For the answer consider the US support of Israel, Christianity in politics & British settler colonialism. From Noam Chomsky:


In Malaysia, the Christian Zionism of its politics (referred to by Chomsky, above) is being played out:

  • by Rais Hussin, Saifuddin Abdullah, Wan Saiful (of the so-called Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs) et al, with their international politics, all of who openly declare Anglo-America political culture as the beacon, hope, savior (recall, ‘Save Malaysia’) of humankind and civilizations;
  • by Lim Guan Eng, racially and politically, seeding the idea that Malaysia is a settler colony, inferring natives don’t matter (whether Malay or Orang Asli), hence his ‘I’m not Chinese‘ declaration;
  • by the entire senior echelon of the DAP, partially in PKR, with their Christianity, and by Amanah (but never PKR nor Bersatu) which is always used to apologize for Harapan’s Christian political evangelism; in usefulness, as Israel is to the US, Amanah is to the DAP/PKR/Harapan;
  • by the entire senior echelon in PKR, ideologically, and their promotion of the Anglophone fascist form of neo-liberalism, centered on a political party organisation in Europe known as Liberal International (Taiwan’s Christian DPP is a member and so, too, the banned Christian political party demanding HK independence); and,
  • by Malaysiakini and Steven Gan, with the use of propaganda, while extolling the US — and George Soros — model of external, aggressive form of foreign intervention, militarily (Saifuddin), politically (Saifuddin) and with religious, moral culture (Rais, Wan Saiful); resulting, hence, in the undeclared war on Singapore and acting as Harapan mouthpiece even for the most LKS frivolous or contradictory and absurd remarks, treating true or false, real or fake as irrelevant to ‘news and views that matter’.


In clip above note the extensive mention of Indonesia. Clip was made five years ago before Barack Obama left office.

But Obama militarily intervened and invaded numerous countries and by the time he left, along with Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, he had presided over seven wars in seven countries, Syria among the last. Millions are dead in the hands of Obama and Clinton. Yet, all that the Europeans could say after offering him the Nobel Peace Prize is, it is a ‘mistake‘. They didn’t take it back.

By any legal standard in the world — any — Obama and Clinton could be tried for war crimes.

Today instead Obama is fawned over in Malaysia (along with Clinton, ‘world class‘, they say; see Kit Siang and Eli Wong in The Star) and looked upon and promoted at every opportunity by Pakatan Harapan politicians as a model for local, so-called ‘color-blind’ politicians, a black pendatang made good and as the finest product of a great, upright American political culture to emulate at home.



Clip below from Slavoj Zizek will remind of Steven Gan, Christians and DAP, PKR Anglophiles in Malaysia. But more important than the sickness these people exhibit on a daily basis (you have only to open to Malaysiakini to verify that), Zizek suggests the following:

  • (a) Why DAP, PKR politicians, Lim Kit Siang in particular, are endlessly blaming Najib Razak and Umno even for Cameron Highland roads. Lim and others don’t want the problems of Malaysia solved because then they would have (i) no politics left, (ii) no identity, and (iii) nothing left to fight for. Lim would be a nobody. (See clip from 10:50) So that, even in government and in power today, Lim is still playing victim, complaining day and night. As victim, he is beyond reproach. Likewise his son, Tony Pua, Mahathir Mohamad, Rais Hussin and on and on.
  • (b) Why Christians and Anglophiles are the ones ceaseless bellyaching from imitating a western model of social relationship, a western political order they have imported in conducting relations among themselves and with the rest of Malaysia, who can’t make sense of their stupidities — i.e. their victimhood — all so contrary to being Chinese or Malay or Indian. Lim et al find a perverse satisfaction in the act of complaining so that resolving the problems they complain about is the opposite of their political purpose, agenda and personal identity.

Can you, therefore, see why nothing gets done by a Harapan government? They don’t know how and don’t want solutions. Instead, lying and breaking promises become in themselves a framework from which they push out and spread a western fascist-liberal political ideology.


