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“The illness … are the children of these vernacular schools who are not able to function in society due to language proficiency issues.” – Lisa Ng, May 2011, LoyarBurok

Suffer Not the Children

On International Day of the Child… the Chinese kids in Malaysia and in my Motherland, millions of them, who have lives to endure like their forefathers before for hundreds and thousands of years.

But, in Kuala Lumpur and its Anglophile SS2, Subang, Damansara suburbs, the Lisa Ngs — the clannish English-educated class, Christian, with money jingling in the pockets of their Jesuit, Bukit Bintang Girls’ School uniforms — they would spit at our kids as ‘ghetto’, an ‘illness’ who grow up ‘useless’ all because they couldn’t give Lisa’s lawyer-friends road directions in Lisa Chinglish, and because they are Chinese, study Chinese, go to a Chinese school and not a La Salle. “Too bad,” says Lisa Ng.

(PS: Chinglish because Anglophiles write lines like, ‘Altantuya is believed to have been shot dead…‘ while two cops wait to be hung for the murder.)

It isn’t just with Lisa, of course, but also Lim Kit Siang and Son, Hannah Yeoh, Khoo Kay Kim, Josh Hong, Sheridan Mahaveru, Mariam Mokhtar, Ridhuan Tee, Dennis Ignatius, Manjit Bhatia, Syed Akbar Ali (@ OutsyedtheBox), and more, all taking turns in Malaysiakini, in Malaysian Insider, in LoyarBurok and Malaysia Today to campaign against the Chinese at every opportunity.

What on earth did we Chinese, those children in particular, steal from them to deserve their racist venom, bigotry and hatred? In their cowardice and hypocrisy, they won’t dare pick on a Malay name to spit on — not even a whisper.


Our un-Lisa kids…

Then, after school…

Next morning, dawn, before school again…

They were more fortunate.
Below, more ‘useless’ children who can’t give road directions in English: in Guizhou (selling things doing homework)…

…Zhejiang (with mama in a fish farm; carrying firewood, might be cypress)

…Shandong (medication for a paraplegic parent)

…Henan (again, with paraplegic father)

Undisclosed location, looks like Henan after harvest (collecting garbage)

…Yunnan (garbage again)

…and Guizhou (the boy is Miao)

… and in the yellow rapeseed farms of Guizhou.
In life’s toil, a break that only children know how.

Photos: QQ News & 环球时报

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