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1MDB Orang Asing Konspirasi, versi Melayu

Courtesy of Sarawak Report. In mirror site, in Bahasa, PDF file, US Department of Justice indictment. USA v. Red Granite Pictures (Riza Aziz, et al). Go ahead, click. It’s safe, not OSAed.


What Makes the 1MDB Malay?


Malay village drawing, captioned in French; circa 1839? (Image via Pak Pandir)


Theory of the Chicken Head

In ‘Belajar dari warisan budaya sendiri‘, Pak Pandir offers a brief, philosophical discourse into the need to sack Najib Razak. Pertinent lines:

Bangsa Melayu hari ini, kesana kemari bagaikan ayam tidak berkepala hanya kerana kepimpinan bangsa itu buruk.

Janganlah kita lupa, jatuh bangun bangsa Melayu ini bergantung kepada baik dan buruk pemimpin dan pimpinan. Baik pemimpin, baiklah kerajaan dan negara. Buruk pemimpin, maka buruklah negara dan bangsa.

Itulah pengajaran yang paling asas dalam tulisan klasik bangsa Melayu yang sudah tidak dibaca lagi dan dihargai oleh bangsa Melayu.

Maka hari ini, gerakan dan usaha mengeluarkan Najib ialah langkah yang bertepatan dengan pengajaran dari sejarah. Dari sejarah Melayu, mengeluarkan, mengalahkan pemimpin itu membawa akan kemenangan kepada pihak yang mengeluarkan.

Dari lembaran sejarah bangsa Melayu jua, bahawa rakyat lah yang menetapkan the terms of leadership atau rukun raja dengan rakyat. Janji Demang Lebar Daun akan bertaat kepada Sri Teri Buana bersyaratkan Raja dan pemimpin itu jangan menzalimi rakyat jelata walaupun bagaimana jahil dan buruk perangai, jangan dihina dan dicerca.

Sri teri Buana mewajibkan bahawa rakyat setia dan jangan derhaka kepada Raja walaupun zalim. Kata akhir tetap juga pada rakyat bila Demang Lebar Daun menegaskan , perjanjian terbatal, jika raja dan pemimpin yang memulakan penganiayaan terlebih dahulu.

Rakyat lah yang menentukan terma2 pemimpin dan ber-rakyat


The thrust of Pak Pandir’s argument rests of the notion that leadership defines Malay society and in its present state it is like a headless chicken (‘ayam tidak berkepala’). So, for the sake of concision, let’s call it the Theory of the Chicken Head.

On the shoulders of that leadership, Malay society either go forward or backwards or nowhere. So critical is this position, the Head, that unless Malays in general take it upon themselves to shape, alter, and put in their say into its constitution, that is, its qualities and characteristics, Malay destiny, indeed its very identity, shall begin to slither away, waffle, acts directionless and, in time, even face degeneration. Nature abhors life standing still, doing nothing.

If that interpretation is correct then Pak Pandir’s reasoning, taken to its end, suggests that without the head, a Malay ceases in being. No Malay head, no society, no culture hence no Malay person, as is commonly understood.

Such a line of thought puts enormous pressure on the Malay to put in the kind of leadership society desires. But what does the society want? What does the Malay — in the aggregate — want? Under a certain set of circumstances, or a certain generation, who is to say one Head is better than another? What makes for an ideal Malay head?

Answers to those questions ought not to be difficult so that the problem then isn’t switching from one Malay head to another. It is, how does the Malay society breeds, raises, produces its Head?

Without intending to, P. Ramasamy has had a comment on that:

“It would be difficult to undermine Umno even if the new party is going to be headed by a popular former prime minister, that is, Mahathir. Personal credentials and experience are important, but …. [M]ost ethnic or racial political parties are sustained on the basis of powerful patronage that stems from holding political power.

