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Bro Gram Kong aka Hantu Laut: except for picking up the most elementary thing – Colgate to clean his dirty mouth – everywhere he went he’d see only limousines, ghosts and racists. Pathetic.


Taxi Ride for a Pair of King Kong-Size Flies to KL

Because it is the written word, usually done extemporaneous with little reflection and worse when the ‘blogger’ is unable to contemplate or contemplates poorly, blog posts invariably exposes a man’s psychology. Add those up you have a good cross-section picture cut of a country’s soul. Below, reproduced in full, is not an untypical example.

The English is bad – very bad – the grammar is worse; tenses, singular and plural mixed up, commas in the wrong places, spelling. And all that by, in Gram Kong’s admission, an “ex-CEO”. He isn’t just any CEO though; he was from an “International trading firm,” which is to insinuate he is a character of great international repute. (So don’t forget to clap after you are done with the reading.)

But the post does convey its intended message which isn’t just the narcissism of its blogger oozing out of every line. This explains why the equally egoist bloggers like Malaysia Today‘s Peter Petra the Piper have themselves been taken in by the Gram Kong’s post: they picture themselves as he, offering the same self-conceit and adulation as a morality benchmark.

More than the narcissism is however the propensity to brandish their egotism as a moral weapon directed at others under a cloud of racial condemnatory words. That condemnation works to camouflage the individual bigotry. For example, the word ‘low-life’ is repeatedly directed at the taxi driver (and Chinese in general, of course) none of who is likely to answer his bigotry. Kong’s logic is this: if others are evil, I must be good; if others are racists, I must be hyper good because only a saint can pick out a racist in the crowd.

Inverse this king kong size reasoning, you can see why the taxi driver was completely right about Kong – and his wife. Both lalat. Flies.

Further below is a glossary of terms to help un-bundle Kong’s baggage of racist bigotry, Hantu Laut’s by extension.

This series of photos are lifted from Hantu Laut: the western couple above, Osa and Martin Johnson are beaming from the adulation by the natives. Hantu Laut lauded and praised the Johnsons.

It had never occurred to white people to even ask permission if the natives wish to be civilised (the western way), to learn English, to use a fork and spoon, eat scones and bread, and to be taught the bible. Aborigines were simply fodder for gweilo do-gooders because they (as opposed to Muslim Malays, for example, or the heathen Chinese) were least likely to object to the white man schools, their books and their ‘international trade’.

Today, in place of the Johnsons are persons like Bob Teoh, Eli Wong – and, of course, Gram Kong/Hantu Laut. Schooled by the west, they had simply inherited the racism of the Johnsons who condescend to the Eden nakedness, their rudimentary, crude and lowly life. Away from the jungle,  this racism finds expression in such a line, lifted verbatim from Hantu Laut: “No other races are spared from the kui, including the kwailos that once ruled Hong Kong from 1841 to 1997 and one that have taught social finesse to the Hong Kong Chinese (sic).”

Social finesse? Hantu Laut knows all about social finesse today. He had learned it from the white man so he would take up the cudgels of the Johnsons – the white man’s burden of the cross – hammering away at other, lesser mortals, in this case Chinese. In short, here was another coconut, the bumi kind.


Reproduced word-for-word from HantuLaut, by Gram Kong but it’s been necessarily and appropriately retitled

I Just Met Me – A King Kong Racist!

Interesting! I have always joked with my close Chinese friends that I think Chinese are one of the most racist people around. Some agree with me, but than they are my close friends, where jokes are taken light-heartedly.

Yesterday, I arrived KLIA from KK and my wife from Phnom Penh, after visiting our daughter and grandchildren there.My wife’s plane arrived 20 minutes earlier but she said she would wait for me so we can take the same taxi to our hotel.

I bought a ticket for a limousine at the airport. More often than not, most limousines that I can remember taking before have had Malay drivers, but for today, we have a Chinese driver.

On our way to the city I noticed the driver constantly talking in Chinese to his friend over the VHF radio. Half way to the city it started to rain heavily and my wife started talking to the taxi driver in Cantonese. There was a moment of silence and a slow response from the driver and I can’t help noticing that blood have rust to his head, he was red-faced and shocked.

