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Yi Min: Day 25 in Muslim Captivity

The Muslim Imperial Concubine & a Kafir Child

Above, an Islamic official, backed by armed men in uniform, abducting Yi Min, Nov 8.

In schools, Muslim Malay teachers regularly scold the Chinese students to return to China, and so what? But many Chinese, from the DAP in particular, raise a stink that drift as far as to the halls of Parliament. Saying ‘Balik Cina’ is potentially a crime any day now, thanks to the DAP.

Yet, in DAP’s backyard, Penang, Muslim Malays coming from 200 miles away in the name of Islam, snatch, and forcibly, in daylight, Yi Min, wailing in front of scores of people, from her Sungai Nibong school, Kwang Hwa, and not a whimper from Penang chief minister Caliph Lim and his ‘beyond race’, race-blind politicians. And they have the temerity to go around town shouting ‘justice, ketuanan rakyat, and equality’.

Too bad Yi Min is Chinese. With her abduction she is denied any chance now of returning to China that Malay teachers regularly demand of the Chinese. On the shoulders of her abductor, Yi Min should have yelled ‘I’m Bangsa Malaysia. Help! Help! I’m Malaysian First‘ and DAP’s Ng Wei Aik along with Haris Ibrahim will halt at whatever it is they do for a living and rush to school to stop the abduction.

The Broken Family

Yi Min’s Father: 陈招宏 Chen Zhaohong. Manglicized name, Tan Cheow Hong.

Chen’s ex-wife: 邝美妃 also written 鄺美妃 Kuang Meifei. Adopted or given Muslim name, Fatimah Foong binte Abdullah. Fei 妃 is vernacular expression for ‘imperial concubine’, hence Meifei 美妃 could translate as ‘beautiful imperial concubine’. Fatimah’s unfortunate Chinese name suggests she was born in Malaysia (Johor?) and her parents were probably unaware of the historical Chinese slang reference in the character-word.

Daughter: 陈乙敏 Chen Yimin, manglicized as Tan Yi Min.


Islamo-Fascism’s Plunder of a Chinese Family

Soon it will be a month to the day of Yi Min’s abduction and not even her father knows her whereabouts nor has he seen her in all 25 days so far. Chen Zhaohong (or Tan Cheow Hong) has said so himself (Press reports below). And, in Malaysia, there is supposed to be a law against unlawful confinement – meaning no person shall be physically confined or withheld against a person’s will or lawful guardian’s such as is Yi Min’s case.

That aside, it is also increasingly apparent, as the days wear off and from the Press interviews and reports, below, returning Yi Min to her father is a receding prospect. But Muslim Malays don’t read Chinese, and probably couldn’t care less. (Wonder whether DAP’s Hannah Yeoh is praying to her god for Yi Min and for a Miracle. Nah…. Like Wei Aik, she is probably too busy and, besides, DAP politicians, say Lim Kit Siang and Teresa Kok, don’t look after ‘longkangs’. Yi Min to them is a longkang.)

Those reports point to what everybody in Malaysia understand in their hearts: Islamic authorities – the courts, the Islamic department officials – can act with impunity in the face of penal code laws. That’s what it amounts to when Islam is beyond the control of the state, of even Umno. It’s a like a thing let loose, with now a life its own, so that when its officials openly and unashamedly, with police complicity and intimidations, abduct a child from her school, regardless of her welfare and her humanity, and in spite of the cries for help, this then is a Declaration of War. It might be a low-intensity war, yet, but still a war waged by Islamo-fascism represented in Muslim Malays against the kafir, the Chinese.

The Muslims are sorely mistaken to believe the Chinese, concerned with making money only, so says Petra Kamarudin repeatedly, will take this theft of their children, this plunder of a family, and this aggression and invasion of their schools, sitting on their hands.

Pertinent points pointing to the war.

(a) There has been mala fide intention or bad faith in taking Yi Min. Fatimah first obtained ex-parte, unilaterally, a divorce, then supposed child “custody”, which is followed by the seizure of the girl – all wrapped up within two weeks. Islamic officials would have known and so told Fatimah as well: there is nothing on earth Chen or the school could do to stop her applying Syariah law even on non-Muslims, such as he and his daughter. To stop Fatimah meant stopping Malays, hence stopping Islam. And who dares stop Islam? Or the Melayu?

(b) Both Chen and his lawyers have now come as far as saying that the taking of Yi Min was an abuse of authority for the reason it was (1) surreptitiously conducted, (2) forcibly carried out, and (3) Chen was never told by anybody beforehand about the Syariah court decisions or that they were coming for the child. Regardless, nobody is as yet willing to describe the seizure of Yi Min as abduction. It’s in the nature of Chinese culture, in the face of adversity, to play nice hoping for some consolation from the enemy.

