…so open your hearts to them, your brothers and sisters, and open your wallets, your land, and your homes. Welcome them with your daughters and wives (if they are any good), and your sons and husbands. For, as the Great Annie, ‘Lady of the Valley’, says, they are glorious beings who will not roll over and surrender the common quest for the world wonders of Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights.

Hallelujah! Praise to Allah!



Remember this from Reuters’s Anglophile underling Stevie ‘Wonder’ Gan?


What it doesn’t say is, Why? Really, really why….

Anglophile lies today are routine and the norm in western media propaganda.


Let’s see Rais Hussin, Annie put their money in their mothers’ cunt holes…






Recently a group of Hong Kong people wanted details about owning property and taking up Malaysia as a second home. The details need not detain us.

Here’s the conclusion: By all means, I say, Go! (What wasn’t said, ‘The more, the merrier.’).

Besides, Malaysia has a lot of racist Anglophile sympathizers like Annie. As proof, I showed them her blogspot page (and offered free translation from the English).

Surely, Annie will be happy to spread open her legs to receive the dicks of her favorite freedom rioters — as she says, in solidarity, her lips dripping, cum oozing. As bonus, she may even throw in her virgin Singapore cousins and her filthy, shriveled-up, anti-China Taiwanese mother.

A three-in-one Johor Nescafe welcome fuck.



“Take your mask off or you go in…”

In White-occupied America, it’s unlawful to wear a mask during a demonstration.



The Chinese are so civilized, so cultured and exceedingly polite (clip below).

Fuck the Yankees: They understand only power and so it is on the basis of power that relations rest.

They kidnap Meng Wanzhou, we grab some Canadians. They sanction one, we sanction ten times as many: AIA, Citicorp, HSBC, Google, Starbucks, VOA, Reuters, Bloomberg, Disney, BBC, Lane Crawford, H&M, Coca-Cola, indeed every motherfucking Anglo-American CEO so long as they are White, and never mind their passports.




China, Russia screw the Yanks

The economy…

The military…

Sino Mad Max!

Putin Max

Russian pastries look yummy, really yummy.


We caught one of them. But, why are we not surprised? Bible in one hand, dagger in the other; peace and human rights on the one hand, murder on the other.

We also followed the logistics trail and we followed the money… Guess where these ended up?


America has a long, long track record for this sort of things. Below…


Remember Annie’s ‘Beloved’ Freedom Rioter Simon Cheng?

The boy sneaks off to a brothel and Annie is lonely and dick-starved.



Aramco is fucked. Mecca is stoned. USA — the world’s most powerful country? —  is just a rabid street dog… woof, woof.



Some circumstances are what we Chinese call a Half Pot Yarn.

Why half a pot? Why yarn?

Such is the refinement of Chinese culture that places western and Anglo-America standing third rate and stupid.

Below is another, illustrating the excellence of the Chinese fine arts. It’s so distinctively Chinese, it can’t be translated nor copied. Moron Anglophiles who understand nothing and know nothing call it a ‘pop’ song.

It’s called 青玉案 The Sapphire Case

The next one is equally profound by putting into song a 1,300-year-old poem that speaks of nature and ‘lotuses lean on each other in yearning‘.


The time has come: The Brave New World. Post Google. Post Anglophile Android

Life without Google the Evil



How, via NGOs, via Freedom House, via CIA, via NED, via Malaysiakini, via Hong Kong, via inserting labels like ‘Democracy’, ‘Freedom’ and ‘Human Rights’, Anglo-America engineers an anti-Chinese, anti-China global narrative over Google, over other social media platforms and, of course, over Annie’s blog.


…is possible.


Option A

Like a matter of turning Israel… Russian.


Option B

Chinese control of White racist, apartheid Anglo-America then returning self-rule — within 5 years — to the Indigenous in Australia, Canada, USA… (Malaysia, too!)



Law: An Anglo-American and White by race — or Anglophile by imitation — commits a crime if said person acts in the interests of another Anglo in another national jurisdiction.

Penalty: Minimum 35 years or Life imprisonment

— QED —


Image result for herd morality

If I cannot have something, no one can have anything.






This is what is most terrible of all — the concept of the good man signifies one side that is weak, sick, failure, suffering of itself — and the principle of selection is crossed. An ideal is fabricated from the contradiction against the proud and well turned-out human being who says, ‘Yes’, who is sure of his future, who guarantees the future, and yet he is now called Evil. — Ecce Homo


The ideas of the herd should rule (only) in the herd and not reach out beyond it. — The Will to Power


There exist a plethora of individuals who desire to persecute and bring down those who rise above the mediocre mass, masking their envy with calls for equality. — Beyond Good and Evil


When some men fail to accomplish what they desire to do they exclaim angrily, ‘May the whole world perish! If I cannot have something, no one can have anything.‘ — The Dawn


Image result for joshua wong german

Behold the Man

Like he were some Jew Savior, the Christian Anglophile Joshua Wong (left) is over-rated in large part because western reporters and editors adore the idea that here, at last, is a Chinese admirer and copy of their racism and religion — their culture — and they could announce all that at home.

