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The Anti-Chinese DAP

With Keshvinder Singh joining Hee Yit Foong, the way to destroy DAP’s Jesus Taliban from inside out ratches up a notch.


For the Sibu seat, the DAP evangelist elite brandished their Christian credentials like never before. Two PKR men, Jimmy Chua Jui Meng (ex-MCA) and Tan Kee Kwong s/o David Tan Chee Khoon (ex-Gerakan), who joined them in making the “hand of God” were soon reciting from bibles they had brought with them. Their motivation hadn’t come from merely speaking in a common tongue, from the same pulpit, in Sibu, to prove that their political objective is biblical predestined. More than that, they were also asserting their common hatred, Barisan Nasional and more generally the Chinese electorate who refused their God.

This way of conducting politics might be tolerable. It’s been done before after all, with methods identical to PAS exploiting Islam although DAP’s Christianity has bigger dreams, turning Sabah and Sarawak into twin Kelantans. Then there is Anwar Ibrahim. He had brought Islam fundamentalism into mainstream Umno and look what it has gotten him: a posterior bruised over and over.

But that is hardly the point.

The DAP elite, along with Jimmy Chua and Kee Kwong s/o David, have by now internalise Anwar’s standard, operating political principle: make religion the nom de guerre of politics. Which explains why the like of Lim Guan Eng and Teresa Kok have no problem turning mass political rallies into Sunday pulpit shows – and that would be normal where they are concerned. In Sibu or elsewhere, they have only to imagine they are trying to convert the heathen. The imagining would be easy once they inherit the colonial condescending attitude towards the local people, with their own places in heaven guaranteed, and having mastered the ability to create voodoo “miracles” of turning water into wine, Sibu into Putrajaya. These are the exact same attributes PAS ustaz people hold of the common Chinese and Indians, the laobaixing. One hears of this mind-set every year in PAS general assemblies, the muktamar (they even have a special, differentiating name for their party congress).

Not long ago, Perak DAP’s James Ngeh Koo Ham wanted nothing to do with PAS if the Christians were to play second fiddle. Should Malaysia give up its secularism, he’d rather see a Christian state over his dead body than an Islamic one. (Karpal Singh preferred his dead body to an Islamic state.) It was either that or equal status at the minimum. Here is James in 2003:

DAP Perak fully support the CEC decision requiring DAP Terengganu members to quit PAS appointed political posts. We must never accept the implementation of an Islamic State in Malaysia just because we are accommodated in the Government.

Flip-flopping on his tongue this year, he was whistling to another tune:

…a secular state must not also mean it is anti-religion or anti-God. Good values taught in [all] religions must be adopted by [people] in a secular state after they have been examined and scrutinised. Therefore, I support a secular state imbued with virtues, and not a humanistic secular state.

Few Chinese have fallen for the Anwar-PAS stratagem to get Islam into everyday life and this is partly owed to the very nature of the religion. As for the Malays, they have no choice.

When Anwar went to jail some years back, the Chinese did not cry over his fate. So when he dies nobody is going to build a temple in his name as the Chinese did for Kongzi and Laozi.

DAP & May 13

If the Chinese did not fall for Anwar and PAS did they for DAP’s Christianity in March 2008? Lim Guan Eng and his mouthpieces in Malaysiakini (Josh Hong) and in the online English Sin Chew (Thomas Lee) like to think so they did: “stupid heathens”, they’d whisper among themselves.

Already Hannah Yeoh has likened the mass conversion of the Chinese, some to Christianity, but mostly to the DAP’s brand of politics as evidence into the work of the “hand of God”. And Sibu was just one more manifestation. This explains the DAP’s infinite conceit: like PAS people, they believe they have god on their side so they can’t lose.

DAP isn’t the first to use Christianity to serve a political cause nor is it the first to exploit religion in manipulating voter emotions. David Tan Chee Khoon, extolled as Mr Opposition some decades ago, had preceded all that. Before there was PAS there was Gerakan, helmed by Chinese Christians who had split from the MCA. Which is to also to say that the near annihilation of Gerakan in Penang in the hands of the DAP Christians is the former’s just dessert – explaining why Lim Kit Siang had been relentless in his personal attacks on Koh Tsu Koon.

