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How Anwar Ibrahim was ambushed – in the dock.

Bishop Paul Tan next.


(Below) Front or left side character is Anwar; behind him on the right is S Ambiga. Bersih = weapons, made in and supplied by USA, starting with a rifle then graduating to bazookas in Bersih 3. And one out of 50,000 pieces – or is it 300,000? – blows up in his face. He never saw it coming…

Poor Anwar. This is so divine, so Mat Salleh, so Christian, like it is the Bishop, in the thinking that the bigger the number, the bigger the impact, the louder the hallelujahs and the shouts. Then when a weapon – one will do; no need 300,000 – blows up in Anwar’s face, nobody heard anything, the explosion drown in the cacophony of Praise the Lord.

Father Paul: divine did you say? Jesus bless you. Holy FMT editors too.

Their ‘divine’ attacks were orchestrated against an un-divine fortress named Najib Razak.

Yes, Najib: Never fight stones with stones. Water beats rock any time, all the time. For proof, visit the Pahang river bank. Literally, you can feast on Bersih 3.

 Are you now convinced that the Bersih 3 strategy and methods – forget Ambiga – is essentially and fundamentally a Christian, Anglophile-inspired event? Being Anglophile is also predictable. So, don’t throw the Christians to the lions. That’s being predictable….

At the next Barisan central council meeting, look around the table then ask yourself the question: who are the Anglophiles around you, whether Malay, Indian or Chinese? What do you do with them, in Penang Gerakan for example?



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