So they wrap the Chinaman’s neck in garlands and throw flowers at his feet. They lift him onto the pedestal, and they call in the Press to hail him as the new Savior. But, in true European style, he proceeds instead to kill the White man’s God, fulfilling the Nietzsche’s prophesy of the charlatan who believes himself to be Deliverer and, hence, Master of the Chinese race. A lunatic in a herd.

In its stupidity and its Chinese humanitarian outlook, the Hong Kong government have been overly kind to him, to let him live and stand trial for insurrection. But, kill him tomorrow, his name will be forgotten the next day.

And there’s not a fucking thing in the world the German fascist Heiko Maas (right) can do to save his Chinaman King of Jews.




Image result for what doesn't kill me hong kong


Why Joshie Wong met the German Fascists


The image above perfectly illustrates the racist and fascist character of the riots that have been deliberately hidden from view by Reuters, BBC, CNN, Stevie ‘Wonder’ Gan, et al. Even the Hong Kong government pretends no fascism exists by explaining the riots as acts of wayward kids and that there exist legitimate concerns and so the kids must be listened to.

In one riot video clip, I spotted a hand-written message board that looks much like the poster above. It reads, “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.

That line is from Frederich Nietzsche in his book of aphorisms Twilight of the the Idols (1888). Nietzsche expanded on that idea in Ecce Homo (1908), the Latin phrase for ‘Behold the Man‘, words used by Pontius Pilate, a local Roman governor, when he presented Jesus Christ to a mob during a trial (Mihály Munkácsy’s 1896 painting below).

The original line in Nietzsche’s German language (Google’s translation: ‘Was mich nicht umbringt macht mich stärker) was used in propaganda training in Nazi youth camps.

Now, to extend the logic further: Since they are the mob and, by corollary extension, we are Jesus Christ and since they are fascists and they want us banished from Chinese territory then it is fair and just they should be treated likewise. That is, we Chinese shall cease to treat them in any Confucian-Chinese humanitarian way for this only makes them more fascistic — stronger racists.

By extension of the argument, we Chinese therefore have all the justifications to kill them, if only to save ourselves and not become their slaves and they our masters. Kill them we must.


Image result for what doesn't kill me hong kong


And why not? If God is not sacrosanct, if Jesus can be killed, why not a bunch of slavish mental Hongkee Jewish pygmies? Why are their lives so prized above 1.4 billion others, above a 18-year-old St Stephen’s college girl, above mine and my Love?


In this post (to be uploaded soon), ‘Stopping the Hong Kong Riots‘, we have condensed, in order to highlight, four suggestions for consideration by the central Beijing and local Hong Kong governments. Those are long term goals, but they are fundamental in a collection of anti-dotes to the pervasive cultural appropriation that has poisoned Hong Kong Chinese society:

  • remove all vestiges of Anglo-Americanism, in particular removing English as an official language; Hong Kong doesn’t need English to prosper; the Koreans didn’t nor did Japan; all legal documents and all notices and all speeches must be in Chinese and Chinese only (Cantonese included);
  • change the educational system in its entirety, especially in its curricula from front page to back, first and foremost by removing the system from its Christian voodoo foundations and moving it into a secular one; this is easily accomplished by drawing on the experiences of the Han, Tang and Ming dynasties;
  • integrate the local economy with China’s, first by breaking off the HK$ and US$ peg, by adopting the RMB as the only legitimate currency, by removing all bureaucratic impediments into the free flow of city and mainland trade of goods and services, of people and of travel; and,
  • bring the legal system into a separate Confucianist model that gives more power to individual officials than to statutes and law enactments. This follows Korea and Japan (Taiwan to a certain extent) where legislation is kept to a minimum for acts of government and administration. Instead of the tyranny of law, there is rule by humans who, in spite of all our follies, is far more humanitarian especially if the authorities and bureaucrats are educated and tested in the Chinese tradition for their positions. This has been the model China used for more than 2,000 years, up until today. Communist Party rule is a misnomer that Western media propaganda uses to discredit China’s standing.

Why are the above measures necessary? The answer in our proposal paper is this: Ostensibly, the Hong Kong crisis appears legalistic, political, economic, social, and is related to American imperialism in particular. All are true, but America and Jimmy Lai cannot get far without the students.

