Resisting the IC


This is a time for resistance. (Fact: it always was.)

Upon the inauguration of Donald Trump by Chiwan Choi, Chinese, resident in Los Angeles where he writes poetry and publishes.


If I absolutely have to visit the United States, I prefer to go in the queue for a regular visa with others. I’m no longer part of the society, not even as a resident.

Wole Soyinka, today 82, Nigerian, first African to receive the Nobel Literature prize. Soon, he will destroy his American permanent residency card: “I don’t have strong enough fingers to tear (it) up.”


Resist. Destroy the Green Card?


Wishing me a pleasant, smooth return to Malaysia, Jian remarked that I was going to laojia. That struck me: Strange, I never thought of it that way. Laojia? ‘Birth home‘ in Malaysia? Even in a technical sense she was mistaken. Back in Malaysia I remember the early years as a child when Mahathir ruled and how the adults and the neighbors used to warn: ‘Be quiet, say nothing, or they’ll take the IC‘.

Just the threat of taking the IC exposes the Chinese citizen and residency to the mercy of the Malays, specifically Umno and Mahathir Mohamad. Forfeiture is punishment for not bowing to the Malaiyoo and Mahathir.

When Mahathir qualified his remarks over Forest City and China, he said he wasn’t against the Chinese. Who said why that should be a problem? He never gets it, these bodoh Malays.

Not against the Chinese‘ is characteristic of Mahathir and his (ex) Umno sycophants: our existence is at their pleasure. If Mahathir isn’t happy with the Chinese, he’s entitled to abuse us of the fact as if, live or die, our lives depended on his approval. Today it’s Bersatu as well, Umno by another name. Our IC merely signifies an official existence, nothing real, a number in the electoral rolls, and therefore entirely dependent on the whim of the Malay fucker from Kerala by the name of Mahathir Mohamad.

Before or now, he never saw the Chinese as humans, not even as immigrants, but as some political creature like he is. Understand this and one understands why he went from economic development to Forest City to China to immigrant colony to citizenship and voting. Wanting to fix up Najib Razak so bad, Forest City became an opportunity to hit out at his two great prejudices simultaneously in a single strike.

If Malaysia is to be saved, then it has to be saved from Mahathir, for never has the country known a Satan more evil than he. If the Malays won’t do it, then the task is left to the Chinese alone, and we will. (Forget about the DAP.) To demolish him completely — because he hasn’t changed one bit — we now have to consider letting Najib go. The money is nothing: I had learned that from China.


U-Tun Mahathir: apologizes to the Chinese without being sorry. Impressive U-Tun….


Here’s the IC…

How many times in Parliament and outside have Mahathir and his Umno minions, now Bersatu, threatened to take back the IC?

Well, I think, it’s time to ‘return’ it. The only question left to answer is, when and where. Perhaps at the Malaysian embassy in Beijing. Or perhaps during the general elections.

You want back the IC, Mahathir? It’s yours? We stole it? There’s really no need to beat your chest over it, or demand and threaten, I’ll deliver it to you in person. I’ll burn it, put the ashes into a jar then bring them to you with this thank you note written in red:

Dr Mahathir, please bury this at your mama’s tombstone and, there, fuck yourself.



At Mahathir’s instigation, Malaiyoos ransacked and burned Chinese (above) so those ICs would be pointless. Now, we burn our ICs and sent the ashes to him.


Mahathir Dead Kicking


Mahathir delivers a kick, even when fried dead. Notice, that piece of Maha chicken shit is ball-less, his Kerala prick gone, hollowed out from his ass onward.


Ma Yuteng’s Death Masturbate



Najib’s Word in 2011


Lao Ma, Ma Yuteng, Na Jikor: It’s in the Malay DNA, lying, backstabbing, thieving, barbarous…. These Malaiyoos (below), “oh, so sweet,” according to Wong Chen of PKR; oh, so “tolerant”, according to Mahathir Mohamad; oh, so “gentle,” according to Kadir Jasin; oh, so “dignified”, according to Najib Razak.


Lady Racist Annie: Ini Cina Punya

In the above clip, Annie of the Valley — the same Annie who thinks Malays are the greatest thing to happen to Malaysia, a “patient, kind” race, according to her — had to feign surprise about the barbarity in her stock of people, those Malays without culture, without refinement, but so full of Allah. From Annie:

“Ini Cina punya geng ka Datuk?” I inquired further.

“Tak da  la. Ini Melayu punya geng…,” he said. My friend also said the gang leader was involved in a murder case in 2003….

Notice ‘ini Cina punya geng’: Annie begins by assuming that people who beat up the weak and defenseless are Chinese. Never Malays. You see, to her, Chinese are bad because they are pendatangs whereas Malays are “so sweet”, so patriotic.

In Malaysia, people judge and are in turn judged by IC, by race (for example, by Annie and her Asshole readers) not by the content of individual character. Hence, Annie’s reaction — ini Cina punya — and Kadir Jasin’s reaction to 1MDB, where Najib Razak led the thieving only because he kept a Chinese, Jho Low, as mastermind confidant.

Mahathir would turn the Malaysian IC into an instrument of oppression against common people, Chinese and Malay and Indian as well as made it a political tool (Sabah, Project IC or project M).

From Mahathir on, Umno’s political culture not just ensured all of that which happened in the clip but more: Tanah Melayu is only Malay, so the Malay can do anything, including murder and steal; Malays are sons of the soils, everybody else is a worm and Malays are entitled to step on worms, particularly a Bangla or Nepali or Indian; Malaiyoos are ketuanan and so the police are turned into hired-hand killers and political street thugs, something done not once, not twice, but everyday. Nobody needs to be hanged for murder.

So, why is Melayu barbarity a surprise, Annie? ‘Cina punya geng’ is it? Want to bring on your ‘Melayu punya geng’ and take on the Chinese (below)? Let that great patriotic Malaiyoo know, that motherfucker Kadir Jasin: We’ll get here. Then we’ll see what your ‘Melayu geng’ is made of: ‘So sweet,’ is it. Beating, bullying the weak: Malays are so good at that.


