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Yi Min: Day 21 in Muslim Captivity



Yi Min abducted, Nov 8: Muslim! Give us back our child!


A thousand hatreds spring forth from one false step. – Chinese idiom

哀莫大于心死 – 庄子

No sorrow is greater than a withered heart. – Zhuangzi, 369-286 BC

“A nation will rise whose music shows such emotional depth and range.” – Anonymous.


*From Goethe’s The Sorrows of Young Werther


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Bangsa Contradictions (continued)

The Short Happy Life of Haris MacFirst* (2)

Emerging politician (’emerging’ as in emerging economies) Haris Ibrahim has quickly learned politics in doublespeak. Like his former idol Anwar Ibrahim, now set to “implode” (according to buddy Petra), Haris has this proclivity for speaking in forked-tongues.

With Hannah ‘Miracle’ Yeoh under his patronage, Haris literally salivates over her:

What you have here is a young party member who … because of her strong academic qualification, strong religious convictions … her principled position and her ability … was soon noticed … as excellent candidate material.

Hannah Material: excellent … principled … convictions … academic … strong … young. Wow! (As his Bangsa buddy KTemoc  likes saying). Imagine now Miracle Yeoh fluttering in the wind on wings of angels. Wow! Wow! (This is equal to Thomas Lee, another of those Bangsa types, describing Caliph Lim Guan Eng as, “luminous”.)

Haris on a podium:

Romans! We, the People, have found us a Saint! Allahuakhbar! (That’s to be Malaysian First.)

Within 24 hours of patronizing Hannah, Haris writes this: Steering Clear of the Politics of Patronage

Haris isn’t alone as patron. Even Allah does it, according to Azizah, secretly, telling nobody: Allah has been Anwar’s patron. Not true? Read this, for it’s been revealed: Anwar is god’s gift to human kind.

Interesting parallel: Hannah is a Jesus gift, Anwar is Allah’s gift to Malaysia. This country is belly full of saints, miracles, patrons, prophets, patriots, sodomites – all ‘excellent’ material.

Of course, Hannah isn’t the first to come under Haris’s patronage. Think Izzah (psst… Haris has a crush). They call her the Princess of Politics, or something or other. She has gotten where she is today not siting on the papa’s lap – it belongs to Haris’s ex-idol – but by the Haris standards: ‘excellent, principled, convictions, academic, strong, young – a material.’

These Bangsa types … Aiya!

Or, if you’d prefer the exclamation, Holy Cow!

What’s matter with Haris? Why has he this political penchant for ‘young, excellent, strong’ women?

Superlatives, superlatives, superlatives.

‘Miracle’ Yeoh discloses: in saints per capita Malaysia sets a new record.

Haris convulsing over Hannah could be a mock interview, rehearsing to select his 20 Merry Men. Now, inside the interview room it is overhead:

Teresa Kok! Wake up! How old are you?

Teresa: Aaah… aaah….

Haris MacFirst: You wait outside, OK? You don’t call us. We call you.

Eli Wong, you next. Wake up!

Haris MacFirst: You ta’u cakap Bangsa ke? You what religion? Ada Oxbitch certificate? You ada kuat? Apa principles you ada?

Eli: Jangan macam tu. You and I friend, friend long time. Tolong la… bagi chance sikit ‘bang.

Haris MacFirst (leans over to Jaya and whispers): What you think? She okay? Material strong enough?

Haris MacFirst (whispers to Eyes Wide Open): Hey, boy, go get me satu Guinness. I want black, strong, very strong, and not so old. You got a fag?

Gasp… gasp…

NB: *Borrows from Hemingway’s The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber.

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Yi Min: Day 17 in Muslim Captivity

Yi Min abducted but they call it ‘custody’. As in custody, liberty for her requires permission – yes, permission – from an Islamic State.