Hence, dig deeper. One finds at the root of the crisis all the existential ingredients you care to name and which matters to student modernity: morality, religious values, social relations. This explains why the bigotry of the Church, the propaganda of the western Media, the journalist associations and White man racism have joined forces with the Mob. This is also why no amount of backtracking and appeasement by Carrie Lam will stop the riots.

The students don’t even care — minimally, for justice — for one of their own killed in Taiwan, her corpse dumped on the street like household garbage. (Their callousness is also contributed by the fact the dead girl is a heathen Chinese and not a Christian.) She was barely 18, like them, a student in one of HK’s top Anglophile Christian schools, the St. Stephen’s Girls College in the island.

If the students don’t care, why should the rest of Hong Kong care when they are shot dead on the streets? Death would be their freedom. So, we free them.


For non-philosophy students and readers, the above clip An Introduction to Nietzschean Thought is important — and necessary — to follow the rest of this article.



All is fair in love and war.

It is easy to make a rational, a moral and a legal case to kill those Anglophile mobs.

But the long-term problem facing Chinese society is not them — nor Joshua Wong — but the self-immolation, nihilist ideas they have inherited from German Nazism and the racist Anglo-American political theology. Fascism will not die with the Joshuas and the Wongs. But killing them makes killing their White gods the first step, therefore, easier and more purposeful.

We Chinese have preceded Nietzsche’s re-evaluation of standard Christian morality by more than 3,000 years.

We were the first to suggest that one can be good without God. Such a person designs his own morality.

He is who Nietzsche called ubermensch, the super-man. In Chinese society the ubermensch appeared as early as the yijing 易經 was written and before that during the Zhou era of bamboo stripe-books. We call such a man junzi 君子, the superior person who knew how to create his own ethics that not only brought personal tranquility but also familial and social harmony, and especially a high level of governance in state craft. The junzi is the precursor to the philosopher-king who understood the difference and, therefore, knew how to separate reality from illusions, truth from falsity.

The White man’s singular belief in the absolutism of democracy and God were never grounded in reality. On the contrary, they constitute the opiate of the masses, giving them the illusion they have control of their lives that they never could, or had, in the first place. One has only to follow modern EU, British and American politics to see what that means and entails.

The junzi idea removes this dualism conflict that is at the core of western angst and ruining its social fabric today that Nietzsche complained about: Apollo vs Dionysus, Christ vs anti-Christ, good vs evil, black vs white, truth vs falsehood, reality vs illusion, democracy vs tyranny.

There is no human ex-nihilo. That would be un-natural.

All that you know was never yours to begin with. Consequently, there are no universal truths in universal morality and Nietzsche repeatedly demonstrated that as empirically true. You always learn something or have to pick them up from somewhere and someone so that persons like Joshua Wong and his deranged rioters delude themselves to believe they are in charge, if only they had democracy and freedom. More than a century of American political culture prove that to be an impossibility and yet the Joshuas and Wongs parade this flag of absurdity around as if American values were some deity they’d bow to. They become permanent slaves to the White man morality and to the White man’s God that Nietzsche denounced in book after book.

How could slaves to a set of values and ideology and a God be free? The Joshies, therefore, will never be free and will never be the ubermensch.

The trouble is this, they are dragging the rest of Chinese society to sink with them into this swamp of metaphysical poison. This is why it is not good enough to exterminate Joshua and his clique; we must eradicate the seeds and children of their slave morality from the roots up, wherever they are found, the schools and homes.

We must, to preserve our existence, make no apologies for what we do and for whatever it takes to kill them.

Heiko Maas says he makes no apology for standing with the Joshuas; we also make no apologies for crushing them. Maas’s values and his dead White God are not universal.

If Maas could kill his God, why must we be sorry to kill the seeds of his Satanism he is sowing in our backyard? Indeed, we will crush the White man’s voodoo God every time Heiko Maas brings them into our nation and into our lives. We kill them in whatever form or shape, human or non-human.

Like American foreign policy makers, like John Bolton, Heiko Maas is a fraud and is evil writ large. We will kill him too if he turns up in China. It’s our human, democratic rights to protect ourselves. Maas’s morality is our immorality, his life is our death, his existence is our survival at stake. We have no Church so we have no Church vs State. If Maas’s God is dead then we are free to do anything we want with god’s believers.

White people hung Adolf Eichmann in Jerusalem; we will be right to hang, legs dangling, Heiko Maas of Germany from the lintel of our doorsteps. Joshua Wong would be bonus; they can have his corpse, too, for burial in their Martyr’s Tomb.

