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Talk yes; trust? Manana…


Because this election is about so many things then, for that reason alone, one can never be sure what in it is actually ‘ultimate’ — which is your question.

Let us try anyway and proceed as follows.

If there was no March 2008, would this election be any different from the ones in the past? Would it be about anything, anything at all, ultimately? Would there be ‘ubah’ or ‘transformation’? Would there be Najib Razak as he had presented himself? Would we ever hear from that revolting Anglophile named Lim Guan Eng? Would there be Haris Ibrahim or bigots like the vindictive Helen Ang, her venomous Malaiyoos and their mean-spirited Perkasa (the three are fundamentally the same)?

You probably have all the answers to the above. Which in turn leads us back to the opening question. Ultimately, the election is about Sino-Malay relationship (and Indian Hindus to an extent). Pakatan pretend there isn’t any problem; Umno, when it is Mahathir Mohamad speaking (today assisted by Perkasa’s spitting image Helen Ang), keeps reminding us it’s gotten worse.

The term Sino-Malay relations is a vague statement. For concision, let’s just say this election affects the relationship because it determines Umno’s future — yes, its electoral standing and its political legitimacy are that dicey. If the election affects MCA, it will be marginal no matter how hard the Malaiyoos try to say otherwise. Najib knows it, or else he wouldn’t have gone to the extent he has in recent years and months.

Umno would have explored and tried hard indeed to be freed of the shackles of Barisan (recall ‘Malay unity’). Shackles? Yes, shackles, because Umno is only a Malay party and, even then, commanding less than half the country’s allegiance and so can’t stand up legitimately as a national, cross-ethnic ruler. It has pumped dry the Malay constituency-well so there’s no more electorate from which it can draw political sustenance and national legitimacy. Any of the three Pakatan parties, PKR or PAS or DAP could, even if difficult, reach across ethnicities in order to grow. Not Umno, which needs Barisan. Yet its partners, MCA especially, can’t advance or do much since they have to work with hands tied behind their backs, previously by Mahathir Mohamad’s Umno.

That sin is Umno’s and you’ve only to listen to Mahathir to be convinced. Saddled with this legacy, Najib is trying to have it both ways — ketuanan Melayu and the Chinese vote — but his self-appointed spokespeople, the Malaiyoos, trying to help, make the situation worse. They use DAP as a proxy to attack the Chinese. They can’t tell the difference between the MCA and the DAP, nor the similarity between the Gerakan and the DAP. Racism has this capacity to make stupid their minds. They can’t see (actually they don’t want to see) that the other twelve Barisan parties, principally the MCA, are propping up Umno’s national legitimacy and March 2008 shook that scaffolding right down to the foundations.

Naturally, many Umno media hacks (including Helen Ang) go around saying they don’t need the Chinese vote and it is the MCA that’s now beholden to Umno. They flatter themselves much. A simple thought experiment settles the argument. If a Malaysian government had no MCA representation, what would change in fundamental ways, and for the worse, for the Chinese? (They can’t even use that IC thing anymore because the Chinese don’t really care.) But if there is no Umno, what would happen to Malays?

In Barisan there is no escape from this either-you-or-I contradiction that Umno, starting with the Tunku, had created. Everybody buys into it, even PAS. Result? This.

Malaiyoos hoisted up Mahathir to fix the Chinese, and Lim Guan Eng is their just reward. It has to be Guan Eng especially because he is a gweilo imitation, and not in spite of it. We, the Chinese (the heathen, motherland Chinese), don’t have in us an ethical culture nor in our stomach to be affront and bellicose so Malaiyoos interprete this civility as weakness and blame MCA for Umno’s dicey future and DAP’s ascent.

White culture, on the other hand, its language, its religion and its politics, has all those qualities which you can easily pin like medals onto Guan Eng’s chest. (Look at Helen Ang, the breast-beating narcissism; she and Guan Eng’s belligerent, vicious and nauseating characteristics are identical. Or look at the church; it speaks the same Pakatan language and uses the same words. Malaiyoos, preoccupied with fixing the Chinese, can’t see these commonalities because they themselves are Anglophiles.)

Simply stated: To put the Chinese in their place — maybe it is their sort of jihad — the Malaiyoos got a Hokkein Anglophile thug for reward. History is like that.

Whatever therefore the electoral outcome, some things couldn’t possibly change: Malaiyoos, their insecurity; Anglophiles, their venom; and of course the bogeyman Chinese for the habit of never getting into other peoples’ affairs.

Yes, we should help Umno win not because they are a lesser evil than Anglophiles but because they are negotiable. Anglophiles, Christians in particular, like PAS people, are never negotiable — the two are the same.

True, Umno winning still won’t solve the underlying issue: Umno itself, one moment bigoted next a sweet tongue, one moment demanding then accommodating, one moment nice next they want to kill you. Don’t their forked tongues and wavering habits remind you of Anwar Ibrahim? Without integrity they are not dependable. If they can’t be dependable, they are never, never, never, never to be trusted. Negotiate yes, trust next time.

The dice was rolled long ago, so we’ll just hedge on any outcome.

Back to your question: the election, for the Malay, is about saving Umno’s arse from Anwar. For us, the ‘godless’ Chinese, it’s saving ourselves from DAP’s god evangelism.


PS: Malaiyoos can’t appreciate this fundamental point: for decades the heathen Chinese stood between them and the mullahs, saving their arses from the horse whip. Gratitude is not expected because, what are friends for? But, face-to-face with Anglos, priests, preachers and pastors who together run circles around them, and they don’t even know it, one can only do so much.



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