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To Judge Yaacob Md Sam: A Response

Yaacob as reported:

…There was no reason to doubt the testimony of the daughter, based on a one-hour interview carried out by Yaacob himself with the girl in chambers.

During the interview, Yaacob had given her two pieces of paper to draw the portraits of her parents, where the girl had written on the drawing of her mother a sentence which read “Tolong, tolong, saya mahu tinggal dengan mak saya” (Help, help, I want to live with my mother).

“Nobody had asked her to write the sentence. She wrote it herself,” he said.

Yaacob elsewhere cited:

The child seemed intelligent and able to understand the questions being posed. Said Justice Yaacob: “She said she loved both her father and her mother but loved her mother more.”

Below are two portraits of Tan Yi Min (陈乙敏, Chen Yimin) captured (top) on Nov 8, 2010, and (below) Dec 27, 2010, 49 days apart.

To see if Yaacob’s above statement given in judgement is truthful (as distinct from factual), then he has only to again test the same question.

Yaacob: when the Selangor Islamic thugs accompanied by men with guns had moved into Kwang Hua, then seized her and hauled her away screaming on Nov 8, ask Yi Min the same question at the school gate in the arms of her abductor, ‘Who does she wish to live with?’

Yaacob: what do you think will be her likely, her most likely answer?

After that, also ask her who she ‘loves’ and ‘loves more’?

Can you see the point, Yaacob? Not only did you fail to free Yi Min, you justify her continued captivity on the most absurd grounds. You’d be spared from having to sit in judgement if Yi Min wasn’t in the first place abducted. If child was not abducted, then Fatimah Abdullah or Fong Mee Hui (邝美妃) or whatever her name would have to contest for Yi Min on level ground, rightfully and lawfully, and not while holding captive the girl and sitting on top of you and the plaintiff (陈招宏) on a power and a pedestal called Syariah and Islam. And what does Yi Min understand by ‘love’; a child, after all, whose affections are always immediate and never into the future, 1 or 10 years later? Do you, at age 7 when a kid can walked into the path of a speeding truck and not comprehend, conversely, it’s danger?

Can you also see why you and this country are not merely unjust but also an utter failure – intellectual, legal, rational, ethical, and even in something as mundane as being empirical that your judgement requires? There’s more but, not today; another time and on the pages here. One can tell you why and how this country, its laws, and many of its people such as yourself are a failure and an abomination.

Yi Min, you’ll understand this one day: we’ll wait and wait and wait and wait. Then we’ll go home, our true home, our motherland. Our patience lasts an eternity.



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