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Letter to Ai

My dearest 妹妹同胞:

May this letter find you in good health and in peace.

I read that your side didn’t win and didn’t lose. 133? Console yourself: it could be worse, winning all or losing all, and then we – all of us – would be done in.

I’ve been spending inordinate amounts of time and energy in the motherland, hence the dirth of postings and the infrequency. In the motherland, doing what, you might ask? Short, part-answer: chasing girls. They’re tough, very, very tough; you do and say all sorts of things to please them, and all they ever do the entire evening, if they’re not on QQ, is they are on the iPhone – which you paid for. And it’s the iPhone 5.

There are reasons, economic, sociological, cultural reasons, for the toughness and none of these has anything to do with what we, Malaysians, commonly call ‘greed’ that Anglophiles associate always, and mistakenly, to the Chinese, especially that half-baked gweilo, Welsh and Malaiyoo named Petra Kamarudin. As to the reasons, let’s go into them another time, another day.

Still, I sometimes think the Melayu might be better. At the least, they’ll politely ask, that’s request, not demand. And they’d be happy with the first generation Samsung. They might even settle for a Lenovo or a HTC.

I’m in Taiwan, Taipei, btw, resting my poor body and soul, or whatever’s left. It’s also to try and restock the wallet, but life is harder by the day.

How are the Taiwanese treating you? Good, I trust. They give you any problems, you let me know, and we – the mainlanders – will know what to do.

No, we shouldn’t meet, in case the b/f back home get any ideas, wrong ones in particular. How’s the fella?

Truth of the matter: I’m not impressed by Taiwan and still don’t like Taipei. But, one make do in any, any, any circumstance.

Please write when you can. Salam


Postscript: Tell Annie, thanks for the posting on your behalf. The clip below is by a Taiwanese – you know that, of course – but in the motherland, millions adore him. It is to you…

Summer is terrible, so I’m waiting for Autumn.


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