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This guy is still stressed, it’s his political career on the line… that’s all he thinks about.

Patrick Mahony, 1MDB Team Player


Two-face Najib: hoodlum and politician. With two hearts each following separate trails, he ran separate operations with the same smile and the same tongue. Only the words need not be the same.


The situation in 2015 and until recently: In a fetid Bangkok jail is Xavier Justo, a former employee of PetroSaudi, a fraudulent company with a fictitious USD2.5 bn ‘joint-venture’ with 1MDB that boasts of even more fictitious oilfields and drilling ships and international high connections.

Soon after the convergence of a quirk series of personal events in Justo’s life and in his relationship with Tarek Obaid, PetroSaudi ‘CEO’, that everything which had worked out so well for six years for Najib Razak, it began to unravel. Well worked-out because, in that time, everybody in the Team (the word from Patrick Mahony, below) were already celebrating, buying things, and living it up. Through 1MDB, the Team had gotten as much as USD3 bn; another USD4 bn or more would come through.

Besides, by July 2015 in particular, Najib could show that nobody could touch him — nobody, not the auditors, not the police nor the Bank Negara, nor the Attorney General, not foreign governments in Singapore or Switzerland and, up until recently this year, not even the US. In Thailand, its government could be bought. Sovereignty? That’s for assholes patriots and imbeciles, the like of Tan Keng Liang, Ibrahim Ali and Kadir Jasin and Petra Kamarudin foaming in their mouths about logic and principles and loyalty and Nusantara and ketuanan.

Then something happened. And didn’t.

In 2011, Justo, after a big bout of quarrel with Obaid, an old friend but no more, a fight that had been simmering between them for a year, he downloaded and stored in a detachable, storage hard drive all the data and information from the company’s computer server. With it, he quit. Something about the information therein nagged at him, as a Guardian newspaper account suggests, but he didn’t appear able to put a finger to what. This meant that Obaid, in spite of their close friendship before, hadn’t been letting him in on what was going on. The ways of the underworld is inexplicable to those above.

After Justo’s resignation, nothing happened for the first four years excepting that he kept badgering Obaid and Mahony, fellow racketeers, to pay him what, it seemed, they had promised. Sometimes when talking he would drop hints about that data in his possession. In his heart, perhaps, Justo didn’t belong to the underworld — he is just an ex-banker — so that the hints suggests an inkling, but nothing solid in his mind. (Recall that this was 2011-12 and the 1MDB-IPIC fraud hadn’t yet taken flight; it even looked respectable in early 2015.)

At 1MDB, on the other hand, things happened as they were intended. After the PetroSaudi scam, 1MDB proceeded to the next, this time using IPIC because the mouth waters at something far bigger: USD6.5 bn coming not from Malaysia but the US.

Three years later, something else broke into the open as if from nowhere.

Arrested in Koh Samui, that is, Samui island, Justo was accused of blackmail against PetroSaudi using the data. After which and speedily, too, he was locked up, paraded out to see by the world, Malaysia especially, then tried and jailed six years cut by half. Justo, according to Clare Brown at Sarawak Report, had contacted her and she went to Tong Kooi Ong, owner of the Edge, because Clare, poor woman that she is, couldn’t come up with the USD2 mn Justo wanted in return for giving information. Tong, a hard bargainer evidently, had passed on to Justo through Clare that they would publish and pay later. Today, Tong Kooi Ong still owes that man in jail 2 mn. Dollars, cash, plus interest, when he gets out.

Published, and life hadn’t been the same for Najib. In the heart, anyway, but not on the surface.

At the least, they had gotten Justo out of the way. But what next? How do you take back the words spit out from a tongue? There were two parts to the problem: Justo on the one part, the published information on the other.

In their hands Justo was easy; let him discredit himself. Below is an excerpt from his forced confession issued to a Thai court and distributed to the Malaysian media:

I hereby confess to my full involvement in, and responsibility for, the offences for which I am charged. They are the attempted blackmail and attempted extortion of PetroSaudi. I make this confession of my own free will and accord without any pressure, duress or outside influence. I do not wish to have a lawyer presentI fully admit my criminal behaviour and accept my guilt in these matters. I just want to set the record straight and apologise to those who I have wronged. I have conspired with others and further admit offenses of theft of data, handling stolen goods, selling stolen data and IT equipment to third parties and attempting to launder the proceeds of sale. My only motivation for selling the data that I stole was for monetary gain and I never considered myself a whistle-blower… . (emphasis added)

Part Two was simply more of the same: discredit them too, partly by throwing in the idea called, ‘tampering’. In Malaysia the Edge was banned. Petra Kamarudin in Malaysia Today wrote copiously (example, Where is Tong Kooi Ong?) of an anti-Najib conspiracy financed by Tong, while Ahirudin Attan at Rocky Bru weighed in — ‘see, here’s proof of traitors‘ — as did the local print newspapers, of course. At Unspinners (page taken down since), another bunch of Najib’s hatchetmen, racist and fascist to boot, they even make it look like a Chinese-financed conspiracy against a Malay government.

All that done, still there’s this problem: how do you go after Sarawak Report overseas? Or, the UK? Those newspapers have no stake and therefore weren’t as willing, even for money, unlike RPK or Ahi, to do the dirty job. At the Team, they came up with this idea: Ah! The woman. Justo’s wife!

Laura was told, no, demanded of, into making some public confession specifically nailing Sarawak Report. This task of turning her over fell to Patrick Mahony, PetroSaudi ‘director’ and Team Player in UK who had bragged to Laura about connections in high places, having paid off the Thai police to arrest, prosecute and convict Justo. He actually produced the man’s written confession.

From the Sarawak Report (mirror site):

Mahony explained to Laura in one recorded phone call that it was necessary for her to ‘go public’ attacking Sarawak Report, in order to convince Najib Razak that he could trust Justo sufficiently to agree for him to be released from Thailand.

Having Justo as a free man testifying as a witness against 1MDB was the Prime Minister’s worst nightmare, Mahony said in French. So, unless the couple “proved which team they were on” the Malaysians would continue to use their influence and money to lock him up.




“It was all a set-up,” Laura says of Justo’s arrest last year (above) then paraded for the propaganda benefit of ‘independent’ Malaysian reporters and newspapers, for Ahi Attan, for RPK, the whole wham-bang. “They made him look like a terrorist,” she adds. “The Malaysians say they would extradite, kill my husband if he didn’t cooperate, didn’t confess.” 