For a man such as DAP’s Ng Wei Aik who measures the weeks, months and years in his life by counting the seconds in his (Rolex?) watch – Najib Razak got a rebuke from him for being two hours late to criticise Jews – he was spending an inordinate amount of time repeating the old refrain calling to end the ISA. That’s arbitrary imprisonment. Many of those in jail before and today are Islamists, PAS members among them. For the DAP, this kind of demand has a political value, a value greater today under Pakatan, inter alia, its alliance with PAS and for the support from the sundries of the Muslim and Malay radical groups (never mind about Caliph Lim’s Middle Malaysia).

But liberty for Yi Min?

Not even a whisper. [Ah Aik, have a moment in your thoughts for just one child, next door, as you would for Arabs 3,000 miles away? Sorry to trouble your busy schedule…]

Yi Min is a seven-year-old Chinese girl abducted on Nov 8, 2010, in the DAP state of Penang by Islamists coming from Selangor, instructed by an Islamic court in Shah Alam, an Islamist constituency ruled by DAP’s friend Khalid Samad of PAS, in the Islamic State of Selangor.

In DAP’s probable political calculation, Yi Min is not a problem of liberty; it’s a custody issue. Out of the blue, no warning, no prior notification, two or three men, coming into DAP’s Penang from more than 200 miles away, accompanied by more men, two in uniform, bearing guns, enter a school, grab one of its students straight out of her classroom, stuff her into a car, and she is wailing, then try to get away but was obstructed for two hours. Not even the arrival of Yi Min’s father could stop those men, helped by the law and by the police. That’s exactly the sort of operating procedure used in ISA arrests: grab, run, disappear.

Yet no where in DAP’s constant bellyaches and tauntings have they viewed Yi Min’s case as a matter of freedom. The silence is revealing into their inhumanity veiled from public sight by their election slogans about justice, fairness and protection from state tyranny which DAP’s Ng Wei Aik and his friends in PAS and PKR spend their time shouting – Down with the ISA! Besides she is just one small child, not of voting age and Chinese at that.

Thus, this would be the same political logic of Ah Aik’s buddies, the Ah Hoes and the Ah Kongs, illiterate Hokkein old men with nothing to do but to spent their unemployed, empty days, all day, all night, alternating between Malaysiakini and Malaysia Today, like barking dogs standing outside the gates of DAP offices, yelping at passers-by, at anybody, sticking comments online over their DAP sensibilities:

What is the life of a girl compared to the greater cause of our alliance with Islamists? National unity, la. Politics beyond race. Malaysian First.

Really, too bad: Yi Min, the Kwang Hwa girl is Chinese first, in a Chinese school, with a Chinese name and a Chinese parent. Ah Hoe in barking Manglish:

We not racist. The Malays take the Chinese – a few Chinese okay w’at. And, we speak up for Islamists. For Malays also. We speak up for everybody, man. Malaysian First. When Ah Pek Lim’s son becomes prime minister nobody will see him as Chinese la. Caliph Lim – he is Malaysian; he is ‘luminous’, head sends out light. Wah! Thomas-se-le say that. He korrect. We not racist la. Joshie very clever also, he say this our politics beyond race.

When they next come for Ah Aik’s daughter because his wife converted to Islam, quietly, or when they come for Ah Hoe’s grand-daughter because his old wife died with a Syariah certificate folded and hidden under her mattress in a different bed, it’ll be a different song they’ll sing. But, until then, KTemoc’s nieces are safe in Australia – safe among kangaroos – so he can afford to pontificate over collateral damage in the war against his version of racists and corrupters.

Allah Has His Laws, We’ve Have Our Principles

Herewith, a new Law for the Islamic States of Penang, Selangor, and the Federal Territories….

No Malaysia citizen, regardless of age, of Chinese ancestry or ethnicity resident in Penang or, no Chinese resident in Penang professing any god-faith or no god-faith shall be the subject to any or all laws of Islam or the Syariah, present or future, existing in the respective Islamic states of the Federation of Malaysia, inter alia Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Penang. Conversion to any god-faith – defined, “People of the Book” or the Abrahamic religions – by Chinese or non-Chinese parents on any Chinese minor and young Chinese persons not of voting age, defined age 21 and below, is strictly prohibited under any or all circumstances. Any person or person representative of any institution, made in Malaysia or in heaven, infringing this law shall be punishable by a minimum imprisonment term of twelve years and not exceeding natural life. This law is retrospective from the date of Merdeka.

