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Urgent from China: All is ‘Normal’



This is a shuzheng support campaign

The Book Seller

Letter from China

Without a trace, Mr Lee Bo (above) disappeared suddenly last week after a visit to his book store warehouse in Hong Kong.  A few days later, a letter was faxed to a colleague Mr Chan, supposedly from him but the writing, according to Lee’s wife, is his. His whereabouts remain unknown.

[In translation by HKFP]

Mr Chan,

Since I am in urgent need to handle the related issue, and as it cannot be told to the outside world, I have returned to the mainland by my own method to assist the investigation by related authorities – it may take some time.

Please continue to run the bookstore as per contract, you can contact my wife for the payments due for books, or you can pay them, and clear the amount when I come back.

My current situation is good, everything is normal. Please kindly handle the things at the bookstore, many thanks!

Lee Bo, 2016 Jan 3


The Bookshop

Causeway Bay Books, Hong Kong


Lee Bo is the fifth man to disappear — the first Gui Minhai in early November was plucked from Pattaya and has vanished from Thailand altogether without a trace. All of them served Causeway Books either directly or, as in Gui’s case, as publisher that sells books banned in China mainland. Gui himself writes on China and its leaders, in hanzi, mostly garbage. But he has been gone 82 days yesterday, Lee eight. Here they are:



We, the Chinese people,  华侨, hold Xi Jinping 习近平 accountable for the Missing Five.



Further information:

LA Times

New Yorker




Agnes 周庭 has a message for you



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Politics of Taking No Sides

Hell is empty, all the devils are here. — William Shakespeare


Dear Annie,

The less said the better so that when we eventually say nothing we reveal nothing in our politics: one is therefore on no side of politics. Silence becomes the handmaiden of neutrality.

In combination, your two posts — Back to JB and Neutral and Disengaged — has that meaning. But, please, see that even before that decision, you were already on no side of any side. That being so, the reply from Najib Razak’s people is that you must be therefore against them (never mind the illogic). But, take that reply, add silence and capitulation is produced.

Restated bluntly, the pro-Najib forces silenced you. In its turn, this leaves them with greater room within the Babel space of all contesting arguments to shout and scream. Quarreling is of course not a zero-sum endeavor, that is, what one side loses, the other side gains.

I shall have nothing more to say on the matter, which isn’t the same as possessing no opinion nor argument. It simply complies with the dictum, the less said the better.

Politics have far less relevance to our daily lives than the worry of our inability to fix a bike suddenly dead on the highway to JB. Or, what is it about two lovers who found so much in each other one day, then one packs up to leave. Why? These are the mysteries of the human heart we want to understand.

And so, too, it is with politics; only its relevance to the heart, the space that it occupies, is small. Even the purpose of its discourse is far less profound, only the principles behind the arguments might not be different. What is it about the advocate who do or say one thing could produce a greater good for all? Where is the rationality in that argument? Or is that just spittle?

Of much, much greater concern than that is, the freedom of your thoughts, of your just thinking through a contentious issue then putting it out, whether for it to be challenged or affirmed by further arguments, will from now onward find no more expression in your blog. Nothing at all?

As one among many who visit your blog, we shall have one voice less to hear, to gauge against our own and especially to gauge against either side, pro Najib and pro Mahathir. It is this, dear Annie, we protest.

I’m, truly yours,




我默默的祝福你 Silently I wish you well
感覺到了嗎 Can you feel it
哪裡不是你的家 Anywhere is still your home
別怕啊 別傻啊 Be not afraid, be not silly
哪裡都能開花 Anywhere you still will bloom

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