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Two Mini Tales of Bala & Hannah

Bala, top. Below, Hannah: Did somebody – ass hole Ah Hoe? – says she is pretty? Holy Moses!


Compare and contrast…

PKR’s N Gobalakrishnan

ngobalakrishnan if you are dropping me, I need to stock up on my french beans and repair rusty plough tractor …

DAP’s Hannah Yeoh

hannahyeoh listening to @imokman on bfm now

Country is going belly up so Bala, who’s a bit of a gem, is thinking of hoarding food whereas Hannah is smooching in her dreams. Is she asleep on the wheel? Or worse…?

These Pakatan types… Aiya! And they’re suppose to rule, to make law!

Bet she’ll next tweet:

hannahyeoh wearing scarlet panties now

Jeeesus O’Christ!


Postscript: Teresa Kok bellyache

De-Christianising? That is a new word, Teresa. No; no Christian was de-Christianed. (How does it work anyway?) It’s Malaysian First, Christian Second. Remember? Or is it Christian Last?


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