That answer, by way of a comment, is trite by now (we all know that). Dig deeper though, it does illuminate some characteristics of Malay society. For one, it is deeply political (why can’t it be normal, like every society in the world?) and its politics is ultimately concerned with money. Mahathir Mohamad greatly expanded on that notion, and made to look like money is an important means of securing identity. Najib, flipping it around although without meaning to (he isn’t some intellectual, he is just Rosmah’s coffee boy): Identity is already there (he proudly displays his Bugis), so let’s just keep the fucking money. No! Let’s make more!

The Malay is politics is the government is the money. Like Umno, Felda, Felcra, MARA, PNB, Ismail Sabri and the like, all started on materialistic objectives (poverty alleviation is the nice econ word) but there was no escaping their political roots that eventually flowers into the image of its ketuanan mother. And the theological basis for this politics? The Chinese peril. Perhaps if all the Chinese were dumped into the South China Sea, there won’t be Umno, therefore no Najib. Perhaps. But Malay society might get worse. The Arabs.

PAS grew up on camel dung. The only thing standing between the kampung and that dung, and so suborning all Malays to its will, is the Chinese; hudud‘s failure in Parliament is a clear example. Still, there is the party: its attempts to distance life’s purpose from the kind Umno keeps regurgitating to no end, indeed to roll back the materialism, could only produce the Islam that, after decades of trial and error, would look no different from a thing 1,400 years ago in a foreign desert land called Arabia. That’s the Wahhabi-ISIS kind.

Under such exacting, sometimes distressing circumstances, under such pressures, how is a Malay to be other than being an apologist for Najib. 1MDB is not difficult to comprehend, not even to present, as a form of political ammo, to the kampung. It’s just that the kampung seems to find it banal — boring. Is that why they pretend to hear nothing? Because, to criticize Najib, to agree about 1MDB, is to spit at themselves in the mirror, to curse the society on which everyone went along. After Malaysian Official 1, there has to be Pemuda Asshole 2. No wonder Razlan Rafii (Umno FT) reminded Muhyiddin Yassin about his benefactor, Umno. Razlan wasn’t stupid; he was just being Malay. In this era, a 1MDB Malay.

Below is another perspective to the same problem, a foreigner’s perspective.

pak-pandir (800x250)https://i1.wp.com/www.newmandala.org/wp-content/uploads/cache/2016/08/MeredithWeiss/1757356462.jpg

Malay/Malaysian Society on the Rocks

While Pak Pandir appears to hold out some hope for Malay society at least (he was talking only about them), Meredith Weiss (above) is far less optimistic. Pandir’s optimism is the logic of hope, Weiss’s pessimism is the inevitability of despair.

In ‘Lamenting 1MDB‘ Weiss argued that the prospect of political, social and economic change is as hopeful as the Malay becoming Malaysian. And this is not just in the sense of Malay existing as core national identity (actually a stupid, unworkable and unnecessary idea) but in the deeper historical and cultural sense.

[T]he overall failure to translate aggravation into action indicates problematic ossification within UMNO, the opposition, and civil society alike. That ex-prime minister Mahathir Mohamad has been reconditioned in his 90s as a reformist hero is startling, and speaks poorly for the availability of younger, newer, less baggage-laden opposition alternatives. …

At this point, enough countries are investigating 1MDB and its and Malaysia’s leaders that surely (surely?) something has to give. But the sad reality is, at this point, a court case, a criminal conviction, even a full overhaul of political leadership would not fix the problem. 1MDB has both laid bare and made worse deep weaknesses and ruptures in Malaysia’s politics, economy, and society.

As a quasi-neutral observer, my only hope is that we have hit rock-bottom…

Weiss’s argument is that even jailing the leader doesn’t undo what has in effect been (as seen in Najib) a progressive, step–by-step, year-on-year degradation of a society from the top down so that, unless this systemic failure, was addressed from bottom up, all the measures undertaken by a change of leader becomes just band-aid.