When we kill Joshua Wong, we kill not a Chinese. Rather, we killed an imitation copy of Heiko Maas and of Adolf Eichmann. We merely reaffirm the death of the White God that the Joshuas and Heiko had killed.

Besides, we Chinese are a true, genuine race, far, far superior to the White copycat Anglophiles and to the German Aryans enslaved as they are to some desert voodoo deity. We are the ubermensch Nietzsche prophesied, godless and therefore shackled to none, freed of all those faked White man morality. We are the only, true free people in the world!

There is no law of nature that says all men are equal — or, must be. On the contrary. And we have the answers to the inequality.

It’s not in our culture and in our ethics: Therefore, neither the China mainland nor Hong Kong, neither today nor in the 5,000 years of Chinese history, do we treat people as Germany had when it ran the Auschwitz concentration camps. But, if Germany, the US and the West treat us as if we are like Nazis then, rest assure, the first persons we throw into the gas chambers will be the Heiko Maas of the filthy German nation.

After which we will return to our homes and join our families to feast on roasted ducks.

We Chinese are our own masters. Inferior White people will never, never, never, never, never enslave us again like it did the rest of the world with their voodoo White god.


Chinese, the Superior Man


The HK Worms Who Became Herd

Mediocre, weak, sickly degenerating, pitiable, an excess of failures… — Nietzsche in ‘Ecce Homo’, ‘Beyond Good and Evil’.

Also in the clip: the Chinese as the Higher (or Superior) Man, according to Nietzsche.

In the higher man, his good is only his own good. He does not preach it:

“This (morality) is my good, this I love, it pleases me wholly, thus alone do I will the good. I do not will it the law of (any) god, I do not will it as human statute and need.” — Thus Spoke Zarathustra




All under Heaven



Don’t cry, my Love. What needs done will be done…



陈怡停! 我笑死啊



Image result for rais hussin donkey

The fat brown Donkey farts.

Image result for donkey's fart


What if a Donkey Farts


Malaysiakini’s Propaganda Quest for…

the New State Terror: Obedience


When Malaysiakini was born and during its growing up years, its editors, notably Steven Gan, cultivated and spread their story’s narrative that they had crawled out off their disillusionment with the mainstream media (namely, in the English; namely the NST, The Star). That is, in their unstated word-codes, they possess higher virtues in matters of freedom, justice and democracy; they are greater than other mortals, holier even; they are, and became, the ones to lead the country to become nobler.

This came to pass and, like Christian evangelism, it became their ideological mission (see the clip at the bottom of this post). But let’s not even go into their track record because something else, something more important, needs said.

The presumption in their media evangelism is that they know best about what it is to be free, just, and democratic.

It’s trite to have to say, again, what one knows never belong to you in the first place. Hence, from where, whence, who and from what had Mkini editors picked up their values if not the West, specifically Anglo-America? The question is asked because the pastor who claims to know the truth can only claim it from one source — the Bible — and that’s all that is sufficient and necessary to be preacher. Similarly, it is for the like of Osama bin Laden.

And the truth has to be written in English because, if not that, how else is Mr Steven Gan to read and to claim superiority of his values? That man can’t even read, write much less, his own mother’s name in the original Chinese. Similarly it is to the like-minded, people like Hannah Yeoh, Annie, Helen Ang, though Malay Anglophiles had other sources of inspiration, the like of Ahi Attan, Rais Hussin and Kadir Jasin who never had mother-tongue culture and had learned about the birth of the world only by plagiarizing words, thoughts and ideas from the Arabs when they had their fill of Englishmen.

Everyone of them, without fail, would thus name themselves after some gringo then pretend to be next Prophet and Deliverer. Like the Malay polity, they would claim themselves to be the bumis of new virtues they knew they had copied from the West.

If telling left from right, if knowing east from west and the virtues of right from wrong has to be in the English and written in the Bible, fed through the diet of Shakespeare, Thomas Hardy and George Orwell then it’s fair to ask: What have they been eating? What diet of the soul do journalists who proclaim themselves to be the nobler, the higher breed feed on if not Anglo-Americanism?

After which, you might ask the follow-up question: what’s in this Anglo-America media diet because the point you arrive at is two-fold:

    • (a) So called democracies need propaganda most, for the obvious reason that, every so often, they have to count the number of noses sniffing up to their agenda. Why would tyrants have any greater use of the media? They have guns and the army, after all. And,
    • (b) For media influence to be effective, meaning the ability and the success rate of Steven Gan to convince people to say War is Peace, Rioters are Activists (whatever that is), Fascists are Democrats, Black is White, its propaganda has to become, in the first place, the norm. That, too, has come to past ever since the murderous Yankee years of Cambodia, Vietnam and Korea (see the clip at the bottom).

