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Red Shirts vs China

Letter to Jamal Yunos

Dear Jamal,


Ordinarily, and in other circumstances, there will still be much to talk about but any conversation between us is, we think, just that: spittle out of mouths. You believe what you want to believe. Your Allah has his rules, we have ours. The Chinese went out for Bersih4 — and this is not to say we, at shuzheng, are in complete agreement with their demands and even their methods — and you had avenged it with your September 16, Maruah Rally. You could have left it at that, that is, we are even and all of us go back to our lives.

But you didn’t, or perhaps you weren’t told to stop. You wanted September 26 and specifically you wanted some Chinese heads taken out of Petaling Street, served on a platter and sent to whom…? Najib Razak? You know as well as we do, you can only exist, you can only function, you live and you act solely on the head signal of a nod from some Malay chief, Bugis or whatever it doesn’t matter.

This isn’t to say you are unimportant. Dispensable perhaps but necessary because persons like Anifah or Hisham or Zahid Hamidi have too much at stake, too much to lose, to want to step into your shoes and do the kind of work you do as a cheer leader. And you do what you do because it is plausible you completely agree with the thinking or the strategy driving the Maruah Rally you used on Sept 16, after which Sept 26.

So let us go back a little into how this whole thing started. Where shall we start? 1957? Or earlier in Malay history? Portuguese Malacca? How far back do you want to go?  How about Ming history? Or 400 years before that, the Tang era, 1200 years ago? Our modern-day histories, Chinese and Malay, have always been written by the white man but if you were to step into the underground archives in Beijing and Nanking, you can actually read records, sometimes just a few brief lines of Song histories speaking of Tang Chinese — 唐人 Tangren — in the peninsula and what is now known as Indonesia. In those days Chinese officials, you see, were prodigious in writing down every thing because it was the only way the palace officials could inform the Emperor of what’s happening where and where and what course of action to recommend to him.

But we won’t need to go this far back. Before Bersih4 and before your Maruah Rally response there was a direct chain of preceding events, which are the following, in nutshells: 1MDB, Mahathir Mohamad, Task Force, Arabs, 2.6 billion ringgit, and especially this, Umno split into two. All that and yet, we are reduced to just this today: Malays versus Chinese. Now, we throw in one more — the People’s Republic of China (BTW, tomorrow, Oct 1, is anniversary of the PRC; it’s not independence just anniversary).

Can you follow the path that events have moved? You don’t find that queer? Or, you are just pretending? Or, you are lending Najib a hand to help save his head? Which then raises a question, what is in it for you? Malay pride? Or money?

We come now to Mr Huang Huikang (黄惠康). And his presence brings us back to the thinking, or shall we say, strategy in your Maruah Sept 16: 1MDB is on the fire, cooking, but Najib Razak throws and stirs everything into the pot, the more the better, he thinks. And, the more potent the ingredients stirred in — most lately, Chinese heads from Petaling Street — the greater the plausibility that the sole ingredient in the original cooking, 1MDB, will vanish.

Jamal, you still follow the train of thoughts? Or is this known to you already?

So you think this is insulting? Insulting to who? Chinese or Malay? Or both? But, even those questions are not the point because, if you keep pressing at this rate, first rich Arabs and Qataris, then Swiss and UK investigations, now the PRC, drawing the rest of the world into the fight, how will this pan out? For your chief, Najib, that is.

Najib has been contradictory. As the 1MDB snowballs, he tries to contain the fallout, keeping everything in rein, disbanding the Task Force, locking up some officials, intimidating the rest, silencing Muhyiddin, while the opposition, Mahathir included, would try to expand it. There was nothing Bersih4 could do to bring him down, much less than the Task Force or Muhyiddin. You yourself and Najib and others have repeatedly said so: Bersih4 was simply slap in the face of the Malays. Suppose that’s the meaning: You can’t take a slap?

But, Najib’s Malay political intuition says differently. It tells him to go after the Chinese, the harder, the more violent the better, based solely on Umno’s history cases of chopping off a few Chinese heads to keep intact the chief’s. Or, to put it another way, kill the chicken to scare the monkey.

Thirty, fifty years ago, the Chinese in Malaysia would sacrifice a few heads some Malay chiefs wanted so that the rest of us could get away and to live in peace. May 13 was classic in this respect. The Chinese prostitutes that people like you (and Anwar Ibrahim?) want, and that Utusan writes about, is another example. During the war against Japan, the same. Ancient Chinese history is also full of such cases, for Mongols and Turks, for example, we gave away our women and daughters — even after they have taken the sheep and the silk cloths.