At the time the NST group editor working for Najib and responsible for the propaganda was Mustapha Kamil (next photo) who in June this year left the newspaper, citing a prickly conscience and saying something like he has been the paragon of truth. There’s no record of him ever saying sorry to Justo.


Patrick Mahony: I bought them all, he once boasted to Laura. He meant he had bought the entire Thai power, from top down, the police, the colonels, the prison wardens, maybe even the prosecutors and judges. He could, naturally; the money wasn’t his, and the Thais were easy to buy — and they are so cheap, girls, police, drugs, anything. Through 1MDB, Mahony had more than USD3 bn of Malaysia’s money to spend.


In a yacht rented by Jho Low is a line-up of core ‘Team Players’. (Najib’s words to Mahony, the same words he would subsequently use on Umno divisional leaders.) Najib is next to that piece of Saudi turkey, some ‘Prince’ with an al-Saud name and also PetroSaudi (PSI) co-founder. Tarek Obaid is second from right (and next photo. Doesn’t he look like a boy, like Jho Low?)

These photos, downloaded from PSI’s hard drive, picture-alerted the world to an international fraud run by a government and for which the price to Justo is a stinking, urine-coated jail cell in Bangkok while the Team lived on diamonds, champagne, paintings, girls, swimming pools. And one jet.


A number of recorded and saved conversations by email and by phone between Laura and Mahony are revealing not just into the thuggish nature of the plot to save Najib but also the man’s actual character.

Immediately below is Najib as fraudster and a gang leader, as depicted by Mahony. Also from Sarawak Report, transcript of phone conversation, 2015 November, between Mahony and Laura:

Mahony: I told you who is controlling this…. It is his [Najib’s] ultimate nightmare that Xavier could turn on him if he gets out. This is his position at the moment.

Laura:  So what do I say to Xavier about getting out – you told me December?

Mahony: This guy is still stressed, it’s his political career on the line, he’s in deep shit and that’s all he thinks about.

Laura: So what do I say?

Mahony: The only way I can show him you are on his side, [you are] a team player, is if you are ready to put yourself in the media – you must denounce all the people that are making conspiracies against him…. We are all in deep shit. I told you the other day. I am in deep shit and a Prime Minister of a country is in deep shit because of that…. He [Xavier Justo] didn’t have to do that [releasing the data]….


Back home in Malaysia, all has quieten down. All is well; life as usual (Najib’s word). Even today, eight months later, Najib is depicted by Malaysiakini as cool and unfazed: Life remains untouched in spite of revelations from the US authorities that, through 1MDB, USD3.5 bn had been stolen from Malaysia, a billion of which was laundered and spent in the US by the Team and its Players.

Najib just has had a meeting with his Umno henchmen (more ‘team players’ evidently) and then returned to Pekan for a Hari Raya open-house party. Here, below, is Najib’s public prime ministerial face, as presented to the world, selfless and a patriot.

Only those specifically named in the report are mentioned in the report. This means that 1MDB is not directly involved in the report. In other words, 1MDB has no assets in the United States, and 1MDB is not directly named in the report.

There’s nothing, all are as usual…I must be ‘istiqamah‘ (committed) to my duties and responsibilities whether as the Pekan member of parliament or the prime minister to safeguard the interests of nearly 30 million Malaysians.



Other than Patrick Mahony, there were also ex-policemen, lawyers, and public relations ‘professionals’, all hired with Malaysia’s money, for the same job, harassing Laura Justo, and all at once, coaxing, sweet talking, blackmailing and threatening her to ‘go public’ and to denounce a conspiracy against Najib Razak. This went on for months, a method almost identical to the pressure inflicted by captors on prisoners, the Special Branch police on, say, Anwar Ibrahim. It’s astonishing how much abuse and punishment only a human can bear. She was, after all, alone; there is a baby; the savings are depleting; and the husband is faraway in jail, their future, a hell, enveloped in the present. There were still no US indictment against the Team, much less against Najib. Laura didn’t crack.

Below are recorded and printed samples of their conversation by phone and by email in English and French. Some are as recent as late last year.

https://i2.wp.com/i3.sarawakreport.org/b/f/7/b/8/bf7b80c570082bb4acb0d8b9a98152536ddfd848.jpg    https://i1.wp.com/i0.sarawakreport.org/c/5/a/1/1/c5a11eb9c21e5a1df96174e59bfb4c1af14cbe85.jpg  https://i0.wp.com/i2.sarawakreport.org/e/e/4/b/7/ee4b734d5a6dc065a98bf84a4f561646f9c61f34.jpg



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Stalin in Malaysia

To Readers: Warning.

This site is currently under watch by the police and The Mole, the regime’s propaganda tool disguised as independent ‘journalism’. Should you find SR inaccessible, try new mirror site.


Letter to Laura Justo


Dear Mrs Justo:

There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law…. — Charles de Secondat

I write on behalf of Malaysia which, other than for the documentary fact that identifies me as Malaysian, there is really no meaningful nor any consequential import. Malaysia means nothing. Even then, in these days, we walk with our heads bowed. We speak in shame. We hide our faces on the streets. Never has such a thing befallen this country; never have we seen a man such as Mr Xavier Justo, your husband, humiliated, maligned and now incarcerated in such a fashion. For sure, he wasn’t the first victim to the designs of our government. But, in our reckoning, things happen for a reason. We largely left things alone and for the government to do things as it pleases in the belief, proven false repeatedly, that like most of us they are a decent lot. We let our guard down and now pay for the neglect.

We have in charge of us, running the country, a Stalin of Malaysia. Perhaps you will understand this better if I were to remind you how different people had visited you and Mr Justo at various times and at different places, from Koh Samui to Geneva, and how they brought a terror that reaches into jail cells and Bangkok hotel rooms. They have even operated from the inside of an Australian detention center where today it holds an assassin who was once a prime minister’s bodyguard.

Having terrorized Malaysia, they simply extended their tyranny into foreign places today, almost as if they were running an international financial scam excepting for the difference in the immediate objective. Incredulous as it may seem, the rest of the world, Thailand in your case, simply went along. Others like Australia and Singapore look the other way, unless money is concerned. All that which were inflicted on Mr Justo is the result of a Malaysian government outsourcing its tools of terror, one that gives them not only extrajudicial power but extraterritorial reach as well. The government’s involvement is masked by a private person terrorizing another private person, ordinarily a crime in civilized nations. They have privatized tyranny.

