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The Frog and the Lion

Political Folk Tales for Children

Aesop original

A lion heard a frog croaking loudly and turned towards the sound, thinking that it must be the sound of some huge beast. After a while, the lion saw the frog come up out of the swamp. He went over to the frog and as he crushed him underfoot, the lion said, “No one should be worried about a sound before the thing itself has been examined.” This fable is for a man with a big mouth who talks and talks….


Russian version (by Lev Tolstoy)

A lion heard a frog croaking loudly, and thought it must be a large animal to be shouting loudly. He went closer and saw the frog coming out of the swamp. The lion crushed it with his paw and said: “It’s tiny – and to think I was scared.”


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