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Split the mountain, water gushes in.Chinese idiom


King Henry of England would eventually exchange his kingdom for a horse. Mahathir Mohamad had gotten far less, trading the Malay soul for 30pct in a Vincent Tan company, after which he’d claim the NEP had prospered Malays as much as the Chinese, that is, one Anglophile (above, in sunglasses) and a crony of his. This was the kind of policies that pleased nobody and Umno suffered for it.


Begin with this statement from Mahathir Mohamad but with two of the clauses flipped around so as to follow his logic:

Concluding proposition:

We have become a beggar in our own country.

The deduction: how so?

This is because we [the Malays] no longer hold anymore political power.

Hang on to that, and now consider a next part of Mahathir’s statement.

Concluding proposition:

I am not a racist.

Why is he not a racist? Answer:

I am not asking for much. We form 60% and we are only asking for 30% and they can take the rest. But even so, we are not getting the 30%….

Mahathir’s intellectual level and veracity is so pathetic, miniscule and patently low, it’s a wonder how he became an Umno chief and, on that basis, PM. Clearly it wasn’t by being clever. It was by playing bigot, and the Malays suffered fools gladly.

Return to the two statements. Below is how a philosophy or political science freshman in a small, lowly American university would have knock them into a thousand pieces:

  • In Malay hands, political power was useless. That is, they had it, lost it, then became beggars. Inversely, Chinese had no political power, but took it and then went from beggars to king-makers
  • If the Malays once had power, what did they do with it? And for how long?
  • But if Chinese were beggars, how had they gotten more than 70% (of whatever)?
  • If Malays had power, why had they not gotten the 30%? Or even more?
  • How had the Malays lost the power?
  • How could someone go from pauper to king-maker or conversely, in the case of Malays, go from power to beggar?
  • Who lost the Malay power? Who turned Malays from power to beggar? Mahathir?
  • The formula, ‘we 30%, they 70%’, is not racial apartheid? Is that not the work of a racist?
  • But why stop at ‘we 30, they 70’?
  • Why does Mahathir pit Malays and Chinese against each other in a never-ending quest? Because he was never a true Malay?

Mahathir’s ability to self-destruct is legendary. Yet, if he is even looked up to by the pipe-piper named Peter Petra Kamarudin (he calls Mahathir a “masterstroke”), there is no reason to fault the commoner, the Malays, to have fallen under his spell.

What the  statements then suggest instead is that Mahathir is still looking for ways, even today, to absolve himself for the political devastation wrought on Umno and for the 2008 desertion of votes from the party, hence Barisan. They contain the same warped, infantile logic which once made up his public policies when he was PM and these had in turn tilled the ground for the eventual abandonment of Umno.

So, there’s a price to be paid for Mahathir’s ineptitude and stupidities, except that it is paid not by him but by Umno and its Barisan partners.

Today, those kind of talk would supply the same motivations for Chinese, Indians and Malays especially to continue to peel at Umno as if it were onion. In another phrasing, Mahathir was never good for the Malays, for Umno and, of course, Barisan.

A ‘constitutional’ but not a native Malay, he is existentially and purposefully anti-Melayu, anti-Umno and anti-Barisan in particular because Barisan had emerged from and grew out of a Sino-Malay collaboration to which Malay pretenders and mamak latecomers were never a part of. This collaboration or alliance had been pushed from behind by Chinese ‘chauvinists’ and Malay ‘ultras’ (whatever chauvinists and ultras mean). If they were otherwise, the alliance would be unnecessary and Malaysia would have suffered.

Perhaps, they might have nothing to do with his personal idiosyncrasies, but all his failed undertakings had the same effect and wrought the same perceptions: Mahathir was, and still is, anti-Melayu, anti-Umno, anti-Barisan. A racist bigot. The Apanamas simply could not take that label of their icon. Yet he is the primarily and singularly the most important cause for Pakatan’s triumph. Bag him, you bag Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang et al.