What if a Donkey Farts?

The article below is from Project Censored. Why? It’s good to know, not only the one who feeds you the ‘news and views’ but also from whence they had come and why.

Then comes the penultimate conclusion: Can anyone do without Malaysiakini? In this new era, that, too, is a trite question. After all, six billion humans manage to get up every morning and nobody misses it.

But an Anglophile will be an Anglophile, without his own culture, without values, other than seeing only dollars, preferring obedience to autonomy that never existed and he never knew existed. A donkey is always a donkey; even with all his bleeper blabber about ‘truth’ and ‘integrity’, Rais Hussin (image on top) will always be Rais Hussin, fed on American Mid-West corn and carrots — a useful White man’s donkey.

So what if the donkey farts? The world is changed, sweeter? Nah….


The Most Important Article You’ll Never Read? How Western Media Support State Terror, While Millions Die, and How this Article was Killed


How Western Media Support State Terror

…and Millions Die

By Matthew Alford, Daniel Broudy, Jeffery Klaehn, Alan MacLeod and Florian Zollmann

As media theorists, we set out in Spring 2019 to pool our collective expertise into a short and very readable article for the mainstream press about how media treats Western foreign policy.

As we expected, our efforts were roundly ignored. However, as fate would have it, one leading liberal publication was excited by the project. Our source worked closely with us until deadline day, where it was presented to a senior editor for a final check before printing. And that’s when the real story started.

Below is our article, in full, and the story of how it was pulled by senior management at the last minute.

When Noam Chomsky first observed that the United States had attacked South Vietnam, he was upending a particularly tedious case of media conformism from that era, namely that the West was fighting Communists in the North to defend Saigon.  However, the young professor was spectacularly right. By the end of the war, two thirds of US bombs – twice the total tonnage detonated in World War II – had fallen on the South. 

The leading military historian, Bernard Fall – who believed in the US presence there – said at the time that ‘Vietnam as a cultural and historic entity… is threatened with extinction… [as] the countryside literally dies under the blows of the largest military machine ever unleashed on an area of this size.’ Yet, as Chomsky argued, mainstream media opinion saw US actions in Vietnam either ‘as a “noble cause” that could have been won with more dedication,’ or, on the other side of the political spectrum, the critics spoke of ‘“a mistake” that proved too costly’.

The war consumed everything like a vortex: Vietnam; Cambodia; Laos; even Bernard Fall himself was killed by a landmine.

Timor Limited

Similarly, when Indonesia invaded East Timor in 1975, Chomsky and his co-author, Edward S Herman, cut lonely figures by observing that the attack had even happened. Aerial bombing, mass executions, and enforced famine claimed 200,000 lives, but the occupation received almost no US coverage whatsoever.

We found that reporting on East Timor in Canadian papers like The Globe and Mail declined after the invasion and virtually flatlined as the atrocities reached their peak in 1978. Two decades on, Elaine Brière’s documentary Bitter Paradise: The Sell-Out of East Timor (1996) told the story but was itself bought – and then buried – by a major Canadian outlet.

The other exception was John Pilger’s Death of a Nation: The Timor Conspiracy (1994), which was broadcast in Britain by ITV.  Pilger, director David Munro and journalist Christopher Wenner had entered Timor posing as representatives of a travel firm and the film exposed Western complicity in what most analysts consider genocide.

Pilger cited former CIA officer, C Philip Liechty, who was stationed in Jakarta saying that Indonesian president Suharto ‘was given the green light [by the US] to do what he did. We supplied them with everything they needed [from] M16 rifles [to] US military logistical support…. When the atrocities began to appear in the CIA reporting, the way they dealt with these was to cover them up as long as possible.’

Paired Examples

As media scholars critically engaged with Herman and Chomsky’s work on propaganda, we are particularly interested in perspectives that are ignored in the mainstream, especially by the most progressive news media outlets.

Over the past 10 years, in a series of peer-reviewed studies about Western media representations of numerous countries, we have observed that the West’s enemies are still portrayed very differently to those of its allies such as those Cold War-era dictatorships in South Vietnam and Indonesia.

Crimes by ‘anti-Western’ regimes in places like Serbia/Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iran and Syria routinely prompt media campaigns for external intervention. While such moral indignation can be justified, the US and UK – alongside allies such as Israel, Egypt and Colombia – commit atrocities that are given a constructive spin or only token coverage.

Some Coups are Cool

For example, our work shows how Venezuela has been demonised in the media as a ‘socialist dictatorship’ since the 1998 presidential election of the wildly-popular Hugo Chavez.