Hell is other people. — Jean Paul Sartre

One of the ways to acquire power in social relations is to present yourself as a victim. If you are a victim you are beyond reproach. — Slavoj Zizek


The Sick, Narcissist Anglophile, Western Man

The Collapse of the Western Order

What the #MeToo movement in the West tells about Pakatan Harapan politics. Before that the background, after which from 10:55 especially:

The whole identity of (political correctness) is based on proclaiming themselves as victims and blaming others. Take the (aggression) away, or if the problem disappears, they would have to change radically. (But) they would be nobody. … Those who complain find a perverse satisfaction in the act of complaining.


To see how Harapan is taking Malaysia into the Zionist-Anglosphere

…consider the US support of Israel, Christianity in politics & British settler colonialism. For details, see this. From Noam Chomsky:


Journalism, Mass Media Redefined


Umno/BN politicians have been forced to account, to take responsibility, for the failings in Malaysia. When will journalists be next?

It is to account for the lying and peddling lies, for misleading reports, for spreading foreign ideological propaganda, for inviting interference from abroad, for contributing to undermine local economic welfare, undermining millions of lives, for dumping down an entire population, for brainwashing, for ….

Put your mind to it and the list of charges could go on and on and on. If politicians are held to account, so must journalists because of the immensity of their roles in afflicting the human mind and in stringing up their own agenda, often inspired by the like of George Soros and of Anglo-American political ideology.

Malaysia must revolt against that pre-defined idea — as defined by Steven Gan et al and as defined by political ideology and by foreigners — as to what sort of journalism and Press is actually true and free.

When will we hold Steven Gan et al to account? When will we put him on the stand to face the nation for subversion?


The two clips below offer an alternative view of what is freedom of the Press, or true journalism. In effect, a view from an independent mind, one that’s not chained to the West nor other people, neither Anglophile nor tied up to any politics nor ideology that Steven Gan claims for the Press.

Independence of thought is something intrinsically your own. If it is not your own, it is not free.


The Press in China is a million times freer than Malaysiakini and more independent than Steven Gan, a man so brainwashed he suffers from Stockholm syndrome — soaking up and taking on all the typical characteristics of people, Anglo-Saxons in particular, who have underhandedly oppressed the country from top-down.

Journalists in China know they are free in their hearts and minds; they have internalized a philosophical view of what makes for truth and freedom.


Additional video clips.

The piece of poetry referred to by the journalist above (time marker 3:20) is as follows, a Song-era poem from a thousand years ago:



[My translation]

I live in Changjiang* head.
You my Lord live in Changjiang tail.
Days pass, never seeing, missing you,
Though we both drink from Changjiang water.

When shall this flow cease,
When shall this hate end,
So our hearts may melt into one,
Never again this yearning to last.


*Changjiang is the Yangtze River. The poem put into song today, below.


In Malaysia….

The Christian, Anglo-America Ideological, Media, Political Nexus

Steven Gan will not report this, below: the nexus between DAP, PKR, the US Christianization agenda and a fascist liberal ideology.

These Pakatan politicians, helped by Malaysiakini, are forever pushing the envelope, never mind the social, political and national consequences. Malaysia could blow up in flames from their provocations, but they have Steven Gan to cover up, to point elsewhere for the fires they lit, and to mitigate the fallout.

To this nexus, their underhand, inflammatory ways are considered necessary:

  • (a) because the (foreign-sourced) political ideology must be served,
  • (b) because it rewards their political base, and
  • (c) because they actually believe they are righteous — they have authority from their God who rules the world, a God more important than the responsibility entrusted on them by a nation that brought them to power.

Hence, Malaysia’s politics get characters like,

  • Annie Choo (above) bringing in US evangelists into Malaysia to make money while DAP is still around;
  • PKR’s Lee Khai Loon peddling political influence among Christians in Hong Kong that have nothing to do with his ADUN responsibilities at home;
  • DAP’s Chow Kon Yeow covering up for the Christianization with some frivolous excuse about “light testing” and that the lights so happened to look like a “cross” (sic, words within inverted commas by Steven Gan); and,
  • PKR’s Gooi Hsiao Leung turning around to blame Umno’s Reezal Merican instead of Choo for the Christian agenda, with Gooi accusing Reezal of “politicising the lights of a building”.
  • All the while, they have Steven Gan to spearhead their disinformation and cover up the agenda which is today in plain sight even if you are not looking out into the night sky of Penang. It blinks at you from miles away.