Suppose we, the Chinese, continue to do so. Here is the question, Jamal: Does it work? Can you not see how circumstances today are different from the past that merits a different approach to solving a fundamental Umno problem of finding a Malay chief, a problem that gets play and replayed, over and over again? We won’t go into that except for this: Try as he may to divert that point — about being an Umno chief — Najib is not being questioned or challenged as a Malay chief. He is been challenged as a national Malaysian chief.

Which is also to say that if Malays (not Umno) solves their succession problem — who after Najib tomorrow? — then the Chinese don’t have to deliver sacrifices anymore. And you won’t have to waste your time in Petaling Street looking for Chinese heads and turning the country upside down. That is to say, half of our race problems vanishes because you will be redundant. Think about it Jamal. Redundant, although we can still deliver to you a Chinese woman to fuck if that’s ultimately what you want.

Here, is the other miscalculation, Jamal, yours as well as Najib’s: Once you bring in the Chinese, you invariably widen the scope of Najib’s problems, that is making it into a Chinese-Malay fight. Which is, of course, what you want for the reason that Malays are insulted, Najib gets more Malays onto his side, and so he is saved. Yes, he is safe as an Umno, Malay leader. But, is that in question right from the start?

Restating the above: rather than keeping the 1MDB problem contained within limits that won’t jeopardize his prime ministership, Najib actually presupposes that, by burning down Petaling Street, turning the country into a conflagration, he won’t have to step down and give way to another Malay leader. Operative words are, ‘give way to another Malay leader’. You think that’s going to happen? Or, shall this Malay leader, waiting, pointing at last at Najib, would then say: “This man Najib doesn’t only steal our money, 2.6 billion, 40 billion, he is outright dangerous to the Tanah Melayu, hence Malays as well, some dead on the streets, and Chinese, too, because he is behind it all.”

You presume too much, Jamal, especially this: Killing Chinese, there will be no Malay dead and that all Malays are blind and deaf to your ulterior motives. Do you see PAS signing up with you to kill Chinese?

We come now to your remarks cited in Malay Mail Online:

“This (Huang Huikang in Petaling Street) is a clear message that the ethnic Chinese have a place to complain and protect their rights apart from Malaysia. They have land or their country of origin China, and if anything were to happen to them they still have a place to rely on.”

Then this:

“We have to take care of and protect every inch of this Malay land. There is nowhere else for us on this earth apart from our beloved Malaysia. So let’s stand up and unite in the name of Malays and Islam, to take care of our homeland from any threat and exploitation, be it explicit or implicit.”

Some things need to be said about your remarks, but such a response — referring to points of fact, that is — will leave you more embarrassed than you’ve already made of yourself. We’ll spare you that, except for the part you talked of Mr Huang.

Suppose Mr Huang didn’t turn up, suppose China didn’t ‘interfere’, as assholes like Ahi Attan and others have claimed, are you still ’99 percent’ sure some Chinese heads will not be sacrificed to ‘protect this Malay land’?

Again suppose there was no Bersih4 or Bersih4 had met its NEP population quota of half the Malays present, then there will be no need for the Chinese to ‘balik Cina‘ and no need of you to ‘protect every inch of this Malay land’ from ‘threats and exploitation’ by the Chinese?

Now that all has happened, and you feel vindicated of your actions, here’s a suggestion: go to Xinjiang and tell Muslims there to hold a Maruah Rally as a way of getting even with Mr Huang and China’s interference. And before that compare notes with your Muslim ‘brothers’: Malays in Malaysia versus Uighurs in Xinjiang. After which, come home and tell us, honestly, what did you find?

Jamal, do you not see the implication of your remarks. In the hierarchy of your allegiance as well as Umno’s, the Chinese were never, never, never your compatriots or countrymen much less brothers and sisters to Malays. Uighurs 10,000 km away are worth more to pig brains like Ahi Attan and Scott Ng than the Chinese next door. Tell us then why should we, the Chinese, regard Malaysia as a homeland, which it is but not motherland. You talk of ‘if anything were to happen to them (the Chinese)‘, what is that ‘anything’? Who then is being threatened, and who is threatening?

You as well as we know the answers.

You see, Jamal, you do what you must, and so let’s get this straight: We, whether China or the Chinese in Malaysia, will no more, no more, no more ‘stand idly by’ while you again issue threats and expect us to deliver our women and Chinese heads to you. Tell your chief, this is our, Chinese reply to him: Fuck off.




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