insulted the Chinese?

Growing up on the only diet of bangsa, agama dan negara under which the Chinese must bow to the Malay and not get rich, Malaiyoos soon learn that outside Malaysia being Melayu means nothing. Nobody, no one person in the rest of the world, give a fuck shit for the Malaiyoo. In Malaysia, it may be big deal but to climb up an Olympic podium being Malay doesn’t help. Instead, everything is, in the end, up to the individual, the person’s own ability and skill.

In Rio, Malay standing isn’t improved by Umno especially, the protector of Malays and dedak feeder, and which, by Mahathir Mohamad’s admission, is the only thing that matters to Malays. Yet in an Olympic stadium, Umno can’t do a thing to lift up a Malaiyoo arse and deposit it onto the podium. There, in Rio, the Malays discover they are not just on their own, they especially need Chinese pendatangs not just to get enough people to fill up a badminton team but even to strut around the tracks in Melayu baju and carry their flag on Opening Day.

Shamed in that way, how do the Malaiyoos respond to their deficiencies, incompetence and inabilities? They blame the Chinese; they blame Peng Soon and Liu Ying for not bringing home the gold. This isn’t new of course. It’s what racists do, and are so good at, always, in Malaysia. (Wait now for Helen Ang to pour out more and then blame the Chinese for the Malay bigotry headlines.)

Malays are poor it is the fault of the Chinese (Ahiruddin Attan). Malays don’t do well in school, it is because there is no single school and there is no single school system because the Chinese school is in the way, blocking their dreams (Firdaus Abdullah). When a band of Sulus invaded Sabah, causing deaths among Malay soldiers, it is the fault of the Chinese since those deaths become necessary to teach the Chinese to show more patriotism who aren’t doing it (Kadir Jasin). All three men were at one time or other, Malay editors. Bizarre as their comments are but blaming the Chinese for every Malay problem is a default state, a national requisite in bangsa, agama dan negara.

Malays in such persons as Ahi, RPK, Firdaus and Kadir are so insecure, so prone to blaming everybody (remember Ahmad Maslan’s CampurTanganAsing?), that one motherfucking Melayu named Rozzeli Pin also found it necessary to lodge a police report because diver Cheong Jun Hoong had gotten some money over an Olympic silver and for “diving from a plank”.

So incredulous is this level of anti-Chinese hatred by the Malaiyoos that when such stories are told outside Malaysia, nobody believes it. Not even the Chinese themselves in Taiwan or China or Hong Kong.

Yet Malaiyoo racism is so extraordinary that, on the flip side, almost nobody inside Umno is willing to believe that a Malay named Najib Razak could steal 4 billion ringgit from Malaiyoo country. Malays don’t do this such things especially to Malays (Pak Pandir); Umno is protector of Malays after all: Bukan orang Melayu pasal, itu orang Cina Jho Low. Now, when the blame runs out, the Malaiyoo say it’s the fault of the Americans.



There, at Annie, her Mat Rempit readers wash their mouths with Helen Ang’s gargle. What a bunch of Malaiyoo motherfuckers.


Annie’s Motherfuckers

Countless Malay politicians, most lately Mukhriz Mahathir, has repeatedly blared out that Malaysians are not stupid. They are of course right: Malaysians are not stupid; it is just the Malaiyoo and the evidential fact of Malay stupidity is found in their unshakeable faith in Umno.

Stupidity migrates; it goes from leader to party to population.

There is a striking characteristic in Annie’s webblog, LifeofaAnnie: her readers had invariably migrated from Helen Ang. Migration goes from one Malaiyoo wannabe to a half-Malaiyoo. Like dogs attracted to a piece of bone, readers in both places are attracted to their racial content, just as pigs like wallowing in their own shit. Predictably, as a result, LifeofaAnnie, begins to read like a version of Helen Ang and their sites turn into a sty for Malaiyoo pigs.