From Opposition to government, the DAP/PKR charade never, never, never ceases because Steven Gan is available to them.

Nasrudin Hassan of PAS was, of course, right about the nexus. But wait for Steven Gan to offer Malaysiakini to the DAP and PKR as a platform for the attack on Nasrudin rather than to verify a straight question: Is it true or false? In this era that shouldn’t be difficult. (Above, the Nehemiah Project in Penang, four years in the making!)

Such insensitivity and provocations have real world consequences — people will be killed — not immediately perhaps. But one day… exactly the same way Malaysia reaps Mahathir Mohamad’s irresponsibility in overseeing Malaysia’s slide economically and in religious terms by bringing Anwar Ibrahim and ABIM into the government. Indira Gandhi losing her children to a husband turned Muslim is no accident of history, nor the death of Teoh Beng Hock.

Who will be held to account, especially for the spread of this Pakatan poison? Steven Gan?


Robert Lloyd Schellenberg’s retrial took place on Monday after his previous 15-year prison sentence was deemed too lenient. Photo: AFP

Here’s what Steven Gan won’t tell you about Robert Lloyd Schellenberg (above):

2003: Schellenberg received a six-month sentence in Canada for possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking.

2012: In Chilliwack court, British Columbia (BC), sentenced to two years, reduced to 16 months, for possession for the purpose of trafficking cocaine and heroin and possession of cannabis resin and methamphetamine. Police seized C$6,080 (about 10,000 ringgit) worth of cocaine and heroin as well as cash C$3,205 (MYR5,000), verified as proceeds from earlier sales.

In court, the BC Judge Neill Brown said Schellenberg wasn’t someone “low rung”, partly from the evidence that his Abbotsford apartment was used as a “distribution centre” for large volumes. Brown added: “He has had his chances in the past. He is either going to cure himself of his addiction and reform himself and turn off the path that he has been on or he is not.”

2013: Released from jail.

2014: Turned up in Hong Kong then Guangdong.

2015: In Guangdong organized and delivered 222 kilograms of methamphetamine for shipment to Dalian, Liaoning province. Arrested in Dalian with the stash as it was being prepared for partial reshipment to Australia.

Above, Schellenberg in 2003 before he was arrested for drug trafficking and given six months. Today he is age 36.


The point in those evidences above?

1. Canada’s rule of law failure:

  • (a) Failing to deal with Schellenberg’s life, his criminality and his notoriety.
  • (b) After which, Canada exported — literally — a known, criminally-inclined and habitual drug trafficker to China, the same country where the Canadian previous Queen’s government in the UK had demanded, at the point of the gun, for direct market access to opium sales. Anglos succeeded, for course, for more than a 100 years, leading to further wars from 1820 and 1906 and deaths of more than 2 million Chinese.

2. Canada’s criminal complicity:

  • (a) Foreigners entering China must declare for extended-stay visa applications that they have no previous criminal records, inside or outside China.
  • (b) Canada withheld crucial information concerning Schellenberg’s history of drug trafficking during his trial at the Dalian Intermediate Court. That decision led to a 15-year-long sentence, which was clearly erroneous because any other person, with his criminal record in particular, would have gotten death that the High Court has now rectified, correctly. (Drug trafficking sentences have two options on account of crime severity: minimum 15 years or death.)

3. Canada’s hypocritical morality:

  • (a) China could have let sentence remain but that would show to Chinese we are the hypocrites: White people are let off easy because they are white. But since “rule of law” is so important to Canada, then rule of law it shall be. (We China prefer rule of humane-ness, law being subsidiary and merely an instrument to judge the value of a life.)
  • (b) Justin Trudeau making political capital out of Schellenberg, exactly the way Malaysiakini‘s Steven Gan omitted such crucial information. By painting us Chinese as inhuman, it makes Canada (and Steven Gan) looks morally upright: law in China is “arbitrary” (Trudeau) whereas only Anglo-Saxons are fair, just and righteous.
  • (c) Here is another reason for Trudeau spitting in the wind: He wants the world, Canadians in particular, to believe that he did no wrong in abducting Meng Wanzhou and that his decision didn’t lead to Schellenberg’s death sentence. No, it didn’t. It is rule by law by Trudeau that led to Schellenberg’s death. Besides it was Schellenberg who asked for a lower sentencing on two grounds (i) the presumption that being white and Canada, he would be let off even easier, and (ii) arguing that he was framed, but without admitting his criminal record. (China had to find that out the hard way.)