For a long, long time, Chinese partners of Umno sat on their hands, watching Mahathir assault Malay dignity (e.g. attacks on the monarchy) and then water down the Malay political position with grand promises of trade-offs, delivering gold, palaces, and contracts. Umno had chosen him, had they not? What then is there for the Chinese to say? Yet if the MCA Chinese were to nudge the Malays away from Mahathir’s self-destruction, would the Malays have misinterpreted the nudge as a push? And if the latter is likely not to listen, why bother? Unless matters affected the Chinese, why should they heed Mahathir?

Power is a tenuous string so that, unlike white societies and western thinking, the Chinese are wary of it: the sea that lifts the boat can also swallow it. Or, to put the same notion in another way, the Malays, post Mahathir are left holding a 30 kilo piece of entitled rock that could either crush their imagined enemies (Chinese) or they’d be crushed underneath it.

Melayus today have arrived at this denouement.

Mahathir had created the illusion, as in white thinking, of power as an independent, stand alone object in the service of, for example, the accumulation of wealth. This is antithetical to the fundamental nature of Melayus. In consequence, his ideas wasn’t just ill-fitting, they were disastrous: little gets done, Malays are not happier, confusion reigns, chaos everywhere even as Malays continue – with Mahathir still goading – to worry endlessly that somebody would steal that piece of rock.

As evidence of the fear, here is a holdover from Mahathir’s inanities. It comes through third-rate minds such as Jailani Harun who, like anyone with a tongue in the head wagging Malay power, gets recycled in the Mole:

If the Malays dominate DAP, the power will be in their hands. They might also consider the party’s role in domestic politics. As PAS is already a strong Malay opposition party at the Parliament, they might opt to join Barisan Nasional….

This holdover from standard Mahathir thinking – parleying exclusive Malay power (recall Mahathir’s ‘it’s only 30%’) for its own sake rather than inter-ethnic power for the sake of a shared destiny – continues to fertilize the same conditions that have led to Barisan’s close brush with  destruction in 2008. It provides Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang et al the ammunition for the next elections because those Pakatan campaign lines and criticisms are true:

see, Barisan is all race-based politics; it is never about Malaysians, Malays much less; it’s been purely about Umno, its cronies, first, last and always. Destroy them! Join the revolution!

Malaysia for Jesus! Malaysia for Allah! Tadbir! Tadbir! Tadbir! Ubah!

Najib Razak was more succinct and far cleverer than Jailani’s closet mind when, in an unintended contradiction to Mahathirism and bigotry, he says plainly:

The Malays have had enough of DAP.

He doesn’t say a Chinese DAP is anti-Malay, even if true, because the corollary to that statement is that MCA is also anti-Malay, which is false.

MCA has to finally end its indifference towards the Melayu – 水涨船高, the tide rises, the boat floats. With the agreement of Najib and Umno, it ought to push forward its hudud campaign and destroy the vestiges of Mahathir racism that is holding back the Umno-Barisan transformation. Mahathir has done enough damage, exploiting the good natured Melayu.

The Chinese have nothing to lose, MCA much less, because so little is theirs. The party’s stand is also clear: it aspires for no positions or privileges because that’s not the purpose of the junjie, the official – 识时务者为俊杰, a wise man submits to circumstances. Public service is for its own sake.

The Malays are in a bind of their own making because, in claiming all the land, they are at a lost on how to steer through the surrounding ocean of privileges, responsibilities and especially this – the sea’s destructive capability. Remember the sea and the boat.

Just as the Chinese stands in between hudud’s barbarity and Melayu gentility, the MCA Chinese need to drive one more effort – just for its own sake – to save Malays from Mahathir’s self destruction. It’s to annihilate Mahathirism. Timing, says Mengzi, and the time has come.

逆水行舟,不进则退 when rowing upstream, never stop.