This is one of several other reasons why we are seeking to remove this tyrant, along with the other racketeers but without much success so far. We have not given up though. Our failures have only redoubled out determination and our efforts as the days stretch to weeks and months, now a year already. Each passing day gets more difficult.

Rest assure that we, Malaysia, will make up to you and Mr Justo. This is still no consolation of course. No amount of words, no number of times we say sorry will make up for the great injustices he has suffered under our government and its leadership. No amount of shame on our part will ever make up for the pain and the heartaches only you can know, feel and endure. It’s just that, unknown to your husband, Mr Justo had set off a train of events that eventually alerted us to the presence of a demon among us, one we are determined to exorcise at all cost. Mr Justo has done us a great favor.

Please, therefore, thank him on our behalf.

Because even we don’t know, we can’t therefore afford promises into how and when Mr Justo might be freed from that cage and hell into which he was thrown. Consider this, however: we owe it to him, to you, and to your family.

For the moment, also accept our apologies, Malaysia’s apologies for that which has happened to you and to Mr Justo but which shouldn’t have happened. It’s our fault and we’re truly and terribly sorry.




This song by the Malaysian singer An Qier 安祈爾 is titled 我的好兄弟 ‘My Good Brother’. It is how we wish to consider Mr Justo, but we don’t share the culture of the Tarek Obaid types. Once Mr Justo is out, we’ll have a drink — on us, on all Malaysia. We’ll, as the song says, honor you and him with a glass of wine and an old song.


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Revisiting Xavier Justo

The 1MDB indictment by the US Department of Justice (JOD) not only validates allegations in the Edge newspaper but also the Wall Street Journal and Sarawak Report. There is a fourth party though: Xavier Justo. He is the forgotten man.

But the JOD action must also mean, by any reasonable deduction, that Justo had been victimized, framed then jailed in Bangkok since a part of his prosecution hinged on assertions by the Malaysian government, the police in particular, that the 1MDB-PetroSaudi documents from him were tampered with or forged or just doctored.

Now, instead, it is conclusively established that 1MDB and PetroSaudi are the fraudsters, with Malaysian Official 1 working from behind, all that coupled by a cover up. This makes Najib, the police and the IGP himself as criminal conspirators, they backed by a propaganda campaign in which people like the New Straits Times and Ahirudin Attan were active in maligning Justo, causing him in turn a great injustice. It makes Justo the victim; the documents leaked by him true. It pushes Justo from his crime to the opposite side of morality where data sold would spill information on far, far bigger and more powerful thieves.

Sarawak Report has an exclusive interview with Justo’s wife who since his imprisonment had fled Thailand with their child.


Warning Alert. To readers: the Malaysian police have been prowling around. We are into the twilight zone and, if any of this bothers you, just read then leave. Do not make comments (the section will be disabled), do not leave behind finger prints.






It is clear to all by now that 1MDB under varied presidents, Arul Kanda and his predecessors, has had a fraudulent reputation. It signs joint ventures with foreign partners that close shop not long after, with PetroSaudi within a year. Telling auditors and officials (Bank Negara, the Auditor General, others) of its activities, it produces letters that are backdated to make earlier, shady bank remittances and other financial transactions look legitimate; it writes contracts with dummy companies (Aabar BVI, PetroSaudi International) registered in faraway islands where they are accountable to no one; and, its officers on numerous occasions just plain lied, to Parliament, for example, claiming it has money when it hasn’t, claiming it owned Good Star when it belonged to Low Taek Jho who has no formal position in the company.

Thus, we are immediately wary upon seeing an 1MDB deal, any deal. Clare R. Brown’s Sarawak Report has a set of documents tying 1MDB to a railroad construction deal between the Malaysian government and the China Communications Construction Company Limited (CCCC) 中国交通建设股份有限公司. Instead of receiving the documents with suspicion, she welcomed them with glee. Those were just papers typed in A4 photocopy paper. She not only saw the papers as genuine but also as the definitive version of a pending contract intended to sell off 1MDB to China although there is nothing in the company to sell. There, they are just lots of problems and debts and liabilities, criminal and financial.

Even so, what she appears to possess isn’t even the complete contract but, in her words, ‘an Appendix to the Term Sheet‘. An appendix? And that’s stuck to a ‘term sheet’ which, in point of fact, is actually an addendum (or ‘appendices’ in the plural) to the main body of contract containing in great detail the contractual terms, things like life-span of the deal, obligations, dollar value and so on. Image copies of that Appendix to the Term Sheet are given below.

They contain, in effect, all there is to be said about the remaining life of 1MDB which is, for it be packed off to the Chinese. That is, the document, which is primarily about 1MDB, will show how Najib Razak will now wash his hands off the wreckage of the company. In another phrasing, it is to be sold as scrap metal.

Seeing those papers, and having nothing else, you have to work on assumptions. (1) A contract exists and it is final. (2) Attached to the contract is the Term Sheet and that, too, is final.

Now to the ‘Appendix of the Term Sheet’.

  • (a) Is the Appendix final? If not, then is it a working sheet? That is, it remains tentative? And if tentative, how did something so rotten worm its way into something legitimate? Clare calls it a ‘secret deal’. How can something be secret when eventually it must be publicly disclosed since the signature on the contract is CCCC and not the Government of China?
  • (b) The Appendix, that is, its 1MDB portion, is worth half the contract value, meaning MYR30 bn of 60 bn. How is half a contract value reduced to an Appendix? If not, why is it excluded from the main body of the contract?
  • (c) How shall CCCC, a Hong Kong listed company, report to shareholders and its governing authorities such a contract? How will it explain buying scrap metal for no good or profitable reason and has nothing to do with building a railroad? Why append garbage to something that’s already yours?

Return to the sample of contents in the ‘Appendix’. It is full of holes even as a working sheet. It is as if some incompetent, useless journalist at Sarawak Report drafted it.

Exhibit A


IPIC’s claim is against 1MDB and Malaysia’s Ministry of Finance, and it is USD6.5 bn not the USD5.6 bn mentioned above. Worded the way it is, the passage says that Chinese companies, originally having nothing to do with the dispute will be dragged into a three-party agreement. Has IPIC even agreed to those terms? The assumption is that it has: What if it doesn’t agree?


