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Save Malaysia? No, Fuck Malaysia






Instead of seeing beauty, grace, and exquisiteness — the culmination of years of relentless training —  the Malaiyoo Rozzeli Pin prefers to see in two girls the sins of PAS mullahs and of Umno muftis. Rozzeli, on the other hand, won’t see sin in his fellow Malaiyoos next door rape their nieces — then get away with it, invoking Allah.

Never mind even that: Malaiyoo rapes Malaiyoo, why give a shit.

But, after his hypocrisy, the Malaiyoo further pretends that swimming lacks contribution to national security although we know, at the heart of it, that behind Rozzeli’s mask and pretense concerns Mahathir’s proclamation: Malaysia is an Islamic state. How dare a kafir pendatang take the credit from the Malaiyoo? There is simply no other rational explanation because the complaint itself is so irrational.

A Malaiyoo like Rozzeli is no different from Najib, Jamal Yunos, Ridhuan Tee…. No, don’t save Malaysia. Fuck Malaysia.




Rozzeli Pin hasn’t before complained about Malaysian players in other sports getting money, has he? Have we even heard him complain of Najib Razak getting 4bn ringgit in his bank account? This time, though, he picks on non-Muslim girls and on diving so that, out of the blue, “diving from a plank” becomes a criminal liability. Name one country in the world with such a possibility? Saudi Arabia?

This isn’t about money or about the logic in Rozzeli’s arguments, like the illogic of some Umno asshole saying the Americans are out to kill Malays. The arguments are easy to defeat (one asshole Malaysiakini reader even agrees with Rozzeli: he has a point, says Ahmet). We are long past that. They don’t matter; not anymore. What truly, truly matters, the issues that lay in the heart of Rozzeli’s police report, are the following — and pay attention, Jebat:

  • If the Olympic silver medalists hadn’t gone by the names Pandelela Rinong and, especially, Cheong Jun Hoong, would Rozzeli Pin had lodged a police report against them?
  • If the silver medalist is named Maimunah Rozzeli Pin would that motherfucker lodge a police report against Maimunah? But then, the Maimunahs of Malaysia aren’t, according to PAS and Umno’s Islam, permitted to dive from a plank for the world to see.

Rozzeli is a reminder to the Chinese in Malaysia: get the fuck out; you have ketuanan Malaiyoos like Rozzeli next door and you never know when you can actually land in a police station for the potential crime of winning an Olympic medal. (It can’t be for ‘diving from a plank’ because, from Rozzeli’s logic, if there was no silver, there won’t be 3,000 and therefore no police).

Imagine Cheong’s shock when she returns home from Rio: a police notice, yet unopened, demanding she report to a police station for a statement over 3,000 ringgit offered to her unsolicited — and this is different from Najib receiving 4bn, solicited — because she had won in the Olympics instead of dying for agama, bangsa dan negara. But, agama dan bangsa is not hers whereas negara, as Rozzeli and countless others have so well demonstrated, is not even worth the fart of Rozzeli’s mother.

Soldiers like Rozzeli have the worth of coffin nails; that man’s life is not even worth a rupiah.

Worse for the situation: Rozzeli is not alone. There are 3 million the like of him in Umno, another half a million in PAS, not to mention Mara and those universities.

Want to doa Malaysia, Najib?

Want to Save Malaysia, Mahathir? Save such a fucked-up country and a people? For what, Tun? For Rozzeli? To be loyal to Malaysia, you might start with him. You made that specimen of a motherfucker. And you think he did it alone, out of a whim?

Here is a suggestion to Rozzeli for his next police report: insulting Islam as the official religion of Malaysia.

Rozzeli, go fuck your mother.


我回来了 我的爱  我会赶快回来




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… and Everyone Wants to Save Malaysia

Najib Razak






Zahid Hamidi

Bersama PM & rakan2 kabinet di Dataran Merdeka smoga Allah merahmati kita semua.


 Ahmad Maslan



See, Melayu Baru: Don’t mess with agama, bangsa dan negara. Those motherfuckers are so much closer to Allah than you can ever be. They have direct access. What’ve you got? Just an old man, now in a hospital. Look after the Old Horse 老马. He goes, they win.

They are reluctant to use the Chinese (my Motherland will no longer permit it and have already said so), so they use Americans and use Allah. What’re you going to use? China?

You see, to them, the truth doesn’t matter. When that happens — when truth doesn’t matter — the new rule of conduct is this: make facts at a whim, say anything even if ludicrous, just so long as it attacks. Idris Haron openly calls for electoral cheating by boundary redelineation; he speaks about Malays being killed. And so what?

If orang Cina had said it, dia sudah masuk lokap. Today, the Malaiyoo in Malaiyoo-land can do anything. Anything: they have, for example, found a way out of rape. Even kidnap and murder are permissible; all one has to do is invoke Allah. Najib’s ISIS has proven that possible.

Your agama, bangsa dan negara has dumped down half a population and, so to the Malays, that’s all they want to hear. Anything from a mullah or a mufti or an imam or from Najib. You heard this as well: they say Najib is God’s gift to Umno. Haven’t we heard that before from Anwar’s wife? Does it make sense? But, does that matter?

Then that stupid Firdaus Abdullah Cries for Malaysia. Spare us your tears: here’s a hanky, boy.

How did we get here? Into all this? Umno started this from decades ago. Now, it has reached perfection.

Here’s another way… But, before that, answer this: Truly, truly where lies the heart of the problem? Jebat, from where comes the pain? Until you find the answer, the real answer, you lie to yourself and so everything else becomes wayang.

We’re in for a truly tough fight because we are fighting on the terms you set and can’t be used — but they can — and now ossified in Malay consciousness. Ketuanan is useful only for those with the power. Trapped in the circle you created, we have to get out. Perhaps Tariq Ismail has a point: Malay emancipation. Perhaps.




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