Following a 2002 coup, the New York Times, for example, endorsed a short-lived US-backed dictatorship in Venezuela as a ‘refreshing manifestation of democracy‘. And the mainstream press – not to forget some blood-curdling video games – have continued to advocate another coup against Chavez’s successor Nicolás Maduro, elected president in 2013, which the media justify on the grounds of his alleged economic mismanagement.

When opposition politician and self-appointed president Juan Guaidó called on 30 April 2019 for the Venezuelan military to overthrow Maduro, Western media outlets were reluctant even to call this an attempted coup. A survey by the US media watchdog Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) found that literally no elite US commentators opposed the April 2019 coup attempt, describing it as an ‘uprising‘, a ‘protest‘, or even an ‘opposition-led military-backed challenge‘.

Fresh US/UK sanctions have been celebrated in the mainstream media, even as they exacerbate the crisis. The United States has blocked the importation of insulin, dialysis machines, cancer and HIV medication, including those Venezuela had already paid for.

As a result specifically of the sanctions, 40,000 Venezuelans died between August 2017 and December 2018 alone, according to a report produced by leading economists at the Washington-based Center for Economic and Policy Research. The report establishes in detail how in the absence of sanctions a state with such ‘vast oil reserves would… have the ability to avoid this kind of an economic crisis’.

As part of a March 2019 Veterans For Peace delegation to Venezuela, Dan Shea, a US veteran from Portland, Oregon, asked us why, ‘if America is there out of humanitarian concerns, does the US put sanctions on people, to starve them, to take their medications away, to not allow them to have some quality of life. It is against the Geneva Conventions to stop medical supplies and food from coming in. They’re stopping everything from coming in and then the US turns around and blames the Maduro government for it.’

The sanctions were formally condemned at the United Nations, with a former secretary of the UN human rights council describing them as akin to a medieval siege and a ‘crime against humanity.’ These bothersome facts were overwhelmingly ignored by the media.

War of Altruism

Venezuela is merely the rule, not the exception. Back in February 2011, when conflict erupted between the Libyan government and opposition groups, our news media depicted the actions of the Libyan government as indiscriminate crimes, ordered by the highest levels of government. However, it transpired that the Libyan security forces had not indiscriminately targeted protesters after all, as the UK house of commons later confirmed.

One of just two New York Times articles critical of the subsequent French-led NATO intervention in Libya, identified in a systematic postgraduate study, lamented the ‘folly’ of ‘endless wars of altruism’. They also opposed the war for tactical reasons while ignoring the views of academics critical of the intervention at much more fundamental levels.

It, thus, hardly mattered for the news media when the NATO intervention, according to a study in the high ranked journal International Security, magnified the death toll in Libya by at least seven times.

Mideast Murders

In Egypt, after the military overthrew the country’s first democratically-elected president, Mohamed Morsi, on 3 July 2013, protesters occupied Rab’a al-Adawiya Square in Cairo, calling for Morsi’s reinstatement.

On 14 August, Egyptian security forces under general Abdel Fatah al-Sisi – a valuable Western ally who would become president in 2014 after a coup – killed 817 people while dispersing the Rab’a al-Adawiya sit-in.

Human Rights Watch called it ‘one of the world’s largest killings of demonstrators in a single day in recent history’ – but it led only to mild rebukes in the Western news media and among the diplomatic community.

Al-Sisi, after all, was considered to be a more stable leader, in the mould of former president Hosni Mubarak. To this day, The New York Times refrains from labelling al-Sisi a ‘dictator’ – despite him now being due to rule until 2034 – instead referring to him as a ‘bulwark against Islamist militancy‘.

Not that the West is opposed to Islamic fundamentalists per se. Another key Western ally, Saudi Arabia, is only now starting to struggle with its human rights narrative. Saudi’s war against the people of Yemen has become the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

At the same time, US intelligence concluded that its dictator ordered the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. The grisly killing and dismemberment of The Washington Post journalist was widely reported and condemned in the media, but coverage of the war in Yemen has been woeful, especially in the first years of the conflict.

In an incredible rationalisation that passed without comment, the UK’s foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt recently insinuated in Politico magazine that by being the second largest weapons dealer to Saudi Arabia, the UK is uniquely placed to help stop the violence soon. Somehow, sometime – after four years and counting.

War is peace, indeed.

Red Herring

And then there’s ‘Russiagate‘, the jaw-dropping master narrative, long touted by US Democrats, that Russian president Vladimir Putin secretly controls US president Donald Trump by threatening to expose his secrets – and has interfered with ballot boxes and social media to manipulate US foreign policy and fix the 2016 US presidential election.

The long-awaited Mueller report into these alleged dealings substantially weakened the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory, even while far more evident influences, such as massive corporations and the Israeli government and, indeed, the enormous influence of the US itself on other country’s democratic systems, has been softballed.