After the 1969 general elections, David Tan took, in the name of the Chinese, his religious conceit onto the streets of Kuala Lumpur on May 12. He foretold James Ngeh’s statement about political supremacy: Christians, the Chosen Ones, don’t play second fiddle to Muslims. David Tan got the Chinese heathen killed instead although, for his efforts, his Gerakan ended up capturing Penang. DAP having wrenched Penang fom Gerakan the same way is repeating the David Tan experiment nation-wide. But, what of the Malays ….

Today, DAP’s Christian mouthpieces, Thomas Lee prominent among them, have tried to whitewash Christianity’s role – Gerakan and David Tan by extension – by lying about the events preceding the May 13 mass murders. The Chinese, says Thomas, were killed purely out of unfortunate “circumstances” while no “ordinary” Malays were actually provoked; they were simply denied their legitimate rights (he doesn’t say by who or how).

This attempt to rewrite history – lying about it – fits neatly the DAP’s present political stratagem, substitute ethnicity with religion into the political equation. (When religion blew up in DAP’s face last January, Thomas tried to assure the Malay-Muslims: not to worry, he wrote for Lim Kit Siang, no Christian will retaliate. Two days after the pontificating, pig heads were thrown into two mosques next door to Teresa Kok’s DAP constituency of Seputeh.

In saying that the Chinese were merely “victims of circumstances”, Thomas wasn’t merely exonerating the Malays who the DAP now needs on its side. What were the circumstances? What was the nature of those circumstances? Religious? The hand of God? When David Tan Chee Khoon, a devout Christian, as is James Ngeh, brought out his party members in a show of political force on May 12, provoking the Malays in turn, it wasn’t just un-Chinese. Rather, it was very Christian, a display of might to say “We’re the Chosen Ones”. Thomas, clearing the decks for DAP’s Christianity 40 years later, continues to work the “hand of God” for the party.

Umno, hence Barisan Nasional, has gotten it wrong before, 1969 in particular, when it failed to see Christianity’s role and saw Chinese instead trying to usurp Malay power. In branding Guan Eng as anti-Islam, Umno shows it is at a loss into how to respond to DAP’s evangelical politics even if that is plain for all to see in Sibu. Amid this disorientation, Umno uses therefore a tiresome tool which nobody believes anyway, not now especially with PAS and Anwar beside Guan Eng.

Beneath the DAP Chinese Skin

Umno overestimates the DAP. On its own the DAP can only have the Malay vote at the margin even if Guan Eng was to convert to Islam tomorrow. But, to brand Guan Eng anti-Islam merely feeds the myth and misperception that the DAP, as it now stands, is pro-Chinese and so makes the MCA tasks of regaining Chinese confidence even more difficult.

The reality that Umno repeatedly fails to see and to recognise is even more bizarre.

Scratch the skin of Teresa Kok or James Ngeh or Josh Hong, it’ll show they are more anti-Chinese than they are anti-Malay. Their names help to illustrate the point: a personal repudiation of their forefathers who in the words of Lim Kit Siang can only have the status, in Malaysia, of a second class people. Chinese second, Kit Siang has conceded but he would never say, Muslim second or Christian second.

Against DAP’s Christianity politics, the more efficient way to cut off the party’s legs, therefore, is not to draw the line in the sand between Guan Eng and the Malay: he won’t get to them anyway. Rather it is to empty the pond in which the man breeds.

Christians are under 9 pct of the national population; Chinese share among this religious segment is therefore even lower, no more than 6 pct compared with 23 pct that’s the overall proportion. In comparison, the DAP Christians command half or more of the party’s share of legislators present at state and federal level. To say the DAP swept the 2008 Chinese vote on the back of a pro-Chinese swing in sentiments is therefore to accept the argument’s corollary: the DAP is anti-Malay and has tailored its political objectives for the hearts of heathen and the pagans. This cannot be objectively true: one has only to hear Guan Eng’s threats, in the guise of “friendly reminders”, to Magnum about the latter’s presence in Penang to know that he wants everybody to obey the Ten Commandments. No exceptions, religious or ethnic.

