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LKS photo-khopped (by KTemoc?)

DAP’s Mr Lim Kit Siang (above) can take only all or nothing options: either you’re with me or you not. Either you believe in Jesus Christ or in hell you’ll fry. Or, either you are Malaysian First or you are Malay First. And if you’re not Malaysian First, you die.

That’s known as the ‘either/or’ fallacy in the philosophy of logic.

Mr Lim wants to know whose side the HRP is on. Kit Siang: “HRP must decide whether it supports BN or Pakatan…” To answer him, here is a suggested reply:

Dear Mr Lim,

To give you a true and complete answer into two choices you’ve kindly presented us – BN or Pakatan – we first have to know. Don’t we? And since we do know what’s BN we must therefore also know what’s Pakatan to decide. True? So tell us:

  • Are you a duplicate of BN: Mahathir’s Bangsa Malaysia, Umno cronies among you, PAS bumi housing quota…? Or,
  • Are you a BN phoney: you know, the bow-and-kiss Kamal-Alan-Nathan, ‘truly’ Malaysian bangsa type?

To respond to this letter, you need to tick only one box.

Yours truly,




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