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The flotilla was never about Gaza; it was the Turks.

In the nine-ship flotilla, the destination might be Gaza but the politics was the pro-Nazi, pro-fascist neo-Ottoman Turks (recall Anwar Ibrahim once hid in the Turkish KL embassy to escape the police) who since Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan in 2003 have been using empire reconstruction (below), with Islam as prop, for the solution to a number of its international problems: entry to Europe denied because of Cyprus, disintegrating nations to the north, ethnic riots east in Central Asia, Kurds it wants driven out off Iraq and a genoicide history of Armenians. Orange line, route of M/V Mavi Marmara, red line Rachel Corrie coming in from Ireland; all meeting in Cyprus. Mahathir (money from his wealthy bumiputra sons?) paid for three of the smaller cargo ships – they could have just handed over the timber and the toys to the Red Crescent Society or moved them overland via Lebanon but then, who would shout “Jew behind the tree, kill him”? In high seas, however, everyone, even the Lims and Anwars of Penang, have something to moralise about.

Turkish colonial rule 1300 to 1899, shortly before outbreak of World War I.


When streets demonstrations against Israel join Umno-PAS-PKR-DAP and when Mahathir Mohamad rails against both Jews and Chinese – his two pet hate projects –  and when he’s both preambled and enjoined in refrain before and after by Chinese Christians and Muslims, then Malaysia is off to a new trajectory in its history of anti-Chinese racism.

Mahathir is one of the earliest “Malays” to bed Chinese and Jews. The device he employs is a form of logic technically called syllogism, using two inter-related or parallel concepts, tie them up to forge a third, the conclusion. Because it is so easily mistaken as truth, syllogism is used everywhere in the English speaking world, as in Malaysia, by thieves, Christian editors, ustaz and preachers, Ridhuan Tee, and PKR politicians.

From one of the latter editions of The Malay Dilemma, below is a sample of terms, all Mahathir’s, and note they are entirely of a subjective, adjectival kind because in syllogism no facts are require – just say it. (In Mahathir’s footsteps, Thomas Lee in online English Sin Chew, Ridhuan Tee in Utusan and Josh Hong in Malaysiakini employ the exact same device to instigate hatred of Chinese.):

First Parallelism (P1):

  • Jews: hook-nosed, stinginess, financial wizardry, commercial control, understand money instinctively.
  • Chinese: almond-eyed, unscrupulous, manipulative, monopoly wholesale trade,  defer to riches.

Second Parallelism (P2):

  • Palestine: whole country was taken (sic!) and handed to the Jews
  • Malaya: predatory immigrants, Sinocization (sic!) of the country (Mamak, go back to La Salle School: there is no dictionary word sinocization; it’s, ‘to sinicize’, and use lower case ‘s’).

The examples above pile syllogism on syllogism. The conclusions in each of them automatically pull together to create a third: (P1) Jews = Chinese; (P.2) Palestine = Malaya; therefore, (P.3) Chinese illegally occupied Malaya. Extrapolate P.3, hence, kill all Chinese? Drive them into the South China Sea as Mahathir did to Chinese Vietnamese? Those conclusions need not be made plain, they become intuitive just reading the stuff.

Today, that same bed Mahathir made is feathered in more ways than one; already, the Muslim Chinese Ridhuan Tee writes to equate Jew and Chinese as a matter of fact and, to rub it in for the Chinese, praises Hilter and fascism.

Although a little tilted, but equally insidious, sinister and purposeful, the Anglophile Chinese, nearly all Christians – Goh Keat Peng, Josh Hong, Thomas Lee, KTemoc – feather the Mahathir racism and anti-Semitism along an angled plane. They don’t go after the Chinese directly but are equally nuanced like it is with Mahathiristic logic.

For example, Malays who in the days May 13 had killed Chinese are today made to look like victims of the Chinese instead. This seems to defy belief but, then, belief was never necessary to work a logical tool; only assertion is needed because syllogism requires no proof to buttress a claim. The conclusion is like the topping in the pudding – very enticing.

Hence, Thomas Lee says Malays cannot be at fault for hacking to death hundreds of Chinese. And KTemoc says Jews are fascists for acting distinctive, different – and murderous in a sea of suffering (caused by Arabs to begin with) – and he said elsewhere the Chinese have the same insularity, therefore also acting distinct, refusing to be Malaysian. Josh Hong labels outright the Chinese as racist (but not he and his Christian band). And Goh Keat Peng? Word is that he is a “Church elder”.

The propaganda doesn’t stop there: politicians who hated Mahathir and his Umno hacks have joined the same crusade – Jewish hatred with Chinese characteristics. Praising the anti-Semitism, the anti-Chinese DAP Christians – Hannah Yeoh, James Ngeh et al, who are fawning after the Muslim vote – are locked hand-in-hand with Muslim fundamentalism they once denounced.