In that regard, and before Anwar seizes the initiative, Zaid Ibrahim’s comments are applicable even if that man is such a shillyshally piece of wog

Najib still wants the Chinese to be grateful for Chinese education, the Malays to be grateful for the New Economic Policy, and the Indians to be grateful for the many handouts he has given.

Najib will continue talking about the future of Malaysia as being dependent on the interplay of racial politics. His simplistic formula – that the Malays (UMNO) will be in charge but can be relied on to always be magnanimous and charitable to those who obey and comply – is feudal to the extreme.

Anwar needs to paint a different future for the country. While the Malays and Islam will inevitably play a dominant role by virtue of their numbers and place in history, the future of this country will be decided by all Malaysians. This consensus must be obtained through respect and desire for harmonious relationships amongst all ethnic and religious groups.

There cannot be any more hegemony of whatever kind in our political culture. The old race divide will have to be replaced by universal values and traditions that bind us. Anwar needs to replace “1Malaysia” the slogan, with “1Malaysia” as a living model for the future.


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Inspired by Father Lim then taken up by the Bishop’s Demon – and God of Evil – the Demon himself offers the DAP-PAS Treaty for review.

Just sign here, says Demon, the Bishop’s evil God.

Macam ini Umno, MCA mampus la, replies Father Lim.

Needless to say. And to help sell it, we’ve Stevie Wonder Gan – The Communicator.

Hehehe. My tag line, ‘Pakatan Rakyat stands for the future while Barisan Nasional represents the past!’ You like it, God?’

You’re so yesterday.


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To comrades

“Once we start to believe in miracles, we begin to lose hope….” — Portuguese Writer


幽兰逢春 Spring’s Orchid


綠野仙踪 Eternal Trails in the Field

Autumn rain, the clip’s painting above: In her melancholy, a woman watches a couple in the distant background.

“Loneliness,” writes Jose Saramago, “is not the tree that stands alone in the middle of a plain, but the distance between the leaves and the roots. Loneliness is the inability to keep someone within us company.


Reprise 梁祝 Violin Concerto


妝台秋思 Ensemble


The musical and vocal art form below is found nowhere else, playing folk songs with classical instruments and then performed to a modern arrangement.

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Special Notice

A year ago: hubby Ram and Hannah with Shay Adora Ram, Anak Malaysia No. 1. Your taxes paid for that bed and those things on her hand. But thank God anyway.


YB Hannah Yeoh (DAP Adun, Subang Jaya), thanks be to Jesus more than husband M Ramachandran who is but a tool of DAP’s God design for Malaysia, is having her second child – a girl. This was announced on Oct 18. Hallelujah!

Her first child and daughter is ‘race’ and ‘bangsa’ classified, according to Hannah, as “Anak Malaysia”, religion “Christian”.

After much soul-searching (Hannah’s soul, of course), the baby was named Shay Adora Ram and presented to the National Registration Department for certification (as human and not a monkey). This registration was followed by a courtesy letter to the prime minister no less, Najib Razak.

Now, comes baby No. 2. She will, no doubt, be an Anak Malaysia and Christian. But what’s the name?

  • The people of Malaysia, whether Anak or un-Anak, whether DAP or dis-DAP, are invited to submit names for Hannah’s soon-to-come child. This is a contest open to all without discrimination for age, gender, race, religion, skin colour, nationality, ancestry, whether foul mouth or idiots.
  • All submissions will be presented to YB Hannah for consideration and selection. You have seven months before her child is born – into sin – and plucked out screaming from the depths of Hannah’s womb and darkness and brought into the light, Christian light of course.
  • Suggested names may not be Chinese, Indian, Melayu or any combination thereof, such as Chindian. Preferred names are Jewish, western (Suecock for example), modern and progressive with desert origins like Adorim and not muddy padi fields littered with buffalo dung.
  • To submit, simply use the comments section of this post which will be religiously enabled. In your submission, no comments, no profanities – nothing except the name. If you want to f**k somebody for whatever reason or cause, try your own mother, in your own room, not here.
  • The winner – meaning the proposed name Hannah will select from your submissions – will received a new SHAY brand computer, with a 5-year warranty and an additional 354MB of 100 pct genuine Indian RAM all together worth RM4,144. If Christian the winner may elect to become the child’s godfather. Child maintenance fees, payable weekly, are applicable.