There, at Annie, the same Olympic issue is made identical to Utusan’s anti-Chinese racism. It’s only that Annie’s readers are less capable of camouflaging their bigotry, which they do well instead by beating up Liu Ying or Peng Soon for their inability to speak Malay well. But, how do Annie’s readers know that both of them are Malay incompetent? Answer: because Liu Ying speaks Mandarin. If she speaks English, especially as good as Annie’s pathetic competency, then in the eyes of Annie’s Assholes, Liu Ying would be a perfect Malaysian. Strange, isn’t it; their logic.

In this way, the racism at Annie’s, like at Helen Ang, turns sports from medal colors to racial colors then to language and from there to an issue of nationalism and patriotism. Since Liu Ying speak Chinese, Annie’s fans argued, she can’t be a true Malaysian. Malay competency becomes the arbiter of patriotism, and that was essentially the end point in their arguments. It is the same logic used at various times by Kadir and Firdaus and one botak motherfucker named Sheridan Mahavera.  (Again, they would make an exception of English.)

In answering ‘So what?‘, Annie’s flimsy, half-baked defense of the badminton pair does nothing to stem the anti-Chinese vitriol. And why not? It is for the same reason that Annie’s defense is half-hearted: Chinese must be sensitive to Malays, and never the other way round, and Malaiyoo bigotry had never rested on rationality to begin with — language and nationality, they say (and hang on to your seat), are the same thing!

They have only in mind to spit at the Chinese the way Tinju Ali does his spitting. It is what bigoted racists do, after all, so that, like editors at Utusan and Berita Harian, they will even find in sports a great opportunity to put Peng Soon and Liu Ying out to dry because the Cina pendatang are taking away Olympic glory that Malays themselves aren’t competent enough for. Again, the bangsa, agama claptrap has no use outside Malaysia.

Like the arguments against hanyu that was presented at a recent film festival, Malay ketuanan fascism has no room for the Chinese language. It is therefore never considered a facet of Malaysian life. It has no rights; officialdom pretends it doesn’t exist, and if it exists in towns and homes it is of an inferior status to Malay. (Again, English is the exception.)

Would Annie’s Assholes be interested to know that the Chinese language is sought after by more than 50,000 Malay families — and growing by the month? No. Would they be interested to hear that the Chinese language, Chinese schools by extension, is the only thing preventing education standards in Malaysia from hitting the bottom? No, they aren’t interested. Would they be interested to know that hanyu is also a Malaysian language, accepted by the Constitution and it is the right of the Chinese? No, they aren’t interested.

They want only to spit at Chinese, just like it is at Helen Ang.

If page-views in Annie’s Life is any guide, it shows that Malaysia is full of anti-Chinese racist Malaiyoos. Their racism is very telling: a person speaking the foreign language English is never considered an unpatriotic Malaysian but their Malaysian neighbors who use Chinese is. Thus, like it is at Helen’s, Annie’s Life becomes a venting ground for bigotry by people who invariably grew up in national, Malay (previously, English) schools fashioned by Umno thereby becoming exactly like that Nawawi fella, like Tinju Ali and Jamal Yunos, and nearly every Umno minister without exception.

There is a solution to this Malaiyoo grunting and bitching and it is a simple one: anyone who fails a Malay language test can’t represent Malaysia in the Olympics. This is the bangsa, agama dan negara test all over again — even in sports, Malaiyoo style.

Because of the test, more Chinese will therefore attempt to better their Malay language? No. Do we, the Chinese, care? No. Will the Chinese be worse off? No. Will we throw a tantrum? No.

At Annie and at Helen Ang, as in numerous other forums, Annie’s Motherfuckers share the conceit and presumption that Malaysia is some big deal country the Chinese can’t do without. Well, here’s news for them:

We, the Chinese, don’t give a pig shit for Malaysia and especially not for Malaiyoos, neither their language nor their mothers. You can go and fuck your own mother Malaiyoo, and we still don’t give a fucking damn. Is this statement clear enough, Annie’s Assholes?