The Return of the Mings


We are on the way. We’ll come by sea, by air, by horse, by carrier, we’ll march, and we’ll get here. We have trained. We are disciplined. We’re ready. Mao yeye, give us the order!




An after thought: China, my Beautiful…


Mahathir Mohamad says he is ‘not against’ the Chinese.


So good of you, Mahathir. Well, are we suppose to thank you for your magnanimity? You might be for us or against us. But, do you think we give a shit for what you feel or think? Against or not against us, we, the Chinese in Malaysia and in China, are against you. Live with it, boy.

And fuck you.

Fig. 5. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s quote 

Truth vs Claims

‘Tanah Melayu belongs to Malays because the name has the word Melayu.’ — Kadir’s Logic


Post-Truth: Where claims become truths

Truths needed to be argued out. They took shape in discourse, debate, and dialogue.

(But) that sense of truth as the product of self-critical search and dialogue does not characterize the moment we live in now. The cultural-political air is filled with competing truth claims, shouted angrily and with barely a shred of doubt. Some of what fills the air — more thickly and noxiously than any democracy can ultimately stand — is lying. — Daniel Rodgers in the ‘The Chronicle Review’

The problem with our “post-truth” politics is that a large share of the population has moved beyond true and false. They thrill precisely to the falsehood of a statement, because it shows that the speaker has the power to reshape reality in line with their own fantasies of self-righteous beleaguerment. — Adam Kirsch, ‘New York Times’


From the NY Times, headlined:

10 Times Trump Spread Fake News

Donald J. Trump demonstrating from his office in Trump Tower how he sends Twitter messages through his smartphone.


But it isn’t just Trump who employ such methods. He is outdated, on point of fact, late to the game.

Long before him, long before there was even a President Donald Trump, there were Mahathir Mohamad, Muhyiddin Yassin and Kadir Jasin — the Umno Malays who together had turned out this rotten country named Malaysia, got booted, but now wants to be back in the game, using the same methods as before, while in Umno, lying with the news and faking with their claims. Such inept Malays, so passe, so outdated.


This Wrecked Country &


the Malaiyoos Who Want to be Back In


Governed so far by Umno Malays, Malaysia trails behind the world in nearly every facet of life, schooling, good jobs, clear thinking, even as rudimentary and as foundational as culture and ethics (decency and conduct), although it produces thousands of muftis and religious ‘scholars’. (GDP growth is not a measure of a country’s success; if it were Saudi Arabia would be the best place to live in.)

Malaysia exports terrorists, beginning Indonesia, south Thailand, south Philippines, later to Afghanistan then Islamic State and Syria. It dispatches offshore sexual offenders, most infamously Selva Kumar Subbiah, 30 women in Canada alone, and Rizalman Ismail, the diplomat who squatted on his victim’s lawn to shit then walked into her kitchen, his brown Malaiyoo dick still dangling without an underwear. Equally infamous, there is, of course, Jho Low of Penang, to Muslims a kafir, collaborating with Allah’s chosen Muslims, particularly one Saudi named al Qubashi and even an Arab prince with a turkey for a name.

Back home, Mahathir Mohamad talk as if Malaysia is a world wonder, an Islamic paradise on earth, everybody from the brown to white skins, from the Mindanao swamps to the deserts of Syria, are hankering to get in. The Chinese are no exception, he has told the Malays who once sat on his lap to govern this country for 50, 60 years and producing this sick, mad country, which he now adds, needs saving, but not from him. On the outside today, these Malays wants to be back in the game.

So, they had themselves renamed Bersatu, in order to distinguish themselves from the disasters wrought by them and in order to deposit all the blame on one man they had picked up, raised and cultivated. Najib Razak, it must be remembered, was fatherless since young. Malaysia’s failures today, they are saying, had nothing to do with them: it’s all Najib’s fault and he alone, with his greed, his corruption, his policies.

But is it? This doubt is planted deliberate because that’s how the media hangers-on (Kadir Jasin) and other mamaks (Syed Akbar Ali) have been painting a picture in which all fingers point in just one direction — Najib.

(Akbar, for example, speaks of a collapsed education system which churn out more muftis than they are flies in Kadir’s jamban. He writes as if the classrooms were built last year, teachers hired the day after and the useless ‘national’ Malay syllabus invented yesterday. The state of affairs in the SatuSekolah schools is further evidence that the Chinese must be kept apart from Malays — classrooms, everything — because anything that the Malay touches, it turns to jamban shit.)

Back to Old Horse.

In passing the buck, Mahathir constructed his logic, like Kadirian logic, on the premise that he had repeatedly failed to pick a good successor. So, what’s a good successor? By whose standards?

Musa Hitam never stood a chance to move to the top. Nor Ghafar Baba. What about Anwar Ibrahim, the man he had picked and then out of a whim jailed? Now, he wants Anwar back in and not because he has had a change of heart in reconsidering Anwar to be a worthy successor. Hardly; Najib had no opponent more worthy than Anwar; even Mahathir, in spite of (or perhaps because of) his slimy tongue, he needed a mouthwash in Anwar. The man has been helpless against Najib although some Malaiyoos think a big deal of him, no further proof needed to the contrary but look at the Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar by-election results.

The extend and depth of Mahathir’s deception and lying isn’t new, of course. Throughout his tenure, Umno employed methods which, naturally enough, is today repeated in Bersatu: fake claims, fake news, false assertions, the dissemination of all of which happens through his blog today since he has no Kadir Jasin, nor the New Straits Times, nor Utusan to do the propaganda courier work.

If Bersatu Malays today reproduce their Umno script, write back in the same ideas and restore the same policies — essentially putting back in the old Umno — how is Malaysia saved from its rotten, failed state which Mahathir is directly responsible for? If Najib is alone at fault, then how is a man like he to undo all 50 years of Umno’s doing, put back the pieces in under six years, except for this single truth, Malaysia under Mahathir was actually constructed on a foundation of sand in the first place. Does a thief save himself from his own loot? If not by deceit and by lies, how does the wrecking ball named Mahathir restores the house from which he himself has completely laid to waste?

