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In This Hand is Dr Dzul’s Fever Detection Pencils

PROLOGUE: Recall DAP Hannah Yeoh’s hand of God; PKR’s gift of Allah and, now, its Normala Sudirman’s (above) hand of PAS. So many hands… and, always, they have to do with some god or other. Malaysiakini chooses, surreptitiously, to call Nor, ‘chikgu Mala’ although she was raised and molded, like a million other Malay civil servants, under the tutelage of Umno-Anwar/PAS Islamic politics. Same ketuanan result.

So, you see, Dr Dzul, the Chinese won’t be and has no need to shake her hand (does it strike lightning and thunder?), as if they care. It will be the Malays of Tenang who will be wondering whether to stand with arms folded, seeing so much piety in her hands. Or, is it a cover ‘Doc’?

Like Dzul and the ulama Anwar Ibrahim, Teng Chang Khim thinks (one of the few DAP men who thinks, although badly) Nor’s hands are ‘unimportant’. In Nor’s world, Teng forgets that hands are for chopping off. Not important? Baah … Wait till a bolt of lightning from the hand of Nor’s god hit Teng in the head (below); he’d change his mind. Quickly.


After speaking of “intelligent debate”, “logic”, and not himself wanting to be “judgemental”, Dzulkefly Ahmad, PAS MP for Kuala Selangor, proceeds to doing just that, calling Chua Soi Lek an “attack dog” and a political slave, whereas “chikgu” Normala Sudirman is a “noble lady”. Noble like in some upper class, aristocratic nobility? Dzul then poses the question: Is shaking hands a Chinese culture? Eighty percent of Chinese are Buddhists (so he says, erroneously), and since Buddhists don’t traditionally (but they do in modern times) shake hands in greetings, then it isn’t Chinese culture.

Dzul bringing in Chinese culture was intended to throw back at Chua the burden of the hand shake (yes, to Nor and to Anwar and wife Azizah, it’s a burden). The problem with the rebuttal isn’t in his answer he gives to his own question. It’s how he arrives at it.

He assumes most Chinese are Buddhists because the NRD records said so; he assumes Chinese culture is Buddhist; he assumes the hand shake is taboo in Buddhism; he assumes hand shaking is religious because Islam had made it taboo; he assumes the hand shake has doctrinal motivation when the act is merely human courtesy; he assumes and he assumes … and he assumes hand shaking, and not the conduct or attitude embodied in the act, is a part essence of religiosity; he assumes culture is cast in stone (like it is with Dzul’s Islam) that had prevailed 1,000 years ago and so is also valid today.

So many assumptions…, he isn’t alone, however, to be naive and ignorant; every Malay (and numerous Chinese) politicians are just that. But, Dr Dzul is suppose to personify the ‘moderation’ of PAS, of a certain ‘intelligence’, of ‘logic’ (actually he means rationality because logic is a philosophical method and not an exhibited quality of conduct). And he’s supposed to be a reasoned, circumspect man, seldom ‘judgemental’.

In his rebuttal, the doctor Dzul reveals he is also the chikgu Normala. Both are cast out of the same mould. Which is, an Abrahamic religious culture – irrational, frequently contradictory, full of make-beliefs, and perverse to modernity

Dzul has a knack for sidetracking fundamental issues. In the case of the Sarawak 10-year-old school boy beaten for taking a pork meal, he told Parliament it was a school administrative problem, not a matter for Islam. Now, like Anwar and like their legions of fans, he trivialises an Islamic point of fact about the hand shake – which is, the religion segregates rather than unify. Is unity not the national goal of Anwar and Lim Kit Siang and Pakatan? Hence, Dzul’s dismissive tone in his post title: Is that the Question?

Dzul knows, or ought to know, that inside Nor’s gloved hands (Azizah’s as well) lays a train of Islamic theological doctrine which supplies her the motivation not to touch a foreign skin. UK’s Queen Elizabeth, so Anwar’s adorers like to point out, also shake hands from the protection of a pair of gloves. To Nor and to the Queen, gloves serve to prove there are classes of people, royalty and commoners, Islamist purist and kafirs. So, if they must descend from their anointed lives, their heavenly pedestals, to greet mortals then use protection so as not to be defiled. Umno’s Hisham shares the same idea: Teo Nie Ching shouldn’t be inside a mosque or she’d contaminate it. She is ‘dirty’. Lim Guan Eng and DAP Penang even pays obeisance to this segregation principle, drawing from and keeping separate accounts in order to pay Muslims and their old Christian voters welfare money.

In all that, neither Dzul nor his buddies, nor Anwar nor DAP’s Teng Chang Khim and Tony Pua said a thing. Either they are ignorant or their silence is for a good reason: they are suppose to stand up for equality and justice, but in Nor’s hands their deceit would be exposed and found out.

This universal attempt at casting Islam aside from the hand shake  is particularly revealing in the chikgu. It is, she says, a ‘personal issue’ – in other words, a matter of individual right, much like who PKR’s Eli Wong sleeps with. (Eli: ‘I’m not ashame of my sexuality’.) If personal, then Nor’s hand shake has nothing to do with Islam? Or has she reduced Islam to purely a matter of personal, individual faith and not a national enterprise for airing in public? Either way, her position contradicts PAS because, recall, there’s the ummah and PAS equals Islam and ‘PAS for All’.

The chikgu should be noted not for what she said, which is banal and pure political expediency, but what she didn’t. And what she didn’t say is what the Chinese kafir understands, knows and keeps silent. So Chua Soi Lek merely said that which Nor hadn’t the honesty nor the gumption to admit: “Yes, I’m a pure Muslim, undefiled. The rest of you are just voodoo kafirs, dirty. My PAS and my Islam discourages me from shaking hands. So, I don’t. Anybody got a problem with that?” (Remember Nazri? And remember Eli, singing ‘my mentri besar, my mentri besar’)

No, no problem, Nor; it isn’t our business what you do with your hands. Only be sure to always keep them in your pockets.

