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Barbarians at the Gates

(continuing on the Aku Cina saga, this and this.)


(Like the DAP) Shay Adora is neither Chinese nor Indian — Hannah Yeoh, May 2011

I’m not Chinese, first or last. — Lim Kit Siang, June 2011


Why Helen Ang Lies for Shay Adora DAP

Not Chinese, not Indian: Who are these people? What do they look like? What is the name of their god? Who gave them names? Who are their parents, their parents’ parents, their grandparents’ parents…? Where do they come from? What do they believe? Who? What are they?


Hannah’s Truth: Not Chinese, Not Indian, the Shay Adora DAP

Lim Kit Siang’s DAP tends to be very successful in Anglophile areas, those with lots of English-speaking churches in particular, Subang, Damansara, Petaling Jaya and especially Penang with its St Xavier street names and La Salle schools. In Penang, even the Gerakan woman Rowena Yam lends support to the DAP, and at the Esplanade she barks that her mother tongue is English not Chinese.

How then will the DAP expect to succeed in Johor, dongjiaozong‘s birthplace, and especially in places like Gelang Patah, one of the last Chinese bastions, heathen to the core, home to scores of Chinese schools, knocking on Chinese doors, asking for the Chinese vote, claiming to better Chinese interest?

Unless, of course, Kit Siang gets away with the continuing lie he is Chinese whereas, in truth, he is Anglophile first, Mat Salleh in life and in politics, both modelled after the British and European Left, the White Man’s Left. And unless, of course, Helen Ang succeeds in lying for DAP online, that it is Chinese, therefore anti-Malay, so as to drive out the Malay vote from the MCA.

It is a double-whammer for Barisan in Johor: Kit Siang pounding the Chinese on the one side; Helen the online Malay on the other.

Kit Siang has been a man faking Chinese politics and the Chinese life — and badly at the latter, like Helen Ang faking Aku Cina. It’s easy to fake Malay — Ridhuan Tee does it successful — but not the Chinese life. Any ‘ultra Chinaman’ (Helen’s hated person) could tell right off her forgery and pretence. (Here’s a tip: Confucian society is never, never stratified along vertical class lines — first class, second class, and so on, hence the demand for equality in white societies — but laterally on clan lines.)

But it was especially Hannah Yeoh who gave the two away, by denouncing her Chinese father and Chinese ancestry so as to champion first-class status for DAP’s foreign-named barbarians, among them Shay Adora Ram and Kaleigh Imani Ram.



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... and the Tokong of Penang.


Today is qingming 清明节



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