I asked my wife what she said that have made him blushed so badly, not that his colour is much brighter than pale. She said she asked him whether it is always raining in KL and told him to drive carefully as the road might be slippery. I asked why he looked shocked and almost speechless?

My wife said “I will tell you when we get to the hotel.”

Here go the story.

While this guy was talking to his friend on the VHF radio his friend asked him whether he is taking passengers to Genting and he said no, that he is going to the city and that his fare are two lalat (flies), husband and wife going to a five-star hotel. He didn’t realise my wife fully understands the exchanges in Cantonese all this while.

My wife is half Malay and half Chinese and speaks fluent Cantonese, Hakka and Mandarin. I scowled her for not telling me while we were still in the car and she told me what she did was more appropriate than me picking a fight with a low-life taxi driver.

She told me she purposely spoke to him in Cantonese to embarrasse him, which she did well to impound his rudeness without being rude herself and probably taught this low-life a good lesson that there are non-Chinese looking people who understand and speak Chinese.

This brings us back to the subject of stereotyping all Chinese as being racist, which I believe is more cultural than actual racism.

To the Chinese, anything they find repulsive will constitute name-calling, which bring us to Chinese against Chinese.

Insults swirl as Hong Kong Chinese called mainland Chinese locusts and complained that mainland tourists bring their less-than-refined social habits and women on the verge of childbirth into the territory.

The Hong Kongers only want their bulging wallets but not their fetishistic bad manners.

The common Chinese term for anyone not Chinese is kui,  the lesser beings to the Chinese eyes. No other races are spared from the kui, including the kwailos that once ruled Hong Kong from 1841 to 1997 and one that have taught social finesse to the Hong Kong Chinese, who now feel, theirs, are of superior culture than the nouveau riche mainland Chinese.

Kui is less repulsive than flies or locusts, one that carry diseases and the other one eating everything in its way.

Hantu Laut Glossary

Gram Kong His own description: “Ex-CEO of International trading firm. Keen in reading and writing, scuba diving,sport fishing, jungle trekking and photography. Very concerned about the environment, global warming, politics and society in general. You could swear you have read it somewhere else. If this character-set wasn’t identified as belonging to Gram Kong, it would perfectly fit Nathaniel Tan or PKR’s Elizabeth Wong. That is, the intention of the description, as opposed to its literal meaning, is to say that Kong is the nouveau-riche who has made it, and who is uppity (“concerned” with society) and progressive (environment and global warming). Like white western expatriates jetting from one southeast Asian city to another, he pictures himself as its class member (he uses the limousine, for eg.). At every stop (Hong Kong) he dispenses to the local natives his western bourgeois morality. This explains why he goes to Phnom Penh without the Mrs so that, far away from the morality, he’d be chasing brothel girls and, in such a cheap place, flaunting his wealth with, he would say, a “limousine” but never a taxi.

Limousine: Like he’d see in Hollywood movies, Kong pictures himself at the back of a elongated car sipping champagne and eating caviar except for one problem. He had emerged from a third-rate society so that a taxi, any taxi, is simply not enough to contain and ferry his self deceit, that is, the inflated sense of his own importance and superiority.

Low-life: Hannah Yeoh describes her political opponents as low-class. Any body else not like Hannah or Haris Ibrahim, with their western values and multi-culturalism, are low lives. In this respect Gram Kong is no different: an Anglophile, in his case, trudging around the region looking for cheap girls and easy money while dispensing his condescending morality and racism disguised in blog lectures. Kong as Hantu Laut may be anti-Pakatan but that comes out of conventional thinking and political habit rather than political ideology to which he shares with Eli, Hannah et al the same bed. Or is it the same sarong on the same floor mat?

Racist: Like Natty Nut Tan, Haris, et al, Hantu Laut aka Gram Kong has no idea what’s racism nor its etymology. The word is not employed for its sense meaning. It’s useful merely to redirect attention back to their own ego. It’s like calling somebody a ‘retard’ because the caller must be sane – or hopefully sane.

Hantu Laut: No longer surrounded by the like-minded westerners and white men, the phrase is euphemism for an Anglophile lost at sea and seeing ghosts at every turn. A sorry soul.

Lalat: Next time you want limousine to KL, remember to ask for Malay. If not, fuck off. Lalat.


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