What a bunch of losers who can’t even find a single competent Malaiyoo out of 16 million to play badminton much less able to climb onto an Olympic podium. These Malaiyoos got what’s coming; it’s what they have been pining after for decades and decades and are deserving of it, especially these: Najib Razak and Umno. And the better part of it? Malaiyoos tearing away at each others throats. Lovely. So much patriotism on display, speaking in such wonderful Malaiyoo tongues. Dedak Malaiyoo! Daulat Malaiyoo! Patriotic your mother’s ass.


One man, who happens to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia, going by the name Najib bin Razak, sits in the middle of a maelstrom that for six years had, in a scale of 50-to-60 billion ringgit, seen fraud, theft, embezzlement, money laundering, debt disappeared, unrivalled hedonism, death and murder (in that order) can still pretend that nothing has happened — absolutely nothing — just like his online carriers that, not coincidentally, share the same abject names like Dog, Rock, SeaDemon, Brick, all of who, on any ordinary day, wouldn’t be worth a fuck, 屌不过 diao buguo, as we, the Chinese say, and yet they all claim to sit next to Allah — some God, indeed — singing the same tired tunes and making threats like some motherfucking PAS mullahs and Umno ustaz, Umno-Daeesh thugs, Umno police and Umno paid-ministers, they surrounded the outside by hordes of Chinese, yellow shirts, foreigners, westerners, Jews, conspirators and plotters threatening and provoking them their sinless, so-motherfucking-pure Islamic world that never tires with pretenses, their good cop-bad cop routine, smart guy-dumb guy,…

(good cop Najib: don’t call Indians pendatang and keling; only whisper it.)

(good cop, tough cop)

(bad, tough cop)


(smart guy, dumb ones below)

that can turn food either godly or ungodly,…

while they, their wives and mistresses cover in filthy extravagance, waiting for an admiring glance or a flattering word,…

(That watch, according to someone, is worth RM618,000, in case, dear reader, you are interested.)

fuck the Cinagui, they would whisper among themselves,…

after which they wouldn’t mind taking the Melayu for a ride, no GST (‘some more’, as they say),…


exactly the way Najib would do it using 1MDB, coupled with his fat bomoh and friends, below.


All not worth a fuck — and that goes for you especially, Annie, the ‘Lady of the Valley’ (sic), who disingenuously feigns her indifference to utter immorality and her pretense to grand larceny by calling her hypocrisy ‘neutrality’ — but which makes Mahathir Mohamad right for once, below.


Above, cited in Syed Akbar Ali. Below, the genuine Nusantara Melayu (pictures from wowshack) that Anwar Ibrahim and Kadir Jasin and Syed Akbar (and Mahathir) had help corrupt, destroy then advanced to pave the way for the emergence of the world’s greatest, holiest, desert motherfucker named Najib bin Razak.


Sulawesi dancers, above and below, Bali seamstress, circa 1930.



Dayak woman, above and below, Yogya mother and daughter.



Papuan women, above and below, Minangkabau wedding dress.


Javanese, above and below, circa 1920.


Now, take those above and compare them to the Malays in the year 2016 (clip below), their descendants having immigrated to Malaysia, and Kadir, who has argued that Malays ought to be Muslim first and Melayu second so that his kind has progressed! No shit, Kadir  — this pathetic Malaiyoo boy.

So glad we ain’t in that shit hole named Malaishit; we have bigger dreams and smaller ambitions.




Felicitations from Malaysia: 恭喜 恭喜 Congratulations!


Hong Kong’s unicameral mini-parliament the Legislative Council (LegCo) is composed of 70 seats, half delineated by geography (hence Geographical Constituencies, GC) and the other half by economic and social function (Functional Constituencies, FC).

This month’s election is the sixth since Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997. For a population of seven million, and 3.37 million registered voters, Hong Kong people are spoiled for choices, about 2 dozen political parties. Only vaguely is the division of these parties on a left-right spectrum. Instead, and much like in Taiwan, the parties are grouped into two rival camps: those wanting closer ties with Beijing (the pro-Beijing) and those wanting greater autonomy (the pan-Democrats).

