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The Super Bitch

The essay farther below was originally published in 2011 July under the title The Unwobbling Pivot (2): Who is the Malay 滿剌加的马来.

It is reproduced in its entirety, hence retitled, as a rebuttal to Helen Ang’s two March 31 posts (part 1, part 2) that, again, line up the Malays and Chinese for a fight, chiefly by equating the DAP to the Chinese, the latter not only as a single-minded, monolithic ethnic collective but often as Anglophone Christians, as American Pentecostal evangelists, and as especially as “inherently” (the word comes from a loonie Helen fan) racist and anti-Malay.

Helen is a media hack, and third-rate at that. So she could never see the underlying ethnic and political point and cultural significance in Lim Kit Siang knocking on Chinese doors in Johor. And that if Penang is as Chinese as she says then it would have been MCA-ruled, not Gerakan and not DAP, both Anglophile parties modelled on the west; and she won’t be named Helen by Anglophile parents who can’t write in hanzi and there’d be no need to pin a chauvinist Aku Cina badge on herself like Hannah Yeoh says she is Aku Kristian.

There is much, much more to be said of her Penang kopitiam scholarship, her cavalier historicism, supercilious language and tone, and, worse, her personal vendetta to avenge DAP’s attacks on her by dragging the Malays onto her side. On Malays, she seems only successful because her inflammatory style and perfunctory approach mimic, among others, Mahathir Mohamad’s political speeches and Lim Guan Eng’s.

Against the DAP, Helen’s polemics merely sit on the opposite bench. As the DAP provokes and instigates the Chinese, so she would the Malays. What Ridhuan Tee tells Muslim Malays of the Chinese (that they are godless and so on), almost always with rational-defying innuendos, Helen would, politically, say with as much relish about ‘DAPster’ Chinese to Anglophile Malays.

Invariably, thanks to that style, the Malays cheer her on (see Annie for example), Helen gushes red — thank you, you’re welcome — and then when it all ends she could prepare, in advance, her own tombstone epithet:

Here lies the last Cina Helen of Malaysia, woman of great, prophetic wisdom, hacked into two under an Amok’s parang.

Helen has been called, rightly, a super bitch.

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