Exhibit B


The Ayer Hitam land in Penang is the only tangible piece of asset, even if one discounts how it should be priced in the contract. 1MDB Energy Holdings is a shell company after Edra was sold. It had raised three bond issues totaling USD6.5 bn, 3.5 bn of which is co-guaranteed by IPIC. Those monies are now the subject of US federal, criminal investigations.  The other companies, 1MDB Global especially, are now considered to be fraudulent, any assets belonging to them subject to seizure in Singapore and the US, if not already seized.

Why is China willing to take on such risk and then to be sucked into international crimes?  Or they didn’t know better and, therefore, Najib, in the last leg of 1MDB’s life, was trying to do one last scam?

Or is the Appendix actually a fake, like with so many, many fraudulent 1MDB deals? And, if this ‘Appendix’ is indeed produced for internal circulation among the Chinese, how are they to even understand those fucking English words, untranslated? Who wrote it? Clare Brown? Or Arul Kanda? They haven’t learned hanyu 汉语?


Exhibit C


This document is a piece of garbage: Since when does an Appendix to a Term Sheet, or even the Term Sheet itself, ever tell the other party, the project sponsor, the Ministry of Finance, the contractor’s profit margin?




华尔街的huá’ěrjiē de láng



披著羊皮的狼 pīzhe yángpí de láng




Wolf with a goat’s skin


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The East Coast Rail Link (ECRL, map below and main text) between the eastern and western coast of the Malaysian peninsula, bypassing Gunung Tahan, had precedents in other physical links: there are Chinese records, paintings and writing, of sailors and fishermen docking in Kelantan during the Tang dynasty (618 – 907), Song after that.

The above Qing-era map, circa 1890, shows the red-marked overland route (more than 6,000 km) traveled by the Australian G.E. Morrison from Shanghai to Myanmar’s Yangon (Rangoon then). It suggests that the physical, infrastructure connections between China and the rest of Asia, Southeast Asia in particular, had been an ancient idea, already in practice centuries ago. Too bad the Americans see it differently; they have been converted to the notion that relationships are based primarily on power. And too bad the ECRL is farther screwed up now with 1MDB



On a Sultan, on CCCC-1MDB, on a Miss Brown

Before the China-Myanmar border, two hours by road, Ruili on the Chinese side,  Namhkam Burmese, is Dehong 云南德宏, a small prefecture town (in hierarchical order of importance: province > prefecture > county > township > village > family). Under construction by the municipal government was a five km-or-so city road radiating out of the center. Upon returning two years later on the way to Myanmar, I found it still in the same state, still a mess, half boarded up, trees choked dead by the dust, four out of five shops closed because of the intolerable conditions and an unusable road.

“No money,” an official says.

“Demand for it. The Center has lots of money.” (Beijing is known in the adjective, zhongyang 中央, Central.)

“They are far away and if it arrives… you know.”

Yes, I know: in the ride money spills out of the back of the truck at numerous stops, from Beijing to Kunming then Dehong.

On the third occasion, I discovered the road sparkled in the sun, a new five-lane dual carriageway on which you could land a Boeing 747. “What happened?”

The story is this: The Center, in the person of Xi Jiping, flew pass in a helicopter one day, noticed the perpetual clouds of dust, inquired, and everything was wrapped up in six months. The situation doesn’t differ much from a pre-election campaign roadworks in some god-forsaken kampung.

Sometimes, if Fate is on your side, luck beats a leaking truck.


Chinese society and bureaucracy, according to the latter’s communism, is supposed to be flat but it’s top-down. Confucius, the world’s first democrat, was unlikely to succeed if he had tried inverting that pyramid structure but his construction of social relations on a series of concentric circles does pull decisions in all sorts of directions by zig-zagging through the top-down hierarchy. It’s called Connections, 关系 guanxi in China, a euphemism for corruption between business and officials, between thief and police, and so on.

Although the CCCC, or China Communication Construction Co. Ltd 中国交通建设股份有限公司, is listed in HK (the democratization of business and social relationships), it answers to the Center ultimately.

Return for a moment to yesterday’s images concerning CCCC and 1MDB: notice how the word ‘nominated’ leads the page description of CCCC’s planning. In hanyu it’s ti ming 提名, a phrase you would encounter often should you come to China. It leaves the impression that your life is not your own; it has to be first anointed. This is false.

The Chinese are some of the fiercest individualist anywhere in this planet, explaining why, in a fundamental way, the Chinese Communist Party fears direct elections: they’d get whacked like there’s no tomorrow. And then there’s neither Islam nor Christianity to constrain the Chinese.

Still, why be nominated? The answer, for brevity’s sake, lies in the Confucian notion of ‘station in life‘.  Liu Qitao as chairman of CCCC isn’t there by virtue of being rich or influential or connected or he owns the most shares; he is chairman by the accident of birth, in the beginning, of life later on. Sometimes we call it Fate or Destiny. Accident of birth still has consequences, though, only in different ways to different lives. Within his immediate family, he is father to a child; in his family home, the son to a father; in HK a superior to many thousands of subordinates; yet in Beijing he is subordinated to the Center. In each situation, therefore, he is governed by a set of different and separate rules. The rules governing friend-to-friend, father-to-son, superior-to-subordinate are different.

This social system of ethical relations constrain the Chinese into how a person conducts life. Which explains why the Circular was written in the mainland Chinese script (简体字) that was intended for the Center: Liu Qitao has to bow his head writing and sending it out.

Break those rules — by offering or accepting a bribe, for example — Liu Qitao will face dire consequences, either the inside of a jail or a bullet fired from behind his skull. This is to show that on top of the rules of individual conduct are the rules of the State, the Center, in that series of concentric circle series. It’s hard to be a Chinese official whether in government or in the state-run corporations; the rewards are meager, the task heavy, and the road is meandering. Liu’s position, his station in life, includes saying nothing over the Sarawak Report‘s disclosure about CCCC and 1MDB; that’s the job of the Center. Clare Brown can shout herself hoarse, it will still illicit nothing. Call it ‘elegant silence’ if you wish.

Through the prism of her bigoted western Christian morality, and in her haughty English tones, Clare has attempted the insinuation of 1MDB/Najib Razak side by side with Chinese corruption. Imagine, she thinks, two corrupt parts bound together would birth a Super Corrupt. The slander aside, produced with Clare’s racism and her moral prejudices, fed to her through the western media, she writes one half on presumptions and the other half on the slight of a Malay government that had the audacity to spit at her.

More likely than Clare, one ought to give Liu Qitao the benefit of the doubt not only because of the rules imposed by ethics and by the Center, but especially because of this: China knows little of what goes on beyond China even if they sit in Hong Kong or Taiwan. They read only Chinese, information access is limited, their preoccupation is their station in life, which means that their understanding of how life is lived outside China is, in effect, next to nothing.