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Scene I, Act 1

Teresa [in room full of reporters]: Aiya, the MCA devious la… who say I discriminate against Chinese? I also Chinese w’at. How can Chinese discriminate against Chinese? You tell me. How can I blind Chinese blind to the Chinese? Our policies all race blind la … aah…. Come again, what’s your question? Kepala sakit la….


DAP Teresa Kok’s official data on education loans (see here), assumed true, is intended to refute quantities: that out of about 4,000 just 12 Chinese applications were granted study loans by the government of the Islamic State of Selangor. She goes beyond the refutation, however, with this morality: the government’s treatment of loans, DAP by extension, is race blind. It’s based instead on purely two criteria, (a) academic merit and (b) household income levels (she probably means the poor).

Rework Teresa’s data will produce the following results in the distribution of loans by ethnicity:

Table: By ethnicity, percent share (rounded up) of total loans granted, 2006-10

Table in chart form:

Nobody, not even Umno, would be suprised by the results from extracting Teresa’s data that points, in turn, to two conclusions (of the two, the second is more important and relevant to present-day politics):

  • (a) In an estimated population of about 5 million in 2010, Selangor has 35 percent Chinese, 20 percent Indians. Unless Selangor has very few or no poor Chinese, the table shows the Chinese are persistently sidelined in their applications for student loans, probably for as long as there had been a Selangor. That, then, has to be the thrust of the MCA’s criticism, which is thus valid even if the numbers it used are wrong. This is Point 1. Point 2: Selangor under Umno, Chinese gets more scholarships – absolutely (50 in 2006) and relatively (7-12 percent) – than under DAP rule. Point 3: Selangor’s Pakatan government receives few loan applications from the Chinese and even fewer loans are granted, their share falling from 12 percent in 2006 to 2 percent at present. Why?
  • (b) Pakatan began ruling Selangor in 2008 and, immediately, the number of loan applications to it jumped 68 percent to 1,570 in that year – and stays high, above 1,000. At 90 percent and more, the overwhelming share of loans go to the bumis. This doesn’t mean much if the size of the loan-pie increased. And it did; total loans granted rose from about 400 in 2006 to 900 in 2009. But the Chinese share in the pie? It fell to a measly 2 or 3 percent. One explanation for this drop is plainly intuitive: a parent will apply for a loan knowing only if there is a chance of application approved, no matter how slim. If not, why waste time. Because the Chinese share, in both application numbers and in loans granted, has fallen relatively, it raises this prospect: the Chinese has no confidence in the Pakatan Selangor government, hence in the DAP and hence in Teresa Kok.

The conclusion in (b) arrives at the crux of Teresa’s morality, testing it: Is she race blind that she says she is? The answer has to be, ‘yes’, she is Chinese race blind. Because she is blind to the Chinese, why should the poor Chinese parent bother sending loan applications to Teresa? This blindness is in reverse, equal proportions to her party’s all Eyes Wide Open policy looking out for the Malay constituency. The DAP has learned how to sacrifice its old horses – kill them after use.

There’s another, radical way to frame the DAP. So as to be race-blind, Teresa becomes the Sinophobic anti-Chinese; a Ridhuan Tee but in a skirt, hands lifted to the church ceiling shouting hallelujah as substitute for allahuakbar. (The MCA must remember this each time they fight her in Seputeh.) This position, hers, threads right through, and up and down, the DAP Christian, western-educated leadership, alongside their Chinese Anglophile ‘adoring fans’ (Zaid’s words)  hogging the online English media, Thomas Lee, Josh Hong, ‘Virulent ‘Ah Hoe, KTemoc, et al. It’s racism par excellence: the racism of the anti-racist.

