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小河淌水 Wading Across a Brook

In Chinese musical art, nature – rivers, mountains, forest, the seasons – is a dominant theme because those things so clearly dictate the life cycles of people, their habitat and ways of farm life. An example is the song immediately below; it is to serve as a primer.


The remaining series of clips below concern the same title Wading across a brook, in its hanyu 小河淌水, xiaohe tang shui. Its meaning is highly nuanced, however. It could also translate as, Tear drops in a brook.

This is dedicated to Nur and Fahmi. Salam


Yunnan folk song in its original rendition

郭乔伊 Qiaoyi’s version

 童丽 Tong Li’s version

Stage version

Given the theatrical effect (and the finest version yet)

Same song in philharmonic


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