Years ago, in her naive days, Jian (bottom) would have asked because others have many times done so: Why do they use English in Hong Kong? Are the people not Chinese?

Imagine thus asking them or asking Liu Qitao to comprehend Umno or Najib Razak or 1MDB. Or try explaining the actions of the US Department of Justice. Their sole idea of a government, or public officials, is that they collect your money, after which they shouldn’t get in the way of a people’s happiness.

In China, a Chinese is asked even by the educated, the professional class: 你是马来人啊 — You’re Malay! Nodding, one should answer it with a qualification: 马来华侨 malai huaqiao. In translation it means, Overseas Malay. (Jebat! Melayu! Don’t laugh, that literally translation isn’t what you think it is.) In an instant, their faces light up.

Confucius: Is it not delightful to receive friends from afar?

[The post title is from Bertolt Brecht]


Happiness is when the Sultan belanja

Never in the 3000-year-long Chinese history of emperors and rulers has a king belanja KFC. Never.

Daulat Tuanku!




知道想念你  不久将回家

盼三年 to three more years…

Winter 2014 in a near deserted street, Hong Kong; a street-performing couple.

“Let’s do this, Jian; pick up some pocket change, post it on Tudou. You sing, I collect money…. But you can sing!”



舊夢不須記 dreams might not remember


相识也是缘份 when Fate meets

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We have it in our power to begin the world again.

— Thomas Paine


Umno must never — never again — be a part of a new Malaysia. If they had it in them to remove their president, they would have done so from the beginning. Now, to do so, it is just disingenuous and self-serving so that accepting their defections is like welcoming a den of thieves into our homes.

A good politician is quite unthinkable as an honest thief.

If we must, we shall stay a while longer in the darkness.

The average man does not get pleasure out of an idea because it is true; he thinks it is true because he gets pleasure out of it.



Apologies to Mencken:

  • It seems to me that the shadows [on Malaysia] were never darker than they are today, and that we must linger in their blackness a long while before ever they are penetrated by authentic shafts of light.
  • Our lives, despite several false starts that promised much, is chiefly remarkable, now as always, for its respectable idiocy.
  • All great religions, in order to escape absurdity, have to admit a dilution of agnosticism. It is not by accident that those are a mob religion that paves heaven with gold and precious stones, i.e., with money. Is this government any different when they say the same about religion?
  • Laws are passed to hobble and cage the citizen in a hundred fantastic ways . . . Every divergence from the norm of the low-cast kampung is treated as an attempt against the commonwealth, and punished with eager ferocity. It [Malaysia] needs the stimulus of other and less exhausted strains.



 Time stays, we go.


Into the dark we go


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那几 Najib 在骗你们


How to clear the deck on 1MDB

A loop-back rail-for-debt deal


On paper, finalised and ready for award on Aug 05. Here is their deal:

China’s Communication Construction Company Limited (CCCC) 中国交通建设股份有限公司 (Chinese website, English) gets a East Coast Rail Line (ECRL) awarded by the Malaysian government (Ministry of Finance).

Original exclusive contract MYR27 bn is inflated to MYR57 bn.

Total CCCC cost of acquiring all remaining parts of 1MDB and its worthless companies and fund units: USD7.5bn or MYR30 bn. (See ‘Appendix’ A image, near bottom of post).

Term Sheet, China’s obligations:

  • (a) End July, CCCC assumes USD4.78 bn of 1MDB (i.e. 1MDB Energy) debt to IPIC, due between Oct 2016 and 2022.
  • (b) Pay on 1MDB’s behalf USD850 mn to IPIC;
  • (c) Buys at USD315 mn, two Jho Loh-affiliated companies, Loh Corporation Berhad and Putra Perdana Berhad.
  • (d) Acquisition of 1MDB Ayer Hitam (Penang land, at USD850 mn, payment to IPIC);
  • (e) Acquisition of 1MDB Global Inv. (USD940 mn);
  • (f) Acquisition of 1MDB Brazen Sky (USD1.56 bn); and,
  • (g) Acquisition of 100% of 1MDB Energy Holdings [Price (a) = USD4.78 bn]

Term Sheet, MoF obligations:

  • (a) railroad contract price fixed at almost MYR60 bn (original MYR27bn + additional MYR29.8 bn);
  • (b) 10-year tax breaks, income tax and GST;
  • (c) support bank credit guarantees; and,
  • (d) ease land acquisition.

Key dates:

  • 2016 Jul 25 (yesterday): Proposal dispatched to Cabinet
  • 2016 Jul 27 (tomorrow is Wednesday): Approval by Cabinet
  • 2016 Aug 05: Letter of Award
  • 2016 Aug 19: Start of payments, to 1MDB USD850 mn; other payments to Loh & Loh and Putra Perdana.


Remarks & Comments (for Malaysians)

It appears that there are two separate deals but merged: (a) first, for the East Coast rail contract for delivery at MYR27 bn and after that (b) the 1MDB portion which is valued by CCCC at MYR30 bn (USD7.5 bn). The CCCC calculation is the near exact sum in 1MDB total losses (money ‘unverified’), estimated by the Auditor General as well as others.

Doubling the rail contract price returns, by back looping, the cost of bailout from CCCC to Malaysia so that, on the surface, Najib Razak is seen to have not only resolved the 1MDB scam but also without incurring a sen. (The original posting title ‘China Bails Out Najib-1MDB’ was misleading and has been corrected. Even so, that was the intent of the delusion Najib and Arul Kanda had wanted to create. They are always so good with the deception, explaining, therefore, why they are crooks.)

China had already bagged the rail contract so that the 1MDB portion was clearly added later, as an after thought. This meant that 1MDB wasn’t introduced into the contract negotiation at the beginning, which, with these things, it would have been a long time ago, a year at least. When IPIC filed suit some weeks ago, Arul Kanda went round looking for a bail out. On the China side, and to explain the addition of the high-risk 1MDB part, the circular (images below) was therefore prepared and circulated.

This deal wipes clean the slate at 1MDB, completely — with IPIC especially, and with 1MDB Energy (which underwrote the USD bonds along with IPIC); selling one of the last two pieces of land, Ayer Hitam; and by transferring ownership out of Brazen Sky, 1MDB Global Investments, Putra Perdana and others. It means China picks up all their liabilities, along with all of 1MDB’s criminal past and any asset issued in its name but frozen in the US and elsewhere.

