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How to Win the Nobel Lit Prize

… according (perhaps) to Zahid Hamidi: A quiet somewhere, four hours, cigarettes, coffee and

who, in writing, can tell Truth from Holiness and from Love, since made illegal, only to be found hidden behind doors, and who can honestly tell Reality from Fiction so that if a Chinese is indeed a pig so must you be, Zahid. Only then will the literature fly.

Below is writing from the country that supplies the Nobel. Do you, Zahid, know how to read? Do you know the meaning of ‘perspective’? Do you believe in angels?



Now that everything is all fucked up, what’re we ever going to do?


The Serenity of a Sorrow

“I can be glad to remember sorrow that is over and done with and sorry to remember happiness that had come to an end.” — Marcel Proust, In Search of Lost Time


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Batman v Superman: With Me or Against Me

Then, on the other hand…

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