What, then, to make of the new alliance, the anti-Semitic, the anti-Chinese, traversing along a new racist trajectory? In answering the question, first, a characteristic profile of the anti-Semitic, anti-Chinese alliance:

  • Malay Muslims (Petra Kamarudin, Perkasa, Ibrahim Ali);
  • Malay Political, Umno, PAS, PKR (Mukhriz Mahathir, Anwar, Utusan…);
  • Chinese, mostly Christians, others Muslims (GKP, Nattie Tan, Ridhuan);
  • Chinese, Anglophile Press (Josh, Thomas, KTemoc);
  • Chinese Political, DAP, PAS, PKR (Anthony, James, Hannah).

This lot is hardly as diverse as it appears. Equally, all want (a) political dominance, (b) religious supremacy and fascism – kedaulatan bangsa and agama, Malaysian first, and (c)  share a common hatred. As the world is united in the hatred of Jews; Malays, Chinese and Indians can now be united by a common hatred of Chinese, no, not the Christian nor Muslims but the infidels.

No method is too lowly if the purpose is divine. Above, Bülent Yildirim, the Turkish head (of a “human rights” organisation) who financed and organised the “Peace Flotilla” admits on TV interview he agreed to bringing toddlers on board the Mavi Marmara as human shields. It’s the exact same method Hamas used to fight Israel’s soldiers. Should Israel bomb the ship, then they can say, Jews kill kids. Yet Malaysiakini, Lim Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim praise the like of Yildirim as “humanitarian”, a “peace activist”.

You could see the exact same depiction on Tian Chua’s left-wing, liberal T-shirts: a Red-Green alliance promoting racism in the name of anti-racism. This is proof into why and how it is possible to convert murderers into victims as Mahathir, Thomas Lee, et al are doing today.

Taken far enough in this reconstructed profile of racial hate, as Mahathir did with his hatred of the Chinese, is a recipe for a future pogrom.

The Chinese profile being constructed for hate (and possible slaughter?) have evolved so far along these lines (and note the same syllogism at work):

  • Chinese are Jews.
  • Chinese are infidels and the heathen.
  • Jews killed Jesus.
  • Jews kill Palestinians.
  • Therefore Chinese are pro Jews, kill Palestinians.
  • Palestinians are Muslims.
  • Malays are Muslims.
  • Therefore Chinese killed Muslims
  • Chinese won’t become Muslims or Christians.
  • Therefore Chinese are anti-Muslims and anti-Christians.
  • Kill the Chinese Jews, the infidels and heathens.
  • Praise to Allah; Praise to Jesus; the Chinese are dead.

The greatest Malaysian achievement in the “Peace Flotilla” to Gaza is, therefore, not Palestinians. It is not even to unify the political divide that many online commentators have extolled as virtuous since domestic political enemies have gotten together to found an offshore enemy. More than that, the Turkish flotilla re-galvanizes a domestic, Malaysian, hate-Chinese project, by transforming and giving it an international character, supported even by local Chinese, Lim Kit Siang et al.

The next time, another thousand are slaughtered near the streets of Kampung Baru, nobody could call it genoicide;  after all Ridhuan and Joshie, among the first to instigate hatred, are Chinese in skin colour. But the Malaysian milestone created by the flotilla, going hand-in-hand with equating Jews and Chinese, is this: a casus belli or justifiable cause to be rid of an entire population. International law, a handy Western invention – read this for example – grants legal exemption for mass killing on certain, established grounds. Casus belli is the most commonly cited; Yankees in Iraq, for example. You have only to make out a case before hand.

Mahathir, anti-Semitic, is to be expected. But how could the Opposition, one might ask, be so callous in their politics? The answer: it costs them nothing and, besides, infidel or heathen Chinese, they are a sub-specie.

There’s another answer to the motivation. The Opposition don’t live next to Kampung Baru – KTemoc lives in Australia, Ridhuan works behind a university security fence – so it won’t be Guan Eng’s children who’ll be hacked with a parang but some poor sod of a noodle hawker riding his old sputtering Honda Cub to pick up his daughter from school or a 18-year-old boy dashing off to a stand in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman for a nasi lemak takeaway. The last time it happened, they died in chopped-up pieces as Mahathir would subsequently justify by calling the Chinese “predatory” and is justified today by the like of Guan Eng (he is going to get his wife, he says by way of inferential threat, to wear a ‘tudong’), Ridhuan (Chinese are just Jews), Josh Hong (they are heathens anyway) and Thomas Lee (you know, Malays are also a people of God and they had it bad for too long, and that from infidels).

Morality of this tale: You were right to immigrate; it’s still safer elsewhere.


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