Typical headlines around the Anglophone world, spread by UK, US, Australian ‘independent journalists’:

  • Trudeau accuses China of ‘arbitrarily’ applying death sentence in Canadian case.
  • Canada warns citizens about China’s ‘arbitrary enforcement of laws’ after death sentence.
  • Death sentence seen as retaliation by Beijing for Canada’s arrest of Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou.


Arbitrarily? Retaliation?

So what…

Well, poor, poor farang: Death in the hands of Beloved Leader Trudeau. They elected the wrong man, and now Canadians pay! It’s called rule of law. BTW, Justin boy, we are not yet done with you.


Anglo-America leads the Nazification of the World, directing hatred for the Chinese, exactly the way it was done on the Jews (clip below).

Anglo-America because fermenting anti-Chinese hysteria came, at first, from the US (Washington Post, Foreign Affairs magazine) and Australia (SMH, ABC), today followed by the UK (Tom Wright in WSJ), Canada (the abduction of Meng Wanzhou) and in the Anglophone countries like Malaysia.

There is a phrase for this phenomenon: white racism. Ideologically, it is called fascism.

In his heydays, the anti-Semite Mahathir Mohamad was equally good at fermenting hatred for Chinese. His job has since been taken over by Rais Hussin, Saifuddin Abdullah (they on behalf of western politics), Malaysiakini‘s Steven Gan (for Taiwan), Phar Kim Beng (for Japan) and others.

Malaysia’s undeclared war on Singapore is symptomatic of this Nazification.



Anti-Chinese Hysteria by Steven Gan & his White, Fascist Backers


Anglo-American propaganda (regurgitated in Malaysiakini) beats even Joseph Goebbels.



Below, China’s Cultural Renaissance



We Chinese will fight them to the end…


China’s Belt-Road Initiative

Why the BRI is the target of Malaysiakini disinformation: two ex-colonialist powers US and UK are missing from the projects. The two countries are the core of Five Eyes, the Anglo-American white supremacist group of US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


Five Eyes & the Press Cabal

Key Points from clip above and below:

  • Press is the controlling instrument of the existing order, and a part of it.
  • Disinformation is used and disseminated as news and ‘viewpoints’.
  • Readers don’t know what they read is from a political agenda, usually neo-liberal (George Soros, NED, et al).
  • The only pre-condition and purpose for the disinformation is, hate Russia, hate China.


The Media as a Lynch Mob


Who needs evidences, who needs the presumption of innocence… What we read is not fake news but fake journalism. — John Pilger.


Exhibit #A: Disinformation under the banner of Freedom of Religion

Above: It goes up as a Penang private apartment light testing, DAP government says the ‘shape’ is not deliberate, Malaysiakini says it symbolizes multi-culturalism and one more neo-liberal propaganda idea is sown — Malaysia is a free country (while the government keeps all the sedition laws and break every neo-liberal manifesto promise).


Exhibit #B: Disinformation on the theme, the Good Pakatan government vs Evil

Muslim Atrocities Among the Rohingyas

Above is what you won’t read from Rais Hussin nor see in Malaysiakini where all information is singularly about oppression by a Myanmar government against women, children, helpless people. The same disinformation line is repeated about the Uygurs in China.

Fair and balance reporting is not about fair and balance between what terrorists do and the state responses to those acts of murder and mayhem. Instead, fair/balance is about moral crusading, standing on the side of the ‘weak’, as defined by Rais and Stevie Gan, against a strong government. And, hence, in this way, to place a neo-liberal propaganda agenda in the public domain, painting other governments as bad or evil in order to show that they themselves are good, the Saviors, the party that saves Malaysia and other countries.