It might still be true to say the Chinese by and large turned away from the MCA, towards Pakatan, but that’s not equal to turning to the DAP. At 13.8 pct, DAP’s 2008 share of popular vote was 4 percentage points more than the 10 pct it received in 2004 – a statistical significance, yes, but not overwhelming. This meant that, in absolute numbers, a third to three fourths of the Chinese heathen, the laobaixing, hadn’t voted for it and that was at a time when Guan Eng et al were hiding their Christian credentials. What the 2008 general elections have done for the DAP is to embolden its Christians to reveal their proselytizing agenda. Sibu is proof. Thomas Lee and Josh Hong are mouth-piece evidences.

Christians as anti-Chinese, and as historical fact, is easily tested in Seputeh, a seat held by the DAP for as long as they had been a DAP.

Teresa Kok holds the seat not on the strength of her Christian credentials but was given her to augment and to secure the positions of the evangelical faction within the DAP elite. (Prior to Teresa, DAP could even hold Seputeh in absentia, their man contesting the seat from an ISA jail.) Exorcising Teresa from Seputeh exposes the DAP’s exploitation of the heathen Chinese vote, for whom the party has only contempt, no respect, but uses it to advance its religious-politico cause.

Lim Guan Eng, pictured as representative of the DAP Jesus Talibans, and therefore anti-Chinese, would be a self-evident truth. The Chinese of Seputeh cannot but see the truism if only they were told, or “enlightened” in DAP’s Christian phrasing.

After which, the MCA has no need to look far to marshal evidences that DAP elite evangelists have worked, sometimes brazenly, against Chinese identity and against Chinese culture. Lim Kit Siang’s blog is full of such examples, although he may not be able to tell from it. Ditto Liew Chin Tong. And then there is Teresa Kok herself, at one time Kit Siang’s former secretary and one of his many, many protégé-disciples.

Chopping off the Hand of God

Two prongs of attack against the DAP will therefore bring it down: (a) exposing its anti-heathen, therefore anti-Chinese, nature in its politics, and (b) exposing the hypocrisy of the party’s evangelical elite to the heathen grassroots upon whom its structure of support is constructed. This is also to say, internal subversion.

Once exposed as representative of a conceited priestly caste in control of party apparatus, Lim Guan Eng can only invite condemnation and revulsion from simultaneously the heathen Chinese constituents and his rank and file. Umno must support the MCA in these efforts. Since the DAP evangelists want to bring Christianity into the political arena, oblige them. Lim Kit Siang et al should be made to lay on the bed they made.

The top DAP Christian – e.g. Teresa Kok – is therefore by extension and by point of fact the top anti-Chinese. This isn’t a contradiction of skin colour but a reaffirmation of a cultural reality and a historical fact. Once converted to a White man’s religion, and schooled in a La Salle, they invariably become anti-Chinese. Ridhuan Tee is in the exact same cultural position, only that he has Islam rather than Joshie’s Christianity. (See how the Chinese are constantly assaulted, left, right, centre?)

Seputeh once yanked from Teresa Kok and the rest, Penang included, falls easy. DAP’s anti-Chinese nature will be made even clearer if one of the party’s Chinese MPs were to quit the party to stand against Teresa in Seputeh. But that MP must first discover for himself or herself the anti-Chinese, therefore anti-Malaysia, essence in DAP’s political and religious ideology.

DAP’s vulnerability from within explains why, with each desertion, first by Hee Yit Foong, now Keshvinder Singh, the party’s Jesus elites throw a fit. In contrast, and in spite of a defection every other month from his party, Anwar just sighs. Kit Siang et al go instead into overdrive with their slander but always by invoking the gold standard in Chinese political culture: personal ethics.

Similar to the hate campaign launched against Yit Foong, Keshvinder would be defamed for being

  • (a) a weak man,
  • (b) saddled with greed and personal problems, and
  • (c) incapable of handling his own finances.