Proceed with your submissions in haste – and best of luck to participants. No nicks please. May Hanny bless you, and as she so often say, be fruitful and multiply. Remember to leave behind a contactable, not fictitious, address for the organizers to reach you.

The Prize winner plus ten consolation prizes will be announced and presented to the world and Malaysiakini at a special ceremony such as is illustrated below.

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Campaign Ideas (continued)

A vote for Lim Kit Siang/DAP = A vote for Ridhuan Tee …


The Improbable Brothers Duo

Cina Pisang = Cina Coconut

Banana Lim, left, yellow outside, white inside.

Ridhuan Coco Tee, below, green outside, empty inside.










How could two men, such as they are – one Anglophile, the other Malay Islamist – be the same?

They said so themselves: Chinese but…


Saya langsung tidak anti Cina, sebab saya juga adalah Cina. Ridhuan Tee Abdullah.*

Kit Siang:

I am a Malaysian first and Chinese second (but) I am proud of my ethnicity… Lim Kit Siang.**

*Ridhuan: Why I’m Chinese Second

For a man who has been eager to stake his identity as Malay, Ridhuan’s article in Malaysian Insider (MI) is revealing for his confession as a Chinese – like Kit Siang. It could well have been titled, Why I’m Chinese Second. In it, note between the lines and for inferences to see how he actually campaigns for the DAP without saying so, explaining why MI is so please to have him published in its pages.

Sample: those exact words could have come from Kit Siang’s tongue, but in English, or a Malaiyoo with a name like Shamsul Anuar, found here.

Proses pencinaan berlaku daripada sekolah rendah sehingga ke peringkat institusi pengajian tinggi. Jika semua ini terus dibiarkan berlaku, tidak ada ertinya nama Malaysia, kerana identiti Malay (Melayu) sudah tidak wujud lagi…

…[M]ereka terus menerus mendesak kerajaan supaya terus mencinakan pendidikan Cina. Mereka langsung tidak memikirkan tentang bangsa majoriti yang semakin hilang identitinya semata-mata meraikan bangsa lain.

**This is cited by Kongsamkok aka KTemoc, a Kit Siang fanboy, Chinese, Malaysian maybe, resident among the kangaroos, who confesses to be a classic banana – Anglophile that is.

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Delivering fire and brimstone, Jim boy? Shipped in from where? Israelites?

No. Don’t balik Tong San, Jimmy. Die here so that we can bury you next to Lim Kit Siang.

Born 蔡锐明 Cai Ruiming, died, then born again Jimmy Chua.

No, you were not born in Malaysia. You were born in Eden. Malaysia is only temporary; your eternal home is Paradise with Jesus. Remember?

As for Tong San, it already has 1,300 million people and so doesn’t want or need you, Jim boy. Your time is past.


In 1992, when I was in China, there were no cars on the roads, only bicycles and motorcycles. Not even Proton cars, don’t talk about Mercedes Benz. After two decades, China has overtaken Japan as the biggest economy in the world. –Chua Jui Meng, Oct 2012, in FMT


The statement above is not a matter of viewpoint but of empirical evidence and verifiable fact. It therefore lies and makes Chua Jui Meng a liar on the following counts:

1. There were cars on China’s roads in 1992, it’s only there were more bicycles then.

2. Today, there are more cars in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and most other city roads than motorcycles.

3. There is still near zero Proton cars in China, ditto Mercedes Benz, because of import tax rates.

4. Proton is not a car inferior to Mercedes Benz, it caters only to a different market so that in the future China market Proton will sell more than the Mercedes.