Bersatu Spread Fake News to Attack Najib

The Forest City episode in Johor is worth repeating for it is a classic in the depth of Mahathir’s deception, the sort of deceit modeled from especially the days when he governed and ruled. Even the subject matter — Chinese and land — is especially identical.

Mahathir’s fascism is so well documented its become tired repetition to speak of fake news. The most recent example illustrates Mahathir’s pathological habit to lie and deceive. Here,

Forest City will open the floodgates for Chinese immigrants, like Syrians entering Europe.

  • Instigation. Is that statement some sort of fake News? A fictitious claim? Prophecy? A judgment? No one would call it a lie, once he tags it as an ‘opinion’ which he would surely claim as his right. But is it even that? Opinion requires no certainty nor proof but at the minimum it requires an appraisal, right or wrong, drawn at least from some facts.

So, what are the facts: China is at war, like is Syria? Chinese are refugees? Forest City will be populated mostly or wholly by China and its citizens are hard-up to migrate to, like Mahathir’s father did, and to take up Malaysian ID? Once Forest City is opened for sale, all over Johor or Malaysia will be opened for sale likewise to Chinese?

Because the answers to those questions are so self-evident that there could be only one conclusion: Mahathir’s wasn’t even fabricating a news or lying with a claim. No, none of the above. He is out to instigate Malays against Chinese, betting that what worked before — his accuse-burn-then-destroy political trademark — will work again, picking up some votes, and dethrone Umno from Johor. If necessary tear down the country to achieve his object of destroying Najib. Small wonder, the Tunku wanted him expelled from Umno. Mahathir is incorrigible.

  • Deception. A picture connoted in the statement is that Malays, if they do not stop Forest City, Najib by extension, will be overwhelmed by wave upon wave of immigrants. Even if one were to grant him that as an ‘opinion’, why pick on the Chinese? More than a million Indonesians are in Malaysia illegally. Add Pakistanis, Banglas, Nepalis, Rohingyas, the illegal migrant population rises to almost 2 million, near equal the local Indian population.

Extrapolating on the migration figure is not the work of an opinion nor is it, like Mahathir is so wont to do, faking a claim. The immigrants are at present in Malaysia, and they hadn’t arrive last year. Mahathir’s industrialization and construction binge needed labor, a binge that Anwar had complained before was utterly unnecessary and a waste of resources.

But, today, anyone hear Mahathir complain about those migrants who he had taken in but now sit on Petaling Street pavements selling fake Rolex? No, we don’t hear him complain for the same reason Mahathir looked the other way and pretended not to know when Project IC went underway in Sabah. He won’t complain because he would lose Malay votes. More than half a million Filipino Muslims were brought into Sabah alone, turning the native Kadazandusun population into a minority. Just on that score, Mahathir’s got to be shot as a traitor. Today he hides behind the mask of a patriot and such labels as ‘Save Malaysia’.

Umno in Bersatu Form

By now, it ought to be abundantly clear: Umno isn’t just a political party that makes for an obvious target in an ABU (Anything But Umno) campaign. Haris Ibrahim and numerous others have grossly misjudged the nature of the enemy, mistaking Umno as a single monolithic entity when, instead, it is the nest of Malay beings who are parasitic on the host named Malaysia.

Mahathir et al could leave it, lodge themselves in another nest named Bersatu, but they are still Umno beings.

The deck of Malay political cards has not been reshuffled. That’s not the present situation. No, it is that Umno is full — greed, money, everything. It is a nest, with a constellation of money roads going in all directions, but has not enough place for everyone, and so has spawned itself, its individual members fighting over but feeding on the same host which they have named after themselves, Malaysia.

How should the Chinese respond to this change, electorally? Short answer: disrupt it which is also to say detach oneself from the host. The reasons for doing so are already detailed above. What’s unstated, however, has been this:

Before and after 2008, and whichever way the vote went, for or against Barisan, the Chinese lose (and so, too, the Indians and the natives). The Chinese political position did not deteriorate after 2008. It began with Mahathir who not only set the stage for Najib to do his worse but after the former challenged the latter. Recall that Mahathir didn’t begin attacking Najib because of 1MDB; it began because, Mahathir argued, Najib was amenable to the Chinese, Singapore included, and to political reforms.

Redrawing electoral boundaries began with Mahathir. Illegal immigration began with him. Money politics, too, because, after NEP, Malay politicians find themselves suddenly with access to money unheard of. The conviction of Khalid Samad under Syaria law is a direct consequence of Mahathir actions to support Anwar Islamisation. True, the wrecking of Malaysia has to do in part with Islam, more than before, but this just goes to show that the parasitic Malay in Umno has no consideration for the host, not especially other peoples who have as much right to be around as they.

Disruption’s purpose is to keep the Malays clawing at each other and Mahathir busy. If the Opposition wins, Mahathir lives to feed on another round.

Bersatu is Umno by another name; DAP the MCA of Barisan. This equation goes to explain DAP’s silence, indeed complicity in Mahathir’s attack against China and the Chinese; people like DAP’s Teo Nie Ching, PKR’s Latheefa Koya and others in Amanah have openly endorsed Mahathir.

Like the MCA who did nothing to stop Mahathir for 22 years, silence from Lim Kit Siang (another old dying man who likes listening to himself and has everything to say about anything) to the same bigotry and anti-Chinese racism have become symptomatic of such a diseased country, all together feeding on the same host, playing by the same rules and, so, one side never wins and no Malay truly loses.

What difference is there between the two sides, Najib and Mahathir? Zaid Ibrahim in between? The benign, rational front in the Opposition’s face, urging all to press on. He is their smiling Fraudster. (Thank you, Zaid, for your Spring new year wishes. We wish you too a prosperous 2017 and wish your number bet is the right one although, you must admit, 老马 laoma is an Old Horse. Hope he doesn’t break his bones on the tracks and fall on his shriveled prick.)