In the larger scheme of things, there’s a caveat to Teresa’s race blind morality: it doesn’t matter. Racism in governance, whether it is the blind variety or the Eyes-Wide-Open, is not dependent on policies, not even on who governs. Rather, it is so entrenched as to be systemic. Two examples will illustrate this systemic reach that resists policy change which, all said and done, is but lip-service.

One, Selangor’s racial bias in education financing hasn’t changed one bit; Teresa’s way of organising data shows it. She talks of race blindness but categorizes loan applications and approvals on exactly that criterion: race. She has inherited an Umno process which she can’t nor will she abolish. The Selangor Pakatan government keeping a classification system inherited from a previous regime exposes its underlying fear: indiscriminate policies bring ruin to politics which are at heart discriminatory.

If Teresa was truly blind to race then race classification would be unnecessary but Selangor – the PKR, PAS and the DAP – needs it. Or else, how is the DAP to show to the Malays that their Chinese Christian leaders have in their hearts the welfare of Malay Muslims? Each year on Teresa’s shiny mahogany desk in the offices of the Selangor government, there will be three piles of applications, stacked by order of ethnicity: bumi, Indian and, fitting to DAP’s policy, Chinese last.

Two, the reach of entrenched racism plays  havoc to Teresa’s morality beyond even her own comprehension.

Suppose she is to be believed that there is a policy change that has replaced race as the requisite condition for granting a loan, then on race alone the past Umno government would have had handed out fewer loans to the Chinese than would Pakatan. The opposite has happened instead so that on academic merits alone, the overwhelming quantity of loans granted to Malays suggests that Chinese students are a stupid lot, stupider than most Malays. This is the data’s inference.

The truth is probably this: Academic merits and household incomes are simultaneously used within an ethnic group. This means a Malay application is weighted against another Malay application, Chinese against Chinese or Chinese against Indian, but never Malay again Chinese. This would be the method Umno used, today followed by Pakatan and the DAP.

Academic and income  criteria are not used across ethnic groups. Yet this is what Teresa seems to say – she doesn’t have three stacks of applications going by race. She instead implies that all applications are thrown into one box, the applicants’ names and their photographs erased for the purpose of determine whether the application passes. But that’s not what her data points to. So, who is devious? And deceitful?

Then there is the question of academic merit. An application and all applications landing on Teresa’s desk  are borne out of a wider education system with multiple school streams (vernacular, Mara), multiple examinations, and multiple standards and benchmarks. How is Teresa to compare and determine the results of a Chinese independent school student (assuming he qualifies to even apply) to that of a Mara student? Because there is no across-school benchmark, other than Jenis Kebangsaan only, then applications will have to be group along ethnic lines to gauge academic merit within race. It is the only plausible way to determine eligibility. Even so, race still comes first.

Household incomes are an even greater source of stress to measure entitlement. Used at a national level towards broader economic policies, household incomes are notoriously misleading, and completely deformed. Chinese households tend to have higher incomes relative to (say) Malays because the family size is smaller, it has more working-age adults than children, its members start work at an earlier age, stay in school fewer years for exactly the reason the DAP today, Umno in the past, is blind to the Chinese education needs.

Teresa herself might have been duped only in part by Anwar Ibrahim’s PKR to believe that she serves a noble cause. But she was certainly naive and ignorant to understand that a couple Chinese individuals like her with the right influence and the right policies in place can change things. They change nothing, her data says so and shows instead a worsening of the condition. This says the system is greater than Teresa, greater than her god. It dwarfs her intellectual ability to understand its workings.

The result is predictable: she pontificates more than she can change a thing as simple as handing out money. Like some Mother Teresa, she spits out pieties into the air as people would throw coloured confetti to the wind, celebrating ‘Change!’, without even stopping to ask: What is it to be race blind? Does it challenge morality or politics?

Unable to deliver results, the DAP in people like Teresa resort to hyperventilating their election slogans – change, race blind, beyond race, yada, yada, yada. How is she non-discriminatory? An application from one of Hannah Yeoh’s Indian relatives land on her desk, and she pretends not to see? Or, does she erase the tick on the box Indian, and ticks what instead? Chinese? Others? Where is the Malaysian First box in her data? Or the Malaysian Second?