Pro-Beijing have always been, even today, strongest in functional constituencies and have half the seats by geography. In combination, therefore, they have the equivalent of a two-thirds majority to change the HK constitution known as the Basic Law though this hasn’t happened so far.

In this election, the outcome proved to be different. Pan-Democrats won three extra GC seats in the election that ended yesterday, giving them 19 out of 35. Added to the eight retained at FC, their combined total of 27 is more than the 24 seats (of 70 overall) needed to deny pro-Beijing a two-thirds majority. This margin is necessary because the pan-Democrats are so splintered.

There were other new things in this election. At 58 percent or about 2.2 million votes, voter turnout is the highest of the last three elections. Numerous first time candidates, nearly all young, under age 30, are fiercely for autonomy and six of them have won seats by huge margins, as much as 70,000 votes. Among them are:

  • Nathan Law 羅冠聰, age 23, from a new party named, in English, Demosisto. He is now the youngest legislator.


  • Leung Chung-hang 梁頌恆, 30, like Law, also ex-Umbrella Movement, party Youngspiration.


  • Yau Wai-ching 游蕙禎, 25, graduate in Chinese language, also Youngspiration. She won on a 424-vote margin.


Campaigning below for Wai-ching: Notice that, unlike ceramahs in Malaysia, candidates like Yau speak alone at a street corner, sometimes facing no one — not one human being. It is a lonely job, but this campaign method is cheap: a bullhorn and posters, maybe fliers, and that’s all. No free curry puffs, no chairs, no stage, nothing else.


  • Other pan Democrats: the seasoned politicians.


Below, the pro-Beijing camp.



Najib and his Imam of Mecca



In Salafist/Wahhabist Saudi Arabia, they first introduced Shia Muslims into the To-Kill List then added Jews and Christians. Who’s to do the killing on Saudi behalf? The ISIS (Daesh) and, before them, al-Qaeda. That’s half the world to kill. What about the other half?

In Malaysia, the Wahhabists at Najib Razak’s office and the motherfucker mufti of Pahang added the Chinese — the kafir harbi — to the To-Kill List and, to prove their point, had earlier brought out Ismail Sabri, Harussani Zakaria, Jamal Yunos, Tinju Ali and the Red Shirts. Then China’s Ambassador to Malaysia stepped in, telling Najib on clear terms: “We [China] will not sit by idly.

Najib’s balls froze, and they hadn’t recovered since.


In the commentator’s clip above is the opening segment showing the Wahhabi imam of the Mecca Grand Mosque praying. What does he pray for? The clip has English subtitles.

Imagine, thus, what Jakim officials and those muftis pray for on Fridays? Promising the Califake? And they’d expect us, the Chinese, to believe that hudud has nothing to do with ‘non-Muslims’. Even Malays like Siti Kassim (below) don’t trust them. Why should the Chinese?

Hudud is Chinese business and, we, the Chinese are going to make it our business to interfere. So what, Jamil Khir? Go fuck your mother, Jamil.

The Chinese stand with true Malays, not the Califake.


From https://i0.wp.com/media.themalaymailonline.com/uploads/authors/mmocol-zurairiar-200x200.png

Umno Made the Chinese Rich

…and the Malaiyoos poor

Now, one graph flips everything around!


Statistics & Rahman Dahlan Myth-Making

One bar — Perak — in the graph above, produced by Khazanah and drawn from the statistics by the Department of Statistics (DoS), so shocked and surprised Rahman Dahlan, a Najib Razak minister in charge of the Economics Planning Unit, that he promptly called into question the chart’s veracity. Consequently, he has threatened to summon Khazanah and the Perak government to sit before him to explain.

Why pick on Perak? Why is Rahman refuting Khazanah on statistics supplied by the DoS after all, then adding that the graph was both ‘unreasonable’ and ‘illogical’?

The answer has to come from Umno and from Rahman himself, he being a Sabah Malaiyoo.

