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Dear Annie, Again…

This is tiresome and we, unlike Helen Is-Not-Christian Ang, alone and unemployed (or maybe paid from 2.6 billion), don’t have 24 hours, 7 days a week to be pandering to that imbecile. So we’ll just finish this off with the following; some observations:

First, her beef is with me. But, instead of directing her quarrel here, she comes after you, again. This is revealing into her character and especially in her attitude towards you; you’re vulnerable? In two more words, bitchy and quarrelsome.

Second, this whole business is based entirely on conjectures. Two long posts, followed by three more equally long ones — or is it five now? — and Helen is not done quarreling. That, too, is revealing, but into her ego and into her tyrannical attitude towards notions of democratic debate and freedom. You don’t agree with me? I’ll squash you; like Najib would. And still none of  the issues at stake is addressed:

  • One. The Premise. Najib beats up Umno members who refused to accept his leadership, won’t even take prisoners, then goes to PAS to make up for the lost support. What Malay unity bullshit is that? If this is still not clear, let’s rephrase for Helen’s sake, that stupid woman: Najib’s leadership has broken up Umno, then Najib goes to PAS and Helen says it is the best response to a united Chinese opposition. This is the crux of her attack on you. But, please, please, please Annie, can you see, again, the bullshit logic?
  • Two. The Argument. Let’s even grant Helen’s assumption that PAS will take the bite (they, of course, just might, given that mullah brains have Helen’s intellectual standing) but what are the chances that those PAS votes, assuming all, every single one, the ‘x’ number, will make up for the lost Umno rebel votes, y, plus, now, even those who are neutrals, the n number. (You follow so far, Annie?). Hence mathematically we have this equation: x <=> y + n. And count the number of assumptions bundled into that equation. Loads, so we aren’t going to start teaching that imbecile.
  • Three. The Conclusion. ‘Wonderful’, ‘fascinating’ data Helen has produced. Reams of them, it looks like from your reply (haven’t gone there though; wink, wink). But there is not one single one to prove her assertion in the equation, x <=> y + n. That’s elementary stage algebra. Even there it is valid if only she can, paradoxically, predict real, actual numbers into those variable unknowns. And you don’t need regression analysis for that sort of algebra, showing that that stupid reporter doesn’t even know what is a regression model, much less for what it is used and how. She doesn’t even have an equation to start with; she has been bluffing all her readers.

In bullet points, for Helen’s sake, okay?

  • Najib and Muhyiddin/Mahathir fight.
  • Najib shoots every Melayu without I Love PM badge; take no prisoners.
  • Prisoners all dead or fled, Umno house half emptied.
  • Najib goes to PAS, crying Malay unity, whatever.
  • PAS dilly-dally: Wait a minute, we’ll think about it, asking, Apa lagi you mahu?
  • Helen: bravo, way to go, Najib. Hidup Melayu! Hidup Umno! Hidup Najib! Hidup Helen!
  • Helen: Malay unity is going to teach Cina a lesson. Shows pictures of dying LGE and Hannah.

Does all this make sense to you, Annie?

BTW, Your no-nasty-on-Helen ban looks to have been lifted. Comrades of Annie, you got that? Ban lifted! Fire away! Take no prisoners!

Also, why you show to Helen my earlier love letter to you? No wonder she is angry; imagine the steam hissing out of every one of her orifices. Bet you she hadn’t slept the last three days, definitely not since that letter. When finally she dozes off on her keyboard tonight, do you think the neighbors will hear her snore?

Another thing: why you gossip to Helen that I want to throw you into jail? Now she will tell everybody, starting with your mother and then Ai and after that your Ex, that I’m a like tyrant ruler like Take-No-Prisoner Najib, and that I have connections in Sungai Buloh. You were wrong, my dearest Anni: I won’t throw you into jail. After what you’ve done and said to Helen, I want to shoot you — in person.

Bye-bye, we’re finished and this is the last time I’m writing Dear Annie letters, okay? 我们分手吧


PS: You think, after this, Helen Take-No-Prisoner Ang would be “appeased”? And don’t show her this letter, please. Please? I tell ya, she won’t steam; she’ll explode.



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This was originally posted on 2012 July 3

Every place you go to in Singapore are rules. But here, in this place, bebas.”  – Shamsul Bahri, KTM Tanjung Pagar Station Manager, 2012, June 30.


[Greetings on a new year, Ai: this repost is dedicated to you and family. If you will, say ‘Hello’ to hubby and extend to him sincere felicitations from shuzheng.]


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