But the DAP evangelists, like Buddhist-wrecking Talibans who are masters in the art of spreading hate, assume too much. They assume Chinese culture, that is, its Chinese constituents have no mechanism or means of treating their claims sceptically. Typically and in response to each desertion, they would call a rally which in Christian theological terms is purely designed to create sin and brand the sinner and so to pin blame after discord rather than to bring harmony that is prized by the Chinese. A rally in Malim Nawar would be another Sunday pulpit show, spreading hate.

When the going gets intolerable Chinese internal uprising against despotic rule, as it is with Lim Guan Eng in the DAP, is not unusual in Chinese history. More and more the DAP’s attempt to put a lid on the rank and file revolt exposes the fault line upon which it imposes internal order: legalist ransom. Here’s attribution to James Ngeh again:

The DAP will send a letter of demand to recently turned independent Malim Nawar state assemblyman Keshvinder Singh and Datuk Hee Yit Foong (DAP-Jelapang), demanding RM5 million compensation from each of them for breach of agreement with the party. Perak DAP chief Datuk Ngeh Khoo Ham said all party elected representatives in the state had signed the agreement after the March 2008 general election.

DAP’s Chattel Bonds

All that says two things.

  • First, DAP’s Christian politics is not intended, and perhaps never was, a matter of public good, 为人民服务 wei renmin fuwu as the Chinese say. In Umno, politics is for the government contract; in the DAP, it’s a job creation programme.
  • Two, the DAP acts simultaneously the landlord and provider of jobs. To demand that its legislators pay if they quit the party – no excuse excepting, not even if a resignation is purely political – mirrors a kind of despotism unparalleled nowhere else. It makes the DAP the only party in Malaysia – no, the world even – to demand severance money from its legislators who they treat as they owned, as chattel employees.

Ngeh’s attempt now to justify the extortion – 10 million ringgit from Yit Foong and Keshvinder and redistributing it back to the party – might obfuscate the party’s tyrannical nature, as it is the nature of their god. It might even serve as a warning to other DAP legislators against any more dissension. But it does not absolve the evangelical elite of their inherent meanness and deep distrust of their Buddhist, free-thinker Chinese, Hindu Indian subordinates (to the Christians, all “heathens”) nor especially of the fact that the “agreement” with the party is nothing but a chattel bond.

Here thus is Lim Guan Eng et al exposed in all their cruelty: an exact image of their vindictive Christian god. Extrapolate that malice and inhumanity, it is not difficult to imagine how they will treat the people they should rule. Blow up some temples like the Talibans? Or, like banning gambling, kill some heathens to safeguard the religious health of the rest? Allahuakbar! The DAP is Great.

All that says DAP evangelism is a greater danger to Malaysia than PAS will ever be. It must be crushed hence. And, for good measure, Guan Eng et al should be put on trial (surely, Hisham, you can find something to nail him with?), one by one, then jailed and all that would be, to employ their logic they had said of gambling: it is for their own good and the greater good of the rest of Malaysia.

In more ways than one, Lim Guan Eng and family is like Taiwan’s Chen Shui-bian: poor in the beginning, later a Christian, wears clothes of a democrat, proclaiming Western, White man values and shouting democracy at every opportunity, yet a soul corrupted to the core. And he loves money, which he uses as leverage (chattel bond?). Indeed the two parties are ideological and political cousins. During his final term of office, Chen was especially racist and anti-Chinese, getting the English Press, the Taipei Times in particular, to launch the propaganda that Taiwanese are not Han Chinese. Taiwan, before jailing Chen, had wasted eight years on him and on every member of his entire family.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad: can you now understand, truly understand, who your actual enemies are? Know that the Chinese, the extremist Chinese, are the only people standing between the crusading Anglophiles and Malay sanity? (In their most fearsome, the extremist DAP Anglophiles can even drive the resilient Chinese nuts.) But, if you still want a Chinese skin to hang out of your window balcony, help yourself to Guan Eng and his family. Chinese chauvinists won’t blink. Either that or let loose your Ibrahim Alis on the DAP. We promise to say nothing; absolute silence.


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