Teresa’s discriminatory faculties work overtime just staring down at an application; from her eyes, she sees power. This is because her morality is precisely that; it is used for discriminatory purposes; the goats here, the sheeps there; the people of the faith here, the idolators there, exactly the way the Islamist ustazs and ulamas – the Ridhuan Tees – view things and see people. It’s a process, in Teresa’s case, that stems from her Christian and western acculturation – all are equal in the eyes of Jesus, yes, but let’s first see who stands in the kingdom and who not.

In that culture Teresa is at core racist. Instead of her Chinese-birth value system, she adopts and employs a western and foreign morality code that works its way through the applications. This Christian system code of conduct – all are equal – is inhumanely impossible to fulfill so that Teresa is saddled with the only thing left to do: preach about the wonders of an abstract morality that’s been transferred to her politics – with no results to show. Meanwhile, in her Selangor offices, where loans are processed daily, her underlings continue to pile up the applications by ethnic category. Outside, she rails against the MCA men for being “devious, deceitful and despicable”, a morality language she would have picked up from Sunday church.

So Teresa, who exactly is “devious, deceitful and despicable”?


Scene II, Act 1

Teresa [in prayer]: Holy Mother Mary, please give me the wisdom to beat the MCA bast..d men. Elections coming la, and I’ve headache. These men are devious, deceitful and despicable. My Lord, if I win again I promise, I promise Sunday church, every Sunday. I swear I’ll. I’ll be indiscriminate to pay my tithes. Please Jesus, please, please, please, please, la just one more chance mah… Okay or not? Amen. [Just then, thunder and lightning. Prayer answered, she goes to sleep, headache gone.]

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For Yi Min

(first, an animation song for children)

(now to culture, along a river)

清明上河圖 qingming shanghe tu (Ming rendition of original c. AD1140):

清明上河圖 (the animated version #1, AD 2009)

清明上河圖 (this is best, animated version #2 with details, AD 2009)

清明上河圖 (English explanation)

Yi Min: if you see the animated version, people and children everywhere, walking, eating, talking, working, and working hard, sailing, transporting – do you see a restaurant? Do you know the Chinese invented the restaurant? – it seems like every thing had happened just yesterday, happening maybe in a town you know. But, what you see is exactly what had happened 900 years ago in our motherland, a place called Kaifeng 开封, Henan.

The Song dynasty original by Zhang Zeduan is as long as 3 classroom desks is wide put together, about 5 metres. Later and several remakes during the Ming and Qing periods were more ambitious. The largest of which is as long as a classroom is wide. This is resident in Taipei. Try counting the number of people in the painting: more than 4,000 human figures. There are also about 30 boats, 60 animals, 20 vehicles, nine sedan chairs, and hundreds of trees. There is a wedding, a donkey procession bringing goods into town, an opera show, an archery competition, and a boat trying to get under a bridge. There is also a young boy – about your age Yi Min – chasing a pig that got loose. All that means freedom.

All that put together, showing how people conduct themselves and behave towards each other, is what we, the Chinese, mean when we say our “culture”. In our motherland is the beginning of our culture, as great as it is old.

We’ll go back to our motherland one day. You’ll be safe there. In our motherland and in our culture, you won’t be kidnapped because you’re Chinese and nobody forces you to become a Muslim like Ridhuan Tee. Again, that’s a promise. You’ll be free.

Enactment of a bridge scene from the painting

Detail at two scenes


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For Yi Min

(where ever you are)


Play website
日志- 全国华小学生作品集
Your school
School work


Conversion flows from the Barrel of a Gun

Yi Min abducted on Nov 8, 2010.

November is the month Yi Min was born in 2007 to Chen Zhaohong 陳招宏 and Kuang Meifei 鄺美妃, the Chinese names of, respectively, Tan Cheow Hong and Fatimah Foong Abdullah.