For 40, 50, 60 years, it has been the Umno political trope and bell-ringer that Umno made Malaysia, Malays in particular. Concomitantly, if the Chinese got rich, and they made the Forbes’ Top 20 Richest Malaysian every year, then their wealth came from and was permitted by Umno. (One reads this reproduced endlessly in Kadir Jasin, Apanama, Petra Kamarudin, Ahirudin Attan, Helen Ang, other Najib sycophants, and countless others.)

That sort of myth-making has a throwback, a boomerang effect: If the Umno made Chinese rich, so they must have made the Malay poor. The like of Ahi and Helen Ang can’t see the argument’s flip side of course. (They are just reporters.) Nor will RPK’s still-growing up daughter Sara Petra see it as an Umno betrayal of the Malays. In the Petra household, stupidity is inherited.

Not Rahman, it seems.

Each year, as the statistical results roll in, Umno, willingly and happily, will let everyone see Kelantan, Perlis, Kedah, Pahang bunched together among the poorest lot. Suddenly and out of the blue comes Perak, almost half Chinese, and it gets next to Kelantan among the poorest — shockingly, 15 percentage points above the national mean (‘average’ is the street word).

Pause a moment here and imagine the implications, especially in this respect: According to Umno et al, the Chinese are always rich, they are a money-grubbing lot, stealing from the Malays.

The graph related to Perak flies in the face of this Umno myth-making. What could be Rahman’s response, therefore? That stupid motherfucker Malaiyoo has taken in as the truth and so deeply internalized the Umno myth that anything else, even if statistically accurate, is either ‘illogical’ and ‘unreasonable’.

Question: What is illogical about Perak? What is it to be unreasonable? To Rahman, and to almost all Malaiyoo bloggers, being reasonable and being logical have their own definitions. Truth, including any objective fact, is only for them to define, even if it is a tree or a stone.

Perak’s statistical presence next to Kelantan simply doesn’t fit their definition. It is like a square peg in the round shit hole of Umno’s myth that all Chinese are rich. In another phrasing, Rahman’s remark was being political, not statistical. Therefore, he doesn’t find it odd that Perlis is up there among the poorest so he blames instead not the statistical veracity but calls in Khazanah and the Perak government: What are you fuckers doing? You are suppose to make Malays look poor. Not the Chinese!

If Rahman were to blame the DoS, then it calls into question not just the entire graph, but every piece of statistics coming from the department. This might just mean that Malays are now, on average, actually richer than the Chinese. Imagine, again, what this does to Umno’s raison d’etre. (Rahman, of course, is just another of those third-rate minds who filled Umno and national leadership and almost all were schooled by Mara, by Umno, by New Straits Times, by Utusan especially during Mahathir’s era so that is it any wonder none of them regard 1MDB as theft but rather as ‘political funding’.)

Next thing to tackle: Is the household as a means of charting poverty or wealth flawed at all? Short answer: it is. Absolutely. Textbook macroeconomics never, never, never, never, never uses households to determine or to fix relative incomes. Why?

We won’t supply the answer. But here’s a hint: on your next trip to Kelantan or Kedah, look into and at the characteristics of a typical Malay household then compare that to any Chinese household whether in Perak or Bangsar. More hints: compare household — and family — sizes, number of children in each, and number of income-earning adults (has to be income-earning and not a 22-year-old Sara Petra loafer or a Riza Aziz Mat Rempit thief)? And also, what makes for a family and what makes a household? Is there a difference between a Malay household and a Chinese household? How many families live in a Chinese household versus a Malay?

After which, answer the question: what do those characteristics mean to and how do they translate into income? How is income per household affected by household demographics and by family demographics? (Malaiyoo bloggers, don’t bother with this test. Thinking, even at the most elementary, is too hard for you. Go eat your KFC chicken; it’s all prepared and ready.)

Those answers lead to another question: if household is a fraudulent measure of relative incomes, why do the DoS and the Government keep using it and the newspapers and Umno and Khazanah keep regurgitating it? If, at this stage, you must ask that then… this entire post has been a waste of time. Our time.