No Malay could be trusted today; it is that DNA nested in Umno which Mahathir has so amply demonstrated; this common deceit, this anything to power.

Disruption means to break down the formulaic status quo in which Malay on top, others are for them to sit on. Disrupting this status quo makes true all that has been real, Malay vs Rest of Malaysia, something that Barisan has managed to mask for decades and now Pakatan Harapan. Disrupting it is simple:

  • Where a seat is Chinese vs Chinese, vote DAP.
  • Where a seat is Chinese vs non-Chinese, vote Chinese even if the non-Chinese candidate is a DAP Malay.
  • Where a seat is Malay vs Malay, vote Barisan, never PKR or PAS and especially Bersatu.

If he won’t die, Mahathir ought to crippled from his prick down.

The Opposition will stay Opposition and Umno will remain in power and the general Malay population will squirm under the ineptness of their Malay leaders. So what? (One wish that the Motherland hadn’t invested in Malaysia, undoing all that the local Chinese have done — pull out — while, on the other hand, our compatriots help to sustain the economy and so prolong Umno power.)

But the Chinese have lived through worse times.

Disruption will bring all Malays to one side of Parliament’s aisle and the Chinese on the opposite side — an idea which is really not a bad thing if one were to think it through. That’s the reality, the unspoken truth. It has been Umno’s reason for being since Day One under Mahathir.

Disruption saves Malaysia from Mahathir, the man and his legacy. Umno reincarnate as Bersatu is a worse prospect than under Najib because found in the latter is the parasite in its original specie form: the Mahathir Malaiyoo.


Pop Quiz: What’s common to all three men?


Answer: Second generation Malay pendatang, all are children of immigrants but they claim, like so many fake claims, to be ‘sons of the soil’. What soil? Where? Sulawesi, 1000 miles away? Palembang? Or Pakistan? Such is the lie, repeated often enough, makes for the truth today.


Cina in China & a Latuk

A Rat’s Roar


Above, Hong Kong celebrities support the Motherland: the South islands belong to China. Of course!

You see, Latuk, it isn’t just that all roads lead to China but all South China Sea.

So, get use to it, Kadir boy. Stand aside, suck your thumb, and watch. Feel slighted? Don’t like it? Well, bring in your Red Shirts so that we’ll have an excuse to whip your Nusantara arse back to Jolo. Or perhaps you prefer to be dumped in the Sulu Sea.


Nusantara? po-dah, Latuk. You’re a piece of Malaiyoo jamban rat trying to deliver a lion’s roar: Squeak, squeak. Cukup la, we’re so frighten….


The Return of the Mings


Law and order: Ming government forces attack (Chinese, sometimes Sulu) pirates in the South China Sea. Next, it would be the Latuk pirates of Nusantara, those Malaiyoos who go around holding up defenseless people, while pretending they have god and king on their backsides. King, yes, but where is the kingdom?



I look forward to enter China through one of the Spratly islands. Mao yeye, make my day!



Ultra Cina 春节 Diary Notes

At the land immigration control point after leaving mainland China, entering Hong Kong.

Immigration: Why are you showing me the passport? Are you leaving the country?

Jian: [Silence then…] This is my first time.

Immigration: What’s your name?

Jian: Ji..aan

Immigration: Why do you want to come Hong Kong?

Jian: To spent money.

Immigration: You’ve lots of money?

Jian: My boyfriend’s.

Immigration: Who is your boyfriend?

Jian: Some Malaizi man.

Immigration: Malaizi? Zi? Zi like in shit?

Jian: You are a rude man. I’ll tell him you said it.

Immigration: There’s no country named malaizi. Only malaizi-ah.

Jian: This is my first time.


We hugged just behind the immigration counters, but Jian was still hurt from the officer’s initial remarks.

“How would I know I don’t have to show passport. This is a passport control point. Isn’t it?”


“His job is look at passports. You show passport too, don’t you? Does he say such things to you?”

“No. I don’t use the passport. (Motherland gives me a separate travel document.)”

“But he shouldn’t be rude.”

“Maybe he was rude. He was also trying to chat you up. You’re the prettiest face to have appeared before him. What do you expect? Not just the prettiest — today. The prettiest ever. Besides, Hongkies are like that. They are so straight, timber straight.”

At that she was mollified, somewhat, and went on: “But he called your country shit!”

“Country? Naah…. Many people also think it’s a shit country. It does sound like shit when you leave out the ‘yaah’. Besides, it is in a lot of a shit so I don’t care what people call it.”

She emitted a puzzle look: Malaysia doesn’t exist in her consciousness and I don’t remember in five, six years if we ever talked about the country more than thrice and that only spoken in passing.

The Chinese facing authorities can be pretty gungho. At the slightest infringement by the authorities, they throw up. I have heard Chinese berate immigration officers, municipal enforcement, the police, even the army. Fingers pointing, they let fly and the policeman starts to look like the sky has fallen. Once, taking pity on a police officer, I asked him: “Why do you tolerate this kind of verbal abuse.” Answer: “为人民服务 wéi rénmín fúwù, Serve the people!”

Public service in China is tough; people remember the warnings by Confucius: the government is supposed to be North Star.

In Malaysia, on the other hand, people serve the authorities, from Najib Razak down or Mahathir Mohamad. Facing Malay immigration officers, we lower our heads, appear subservient and sheepish, as if expecting at any moment to be pulled up and never to return home and thrown into a lockup.

Chinese visiting Malaysia had gotten a million times worse from Malay immigration officers. One Chinese I met some years back was himself a senior-ranked police officer on a private visit. He was on his way to Kuantan. He got it bad not just at Immigration but especially from the cops on the street, whether driving or walking. At each encounter he is always poorer by a hundred ringgit or so.