The ‘Russiagate’ narrative also collapses when we examine the political advertising data. According to Facebook, a Russian firm, the Internet Research Agency, spent about $100,000 on Facebook ads during the 2016 US presidential election cycle. In contrast, the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump election campaigns together spent $81 million on Facebook ads.

Furthermore, unlike the Russian agency, the Trump and Clinton campaign teams also worked with the social media giants to strengthen their performance online. Facebook even sent staff to assist the Trump campaign as it spent millions on the platform.

As communications scholars Daniel Kreiss and Shannon McGregor comment: ‘Facebook’s role during the 2016 presidential election has come under extraordinary scrutiny…. But our research shows another, less discussed aspect of Facebook’s political influence was far more consequential in terms of the election outcome. The entirely routine use of Facebook by Trump’s campaign and others – a major part of the $1.1 billion of paid digital advertising during the cycle – is likely to have had far greater reach than Russian bots and fake news sites.’ The $1.1bn includes spending by politicians and groups outside the Trump and Clinton campaigns.

Yet, the last time a ‘Russiagate’ sceptic was allowed on MSNBC, the most liberal television network in the US, was in January 2017, just as Trump took office.

‘Russiagate’ has provoked a new Cold War. Moreover, the media’s obsession with Russia has shifted media attention yet further away from the Trump administration’s other, more dangerous, actions on issues such as climate change, abortion rights and corporate bailouts.

Not all news values are determined by powerful forces. Nor is it surprising or necessarily harmful that consensus forms around certain ideas. But power is strikingly relevant and consensus views clearly correlate with elite interests.

As global mass movements react to multiple foreign policy failures in an era of misrule, major media institutions still routinely support their state’s narrative lines.

Mass Distraction

Perhaps they did so most spectacularly over Iraq and the weapons of mass destruction fiasco. Major studies on US and UK media reporting of the Iraq War suggest that news discourses mirrored the views by powerful political and military elites. It was hardly on the agenda of the media that the invasion-occupation of Iraq constituted aggression, the supreme international crime in international law. 

That said, at least the cameras were rolling when the 2003 invasion began a campaign that contributed to a six-figure number of violent deaths – by even the most conservative estimates. One might ask where were those great Western pens and lenses in the preceding decade, when sanctions led to an explosion in child deaths – the numbers are still debated but the best indications are that they were comparable to the extremely high casualty numbers of the invasion and occupation itself.

Similarly, our work suggests that the war in Syria has been reported in a highly partisan fashion mirroring the media’s poor performance during the Iraq War. According to veteran correspondent Patrick Cockburn, ‘Western news organisations have almost entirely outsourced their coverage to the rebel side’ of the conflict.

As a consequence, according to Cockburn, ‘fabricated news and one-sided reporting have taken over the news agenda to a degree probably not seen since the First World War’.

Lies in Syria

To add one further example: the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has been tasked to investigate alleged chemical attacks in the Syrian conflict via its Fact-Finding Mission (FFM).

In 2019, anonymous OPCW whistleblowers leaked inside information about the fact-gathering process of the FFM, as well as an engineering assessment that was seemingly suppressed by the OPCW.

These leaks to the UK-based ‘Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media (WGSPM)’, together with other facts assembled by the WGSPM, indicate that some of the OPCW’s reports had been manipulated by the technical secretariat that heads the FFM.

A report by the WGSPM suggests that the technical secretariat has been co-opted by an alliance of state parties led by France, the UK and the US. It further suggests that some of the OPCW’s reports have excluded or ignored evidence that some of the alleged chemical attacks in Syria might have been staged.

These revelations indicate that Syrian opposition forces might have manufactured atrocities to incite ‘humanitarian’ military intervention by the West.

In fact, one of the alleged chemical attacks whose authorship is now in question was the April 2018 attack in Douma that triggered a series of strikes by France, the US and the UK.

This story of the OPCW leaks has exploded in the independent media but has been largely confined in the mainstream to the columns of Peter Hitchens in The Daily Mail and Robert Fisk in The Independent (the story has also been reported by France24/AFP and Fox News).

Abuse, not Truth

National media systems everywhere, far from challenging state-corporate abuses, as they invariably claim, routinely defend them. This is a problem in both autocracies and democracies, and in both the East and West. It is a situation that conforms to the predictions advanced by Herman and Chomsky’s Propaganda Model with regard to patterns of media performance.