All this make up an incredulous, gargantuan piece of risk for China. Even so, the internal circular is astonishingly bare in not highlighting those risks which are overdosed with the criminal. This suggests it was prepared and issued long before the US filed suit on July 20.

The internal quality and nature of the circular is evidenced by the writing: it uses hanyu pinyin — meaning, it was meant for circulation in Beijing, in the Mainland — as opposed to the traditional Chinese form used in Hong Kong where CCCC is listed on the stock exchange. Then again, there is no report yet to the HK Stock Exchange of the rail contract as amended with the 1MDB inclusion.

CCCC would violate disclosure rules (and their directors go to jail) if they withhold a full submission to the Exchange or should the company deliberately conceal pertinent facts, especially one of this financial scale with its vast legal, criminal and international implications. There is yet another legal inference: adding the 1MDB part, CCCC is dealing with fraudsters wanted in many places and the Malaysian company is itself a thief, not to mention Putra Perdana and Loh & Loh. The IPIC episode is evidence to that thievery.

Let China stew on this a while — there is still 10 days to signing — and if they do, then all previous deals with 1MDB, including the one with Edra, MYR10 bn worth, could begin to unravel. They have been issued fair warning by us, at shuzheng, not once but twice so far. Which is, don’t deal with Najib Razak; the man is a fraudster.



Summary of Deal


China’s obligations, above and below.


Note the above term ‘Assets received…’. Whoever prepared that is so badly misinformed, the person needs to be sacked. Outside the Ayer Hitam land, two items totaling USD2.5 bn are, worse than liabilities, fraudulent. Brazen Sky is under investigation in Singapore, the US and Switzerland; its ‘fund units’ a piece of fraud. The fourth item, 1MDB Energy, is an empty shell, without even a toilet bowl to its name other than USD6.5 bn in US bond debts, 3.5bn shared with IPIC, 3bn shared with MoF Najib. Are these documents even genuine?


Public figures? How the same project is being costed at RM60 billion, but with no mention of 1MDB

Regardless of how the deal was negotiated, the rail and the 1MDB portions separated or bundled in together, the Contract Sum Analysis above is false. In it, there is no mention of 1MDB so that in the original contract pricing, all items were probably halved.
That being the case, how would CCCC report the contract valuation to the shareholders and to the HK Stock Exchange? As is? Or, with the 1MDB factored out but included as an addendum and in it adding MYR30 bn to the actual sum. If CCCC uses the above, it is lying. It is false disclosure and acting on false pretenses.
If the 1MDB part is disclosed, the CCCC has joined a criminal company, a party to an international fraud. One more country dragged into the Najib-1MDB scam.
CCCC chairman Liu Qitao (below, 党委书记 刘起涛) better get ready a good answer. 知道该怎么做吗
刘起涛 笨蛋  你真的找麻烦 走出大马政治


On Clare Brown & Sarawak Report.

Vindicated by the US legal actions against 1MDB, Clare Brown’s ‘I-told-you-so’ arrogance, like Petra Kamarudin’s, is spilling into her Sarawak Report pages. As a result, and like Petra, she has combined the superlative with the baggage of her gweilo morality, mixing terms like ‘secret deal’ (CCCC is a HK listed company) with ‘outrage’ and ‘cunning’. Exclusive becomes ‘Shock Exclusive’. Her sensationalism jeopardizes the objective, which is simply to expose the hidden hands among the nefarious. That should be good enough. Otherwise, she might even begin to get slipshod over the documents received and her reports will begin to read like Utusan’s, propaganda. Malaysia has had enough of that.


From the Sarawak Report, July 26 (mirror site for readers in Malaysia):



Najib’s Secret Deal With China


To Pay Off 1MDB Debts

Marked “For Internal Use Only” an Appendix to a Term Sheet due to be approved by the Malaysian Cabinet today (27th July) lays out in detailed figures how  Najib plans for over US$7 billion in accumulated 1MDB/Jho Low company debts to be wiped out by taxpayers in a secret deal between his Ministry of Finance and the Chinese state company CCCC (China Communications Construction Company).

The PM’s ‘cunning plan’ is to get the Malaysian Government to agree to inflate the actual cost of the East Coast Rail Project from only RM30 billion to RM60 billion, all to be borrowed from the Chinese Government, in order to disguise the payment of 1MDB’s (and Jho Low’s) company debts!

A whistleblower, who has supplied full details of the project, described the plan to Sarawak Report:

“The Malaysian Government is planning to award an overvalued project to launder money in order to fill the loophole of 1MDB.
The plan is to award the East Coast Rail Project to a Chinese Company, China Communication Construction Company Limited (CCCC). The initial budget for the project is MYR 30b, but they have overvalued the project for another MYR 30b, making it MYR 60b. The extra MYR 30b will be use to launder out cash to 1MDB related companies.
The project has been proposed to the cabinet on 25/7/2016 and will be approved by the cabinet on 27/7/2016 with total value of MYR 60b.
The Chinese company, which is backed by the China Government, will help pay off the 1MDB dept in advance and progressively. In return, this Chinese company will be rewarded with high profits and land, and of course extra influence with the Malaysian government”.

Doubling the cost of mega-project

The outrageous plan is blatantly laid out in the term sheet and internal report, which have been leaked to Sarawak Report.

The report says baldly that the actual cost of building the railway, has only been estimated by CCCC at RM27 billion. However, there is to be a so-called “Additional Differential” cost of RM29.85 billion, which will more than double the cost to make a total bill of RM60 billion, including a fat percentage of profit for the company (handily based on the total and not just the construction costs):

The company makes no bones about the incentives provided by the Malaysian Government in this “Direct Contract”, meaning that there was no open tender to get the best deal for the project.

CCCC says it has been given land on generous terms, including a chunk of land which was given cheap by Najib to 1MDB, then inflated in value at Ayer Item – the land which is valued at US$1.3 billion will be offered to CCCC for US$850 million.

CCCC will also gets tax breaks including from GST for the next ten years. And then, as a Chinese State-owned company CCCC notes the benefit of the extended influence over Malaysia the project and the massive loan of the cash (at a generous 2% interest rate) will provide.

So much for Najib Razak’s much vaunted ‘inward investment’ plans from fellow Islamic countries and his stirring of hatred against the so-called ‘Chinese Tsunami’!

What is in this deceitful deal for the Chinese? Just take a look!