Update. For the record…

Thank you, Old Horse


What to do with Umno-1MDB

I am afraid of no one, I only fear Allah. …I started in Pekan and my political career will end in Pekan. — Najib Razak in Umno Pekan, 2016, Sep 3



The higher we soar the smaller we appear to those who cannot fly. — Thus Spoke Zarathustra

The feelings of devotion, self-sacrifice for one’s neighbor, the whole morality of self-denial must be questioned mercilessly and taken to court…. There is too much charm and sugar in these feelings of ‘for others,’ ‘not for myself,’ for us not to need to become doubly suspicious at this point and to ask: ‘are these not perhaps seductions? — Friedrich Nietzsche


A Place for Umno’s 36 1MDB Skulls

At Sarawak Report, Clare Brown has solved (here) one of the greatest Malaysian political puzzles of our time: What to do with the skulls of Umno after they are are dead?

Answer: Hang them on the porch of a longhouse named 1MDB. It will be Najib along with everyone else in the 36-member Umno fascist supreme council. In separate rooms will be Najib’s macai-macai, the running dogs, launderers, prepaid bloggers, 1MDB police, investigators and lawyers, 1MDB directors (you, too, Arul!), the Arabian Mohamad brothers, the towel heads of Umno and PAS, Jakim officers, and those local and foreign bankers, from AmBank and Goldman Sachs in particular.

If Adenan refuses to cooperate, we’ll build the longhouse in Putrajaya, facing the Prime Minister’s office. In time, Longhouse 1MDB shall be renamed Longhouse Umno-1MDB and turned into a museum to remind this country: What we do with the scourge of Malaysia.

Below is a suggested picture design of Longhouse Umno-1MDB. The flag is mandatory, by order of the Putrajaya/Bersatu municipal council.


Along the porch; modern version


Or, would you prefer this design…


Or this.


Suggested contraptions to hold the skulls




The curator of this Umno skull museum shall be someone ‘neutral’, neither pro-Tun nor pro-Najib — that is, someone who has trouble distinguishing between what’s criminal and what’s legal, what’s right and wrong; someone who can’t tell the difference between theft and legitimate, self-earned; someone stupid and naive, someone like …. A?

And there’s Helen Ang. So keen is she to preserve Umno’s Heads, Helen can be the deputy curator, seated 12 hours daily at the entrance, collecting door fees, checking tickets. Old Petra Kamarudin, since he owns a dagger he took to ceramahs, is hereby named the museum sentry-guard; it’s all he can do today, that fart of an illiterate, over-rated half-Malaiyoo: ‘You look up when you wish to be exalted. And I look down because I am exalted.‘ (Nietzsche)

Of course, all are welcomed to tour the museum and see the Umno porch-skulls. Prizes for identifying who’s who: Minimum three correct answers out of 36 gets a Proton Wira with any of the number plates, 36MO1 through to 36MO36, all signed in person by Mahathir Mohamad.



Other people are dead.

It isn’t because of 1MDB, which brings its own reasons, already well documented, for destroying Umno.

No; it is this instead: Umno’s Malaiyoo politics constructs and maintains not just a nest of thieves (in the pretense of some half-baked woman Malaiyoo, the nest is called ‘KFC-dinner-with-Umno-bigshot’), and they, like Najib, steal with impunity, but because the party turns other people non-existent. When, in Malaiyoo politics, no other peoples exist (the pendatangs) then Umno denounces an entire humanity and refutes an entire country and all that constitutes and makes for its distinctiveness.

Merdeka? It’s just another Umno event. Not true? But, who do you see most on Facebook or are most talked about?

Today, September 3, 2016, Sybil Kathigasu was born 117 years ago (Google below). She might as well not exist since in Umno and its school history books she is neither Malaiyoo nor Muslim. Who has read of her?




Merdeka? Kiss My Umno Ass

A year ago when Mahathir Mohamad began campaigning against Najib Razak, his presumption then, he said in Kelantan recently, was that Umno could be salvaged after its Head was cut off from its body — it’s the Malaysian Anglophile Theory of the Rotten Fish Head. Now, he has entirely given up on both party and Fish Head on grounds that were not only flippant but even he seemed unconvinced. In its place, Mahathir hoped, would be a new, stronger and better Malay party.