That’s disinformation in a nutshell — borrowed and copied (even financed, see clips above) lock, stock and barrel from the UK and the US political parties, academic and think-tank establishments.

At that political level, the disinformation turns everything in Myanmar and China racial (as opposed to a domestic security/peace problem), the same racism in which Mahathir Mohamad, Rais, Stevie and Malaysia in general have so much experience and so adept at. That is, Rais and Stevie are simply regurgitating the old, standard Umno theme of Chinese being blood-suckers out to exploit and trample Malays who are pure and innocent.


Exhibit #C: What Malaysiakini disinformation will not show

Canadian Rule of Law Racism


Above (click on link, disturbing clip warning): Baby just-born was forced out from the arms of indigenous mother. In other cases, indigenous woman in Canada were forcibly sterilized. All this happened because of backing from some ‘Rule of Law’, which until the police came calling you didn’t know exist. For more than a hundred years until the 1970s, Canada’s Indian Act conveniently gave a white government powers to separate more than 100,000 children from parents. This hasn’t stopped. Only the law being used is different.

The same event in another country, say Myanmar or China, rest assure it would be front page for seven days without stop in Malaysiakini, with reams of columns by Rais Hussin and quotations from some ‘human rights NGOs’ about Chinese brutality and evil. Today, Steven Gan keeps silent, conveniently silent about Canada’s racism. Instead Malaysiakini publishes news only on Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun — three days straight without fail — to show Canada as humane government that would, as a consequence, hide the domestic oppression against natives, separating kids from families.

The contradiction and hypocrisy are deliberate: they are central to disinformation.

In contrast to Anglo-Americans, the Chinese value system say family unity is first and foremost, above all else including the law.


Image result for tom wright wsj

UK working class boy made good in the Far East:

Tom Wright peddling his book. His forebears sold opium and snake oil, and you’d better buy some. Or else…



Deep State Publishing: Publish and be damn

On October 10, 1990, a 15-year-old Kuwaiti girl known only by her first name Nayirah appeared before US Congress with a ‘testimony’ pivoted on the theme, Iraqi cruelty to children. She said (clip above) she saw Iraqi soldiers entered a Kuwaiti hospital, took babies out of incubators and then left with incubators and other medical equipment. The babies died. Number of units looted 22, dead 22, said the Washington Post.

The Post also reported few meetings between Kuwaiti officials and White House staff, quoting one to say, Iraqi soldiers “going into hospitals, taking babies out of incubators and people off life-support machines to send the equipment back to Iraq.” Others who said the same thing — therefore ‘corraborating’ the Post — included  the Kuwaiti health minister Abdul Wahab Al-Fowzan.

Nayirah’s ‘testimony’ was pivotal because it set in motion two campaigns, under Bush father and son, by the US to destroy Iraq. The last one was in 2003 and still ongoing today.

Some years after the Congress testimony, Nayirah confessed she made up the story.

UN investigators found out she had fabricated the story on the instigation of a propaganda campaign by a domestic coalition that pushed the US for war in the Middle East. At the time the ‘public relations’ aspect was spearheaded by the American PR firm Hill and Knowlton. Nayirah’s surname is al-Sabah, daughter of Saud Al-Sabah, the Kuwaiti ambassador to the US.

Stunned by this relevation, Amnesty International (AI) which had also ‘corroborated’ her version went to Kuwait the following year to itself investigate. The Washington Post ignored the outcome of the investigation. Only non-mainstream publications, notably Counter-Punch reported it, quoting AI to say, “patients, including premature babies, did die, when many of Kuwait’s nurses and doctors … fled” but Iraqi troops “almost certainly had not stolen hospital incubators and left hundreds of Kuwaiti babies to die.

By which time, of course, the damage had been done, which wasn’t just done by words — meaning, slander. The damage was an unprecedented toll in civilian, innocent human dead from US bombings, repeated again ten years later.

In airing Nayirah’s scam Nassim Nicholas Taleb termed the tactic by the Post ‘pedophrasty’. Definition:

Argument involving children to prop up a rationalization and make the opponent look like an asshole, as people are defenseless and suspend all skepticism in front of suffering children: nobody has the heart to question the authenticity or source of the reporting. Often done with the aid of pictures.