After taking over the Malay soul from about 500 years ago, Islam becomes the tool with which the Malays today use it on the Chinese (and Indians).

Islam’s capacity for cruelty is well-documented in Malaysia and world-wide.

When it arrived late afternoon at the Chinese Kwang Hwa school (光华小学) in Sungai Nibong, Butterworth, Nov 8, 2010, Islam came with its laws of Allah written into PKR’s Selangor. It came especially with the gun.

When it left, Islam, the ‘religion of peace’, left with broken lives and a seven-year-old girl, bewildered, terrified, shaking, and reduced to tears, her eyes red from ceaseless crying. Muslims win that day but, adding to their glories, is one more broken family, one more terrified child.

This isn’t for the first time Syariah reveals its capacity to inflict terror on the most innocent ones. But to put back the pieces….

From 陳招宏 (Tan), his words on the abduction. They’re near verbatim, translated:

When I received the news I rushed to the school. It was already 5:30 pm. My daughter was in the car with the Islam officials and my (ex) wife wore a Muslim dress.

My daughter was crying. At the police station, they told me the Syariah court had issued a custody order handing the child to my (ex) wife. If I do not comply, I’ll be locked up. I submitted.

I feel bad, guilty. My wife takes the daughter away from her school and I see her eyes are red from crying.

Excerpts from Guangming Daily (cache page)







(Yi Min’s trauma #1) 他說,他聞訊趕到學校時,已是下午5時半。當時,女兒哭紅著臉與身穿回教服飾的妻子一起坐在回教官員的車上。(Translation, quoting Chen Zhaohong: When I received the news I rushed to the school. It was already 5:30 pm. My daughter was in the car with the Islam officials and my wife wore a Muslim dress. My daughter was crying.)


(The threat at the police station) 陳招宏還說,到了警局,警方卻意指妻子持有庭令,女兒該由妻子暫為照顧。若我再不遵守,將把我鎖上手銬,因此我只好就範。” (Translation, quoting Chen Zhaohong: At the police station, they told me the Syariah court had issued a custody order handing the child to my wife. If I do not comply, I’ll be locked up. I submitted.)



(Yi Min’s trauma #2) “妻子到學校要把女兒帶走時,女兒哭紅雙眼,讓我心疼不已。” (Translation, quoting Chen Zhaohong: I feel bad, guilty. My wife takes the daughter away from her school and I see her eyes are red from crying.)












Also from Guangming Daily. A precedent case: divorced wife converts, then converts her daughter. There was no abduction, but another ruined family. Again, the case flowed from Shah Alam, a PAS constituency (MP Khalid Samad). And their politicians, in particular Khalid and Dzulkefly Ahmad, brag about the wonders, the even-handedness and the justice of Islamic governance – the same song sung in Penang by Caliph Lim Guan Eng. They know how to speak from both sides of their mouths, except to do away with the oppressive laws in the Islamic states of Selangor and Penang and to write laws that protect the Chinese and the young from religious cruelty.


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Song for a Kwang Hwa School Girl

Yi Min on Nov 8, 2010, abducted at school (中國報)by Islam and its officials.

你哭马  他们有没有伤害你? 你想上学吗  不要怕。爸爸等你  当你出来后,我们带您去飞机,好吗?怎么样我们唱支歌吗.

Where are you? Did they hurt you, Yi Min? Do you miss school? And your friends? Don’t be afraid. Your papa waits for you. When you come out, do you want to go to Disneyland?

Some day, when you are older ask your papa to take you away from this country. It’s not your fault they took you. This is a cruel country, with a cruel people, with Muslim names like Anwar, Noordin and Haris, and Chinese like Ridhuan, Fatimah, Caliph Lim and Ah Hoe.

You can go to our motherland where nobody will take you away. That’s a promise. When you grow up you’ll understand. Our motherland is another country, far away. We’ll have to fly. But there, you’ll be safe – safe from Islam, safe from Muslims, safe from a cruel country and a cruel people.

You go to sleep now, girl. We’ll play you a song so you can dream about our motherland, a very beautiful place.


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