Millions do die. These are avoidable deaths caused by powerful individuals and institutions in the West through the predictable consequences of economic and military warfare. None of this is even to touch on the long-trailing bloodstains left in the wake of certain bloated and coddled industries operating from our shores – notably tobacco, mining, and armaments, or the grossly disproportionate effect that Western militaries have on pollution and global warming, or what fresh hell might be unleashed at any minute over Iran or even China and Russia

Uncontested contrary facts, reliable analysis and well-presented alternative narratives can be found in a wide range of sources, such as Media Lens but in even the most laudable corporate outlets they are piecemeal at best.

The media is complicit. And it happens all the time. 

In fact it just did.   

Common Censorship

As academics who have studied and documented the true role of the media and its function, we were not expecting much of a response from the very media we were challenging.

However, as fate would have it, one leading liberal publication was excited by the project. Our source worked closely with us until deadline day, where it was presented to a senior editor for a final check before printing. And that’s when the real story started.

Not only that, they worked closely with us for several weeks to create a version of the piece we all thought was exceptionally well done. Its editor even generated a uniquely stark headline: ‘How Western media amplifies and rationalises state-sanctioned war and violence – while millions die’.

The article was due to be published on a Thursday morning in April but the head editor intervened as a final check. An hour later, we were called on the phone by the first editor to say there was a problem and delay. 

‘While millions die’ had been deleted from the title. All references to Western involvement in East Timor, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Venezuela had been removed. Our references to Ed Herman, Noam Chomsky, and even our own status as scholars of propaganda had been removed.

The head editor was confused by our criticism of the New York Times, supposing that their twisted use of criticism of the NATO intervention in Libya (lamenting the ‘folly’ of ‘endless wars of altruism’) was a ‘good thing’ by our terms. Would it be a good or legitimate criticism of, say, Syrian dictator Assad, we responded, to lambast him for pursuing ‘endless wars of altruism’?

Our paragraph on the NATO bombing of Libya was annotated with: ‘Needs line in here about [the] nature of [the] Gaddafi regime. Can’t ignore its atrocities.’ In response, we observed that official sources made it clear that it was our side and our ‘rebels’ in Libya, specifically not the Gaddafi government, who conducted large-scale human rights abuses and ethnic cleansing – against black Africans.

Our piece had been extensively hyperlinked to the most thorough and reliable sources available, including our own original peer reviewed journal articles. We responded to every query raised and maintained weekly contact with the publication for over a month before finally being told that we should take it elsewhere.

Noam Chomsky wrote to us as the events unfolded:

‘Quite a tale. While these statements [about historical US war crimes] were highly controversial at the time, I thought even the mainstream might tolerate them today – transmuting them to ancient history, mistakes, and so on.’ Amidst Chomsky’s ‘shock’ and ‘surprise’ at the unusually pointed and clearly documented nature of our publishing experience, he observed that ‘unfortunately, it’s the norm’.




People forget. But worse than forgetting, Anglophiles like Rais Hussin continue to apologize for his US handlers by concocting and peddling Anglo-American values of freedom, justice and democracy. Even if history, even if the evidences show otherwise…

The American genocide in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan today is but a hair plucked out of an oxen’s back in comparison to what had been done in east Asia, the millions bombed into oblivion and the sufferings.

This is why, for the rest of the world to be permanently safe and just and peaceful, the Rais Hussins of Anglo-America must be the first to be exterminated, roots and all, rooted out and fed to the pigs. That is, kill the peddler-donkeys and there is nothing to carry around the American baggage.

They are the enemies in our midst — like the Talibans and the al-Qaeda that America created.

Never, never, never let them take power.


This, below, is the America model Steven Gan and Rais Hussin want to rule in Malaysia, HK, indeed the rest of the world. Kill them before history’s deaths, underwritten by America, visit us — again. They are the Eichmanns, the Lon Nols, the Talibans, the al-Qaedas of the world.



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Image result for Simon Cheng


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My bet: They will quietly let the girl go. For her, forget the rule of law; we Chinese are that sort of people, humane, and compatriots in my Motherland know right from wrong, separating the wheat from the chaff. (Neither the images nor the YouTube video published here will embarrass her. They are not accessible at where she comes from.)


With mystery solved, and with our Man in China found at last, ever wonder what happened to the “Family’s Statement”, which the Anglophile rag sheet the South China Morning Post turned into an international affair of biblical proportions. (Canada banned all staff travel to the China mainland: It didn’t say if the ban is applicable only to husbands and boyfriends.)

As for the statement: With the help of the writing skills of SCMP editors the family will probably amend it.

This is a Commie sex trap, a conspiracy against one of God’s Chosen Ones. We protest in the strongest possible terms at such despicable attempts to smear the good name of Her Majesty’s Consulate General of the United Kingdom, the Cheng family and of our beloved Son. We strongly urge the world to stand with Hong Kong.

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Caught in Friendly Fire

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