Sneaking 1MDB’s debts into the project

The quid pro quo for the Chinese partners in this lucrative deal is to assist in Najib’s corrupted exit strategy for getting shot of his multi-billion dollar debts at 1MDB at a total cost of US$5.63 billion!

The first priority being to get 1MDB off the hook over its outstanding payments to Abu Dhabi’s IPIC.  In the first instance this will be achieved through the payment of the $850 million to 1MDB for the Ayer Item land, but after that the company will assume the repayment of the remaining debts for the disastrous ‘power purchase’ and ‘strategic partnership loans’ which lost billions (mainly stolen).

The Malaysian taxpayer will of course have to pay the whole lot back with interest over the next 7 years in payments, all planned to be disguised by the inflated Rail Project!

Sneaking a write off of 1MDB's debts in an up-front payment

Laughably, this outlay is set to be disguised by a repayment in ‘assets’ valued to the same amount of US$5.63 billion.  The assets concerned are largely duds – vaunted ‘liquid and cash assets’ tucked away by 1MDB in dodgy bank accounts, including the 1MDB Brazen Sky account at BSI (alleged worth $940 milllion) and also the supposed assets of 1MDB Global at BSI, (alleged worth US$1.56 billion).

Significantly, we note that the 1MDB Global money, which was raised through a Goldman Sachs loan, is now also described as ‘Units’, raising the probability that these are in fact worthless pieces of paper representing bogus investments, similar to the ‘Units’ in Brazen Sky, which would imply, that like the PetroSaudi funds, the billions raised by 1MDB Global have all been stolen:

List of Payments totals US$7.5 billion/ RM29.8 billion

Just last week the United States DOJ explained in searing detail how all that missing 1MDB money, which is now being sneaked onto the East Coast Rail tab, was stolen by Najib and his family and associates, including Jho Low and IPIC’s Khadem Al Qubaisi, to be spent on gambling, drinking, jets, yachts, record-breaking fine art purchases (in many cases depicting under-dressed female forms).

The report sheet in our possession lays out in precise detail what CCCC/The Chinese Government has agreed to funnel through the project, in order to get Najib off the hook on all his problems.

The astonishing list contained in an Appendix to the agreement is clearly costed and totals over US$7,5 billion. It includes writing off 1MDB’s debts to the Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund IPIC, which is currently suing 1MDB to the tune of US$6.5 billion over unpaid guarantees.

RM30 billion 'Added Differential' ie bail out for 1MDB and Jho Low

Bailing out Jho Low’s companies also!!

Significantly, the list also includes an agreement to buy out two Jho Low related companies, which have long been suspiciously associated with Najib’s record of personal plunder from 1MDB.  These are Loh & Loh Corporation Berhad and Putrajaya Perdana Berhad, for which Jho Low and his partners will receive a healthy US$315 million:

Jho Low related companies which funnelled money to Najib are also in the secret bail out package!

Sarawak Report has long since exposed how Jho Low used 1MDB money, which was secretly channeled through a so-called Islamic loan agreement with the company PetroSaudi to ‘buy out’ the Sarawak UBG group in which he and Taib Mahmud held the major stakes.

The purported buyer was Javace Sdn Bhd, a supposed subsidiary of PetroSaudi International, Seychelles (a bogus subsidiary of PetroSaudi, whose Director was Tarek Obaid, also a director of PetroSaudi). However, secret transactions obtained by Sarawak Report showed that all the money in Javace was controlled by a company Panama Investment Manager, which was owned by Jho Low.

The two subsidiaries of UBG Putrajaya Perdana and Loh & Loh are still identified as crony companies controlled by Low and Putrajaya Perdana was identified by investigators as having played a key role in funnelling cash from 1MDB’s subsidiary SRC into Najib’s own personal accounts:

The diagram held up by Attorney General Apandi showing Putrajaya Perdana's role in passing public money to Najib

Plainly therefore, Najib hopes to use his over-reaching powers at the MOF/PM’s office to launder all his dirty linen through the same simple mega-project, courtesy of secret and politically motivated Chinese cooperation.

The agreement is due to be passed by Najib’s compliant cabinet….. about now!

Public estimate leaves out the 1MDB costs and commitments?

A huge sum of RM85 million is also put aside in the contract for a ‘nominated company’ to be awarded a “publicity” and “communications” and “strategic consultation” role on the project – no guesses that this will go to a crony outfit.

Finally, also attached to the papers is a totally conflicting set of calculations, which are not listed as being “only for internal consumption” and which appear to represent the public face of the planned deal.  These consist of a broad-brush, ‘back of the envelope’ set of figures, which provide a broad estimate for the project at the fuller figure of RM60 billion.

In this list there is no mention of any of the costs due to be carried for 1MDB!

Public figures? How the same project is being costed at RM60 billion, but with no mention of 1MDB

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What’s that truth Najib aims to construct?

This one?

….True, several people close to Najib, including those who managed 1MDB, had conspired to defraud it. In the initial Stage 1, 2009-2012 (DOJ: the Good Star phase), they filched the money, spent it as they pleased. Then there was Riza Aiziz, son of the wife: Najib would have trusted that he wouldn’t do bad things. Furthermore, 1MDB had to do with many people, like Riza, all of who he knew in person, the Saudis, Jho Low, the Turkey prince, and so on. What’s there not to trust among friends? Don’t we trust our friends?

After that another group came in, this time Stage 2, i.e., the Aabar BVI phase. They, too, would betray Najib. And he, unaware of that which went on earlier, and nice man that he is, signed the papers, and again left all the work to those ‘co-conspirators’ (DOJ’s word). That is, Shahrol Azral Halmi et al. This time, unlike the Good Star phase, they deliberately entangled him into their fraud by shoving USD1 bn into his account. This was why Najib returned USD650 mn of the USD681 mn. Even so, and in the circumstances, it was impossible to get out of the entanglement. The donor story and others were constructed to cover his ass, of course, but what choice had he? If prosecutors nail the 1MDB employees, they will surely pass on all the blame to the boss, Najib, instead. Can he allow that to happen? Should he?


To the original question, we’ll know the answer from the first person Najib throws under the bus: a person most remote and farthest from himself, legally, financially and especially politically. Just like in the Altantuya and other murders.

For now, he has begun re-branding 1MDB as a good corporate citizen (like he?) that has given a lot of money to farmers and the deprived, fulfilling its national aims, only that its activities had not been publicized before; that’s all. Now, just wait and see; I promise 1MDB will better.