Some cases were outright extortion: pay or go to lockup. Over a course of several occasions, I explained to him the nuances in Malay society, the differences between us and them, the social and political pecking order, and, of course, ketuanan racism. I never told him about the law. It would be pointless, it being designed to empower abuse by authorities and not to protect society from them. We seldom keep in touch now but I still have his cell phone number and WeChat account contact, and he mine… just in case.

The world outside China is a barbarous place. Just like it was for 3,000 years. Then the barbarity came only from the north through the Siberian steppes and through the Mongolian plains. Today, the threats come from the south and the sea. It is the price China pays for opening up to the world and sometimes, I wish Motherland didn’t. But that isn’t my call, of course.

Facing the rest of the world to the south and east and to the oceans beyond, Hong Kong survived and became better off, far, far better off than she was 200, 300 years ago. Motherland has learned from Hong Kong’s experience.

The first rule of thumb: strengthen yourself, always; keep discipline and remember Laozi. Grow beans get beans. In spring plan for the year, in the mornings plan for the day.

We parted on the eighth day, after agreeing to meet back in her laojia home where 43 generations before her had lived among the pine and cypress forested mountains. She went north while I prepared to head south, to do my duty in Malaysia as son.

I would never let her come with me to Malaysia. I don’t trust the Malay immigration, the Malay cop, the Malay everything. There have been countless precedent cases, usually for no good reason, like the one that struck Li Junjie 李俊杰 on December 2009, a Chinese student picked up from a bar, thrown into a lockup and kept there for eight days. All the while the police Inspector handling her case abused her verbally and searched for an excuse to keep her imprisoned. Search because everything about her was in order, her passport, visa, student identification. So the bastard made one up: Prostitution. (The police in China don’t do such things: they must gather first the evidence.)

Malaysian reporters, Malays and Anglophiles, not only took the police word for it, so tolerating this state of affairs. Then, they actually went out of the way to smear Junjie’s reputation. Malaysiakini‘s Josh Hong called the arrest a ‘misfortune’ — not an abuse of authority — and said Chinese news reporting of the affair was ‘sensationalism’ while police had the ‘good grace’ to release her and not because they had completely no justification to continue the detention.

I won’t let any of this happen to Jian. Forest City or no Forest City, I want her isolated, protected and far away from Malaysia, from both the authorities and the Malays, as well as motherfuckers such as Joshie. Small wonder Melayu ketuanan continue to thrive: the fascists in Malaysia have very many apologists, Anglophiles in particular (Lisa Ng, Helen Ang, Rowena Yam, Bernard Khoo, Sheridan Mahavera, Tian Chua, Wong Chen…).


This song above is a favorite of Jian although its singer, born in Shanghai, and her are half a generation apart, maybe. Over the phone, she said she cried to sleep listening to it. Below, Jian in a still photo rehearsal for the summer season. Maybe she’d get the make-up part, lipstick, gloss, things like that.



Soon there will be no borders. And we can be together — for eternity.


Waiting for China

Just the other evening she phoned: At laojia, it had rained and snowed simultaneously; Hong Kong was still comfortable at a little under 20. Her father, she complained, hadn’t yet been paid although he’d expect the money in a week at most. The family has no bank account, zero savings but lots of un-serviceable land including a whole mountain. The entire chunjie depends on that money. She said she had been crying herself to sleep. Did I miss her?

The chilly, bone-biting, silent feeling is familiar to me, listening to the howling wind and looking out of the frosted glass windows into the spectacle of gray skies and a forlorn forest where even the birds have given up. They had fled last October. They won’t be back until for at least another two months. Cold heightens the loneliness. I think of those plaintive songs that sing to the passage of time: Three Years 三年, One Year and the Next 一年又一年.

Did I miss her? We have been apart only a day and already it tears at my heart with an indescribable pain. I didn’t tell her that. Instead, I told her about the photos she had brought with her to Hong Kong. She had given me almost a dozen of them, some taken when she went to pitch for the assignment, others during rehearsal for a series of still shoots for the summer. Sleep with it, she said.

I congratulated her on her success. The job means a lot. On the one part, she can soon get her iPhone7 so I won’t have to pay for it. On the other, less practical part, is that she had worked so hard at it, knocking on doors, reproducing tonnes of her past work, stuffing those samples into as many hands as she can find. It is a tough, competitive business.

Such an ethic is so Chinese, valuing personal endeavor, sheer strife, resourcefulness and persistence, not to cry over misfortunes or deprivation but actually to go out and try make a life for ourselves, regardless of the odds. This is to help explain why the Chinese are at the forefront in opposing Najib while the Malays (or Indians) fall asleep as the plunder proceed: We can’t stand for sloth, thievery and fraud, that is, taking things that aren’t yours.

In China, fraud and corruption are considered crimes near equal to murder. Hence, in serious cases, theft gets a life sentence or death. Tyranny is better tolerated than corruption. This worldview suggests why it is improbable Jho Low could stitch a 1MDB deal with China as he did with Arabs.

To the Chinese, Low is so anti-Chinese in his ethics, his life and how he conducts himself (but he doesn’t know it). An Anglophile like so many western-educated Malays, Chinese and Indians, he tolerates fraud more than murder because of the western, Christian injunction not to kill. Under some circumstances, the morality is absurd.

Another point about personal ethics is that the more the Malays press on the Chinese, the greater we become, more determined to move on with our lives and get ahead in our outlook. Jian is like that, so Chinese. For this and nothing else, I adore her.

Not Malay, without Mara, no Felda, no Ismail Sabri with free rent, no Perkasa, no Petronas jobs, no GLC, an indifferent, often hostile Malay government, the Chinese in Malaysia survive purely on their wits. The pain from the deprivation that inflicts the unfortunate is unspeakable (below), unknown to Malays like Utusan. Even then, they don’t cease their attacks, continuing a relentless campaign to beat down the Chinese whenever an opportunity presents itself. To unseat Umno, Mahathir, Muhyiddin, Kadir Jasin, Zaid Ibrahim — these Malaiyoo motherfuckers  — now resort to beating a new Chinese bogey. China.

