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In a big wok, the small fish fries quickly. – Old Chinese folk saying

Also, how Malaysian Anglophiles, the MKinis and the Joshies, permit themselves to be used.


Genuine dissident or your money back: Free the man? Of course. And the Norwegians can have their money back? Americans too?


More on Liu Xiaobo (刘晓波) and those old, imbecile Norwegians…

What would the orang putih, the Dean Johns know about Liu Xiaobo.

The award of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize to imprisoned dissident Liu Xiaobo is being celebrated globally, mainly by elites who claim to know what Liu is about. They say he is for human rights and democracy, but there is more to it than that, because much of what he is about is ignoble. In 1988, an interviewer asked him what condition China needed to have real historical change. Liu attributed what Hong Kong is today to 100 years of colonisation, so China would need 300 years of colonisation for it to become like Hong Kong. – Barry Sautman and Yan Hairong, SCMP, October 12, 2010

Liu Xiaobo himself. And, he says, let the Dean Johns rule China:

… it will take three hundred years of colonialism. I am still doubtful whether 300 years of colonialism will be enough to turn China into Hong Kong today.  – Open Magazine interview, 1998

Eight years later, in 2006, Dec 19, he reaffirmed his position in a letter to Open Magazine where he gave the earlier interview:

In November 1988, I had just finished a three-month visit to Oslo University (Norway) and I was heading to University of Hawaii (USA). I deliberately chose to go through Hong Kong. It felt great to visit the free port created by colonialism for the first time!

The Charter 08 or what’s left, as it is extolled in the Christian Science Monitor:

…more than 300,000 websites now link to the charter, and it’s being discussed on blogs, QQ (a popular Chinese instant message service and website) groups, and other chat rooms. “It’s impossible to block information in society now,” (says Zhang Zuhua).

ESWN put the claim to the test:

I looked for “零八宪章” on Google.com, and I got 328,000 results. This is most likely the 300,000 number that Zhang Zuhua is referring to in the CSM article.

Yet here is David Mathew, at sinchew-i, who complains (thanks to the Rev Thomas Lee?) in complete contradiction:

Having your internet access censored is not a good life. It is a life that builds barriers around free will. It is a life based on mistrust. Imagine typing Raja Petra in the Google search engine and receiving the irritating “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage” message. This is what people in China experienced recently when they ran a Google search for Li Rui, Mao Zedong’s former secretary.

Extrapolating, he is also saying he can’t access Liu Xiaobo through Google, and in English. Since he probably can’t write Chinese well, or at all, had he typed in his father’s name in Swahili? Or did he typed in his mother’s name using Google Translate which might give him this: 婊子. “Imagine,” like David says, searching Google with his mother’s name, 婊子.

[David, O! David, know what that means? Try it, boy.]


There is a Bigger Fish to Fry

From Sautman and Yan again. Liu Xiaobo sounds like the Johns, reads like Johns…

In 2007, Liu stated that he did not want to take back what he had said in 1988, because it reflected a belief he retained. He attributed progress in China to Westernisation and said the more that Westernisation existed in the various spheres of Chinese society, the more progress was attained. He is either woefully ignorant of the nature of colonialism, which involved legally mandated racial discrimination and the colonisers’ political and economic monopolies, or Liu finds it a congenial alternative because he is convinced of Western superiority. This can hardly be expected to be a sentiment shared by most Chinese.

And he can be quite as illiterate as Joshie. From Liu Xiaobo himself (incredulous piece of rationale below):

The US has not been without its flaws … but at least it is a free nation with the greatest ideals and sense of mission. Without US protection, the Jewish people, who had long suffered persecution and endured genocide during WWII, would probably have been destroyed by the hate of the Muslim world. The hatred and terrorist attacks on the US by the Muslim world is clearly related to long-standing US support of Israel. – Observe China, 2004, Oct 31

Is Liu Xiaobo the mistake or is it the prize?

Liu Xiaobo has, as far as I know, never contributed in any conflict-reducing activity or take part in peace-related activities. I therefore cannot see that the peace prize winner fulfills the most important criteria in Nobel’s testament. Therefore it is a mistake. – Arnulf Kolstad, Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Liu Xiaobo got 11 years in the slammer. Question: where is the evidence he is sitting in jail purely out of free speech, and peaceful ones at that?

Like Malaysiakini, Liu Xiaobo received money from the National Endowment for Democracy, a CIA front used for rechannelling funds distributed by the US Congress. Does that explain why Josh Hong and Mkini like Liu Xiaobo: a common, American interest?

At the China Study Group: About the Nobel Peace committee…

The prize is awarded not by an international group of specialists in peace studies or human rights (Norway alone has quite a number), but by five retired Norwegian politicians. These are all white and, presumably, well-off. They currently represent the five largest Norwegian political parties, one from the left, two from the center-left, and two from the right, according to conventional Norwegian characterizations. The two right-wing parties and one of the center-left parties are for sharply restricting immigration to Norway, at least from outside Europe. The head of the Nobel Peace Prize committee has promoted the idea of Norway sending more troops to fight in Afghanistan.

And, as a reminder: Jean-Paul Sartre, French philosopher of the post-WWII era, refused to accept the Nobel Prize in Literature, offered to him in 1964. He stated that Nobel prizes in literature and peace were being used as tools of the West in the Cold War – not unlike now. (No comparison there, but think of Malaysiakini editors and Joshie – very useful idiots.)

There are bigger fish to fry than Liu Xiaobo.



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