Here is a speculative fall-guy list of candidates:

  • Casey Tang Keng Chee, Malaysian. In the US, 1MDB Officer 1; Executive Director (business development), Terengganu Investment Authority; Executive Director, 1MDB (2009-2011).
  • Jasmine Loo Ai Swan, Malaysian. 1MDB Officer 2. 1MDB General Counsel; Executive Director (group strategy), 1MDB (2012-13).
  • Low Taek Jho, Malaysian. Good Star, Jynwel, Brazen Sky.
  • Khadem al-Qubaisi, UAE. Managing Director, IPIC (2007-2015); Chairman Aabar PJS Abu Dhabi; Director Aabar Ltd BVI (since liquidated).
  • Ahmad Badawy al-Husseiny, UAE & US national. CEO Aabar PJS Abu Dhabi (2010-2015); Director Aabar Ltd BVI (since liquidated).


What’s the best way to calm down a scared kid, get them to go back to sleep? … Tell them a story. Some shit about Jesus or whatever. — Neal Stephenson, Seveneves

When all else fails there’s always delusion. — Conan O’Brien

 When a picture is worth a thousand delusions.

Arul Kanda’s way to delusion: account for every cent, he says, and there’s truth.

From a page in 1MDB’s Financial Accounts: It is amazing how complete is the delusion that something licensed is good, something rated is to its credit, something audited is therefore truthful.


Lying Truths:

A Chronology


Truth from Paul Low,  2015 March. “Come again, Mr Low“: Truth is Serious, Transparent, Open, Public.

The government is serious in getting to the truth. The Auditor-General is requested to do the audit not just about the accounts but whatever that is necessary to get to the truth, particularly areas relating to what the public is worried about….Please bear in mind that they are not receiving instructions from anyone and (there is) no interference, too. I can assure you that it is proceeding independently to verify accusations because the public needs to know (the truth). There are some people who claim that this is a classic way of distracting comments by the public but it is not true. The Auditor-General’s findings will be presented to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) which is bipartisan, transparent and open. The Auditor-General’s report will be made public.


Truth from Salleh Keruak, 2015 March: Truth is Result.

The government has already ordered an audit of 1MDB’s affairs. The police are also conducting an investigation. However, even before we are told about the outcome of these investigations, the opposition is acting like the results are already in and that the results prove wrongdoing on the part of the Prime Minister. Is this what seeking the truth is all about? Is truth about what the opposition says is the truth?


Truth from Najib Razak, 2015 April: Truth is an Island.

Rationalization is in progress. The money is in Cayman accounts. Nothing wrong there. After that we’ll repatriate the money.


Truth from Najib Razak, 2015 July: Truth is Emergent, it Waits.

Don’t listen to nonsense… too much nonsense in the social media. If you say billions of funds belonging to 1MDB is missing, wait and listen to the Auditor-General’s report, whether that is true or not. I don’t want to announce it, we wait for him. We will ensure that truth emerges in the end.


Truth from Arul Kanda, 2015 August: Truth is Clear.

1MDB welcomes the clear statement from the MACC which confirms that no funds from 1MDB were transferred to the prime minister. We have always maintained that the company has never provided any funds to the prime minister, as per our media statement on July 3, 2015, confident that the truth will prevail.


Truth from Petra Kamarudin, 2015 December: Truth is Belief, Faith, Subjective.

…So they do not really want to hear ‘the truth’, as they say they do. They want to hear that Najib stole 1MDB’s money and that RM42 billion had ‘disappeared into thin air’ and that the RM2.6 billion came from 1MDB. And if whatever explanation you give contradicts this ‘truth’ then it is going to be rejected. So that is ‘the truth’ to many of you. But then ‘the truth’ is subjective. … If you already believe that this is ‘the truth’ then why keep asking for ‘the truth’? ‘The truth’ is whatever you believe.  Nothing that Najib says is going to change your mind…. So believe what you want to believe and stop asking for ‘the truth’ because, to you, ‘the truth’ is what you believe to be ‘the truth’ ….


Truth from Salleh Keruak, 2016 April: Truth is Finally Revealed!

1MDB: the truth is finally revealed… [hahahahaha!] Now that this whole matter has been put in its proper perspective, Malaysians need to move on. … We must note that the PAC does not serve the government. …That’s what the one-year of mud-slinging and unfounded accusations has been reduced to. There is no evidence of any criminal activities, RM42 billion of 1MDB’s money has not disappeared into thin air, and RM2.6 billion of 1MDB’s money has not been transferred to the Prime Minister’s personal bank account. All we have is an allegation of bad management…Being held accountable for bad management or poor business decisions is a far departure from the allegation of stealing billions of the taxpayers’ money for personal use.


Truth from Loretta Lynch, 2016 July 20: Truth is Theft, Conspiracy, Corruption, Fraud, Laundering.

The Department of Justice will not allow the American financial system to be used as a conduit for corruption. With this action, we are seeking to forfeit and recover funds that were intended to grow the Malaysian economy and support the Malaysian people.  Instead, they were stolen, laundered through American financial institutions and used to enrich a few officials and their associates.  Corrupt officials around the world should make no mistake that we will be relentless in our efforts to deny them the proceeds of their crimes.

As alleged in the complaints, the members of the conspiracy – which included officials at 1MDB, their relatives and other associates – allegedly diverted more than $3.5 billion in 1MDB funds.  Using fraudulent documents and representations, the co-conspirators allegedly laundered the funds through a series of complex transactions and fraudulent shell companies with bank accounts located in the Singapore, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the United States.


Getting rid of the delusion (below) makes us wiser than getting hold of a truth. — Ludwig Borne

1MDB is good, says Najib in the most recent 1MDB public relations photo above: When all else fails, say that the truth had been deluded.

And a delusion is something that people believe in despite a total lack of evidence (Richard Dawkins).


Latest Truth from Najib Razak, 2016 July 24: Truth is Last Out.

1MDB has made immense contribution to social welfare programmes…. Don’t speculate. Those implicated must clear their names. The government takes the allegations (by the US Department of Justice) seriously. Sooner or later, we’ll know the truth of 1MDB.


Imagine the reaction, even in the Savannah, the moment Petra Kamarudin (RPK), or Najib, starts to talk about the truth…

Since truth is subjective and belief, according to RPK,  then I believe in the truth that Petra is a half Welsh Pig in Manchester that laughs like an African Lion.






For Jian, above, who understands so much about us, about our qualities, about truth…


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