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The Racist Huang An 黄安

Pictured immediately above is Huang An, the dotting 52-year-old grandfather who railed against and instigated for the lynching of 16-year-old girl Chou Tzu-yu 周子瑜 (top) over her supposed political allegiances and lack of Chinese purity while, on the other hand, he openly told reporters that racial and racist breeding between his Chinese daughter (below) and a white Caucasian son-in-law would have produced in his granddaughter a specie ‘prettier than Hannah Quinlivan’ (Huang An’s words).

Reminds of DAP’s Hannah Yeoh? Hannah Quinlivan is Jay Chou’s Australian-Taiwanese model girlfriend, and Jay is himself a Taiwanese singer and actor far more popular and famous than Huang An had once dreamed of becoming and now, old as he is, beyond his reach.

In combination and on the goading of

  • (a) Huang An 黄安, a Taiwanese singer,
  • (b) backed by an online mob, China evidently, and
  • (c) the Chinese phone company Huawei 华为,

the South Korean JYP Entertainment Corporation subjected one of its teenage employees from Taiwan, the K-pop star Chou Tzu-yu 周子瑜, Zhou Ziyu in pinyin, age 16, to a public lynch-and-rape pogrom — all in full view of the world and on the eve of Taiwan’s presidential election.

The results, below, are two women, Chou Tzu-yu and 蔡英文 Tsai Ing-wen, one triumphant and the other pounded to a pulp. This post is about the two, once strangers to each other, but since then their fates woven together, and the barbarity of a Chinese mob, of 黄安 Huang An and of 华为 Huawei and of the stupidity mingled with the greed of Korea’s JYP.

But, before all that, the results, starting with 周子瑜 Chou after that  蔡英文 Tsai:

A complete wreck, stuttering and almost breaking into tears is Chou Tzu-yu apologizing to mainland China. (There is another tape with English subtitles but this is deliberately withheld for Part 2 so that you may, instead, pay attention to her tone and her demeanor.) So, why?

Told to do it during a promotional video, Chou had held up a Taiwanese flag while other members of the TWICE K-pop team based in Seoul held theirs. No remarks were made during the video shoot (snap stillshot below), nor after.

But Huang An leaped onto the occasion, pinning her to the floor, gave TV interviews (farther below), posted his remarks on his Weibo account then rallied an online Chinese mob to gang-rape and boycott her on his sole interpretation that she is a ‘Taiwanese separatist’, abbreviated in hanzi as taidu 台獨.

(Huang An’s interview, in Mandarin, said that unless Chou declared herself as zhongguoren  中国人 literally ‘China people’, her carrying the Taiwanese flag must mean only this, she isn’t Chinese. Huang An’s bullying, threats, stupidity and incitements have since come under scrutiny and criticism. This will be in Part 2. )

All that had taken placed on Jan 14, on the eve of Taiwan’s presidential vote and it caught the attention of Tsai Ing-wen 蔡英文. In her victory speech two days later, on Saturday Jan 16, she referred specifically to Chou Tzu-yu and was reported as follows, in the translated English:

“Our democratic system, national identity and international space must be respected. Any forms of suppression will harm the stability of cross-strait relations,” Tsai tells the crowds.

She says that everyone has the right to be his or herself, and has the right to choose. Freedom is part of the Taiwanese identity. Again, referring to the Chou Tzu-yu incident, Tsai said that no-one should apologise for their identity.


Taiwan’s First Woman President


First Chinese Woman President?

Tsai Ing-wen 蔡英文 , pinyin name Cai Yingwen

The headline in Hong Kong’s Apple Daily, above, reads: ‘Tsai Ing-wen. First Chinese Woman President‘, in which Chinese is scripted as  华人 or 華人 in traditional Chinese character, that is, ‘huaren‘ in pinyin. It didn’t say Taiwan. In China huaren is rarely used, it being replaced by zhongguoren  中国人 literally ‘China people’. At one time and still today, many Taiwanese refused to be called and won’t be identified as zhongguoren but said nothing about being huaren. Their preference: Taiwan people.

But, outside mainland China, particularly Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, huaren is widely used because nationality is not implied. Here it is ethnicity. Hence the overseas Chinese in Malaysia and elsewhere are known as huaqiao 华侨. In the old days, hua was the synonym script-word for flower 花. Today hua 华 is commonly used in compound words to mean resplendent and radiant. For example, guanghua 光华 means brilliant or glorious.

Why did Apple Daily used that phrase huaren? For two reasons probably. (a) Because it is true. Never in Chinese history has a woman led a Chinese nation by popular suffrage. (b) Neither mainland China nor Huang An have the last word on who is Chinese and what is it to be Chinese. If anything, the Communist Politburo running the mainland is the most un-Chinese in all 3,000 years of recorded Chinese culture and civilization.

Those people should be ashamed and they should hand over all those renegade provinces (below) to Tsai Ing-wen forthwith. And Huang An, himself a racist on the one hand would, on the other, pretend and look away if his own daughter gave birth to a monstrous half-fucked up Chinese, like him.

Attention All Commie Chinese: Surrender! Or Die!

中共  投降或死亡!

In the elections, Tsai would have faced another woman in  洪秀柱 Hung Hsiu-chu (below), Kuomintang’s xiao lajiao 小辣椒 or Little Hot Pepper (it’s her sharp tongue), if not because she withdrew her candidacy after performance polls had showed her doing badly. Eric Chu, who lectures accountancy, replaced her at the last minute — and still lost. Did the rape-and-lynching of Chou 周子瑜 had an effect on the vote outcome? Surely, for this is now a given, a moment that turned in Chinese history.

黄安 好好来:  肏你妈

Don’t know how to read all that, in English, Huang An? Know what’s fuck you? Ask your son-in-law.



 周子瑜 … 朋友别哭


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