Neither China nor the Chinese will be stopped. Are we surprised by Mahathir et al? No. Like dogs, these men are very predictable. Throw them a bone they’d scoot right up to it and then … we’ll avenge the injustices. We had offered them a hand, and they spit on it…. I must say no more.

The Chinese drive to better one’s life suffuses Hong Kong society: old women dragging card boards to sell and recycle, out-of-school teenagers playing street music and singing to passers-by for a dollar or two, out-of-work youths are in apprentice programs in construction. Jian and I spent an hour to watch a beautiful couple, probably in their thirties, busking outside a residential block; they look so much in love.

Chinese worry how we’ll turn out and look to the next generation. But we’ll manage somehow because we are not afraid of hard work, nor risks, soiling our hands, doing decent work. When China’s foreign minister said in comments about the South China Sea — We don’t go out looking for trouble, but when trouble comes we are never afraid — I know exactly what he means.

We each take our individual road, pursue our separate dreams. Yet I feel a unison of purpose. I work for myself and for Jian and for family. These efforts return to China in some inexplicable way. As we individually strive to get ahead, each for himself or herself, I sense all China striving as well, right through her bosom, growing strong each day, unified by the same idea though in a different sense to different people: Rise up!

Early in our relationship, Jian would go berserk if I speak badly of China. She’s more relaxed now. She understands that worse than speaking ill of China is to hide the truth from her. The Chinese, in years of my association with its officials, are willing to listen though not to flatter or praise — these they view with suspicion. It is to Reason that appeals most to the Chinese and China.



Families wrenched apart, the root of which is sometimes a banal one — money.


Beside the Water 《在水一方》韋唯


In Malaysiakini, Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) Youth chief Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman said:

I humbly propose that Mahathir (picture, left) and his highness meet eye to eye, and I believe that both can find a common ground in the matter.

What common ground is there to look for? And what ‘matter’ is there to talk over? Mahathir Mohamad’s statements, inferences and insinuations are as clear as day: China, Chinese, and land are perfect made for Mahathir fascism and Bersatu racism.

The man and his party wanted to exploit those things for political mileage, lying to the Malay electorate, never mind if, on his way to destroy Najib Razak and Umno, they’d burned Johor to the ground. The Sultan was right to point out his motives.

Mahathir is an incorrigible man.

To destroy his political enemies he will raze everything in his path: in his time, the judiciary, the monarchy, parliament, the education system, the civil service, everything. What has Mahathir not done? What has he not destroyed?

Now, having locked horns with the Sultan, and so ruining Bersatu’s electoral fortunes in Johor and in its entirety, he has this party-boy named Syed Saddiq to do the fence-mending. What else, even asking to meet the Sultan, is not political to Mahathir?

No, the Sultan should reject any meeting with Mahathir: HRH is not Mahathir’s political football to be kicked around when it suits him.

The only exception to that is when Mahathir goes down on his knees before the Sultan, beg for forgiveness, quit Bersatu then slit open and spill out for the world to see his mamak guts, Look East style. That will the measure of a man Mahathir isn’t.

That man has no balls when his political fortunes are at stake. His motive for wanting to meet the Sultan is only to get Johor and get Parliament and then to destroy Najib and not because he is sorry. He, a diehard fascist, is never sorry for anything. Even when the noose is around his neck for crimes against humanity, he will still, Hail Hilter. Death to the Jews!





Oh ya…? But why would you, Mahathir, want Malays to think things through, make rational conclusions or distrust what you say? If they did all that, you would be out of business, mamak boy. Just to get an audience, you’d have to masturbate standing at the top of your Petronas Towers. If it won’t spurt, stick it into Kadir Jasin’s mouth.



Above: Chinese foreigners will own and occupy, according to Mahathir, ‘the most valuable land’ that doesn’t yet exist.


The Sultan of Johor, cited in Malaysiakini:

Dr Mahathir (Mohamad) has gone too far with his twisting of the issue. He is making allegations that 700,000 mainland Chinese will stay in JB, and that citizenships will be given away, and that huge tracts of land have been sold to the Chinese.

He is giving the impression that Johor is surrendering land to the Chinese and that we are giving up our sovereignty, comparing even how we gave up Singapore to the British….

He (Mahathir) is not stupid, he’s just selfish and opportunistic….”

To say that Mahathir isn’t stupid, the Sultan wanted to be nice. Mahathir isn’t just that, but more: selfish, opportunistic, a pendatang, pseudo-Malay, a traitor, fascist and tyrant.

For three decades or more, he fed the Malays the racist delusion that they can be masters of their fate if only they overtake the Chinese like as if the Malays are a bunch of retards, sub-standard in whatever they do. He had no intrinsic respect for the Malays (the Chinese much less, of course). It wasn’t just that he looked down upon the Malays. He saw them as useless beings, so he would like to make them into his image as if he is some kind of Allah.

The result (of foreign investment) does not benefit us at all. Much of the most valuable land would be owned and occupied by foreigners. They would become foreign land.

When we sold the Singapore island to the Brits, we must know that Singapore with all its wealth and development has become a foreign country.

Purely as an intellectual exercise, begin with Mahathir’s opening words and compare them to the empirical evidences:

(a) he skips the investment part, the actual monies received from land sales that go into the Johor government. In this way, he begins with casting doubt on Johor as if it is involved in a strict one-way street transaction — property auction — rather than the usual land development with a buy-sell component carried out on terms set by the market and not by any one side;

(b) by suggesting that foreigners — and only foreigners, by whom he means the Chinese, of course — owning and occupying the ‘most valuable’ (Malay) land, he invokes sovereignty. But, he omits to say that much of Forest City is actually land reclaimed from the Johor Straits and, so, doesn’t yet exist;

(c) after which Mahathir extrapolates sovereignty into an issue of foreign conquest and Chinese domination as if Johor was at war and its government had surrendered to ‘foreigners’, the Chinese that is;

(d) from foreign occupation, Mahathir goes on to insinuate that Johor would soon be colonized, like Singapore once was colonized, like as if the Sultan and the Malays at the time had betrayed their own state to the British; and,

(e) conflating two time periods (a century ago and today), and two distinct and separate events (Johor land and Singapore), Mahathir is clearly suggesting that the Johor government is a traitor to Malays. Then to rub it in, added this piece of fiction: Johor surrendered ‘Singapore with all its wealth and development’, although Singapore 100 years ago was nothing more than a mosquito-infested swamp. Conflating deceives, so Mahathir now accuses Johor of selling the family silver to foreign occupiers — the same sort of inflammatory diatribe he had used for 50, 60 years since.