But, if the Malays aren’t already in Umno, they are in PAS or Amanah or PKR: Malay penchant for politics is extraordinary for the material and financial benefits to be derived thereof — it’s the Malay Struggle, you see. That being so, how, if not Umno, does Mahathir propose to fill his party. And if Umno then Mahathir appears to have forgotten his presumption that all of Umno is corrupted. This has to mean its rural rank and file as well, the people who gave cause to the party’s ideal — the Malay Struggle — and who are the same ones hoisting up the like of Najib, Ismail Sabri, Salleh Keruak and so on.

Yet, to Mahathir, Umno is no longer its former glorious self. Instead, it gets more absurd by the day.

What was the Umno ideal before Najib? Isn’t today’s Umno the party Mahathir had pined after all along: powerful, domineering, fascistic, lording over half the population all because he invented the notion that Malays own Malaysia, Umno by extension because it made the country. Under Umno a Malay can do anything, even theft and murder, and stealing mobile phones from Low Yat and money from the government. The poorer the Malay, the more entitlement there is, and this include entitlement to impunity from prosecution. And that, fundamentally, is what Umno is about. Isn’t it, Old Horse?

Now that Umno has everything, apa lagi Mahathir mahu? Reform? Clean government? But all that has nothing to do with the original Malay Struggle!

In Outsyed the Box, Part 2 How Singapore Handles Extremists: Ismail Menke, Zakir Naik, Imran Hossein Banned From Singapore, Syed Akbar Ali writes:

Not only was Zakir Naik the pro salafi psycho “given” three islands in Terengganu but he was also awarded the Ma’al Hijrah Award before. Why so? The reason is very simple : the locals are bodoh. Incredibly stupid.

This sort of one-liner trope, characteristic of Akbar Ali, is also characteristic of Umno justification for its fascism and tyranny; they simply make things up, all in a whim:

Exhibit A:

This is our struggle, we should press on without stopping. When do we stop? When the New Econnomic Policy (NEP) achieves 30 percent (equity for Malays). — Razlan Rafii

Exhibit B:

This is our country, if we want to talk about the struggle for Malays, then the special privileges should not be questioned and it should be granted to Malays indefinitely. — Razlan Rafii

Exhibit C:

In Malaysia, everybody knows that Malays are the masters of this land. We rule this country as provided for in the Federal Constitution. Anyone who touches upon Malay affairs or criticises Malays is [offending] our sensitivities. — Azimi Daim, former Umno Youth information chief

All of the above so dominated Malaysian political discourse for 50 years you’d heard them spoken of or written about — the exact, same words — verbatim by Mahathir, Kadir Jasin and others when, in their hey-days, they used to talk about how glorious was Umno. Today, they whistle another tune but, are the notes the same?

Is Razlan right: This is a Malay-only country, therefore Malaysia is a Malay struggle?

Is Syed Akbar right: Malays are stupid and therefore gave away three islands to an Indian ISIS preacher?

If Malays, as Akbar Ali says, are stupid, then there is something wrong with Razlan. To Akbar, Razlan is wrong only because he is stupid and nothing else. That is, being stupid changes nothing in the standpoint that Umno, being Malay, owns Malaysia and therefore it is entitled to do anything.

Which returns us to Mahathir: what is it that Najib has done today Umno wouldn’t do, now or before? Four billion ringgit? That’s not a Malay right? Najib’s justification for embezzlement had been provided by Mahathir before even 1MDB was created: Umno is Malay Ketuanan in highest form so that anything for Umno’s cause, whether it is to defeat anti-Muslim conspirators and Jews and Chinese, it is moral.

In circles, we return to the point in that argument above: Mahathir made the Umno that it is today but blames Najib. The Umno that he sees — Najib being its personification — is what he had laid out and had hoped for. Don’t like what you see, Old Horse? Umno has too much power? But isn’t this is what you have pined after for 30, 50 years?