(c) Islamic authorities, represented in the institutions of the Syariah court and the Selangor Islamic affairs department, connived with Fatimah and abetted by uniformed men in the police to take a Chinese, non-Muslim child. In Yi Min flows at least three criminal acts governed under public laws: (1) taking by force and criminal intimidation – the police threatened to lock up Chen if he obstructed the abduction, (2) unlawful confinement by Fatimah at present, and (3) removal of Yi Min from and ending her schooling at Kwang Hwa (光华小学), so violating the laws of mandatory education under the Education Act.


Nanyang (南洋) update on Yi Min. Kwong Wah’s (光华日报) version, dated Dec.1:

二零一零年十二月一日 下午五时三十九分

(槟城1日迅)北海光华小学上演的“校园争女儿案”的小女孩父亲陈招宏,已向槟高庭提呈入禀状,与改信回教的妻子争夺女儿的抚养权。 陈招宏周三在律师魏晓隆的陪同下召开记者会,对媒体这么表示。 陈招宏说,前妻于三年前宣称要回柔佛照顾生病的母亲,然而离开后就毫无消息,直至今年10月向他表示要离婚,而且突然出现直接带走女儿,这对他很不公平。 “我照顾孩子已3年,突然回来就带走女儿,这对我很不公平。” 陈招宏的前妻邝美妃(回教名字Fatimah Fong binti Abdullah),据消息指她于在今年8月13日改信回教。在她于11月8日拟带走女儿之前,已于10月3日向丈夫提出离婚。


其代表律师魏晓隆表示,在这起事件中,陈氏父女皆非回教徒,而当天3名警员及宗教理事会成员以回教法庭庭令将小女孩带走,有滥用警方及回教法庭权力之嫌。他也准备起诉该3名警员及宗教理事会,指他们利用回教法令施于非教徒人士身上。 也是吉打州公青团前署理主席的他指出,邝美妃在没有通知其丈夫的情况下,向回教法庭申请监护人权力,以便带走孩子。而她与丈夫是公证结婚,可是她却单方面向回教法庭申请离婚,并要求其丈夫向回教法庭申诉,然而,回教法庭是没有权限审理有关案件,因为陈招宏及女儿并不是回教徒。




魏晓隆指出,他已向高庭呈上入禀状,并在12月10日上庭。入禀状的内容提到答辩人邝美妃有义务遵从1976年修正婚姻及离婚法令及1976年儿童监护权法令,即使答辩人是回教徒,同时也要求高庭裁决,答辩人在11月8日,错误的使用回教法庭庭令将女儿从申请人身边带走。 另外,他也向高庭申请,答辩人需要在庭令日期后24小时内,将女儿带回给监护人监护,同时请求高庭判决答辩人在申请人陈招宏毫不知情下,向回教法庭申请的监护令无效。


在加影一个星期多次要求见女儿不果,摸上门却碰钉子。 陈招宏表示,当天,邝美妃在带走女儿时曾表示,可随时探望女儿,然而他前往加影居住一个星期,多次要求见女儿却被各种理由推却,现在更是无法联络到其前妻。 “每天Call她都不曾接电话,传短讯也不回。” 他也表示,在这段时间曾与女儿通电话,而邝美妃则在其女儿身旁,教女儿在电话中要父亲别担心。他指出,因为以前美妃照顾女儿时非常严谨,因而女儿非常怕她。


The humanitarian parts in Chen’s narrative are the middle and end passages recorded by Kwong Wah, repeated below in English:

Chen’s lawyer Wei Xiaolong 魏晓隆 said three policemen accompanied the (Selangor) Islamic affairs department to take away the girl Yi Min, although both were non-believers and, therefore, not bound by Islamic law. His client (Chen) was considering suing both the police and the Islamic department for abuse of authority.

Chen and Kuang Meifei 邝美妃 (aka Fatimah Foong in the present life) were married under civil law but she had filed and won ex-parte (unilaterally or independent of her husband) a divorce from the Syariah court. (She would had it in her knowledge that) Chen could not, as a non-Muslim, challenge her application. After the Syariah divorce, Fatimah won ‘custody’, but nobody did anything to inform him that she was coming for the child.

Chen’s ex-wife had once promised him he was free to visit their daughter. Yet (in numerous phone conversations) when he asked to see her, she would give one excuse or another. Then, several times the past week, Chen went to Kajang to try and see his daughter. He saw only the door. Now, he added, he couldn’t reach his ex-wife at all.

“Every day I’d call and send a SMS,” (says Chen). “She doesn’t even answer the phone.”

On the one occasion when he reached Fatimah on the phone, his daughter was beside her. She was instructing Yi Min to tell her father ‘not to worry’. But he was worried, he added, because in the brief time she had looked after their daughter, Fatimah was a severe mother and she’d grow up terrified of her.

As if having to face a new god isn’t terrifying enough, Yi Min stares in the face of a future with an imperial concubine for a severe mother – with instructions to answer a phone call.



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