The same method is repeatedly used, even today.

In April 2017, chemical weapons exploded in Khan Shaykhun, a town north of Damascus, killing more than 70. Three days later, without waiting for an investigation, the US fired 59 missiles into another town, Shayrat which has an airbase.

Then last September Virginia state senator Richard Black said Khan Shaykhun is likely to be false. There are now two possibilities:


Tom Wright, Goldman & the US Deep State

Other than ‘pedophrasty’, Taleb outlined four more types of scams, typically aired through the newspapers in order to justify an agenda and then to take action. This one Taleb calls ‘partializing’:

Exploiting the unsavory attributes of one party in a conflict without revealing those of the other party .

Example: “He is a dictator”, giving the illusion that the alternative is the Swedish parliament not some worse faction. The problem can take absurd proportions: in the Syrian War, it was used by interventionistas describing the “dictator” without mentioning that his opponents are Al-Qaeda head-cutters.

So endemic are such tactics employed in western media that the daily output of ‘news’ are actually considered propaganda. Today, that 70 percent of WSJ readers are suspicious of the newspaper journalists making up news. For those living in Malaysia, Utusan is the equal of the Washington Post, the New Straits Times the Wall Street Journal; and Malaysiakini an online variant of all four.

So bad is newspaper standing that President Trump himself accused WSJ (along with CNN, others) of deceptive use of quotations in order to “generate news”.

Below is an example of a ‘pedophrasty’, written by Tom Wright for the WSJ and for it to be picked up and circulated to the rest of the world, Malaysiakini at the forefront of abetting the process:

Within months, Najib, who has denied any wrongdoing in the 1MDB matter, signed US$34 billion of rail and pipeline deals with Chinese state companies, to be funded by Chinese banks and built by Chinese workers.

Reread the sentence.

  • Part 1: “Within months, Najib signed….” to give the impression that China corrupted Najib and Wright suggests that the proof of that corruption was an unknown but minuted meeting earlier. Which is equal to saying: you had a quarrel with your wife and when, “within months” of the quarrel, she stepped our of her house and was run over by a bus, therefore you are guilty of murder.
  • Part 2: Inside a single sentence, the word Chinese is repeated three times. Is that news? Or racial propaganda for a purpose — to malign?
  • Part 3: Return to Wright’s newspaper report (Mkini link above) that speaks of unnamed ‘reports’ (Written by who? For who?) which in turn speaks of ‘minutes of meeting’ (When? Where? Between who?).

All of which says that the news in Malaysiakini running backwards from Steven Gan and on to Wright then the ‘meeting’, have the following order:

(a) Steven Gan reports about (b) a report from Wright, (c) reporting about a report that (d) in turn reports about some meeting…. (e) held by (?) and (f) reported by (?). The CIA?

Western propaganda and deception is tried and tested. Russia’s President Putin confronted it, for example, saying as follows (in the clip below): Listen to the media woman and the framing of her remarks, after which throwing a question not to genuinely elicit some truths she doesn’t know but simply to provoke and accuse and from which she could later report as, ‘Russia’s Putin blames US for his policy failures‘ although, factually, it was the other way around.

Behind the endless propaganda is western power. Democracy demands the use of that deception to keep the power. Listen to the Swedish about the deep state, military, corporate and media machinery at work:

US media is a core component in the American deep state, the coalition of western corporations, military and civil servants to run a country by manipulating public opinion. (See, for example, Western media scam in Syria designed for TV, US$80 million paid by the UK.) It is core because the media can, constitutionally, say anything it wants with impunity: Hence, commentary is embedded into news that is turned into propaganda and that, in turn, is made the harbinger of state policy. Alongside the Washington Post and New York Times, WSJ is equally notorious:

  • (a) Doctoring News. Last year an anonymous letter circulated within WSJ complaining that it’s editorial bosses were manipulating and making up news for a political purpose. WSJ’s reputation in the US is so bad that sales have fallen, salaries cut, and its editor-in-chief was last year replaced.
  • (b) Deceiving Advertisers: In 2011, the Guardian declared evidences that WSJ artificially inflated, by 16%, its European sales by paying an NGO to buy its newspapers.
  • (c) Influence Peddling. To protect western corporations against the tide of a cleaner environment, WSJ for 30 years since 1980s published countless articles, all disputing that global warming is even occurring, (i) misrepresenting the science behind acid rain, (ii) arguing, wrongly, that there is no scientific consensus on ozone depletion causes, (iii) opposing laws against second-hand smoke, and (iv) fighting a UN campaign to control the use of pesticides and asbestos. As recent as two years ago, a WSJ editorial board publicly boasted that its efforts to sway public opinion had been successful.
  • (d) Deep State Connivance. The 1MDB scam exposed an Achilles heel in US deep state, which is that the American government along with its financial institutions is funding corrupt regimes, especially those friendly to it. In Central and South America, this is nothing new. Nor in the Philippines. But it is in Malaysia, an Anglophile country and which, with Singapore and Indonesia, is a big chess piece in the Malacca Strait and South China Sea.


1MDB and Deep State Goldman Sachs

Tom Wright himself met senior executives of Goldman Sachs, thrice at least, in order to contain the bad Press fallout from 1MDB that has been adversely affecting the bank’s business. The meetings concluded that, in the present circumstances, Goldman’s reputation could only be salvaged by,

  • (i) passing on and heaping the entire 1MDB affair on Jho Low, and
  • (ii) diverting public attention away from Goldman to somewhere else, or someone else.

For the twin purposes, the UK PR firm Brunswick Group was brought in; it has an office in Hong Kong where Wright is based. (The WSJ-Goldman-Brunswick nexus can be seen here.) Hence, Wright’s book Billion Dollar Whale was commissioned then written and paid for out of a fund managed by Brunswick.

The book was almost exclusively about Jho Low who is subtitled, ‘The Man Who Fooled Wall Street‘ rather than — even for a modicum of truth — ‘The Man Who Connived with Wall Street.’

In the book’s title, Wall Street becomes the innocent victim although the facts say otherwise, it was central as an active participant without which no scam could take place.

But, conscious of Goldman’s agenda, Wright, in drafting the book, minimized all mention of Goldman and all the major western banks. The minimizing was necessary because the 1MDB scam and the money-laundering that followed had to go hand-in-hand.

None of the two could proceed independently without the influence of Goldman and other financial institutions. You need money to scam money, after all. Wright knew that Goldman was especially vulnerable to accusations contained in the scam because the entirety of 1MDB’s foreign debt, US$6.5 billion (about 30 billion ringgit at present exchange rates), were all denominated in US currency, facilitated by it, and only it. That is, if not in US dollar, if not for Goldman and the influence it wields, the money would have trouble moving through the SWIFT accounts.

But focusing on Low isn’t good enough because of the man’s ties with Arab princelings, all financial backers of US foreign policies. Low’s ties with American financiers was especially incriminating to write. (See this ‘Goldman Cooking the Books‘, for example, and it is written not by Tom Wright nor Steven Gan’s Malaysiakini.)

Look hard enough you can see that wherever Low went with the scam, it invariably leads 1MDB back to the banks — always.

Then out of the blue came Umno’s defeat in the 14th General Elections. It opened an opportunity to move the deception forward and shift attention away from Goldman. It’s an opportunity because of Mahathir’s anti-China policies, the ECRL being a part thereof.

This explains why, over and over again, Wright avoided mentioning the penultimate cause in 1MDB’s debt problems and money laundering, both of which are impossibility without the connivance of every big name bank imaginable, UBS, HSBC, Deutsche, Rothschild, BSI, the last of which is Switzerland’s oldest private bank, sold today.

Wright’s latest hit piece reinforces the diversion away from Goldman, a diversion regurgitated without qualification and questioning by Steven Gan’s Mkini even though the ECRL contributed not a cent to 1MDB’s woes.

But, through the article, Wright finally rounded the circle in the deception: the 1MDB scam had originated as a corruption but not a corruption between Wall Street and Low. Rather it is caused by China’s geopolitical interests, including the Belt-Road Initiative, all carried out with a willing Najib Razak.