Yet, Malay society can’t seem able to produce something outside of itself, that is, a new, different leader replacing Najib. Anwar Ibrahim disappears from sight and almost immediately the quarreling starts. Why is it so difficult to produce a replacement Malay: Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, fellow Melayu, fellow Malaysians, maybe I present you, Melayu Supremo Bolshevik Trotsky! That is, why so difficult to produce, by extension, a Malaysian leader? Why?

  • One, up to 40 percent of the population (Chinese, non-Malay bumi, etc) are prohibited from participating in the discovery process that takes decades. They are not even permitted to be seated alongside the Malay, a propaganda now made a lie by relying purely on the presumption — now made a political truth-condition — that no Chinese or Indian or Dayak would be willing or able to serve Malays, even in terms of their religion, Islam. Here says it plainly. And that’s some ‘professor’ but, really, just another arsehole. (In case you wonder, ass is American spelling, arse is Queen’s English. Or is the other way round? One forgets.)
  • Two. The lie is so entrenched, so ‘ossified’ (Weiss) into the system, that it validates the psychology that only politics through Umno is permitted to present any new generation of leadership. Not even PAS is permitted, without Umno consent. The result: simply more of the Umno same. Mahathir begets Najib, Najib begets more Najibs. This is another result: It’s found in the bedroom. In which case is the poor Malay child, powerless as a victim and she doesn’t even know it. Instead of leveling the distribution of power, which ought to be a feature of a progressive society, a Malay people upends it deliberately. So disenfranchised is the society, that those at the Bottom accepts their lot, their Fate, which is in turn given a stamped seal of approval by the Top, the judges and the prosecutors, the very persons entrusted to protect them from harm.

Malaysia has society’s values gone to the dogs. It doesn’t even know anymore what’s good for it. Meanwhile… the muftis, the imams and the Ridhuan Tees, the Petra Kamarudins, and Ahi Attans continue their platitudes, occasionally spitting at Chinese girls as immoral infidels while they watch dismissively the perversity going on next door and in their backyards, among their lot. Not a whimper from them. Too bad, they’re busy on dedak.

Cry for Malaysia? Yes, please. Here’s a hanky.

Of course, Malaysia needs a change of guard. Normal societies do, without blinking an eye; it’s called spring cleaning. But how; how soon? Anyone for a revolution?



天啊 Another Umno

Not only has Umno live past its use-by date, it has become a poison.

So what does Mahathir Mohamad do to remove Najib Razak who, to all intents and purposes, is an Umno created poison. Mahathir doesn’t create an anti-dote. No, he distills another poison. Of course, Mahathir, Kadir Jasin (above), et al have their reasons and we know what they are. But, if Khairuddin Abu Hasan could see through into the origins of the present malaise, what’s with people like Mahathir and Kadir?

This is Kadir, a Mahathir poodle dog:

Ia bermatlamat mewarisi, meneruskan dan memperbaharui perjuangan Melayu/Bumiputera dalam era globalisasi, reformasi, ketelusan dan keterbukaan. [In translation: The party aims to renew the fight of the Malays and bumiputera in the era of globalisation, reformation, transparency and openness.]

The ‘fight of the Malays/bumiputera’? Transparency? Openness? Reformation?

How might this ‘renewed fight’ shape up? On a ceramah night, deep in Kedah, a Mahathir henchmen will say this: Najib has sold the country to the Chinese! And not just the local Chinese mind you but China.

Well, below, in the clip is the bumiputra, the indigenous people of Kuala Lipis. And they, too, are fighting: to get back land an Umno government sequestered from them — as Umno likes. It happens all the time, not once, not twice, thrice, but everywhere, year in, year out. And Kadir has the gall to invoke the Malay/bumi name? It’s convenient isn’t it? Makes it look like you are what? Malay hero?

Kadir, really, we all had had enough. You’ve no credibility. Like Najib, you can’t be trusted. This country is tired. Why don’t you do us a favor since your ultimate intent is to ‘Save Malaysia’, the same Malaysia you help start to destroy. That way, Kadir, it’s a beginning. Fuck off, arsehole.





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