But, here’s the root of the root, the bud of bud: The like of Mahathir, of Syed Akbar and Razlan aren’t wrong because they are all stupid. They are stupid because it pays to be wrong on Umno’s side: at the minimum, you’d get a Petronas job if you don’t get a free KFC dinner with some Umno bigshot.

  • Zakir Naik was given three islands because he has a Muslim Malay name; Ridhuan Tee, who’s no different from Zakir, gets only a professorship. Malaysia being Malay land, the Malays can give to whoever it wants. It pays to be Malay. What the fuck is it to you, Akbar? Don’t like to who Malays give land? Or, what Malays give? It is their country isn’t it? You go back to India.
  • Harussani Zakaria is allowed to say, kill the kafir harbi because, in those words, he goes after the same Red Shirt target, Chinese, that Umno struggles against.
  • Azimi doesn’t have to get confirmation from the Constitution — because it isn’t there, anywhere — that only Malays can rule Malaysia because it pays to be Malay; Umno has the whole country to give away. What’s four billion? Or sixty?

Najib can steal with impunity because he is Malay, Umno to boot. No one within Barisan dare to question him. Isn’t this what Mahathir wants all along for Umno, for a Malay to be unquestioned in his stupidity? And isn’t Najib a Malay?

To repeat: What is it that Najib has done that Umno — in the name of Malays — hadn’t done especially in Mahathir’s days? Remember May 13? Malaysia is a Malay struggle that entails Malays to even kill Chinese. This is, ultimately, the basis of Umno’s existence. You made Umno, helped by all your fucked-up media sycophants, Kadir et al. And now you want to kill it and replace it with what?

Get this right, Old Horse: Najib can only have as much power as Umno give him and Umno has too much power because Malays, starting with you, claim they are entitled to it.

Here is Kadir, taking a swipe at Najib:

JANGAN engkau bakar rumahmu

Kerana di dalamnya

Ada pijat, nyamuk dan kutu

Again, you got it wrong, stupid boy. It should be:

JANGAN engkau bakar rumahmu

Kerana di dalamnya

Ada Malaiyoo, Malaiyoo, Malaiyoo


‘Evidences’ on a Malay Unworthy of Respect



How to disrespect a Malaiyoo

Dyana Sofya Daud’s reply to Razlan Rafii just won’t do; it’s so limpid. What she has actually said is nothing more than some supercilious little diatribe. It goes only to show her apologetic servility. So stop it, stop trying to placate and stop trying to tell us why Razlan Rafii is wrong. Because, in doing so, you are merely telling him how a Malay like Razlan has been accorded respect.

But, does he deserve it?

All that Razlan has merely asserted is how — instead of saying, why — the DAP, Chinese by extension, had been been disrespectful of Malays, a Malay like him in particular. But, is this what he really wants: Proof of respect? Go back now to his list of evidences, Dyana. Isn’t it true that the underlying core of that little boy’s trite isn’t about asking for respect. No; it is this instead: Why a Malay like Razlan or, by the same token, any Umno Malaiyoo, should be deserving of respect?

To which the answer is easy and requires only a matter-of-fact statement: no motherfucking Malaiyoo such as Razlan can possibly deserve courtesy, not even an iota of it. His existence, his words, and his speeches are sufficient proof as to why not. Just like Najib is undeserving, and like Ismail Sabri and Jamal Yunos and so on, a Malaiyoo like Razlan is undeserving because he is, after all, nothing more than motherfucking Razlan. He deserves only pig-shit in his face.


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War Drags You Out: World Leaders Get Transformed in to Drag Queens

War Drags You Out: World Leaders Get Transformed in to Drag Queens

War Drags You Out: World Leaders Get Transformed in to Drag Queens

War Drags You Out: World Leaders Get Transformed in to Drag Queens

War Drags You Out: World Leaders Get Transformed in to Drag Queens

War Drags You Out: World Leaders Get Transformed in to Drag Queens