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The truth… the lie, such is the built-in duplicity of words. A word lies, with the same word one can speak the truth, we are not what we say, we are true only if others believe us.” — Jose Saramago

The Princess and Hanny Hen

Haris Ibrahim literally sang at the altar of Hannah Yeoh (left) who he had labelled variously as “excellent material, principled, convictions, academic, strong, young…” Ditto Nurul Izzah. That was to make sure a multiracial Chinese-Malay pair although it’s with a discriminatory difference: while Hannah makes excellent Mama, Nurul is PM material, a Princess, Malaysia’s hope, and on and on and on and on and on….

Excellent, principled … still princess material? Like how Haris was soon corrupted by his politics, the two women quickly learned how to lie – and with a straight face too.


When the ‘future PM’ Nurul Izzah Anwar sticks out her forked tongue, like her Father, it is the tongues of her patrons that get glued to their own frozen spoon of ice. Below lists how Nurul and her patrons get tied into knots; note RPK in particular.

Nurul when asked on Nov 3 “is freedom of religion only for non-Muslims but not for the Malays”:

How can anyone say (freedom of religion) only apply to the non-Muslims, it has to be applied equally. Freedom of belief is based on complete equality and rights and duty. It should be regarded as cornerstone of modern social structure.

Nurul on Nov 5:

I do not support Muslims to leave their religion. I regret the fact that some people had tried to spin my words by saying I’m dismissive on matters of faith and I can easily accept apostasy.

Siti Kasim, member of the Bar Council human rights committee, who had asked Nurul that question, “is freedom of religion only for non-Muslims but not for the Malays“. Siti on Nov 8:

While Nurul did not mention about apostasy in her response, the latter however was a clear supporter of freedom of religion for the Malays. In the following days she ‘retracted’ her remark, and said she did not support apostasy. But indirectly when you say you support freedom of religion, and if Malay wants to get out from Islam, that’s apostasy.


Now to her patrons between Nov 3 and Nov 8. There was so much to wag even as one of them (Haris Ibrahim) says it was “much ado about nothing.”

Patron #1, Petra Kamarudin (RPK) in defence of Nurul:

She said something, and the media twisted what she said. I have heard what she said. And what she said was correct. She did not say that she supports Muslims becoming apostates.

RPK gloating over Nurul in May 2012:

What, you think Nurul Izzah got such bad taste or what?

RPK patronizing the future PM in Jan 2012:

Nurul, by the standards of 200 years ago, would be old and over the hill. So, no, I do not think she is too young and certainly she is of the age when she can take over the leadership of the party.


The next is an RPK gem. On Nov 6:

Muslims are not allowed freedom of thought and freedom of expression. This is why Nurul Izzah is currently in hot soup.

Then two days later:

The fact that so many Malays have left Islam and the government does nothing about it means that there is freedom of religion in Malaysia, even for Muslims.


Here’s another. One day, he’d say:

All those who are making these comments were not even there. So how do you know what she said? Yet you make comments as if you were there and you fully understood what she said. … I have heard what she said.

After that:

The video recording of that forum is now on Youtube and what Nurul Izzah really said is there for all and sundry to see. It is too late to try to explain what she really meant or accuse Utusan Malaysia of distorting or twisting what she said.


Patron #2, Haris Ibrahim

On Nov 6

(This is) much ado about nothing

Before that, Nov 3, 2010

How can you not love her?


Patron #3 Ambiga Sreevanasan

I think she’ll be the first woman prime minister of this country. I’ve said it so many times, I hope it comes true.


Each passing week, month and year, Nurul and her coterie of patrons give new meanings to the words ‘shame’, ‘principle’, ‘hope’, ‘righteousness’….

[Update] On top of offense to the Malay, religious establishment, she has now added betrayal and disappointment among the left, liberal Anglophiles (including people like Siti Kasim and this Christian group) who once shout the Nurul name each time they talk politics but have now emerged to join in crucifying her by calling out her lies.

Yes, Nurul did say there must be freedom of religion for all; no compulsion “has to apply equally… apply equally.”

Poor Princess: she has an ugly forked tongue! She’s been found out; she must now change her tudung, or better yet drop that veil.


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