But, for the kafir vote, Dzul and Normala, aided by Malaysiakini (‘much ado about the chikgu’s hands‘), will rather gloss over the conduct, which would otherwise expose an essence of Arabian Islam – that is, its underpinning fascist ideology and its moral exclusivity both of which have been driving Malay politics (in Tenang and elsewhere) with knock-on effects on the Chinese and Indians, trying for 53 years to be accommodating only to find themselves spit at without end. Now, in Tenang, the Chinese is told, ‘don’t touch me, kafir, but please vote PAS. PAS is for all. Salam.‘ One consequence of this national, ongoing pretence is this: Malaysian politics is very deceitful. In his blog post, Dzul was attempting to deceive, so did the chikgu, so did Malaysiakini, and so do Teng Chang Khim et al.

Normala has gotten used to the deception anyway; she having grown up, fed on a diet of Mahathir and Umno/PAS/Anwar bigotry that Malay equal Islam and therefore superior. She typifies the political Malay class, an entire 1 million-strong bureaucracy of administrators, teachers, governors, clerks, policemen, bus drivers and so on. Nor herself teaches, raised by the government, now paid by it, her entire family even, which is to suggest that, like her, the school teachers who periodically call the Chinese pendatang and prostitutes are cut from the same cloth. Even their politics don’t differ by much. Predictably hence, and as a result, Muhyiddin has to come out in her defence: she is after all a child of Umno-PAS politics.

PAS wants to be more Malay than Umno and has no other way to demonstrate this purpose other than use Islam. That’s also to say PAS, Umno and Islam joined to make Normala into what she is today; they defined her character.

Normala refusing to shake hands stems from the exact same irrational, religious motivation that Umno politicians called Teo Nie Ching ‘dirty’ for being inside their Malay mosque. Teo’s DAP refuses to see this religious fascism because her party’s Christian leadership bears the exact, same characteristic quality. They got what’s due to them.

Before Normala, and reflected from the same motivation, some Muslim doctors in government hospitals would use pencils to examine their patients.

That motive and religious attitude now pass into the political arena in Tenang. The kafir vote from the Chinese and Indians there are wedged between two absurd political forces, PAS and Umno, both hostile to them, their children and their future.

Even so, the Chinese of Tenang will have no trouble deciding between the two bad options. It’s not a difficult decision even if, like Anwar’s wife, the chikgu wears gloves to camouflage a religious tyranny. Malaysian Anglophiles have named this cover, piety.

In Malaysia and its politics, religion (Islam and Christianity in particular) is a handy mask  for cruel people: beating schoolboys, stealing kids, stoning women, whipping drinkers.

Here, thus, is to answer Dzul’s question: to shake or not shake hands? Yes, it’s a question. And the Chinese also have the whys to the answer.

Dzul also misses the point entirely. The greater problem for his party about the hand shake isn’t going to come from the kafir vote (Dzul pop quiz: how do you purify a vote from unclean, infidel hands?) No, it’s going to come from the Malays who, like Nor, are also supposed to be clean but they would be left standing to wonder with no hand shake: does Nor ever wash her gloves? She’s passing filth to me.

PAS has had 30 years to prove that being more Malay is to be more foreign, more Arab because superiority is delivered by Islam which few Chinese want, not even since the barbarian Genghis Khan. Where has this gotten PAS? Or the Malays? It gets the party 20-odd seats on a good year and Anwar six years in the slammer although now, to prove the same point, PAS is getting help from Malaysiakini, Kit Siang and Anglophiles like Petra Kamarudin.

Petra likes talking about the ‘noble’ character as a quality of a good politician. Is Nor noble or ignoble, however defined?

To Petra (and his Bangsa buddies like Haris Ibrahim), character is a standalone thing that can be cut up, bundled, measured and weighted – that is, ‘risk’ (Haris word) assessed. So, here stands before the Tenang people Normala? Or, is she Nor or Mala? Is she good character? Pure? Is her character risky? After Tenang, even the damp filth of the kafirs will soak right through her gloves, defiling her.

The Chinese people of Tenang will have no problem judging Nor’s character qualities. She herself had abundantly shown her hand, so to speak.

The problem in deciding is with the Malay electorate because in Nor they see a woman who prefer to be godly rather than to be Malay. She stands for a pure, foreign, religious culture that refuses to touch even another human which merely requires a simply, straight, uncomplicated Malay courtesy that’s open and warm, skin to skin. To her, good character – piety – is defined by a pious pair of pious gloves rather than the human touch that to her is un-pious. In an act of greeting that can only be sincere if spontaneous, she demonstrates the opposite character quality, wearing gloves now, like Anwar’s wife, in anticipation of a defiling act.

The problem isn’t with the people she is to shake hands with; it’s that which is hidden inside her gloves, now used as cover and not as protection. Is she hiding something hideous?

That, Mr Teng Chang Khim, is being ‘pathetic’.

Dzul: you were right in your inference, however. If your chikgu teaches Malay kids from inside a hood or if your PAS doctors use pencils to treat the Malay sick, why should the Chinese care a damn?

Is that a question?

You’re right, it ain’t a question. But go on: tell your chikgu, put on a sack in a classroom; or, better yet, use a pencil to check for dengue on the neighbour’s tapioca farmer.

You’ve no idea – have you? – how you and your ilk are shackling the Malay mind. Consequently, 30 years later, you’ve a product in Normala’s wondrous hands as substitute for a dumb head.


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