5. China is not the world’s biggest economy. Nor was Japan, the US is, respectively in 2010 USD 5,459 billion vs 14,447 billion.

6. China did not overtake Japan in GDP in 2002, two decades after 1992. It surpass the latter only in 2009 not because it is wealthier but because it has 12 times more people and a land size nearly 100 times larger.

Of course, Chua lying assumes he knows the basic facts but had deliberately said otherwise instead. If, however, he didn’t then he, along with Anwar Ibrahim, very clearly illustrates the calibre of Pakatan leaders: complete moron.


BN-Umno leaders and their cronies can continue to tell us, the Chinese, to Balik Tong San (Go back to China), but I will not. I was born in Malaysia, I reside in Malaysia and Malaysia is my country. — Chua Jui Meng, Oct 2012, in FMT

That statement is, of course, opinion but on that score the illogic shows up Chua’s fallacies.

1. No, Malaysia does not belong to Chua. He may have its passport and owns a piece of its property, all of which are superfluous, Malaysia is not his to claim. Only the Christian Paradise, he would instead say, is eternal. Like a river, impermanent, never the same any minute, Malaysia harbours and transports and belongs to and is used equally by 28 million others.

2. No, Chua is not Chinese; he has only the Chinese surname 蔡 Cai, given name 锐明 Ruiming, not Jui Meng. Chua Jui Meng is a piece of Anglo manufacture.

3. No, there is no ‘us, the Chinese’. Chua Jui Meng is an Anglophile – Jimmy is the name. At the drop of a hat he would even denounce his own father or mother and an entire ancestry as a bunch of sinful heathens who won’t be resurrected with Jesus in China but will fry in a Christian hell – for eternity.

4. No, Chua wasn’t born in Malaysia; he was born in Christ even before Malaya. He has no life before he was born again, after which he collects fanboys like this one who says: “I support Datuk Chua Jui Meng. The main reason is he is a born again Christian…

5. Yes, Umno has MCA cronies. He was one of those cronies for 35 years.

6. No, he shouldn’t go back to China. That’s too easy on him. Stay, so that we, the Chinese, the true Chinese, can skin you alive like the way they do in the old days, strapped to five horses and taken apart – while you’re still alive. We’ll use PAS buffaloes from Kelantan.

Once Chua Jui Meng, like Tian Chua, like the Tokong of Penang, and like numerous other DAP/PKR politicians begin to believe in their own conceit and arrogance and that they own Malaysia or Malaysia is MY country – even today, Umno, its Jailani apologists and Mahathir Mohamad feel that way – then they lose all respect for other inhabitants whether natives or immigrant descendants, Malay or Chinese or Indian. They feel entitled to do anything and anyhow they want to others in the name of my country, tanahair aku. They employ fascist thuggery. Like that below (Berita Harian: Simpang Pulai Adun PKR Serang Speaker):

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[Her] soul was mad. … Do you see anything?
The horror! The horror!
                                                           — Joseph Conrad in Heart of Darkness.
Hanny ‘Hen’ Yeoh
Hanny Mama Yeoh has a Twitter announcement:

hannahyeoh Just completed a detailed scan of the little one in the womb. Thank God everything looks well. Shay will be having a ‘lil sister!

“Thank God…looks well.”


Go back. Look again, Hanny. You might see this…

… then Hannah curses God and tweets:

hannahyeoh@yesus@jesus@god, you’re so low class! Look what you did! How am I going to show IT to the world? Not Chinese, not Indian, not Melayu, not Tamil, not a Ram, not a Goat, not a Jew, not ‘lil Sis… It’s possessed by Evil, worse of Anak Malaysia. Curse you, Jesus. You have no class, a no class God. I’ll jump to Allah. Join PAS. Ptui….!

Elizabeth ‘Sarong’ Wong quickly tweets back:

elizabethwong@hannahyeoh Congratulations Reptilian:) Welcome to the Pond!

‘Lil Sister Shay, 1 year later, in Facebook:

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