So was Mahathir being deceitful, appealing to the basest Malay emotion, picking on the Chinese (again), just to get even with Najib Razak? After all, this has been his political trademark since he started out as a small town, third-rate, cold and flu doctor in Kedah. Or was he, in his lies, being stupid?

The answer is probably found in both.

Before he was half-Indian and before he became a (pseudo) Malay, Mahathir, it must be recalled, was English trained (Raffles College). There he’d sponged on western, Christian values that any Anglophile tended to do and would. The same Anglophilia sickness is today found among especially PKR and DAP politicians such as N. Surendran, Charles Santiago, Wong Chen, Hannah Yeoh, Elizabeth Wong, even Anwar Ibrahim to a considerable extent.

When short of patients and out of work, Mahathir also wrote for the English language newspapers of his day, using the pen name CheDet (sometimes spelled in two words).

The Anglophile has no roots, and so is motherless. Consequently, the biggest influence on them from the West, England in Malaysia’s case, has been ethics — how to conduct one’s life. Like a man who converts to Islam or to Christianity where all past and all histories are overthrown, erased then replaced, Anglophile ethics ranged in all philosophical varieties, from politics to personal relationships.

But ethics, unlike set Islamic and Christian moral doctrines, are open-ended. It invokes no God, have no commandments and promises no abstract solutions to life’s problematic decisions. Acting as a guide to making difficult decisions is what makes ethical conduct ethical and, therefore, vary from circumstances to circumstances and from age to age. (This explains why Chinese, Confucian ethics is some of the finest in humanity precisely because, so long lasting, it still helps make decisions without setting strict rules for doing so.)

Anglophile ethics is Victorian variety, at the root if which is Christian injunctions so that the rootless, motherless Anglophiles (people without an indigenous history nor culture) tended to confuse ethics with religious morality. Such exposures to the West produced highly skilled people but restricted to their training in fields such as law but not the ethics in jurisprudence or in philosophy. Or, as in Mahathir’s case, he is trained in medicine but not in the ethics derived from Darwinian sociology nor Freudian psycho-analysis.

There is a part-French phrase to characterize such Anglophiles: idiot savant, people specialized in their respective task that they are trained for but mentally defective.

Such deficiencies meant that Anglophiles would readily buy into abstract philosophical ideas like Utilitarianism (maximizing well-being to the maximum number of people) but a Malaysian lawyer (N. Surendran) have trouble sympathizing with a family who can’t afford to pay their litigation fees. Others (Charles Santiago) believe all are equal (hence the human rights regime) but can’t and won’t tolerate a godless, socialist egalitarian world like in Cuba or Myanmar or China.

In Mahathir is found this same bigoted morality wherein he take his contradictions further: on the one hand, criticizing the Chinese for their money-mindedness then, on the other, instruct the Malays to get rich quick.

In the Victorian, Dickensian world, money is suppose to taint everything. From the point of view of the Chinese who have no such ethics, Anglophiles are astonishing in their hypocrisy: In his portrayals of Victorian society, from the Tale of Two Cities to David Copperfield, stories that derided money’s effects, Charles Dickens wrote purely for money. He was paid sometimes by the word, sometimes by the installments that appear weekly in the London journals then.

So, when Mahathir says that foreign investment will take ‘the most valuable land’ (note the phrase, ‘most valuable’) from Johor, he was in effect repeating his trademark bigotry of latching his racism to his perverted Anglophile ethics that scoffs at money*: Beware the Chinese; the Cinagui are at it again, using money to trick the Malays so that they can control Tanah Melayu.

(*Scorning money is entirely a Christian morality: recall the event in the Bible in which Jesus throws out all the silver from a temple.)

Mahathir assumes, of course, that what worked 50, 60 years ago will work today. Anything to beat up Najib till kingdom come, and so to hell with unity and peace. Such is Mahathir, yesterday and today.

Nazri Aziz was only partly right to say the man is ‘mad’. He is a motherfucking crackpot.


Haris ‘Abu‘ Ibrahim talks gungho: “Those thieves and robbers in Putrajaya must go!”

Only thieves and robbers? Fascists can stay? Mahathir Mohamad created then ruled from Putrajaya and so did Muhyiddin Yassin. They don’t have to go? Bersatu is not Umno in a new mask? And PAS is not Umno by a Muslim name?

This is the trouble with Anglophile liberals, pretending to be good persons: caught in their contradictions, like a rabbit caught in the glare of the headlight, they pour out verbiage and platitudes, skips the hard questions, look the other way and wriggle off into circles: (a) after Umno is out, the future takes care of itself, and (b) the Opposition shouldn’t take our votes for granted, or we’ll throw you out.

So that by throwing out Pakatan, people vote back in Umno? Throwing out Pakatan would be as easy as throwing out PAS? In the last general election, Haris was at the forefront of defrauding voters in the belief that PAS was for All. On that, he says nothing.

Haris, why don’t you stick your tongue back into your arse where it belongs. Plug it. You are spewing too much gas.




Mahathir Replies the Sultan

We Reply Mahathir

Not a year ago, a person like Latheefa Koya would call anything that comes out of Mahathir, lies, cheat, racist, and corrupt. Today, for the sake of her political ambition and that of her party PKR, Mahathir’s reply to the Sultan (on Forest City) is, according to Latheefa Koya, “very clean and honest”.