China was especially useful to smear because the country, too, is in the sights of deep state America as a ‘threat’ to American national security.

What’s in it for Tom Wright

The title above bears repeating: What’s in it for Wright?

For non-fiction books, publishers typically pay an assignment fee to someone to start writing, followed by an advance upon completion. Hachette Books (an imprint of American publisher Little Brown and Co) paid none of that.

Wright was instead paid out of the Goldman fund, partly to make up for his loss of income from taking a break as a WSJ reporter to write the book. How much? This depends on the prestige of the author. Michelle and Barack Obama were jointly paid US$65 million for their memoirs; Michelle coming out with hers first, Becoming.

Wright himself has never written a book; he has no academic standing nor has he made any intellectual contribution to the world. Capability limited to spinning (‘get carried away‘, said the Financial Times, ‘allegations disguised as fact and gossip passed off as legitimate reporting‘), Wright’s payment would be computed out of two elements: (a) how much to be paid out of the Goldman fund, and (b) his loss of WSJ income.

The first sum is typically based on a first-time book publishing deal. Given his stature, it would range US$10,000-to-US$50,000. This, add his take home pay he lost from his employer WSJ while writing, would total no more than US$100,000. Which, really, is not bad for a small time working class boy from the UK who had started out working life in Asia first by backpacking through India and Southeast Asia to relive the days of British colonial empire. Nearly all major British multinational firms today, Jardines, Guthrie, etc, had wandered into Asia because, back home, they got nowhere.

In the same way colonial firms once did, western journalists working hand in glove with their governments to advance a home and foreign agenda is today standard operating procedure. Wright isn’t the first and is unlikely to be the last. Reuters, for example, worked with the FBI to snare Meng Wanzhou of Huawei. The known, publicly documented story is as follows:

In 2012, HSBC met Meng to hear her PowerPoint presentation to open a US dollar, international corporate bank account. Two years later and citing anonymous sources, Reuters accused Huawei of breaking American demands to blockade Iran from buying anything from the rest of the world. Even a toothbrush. Huawei was accused of selling mobile phones. The same month America issued a 301 USTR Report that named Huawei as guilty of trading with US enemies, and thereby, it says, endangering the ‘national security’ of America.

After Meng was abducted in Canada last year, the US government submitted prosecutorial documents during her bail hearing in Vancouver. The documents accused Meng of fraud, evidence for which, the US government said, were

  • (a) copies of the PowerPoint presentation HSBC had passed to the FBI, and
  • (b) the anonymous 2014 report by Reuters that referenced the Meng-HSBC meeting as well as Reuters accusations that Huawei had traded with Iran.

After Wright’s report will come the US State department finding China guilty of corrupting regimes, especially in its spheres of ‘national interest’ in the South China Sea.


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Tom Wright in his pre-fame days in India where he found a woman (above) then abandoned her. His ex-wife lives in the house (below) surrounded by tin-roof shacks, and from where she, like Tommy, pontificates to the world about democracy, freedom, poverty, and equality. These white men and their Anglophile concubines…. Bah!


Journalists & the UK Commonwealth Propaganda Office

Faked NGOs, faked chemical bomb factories (photo below), faked chemical attacks, faked medical aid, faked doctors, faked injuries, faked helmets, faked kids: all were in abundant through the years in Syria, all paid by the US (US$95 million) and by the UK (US$60 million), all proudly written up by Al Jazeera, Washington Post, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the BBC, the Guardian, the ABC network (the US) and the ABC (Australia), CNN, CBC (Canada) and the Daily Telegraph (London).

In those seven murderous years (Syria alone, omitting other countries), there had not been a single word of retraction — apology much less — into the grand media scam. Not even after the events were verified to be scams (below).

People die and the journalists continue willy-nilly to pretend they have done no wrong and that their duplicity and deceptions, being a part of the the ‘freedom of information principle’, were intended for the good of the world and not to individually make money. That is, to rephrase the statement, to carry on the lie that people like Tom Wright are honest, well-meaning carriers of freedom and transparency.

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