Malaysian politicians are so saleable, so payable, so easily bought, and reporters like Kadir Jasin are no exception, today some froggie Bersatu hotshot in league with Mahathir; previously Umno and Najib Razak.

Very clean, very honest Mahathir! Wow!

Wannabe politicians like Latheefa, eyeing some ministerial job and a big fat pay, make excellent forked tongue hypocrites. But, let’s not even go into that. Let’s instead see how ‘very clean and honest’ is Mahathir so that, on the flip side, then we’ll know what Latheefa is made of.

For the sake of brevity, we’ll look at Mahathir’s key basis in his rebuttal. He blames Bloomberg for all that he said, that is, he was merely regurgitating:

What did I say? Nothing more than repeating a report by Bloomberg in the press. But I appreciate why Bloomberg is not challenged nor denied. (Emphasis added.)

So what had Mahathir said that was merely ‘repeating’ Bloomberg? It is a question easy to answer. Did Bloomberg say the following, below, all of which are from Mahathir, verbatim:

  • Much of the most valuable land would be owned and occupied by foreigners.

  • (Forest City) would become foreign land.

  • When we sold the Singapore island to the Brits, we must know that Singapore with all its wealth and development has become a foreign country.

  • We are seeing … mass immigration to take up residence in new cities.

  • In most countries foreigners are not allowed to buy land.

  • But we are very generous. Even when we limit buying only to the expensive property, the Government would exempt (foreigners) to also buy low cost houses.

  • Imagine hundreds of thousands of foreign people flying into the country to stay for three months and then flying out to their country…. Imagine for nine months… ghost cities and towns. Empty roads and streets. Empty shopping complexes. It is absurd.

Below, in Mahathir’s own words, is his penultimate conclusion, all three points were zeroed in on Najib:

  • ..During Najib’s China trip, he claimed that he succeeded in getting 150 billion Ringgit of FDI. … I am sure that most of this FDI would involve selling land, Government’s and 1MDB land to pay the debts which everyone knows have been incurred by them.

  • We are going to see large chunks of Malaysia being developed by the foreign buyers and being occupied by them.

  • Eventually they would demand for citizenship and they will participate in Malaysian politics including in elections.

Did Bloomberg extrapolate from the Forest City report, turning it into another of his anti-Najib diatribe, this time using the Chinese as a club to beat up Najib? Mahathir would latch to his accusations — and these are just claims, not empirical fact — that land sales in Johor (although strictly a state, not a federal matter) was designed purposely:

  • (a) to bail out debts incurred by Najib — Mahathir says, he is ‘sure’ of that;
  • (b) as a prelude to giving Chinese a colony; and,
  • (c) citizenship.

Here is the biggest difference between the news report and Mahathir’s repetition: Bloomberg was reporting, Mahathir was maligning, he had a political agenda; one conveyed impressions and ideas, the other was on a warpath.

And Mahathir doesn’t care what he’d burned down on the way to destroy Najib. To justify that, he would quote you the Shakespearean, English immorality: All is fair in love and war. If that were true, might he sell his daughter in the Golok prostitute market?

But, such is characteristic of the man, lying, cheating, deceiving, immoral…



So, Latheefa (above), Mahathir is, as you say, ‘very clean and honest’. Clean and honest as you are, yes? What a cunt of a woman. Go fuck your Anwar, Eefa.

But, of course, a mamak like her isn’t alone to declare the piety of another mamak. Here’s another, Syed Akbar Ali who must think Mahathir is brilliant, like he.

These motherfuckers….



来自砂拉越报告(Sarawak Report)的完整文本




这封信的文本实际上是在前一天从Tarek到Turki的一封电子邮件中被匆忙发送的,名为“PDVSA Letter Urgent”,这可能是因为Turki的秘书刚刚复制了它的口头禅。

它说明了PetroSaudi如何在委内瑞拉展示自己,这与在马来西亚和世界各地的其他地方一样,那里年轻的花花公子Tarek Obaid试图兜售他进入沙特王室,外交影响力快速下降。





“We are very happy to work with the relevant Chinese companies to bring them to the Kingdom and give them full access to our shareholders’ ability to win large government contracts,” Tarek told Blair’s people.


Tarek Obaid告诉英国的布莱尔: “我们(沙特阿拉伯)非常高兴与相关中国公司合作,将他们带到王国(沙特阿拉伯),并让他们充分获得我们的股东获得大型政府合同的能力…”



这不是唯一的在Ashmore涉及Patrick Mahony的项目,涉及失去大钱的巨大风险。 Mahony于2006年加入了来自Blackstone的Ashmore,也是投资经理,投资约2亿美元在土耳其港口项目与合作伙伴,一些警告有可疑的商业历史。

“有一种傲慢的知道如何与新兴市场做生意 – 如何与狡猾的人一起工作。 但是,如果你处理蝎子,你应该知道什么期望“反映一个前联合。 合伙人偷走了Ashmore在合资企业中的份额,然后拒绝支付法院的判决。


他们在同一所日内瓦私立学校一起上课,他们分享了同样的社交活动的味道,通常包括在最昂贵的地方,在富有的搬家公司和大量的俄罗斯雇用的模型, 说砂拉越报告质疑的各种员工。


到2009年,双方正在认真推动PetroSaudi商业模式作为他们在石油王国最大限度发挥他们所谓的“皇家通道”的机会:“Tarek的商业模式不是投资,而是签约打沙特商务卡。 他会把零钱,但希望得到一个利益。 但是,它真的不清楚他真的是如何接近KSA“,金融业观察家解释说。

是Patrick Mahony制定了Obaid开始使用的模板,他寻找愿意投资者,特别是来自中国的投资者。 该文件被称为“PetroSaudi的基本故事”,它的目的是解释什么是与微观的小公司合作提供巨大的服装像中化(Sinochem),其中一段时间表现出兴趣。


Tarek Obaid(左)和Turki王子在豪华游艇Tatoosh玩主机,这是Turki假装拥有。纳吉布拉扎克和妻子(右)。