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Patriotic Ass

Be patriotic! Raise the flag!




A country wronged


Sir, this ‘love Malaysia’ business is a perennial problem — August is its season — and, quick frankly, we are sick of it.

The new aspect in it is that, you say, the love of country should be ‘natural’. Natural?

Do you know what’s to be natural? You eat, that is natural. Your shit appears from your guts naturally; it happens neither by volition nor demand. But, where does it show that love is natural? Do you know what’s to be ‘natural’? Let’s not even get ahead of ourselves. Try this: what’s ‘love’? Please define. And so, by extension, do you know what’s patriotism? Can you even define what is it to ‘love Malaysia’?

Forget the huff and puff, and your woolly language; no, show us your love. And here’s how — to actually demonstrate love and patriotism: slit open your throat right in front of the cameras. Go on, do it!

Can we therefore say that if you don’t slit your throat, you are therefore not patriotic? And that especially your love is also not natural?

So you see, Sir, when the MPSJ orders people around to fly the flag, we are dealing with arseholes who shouldn’t be in charge of whatever it is they are in charge of. They don’t even know what is it they are saying. They don’t even know what’s a fucking flag and what it’s for.

As for Malaysia, do you know what makes a country? Does a flag make a country? And what’s there to love about this country? Love it for what? The mountains, the rivers? The mosquitoes? The hot sun, clammy air and sleepy afternoons? Or, the conniving thieves dwelling inside its palaces and strutting around like statesmen? Love it for all the Red Shirts threatening Chinese lives? And all the Apanamas bellyaching about their agama dan bangsa? That is, in case you haven’t been reading the papers, that’s all there is to it: what Malaysia is about.

In the circumstance, therefore, do you think Malaysia is deserving of love? And deserving because it is run by Najib Razak and his thieving band of Umno members, the same thieves who also say they love their country and then pin rows of “Love Malaysia” badges on their breasts and on their arseholes. Do you think they are a patriotic bunch because they hang up Malaysian flags?

Answer the fucking question: Yes or no!

Loving Malaysia then means sharing the country with them. But how is one to do so? How do you love a country that exist in the name of thieves and fascists? And, then there is the other dilemma: just like there is no law on political funding (remember Azalina O?), there is no law for loving.

Our love is not freely dispensed with, Sir! So there is nothing natural or unnatural to it. Love happens, it happens. One’s love, for whatever that might be, is priceless. It goes only to the deserving and to those we care for very much. And, in case you still don’t get it by now, we don’t give a shit for Malaysia or the fucking MPSJ. So, please, spare us all your talk about rules and flags and natural and unnatural; this is so much of kampung buffalo shit. The solution is to fire the whole MPSJ lot, not distribute flags for free.

You are right, though, in the implied basis of your argument: Patriotism is not the issue at stake; it is how that is expressed.

When the MPSJ orders shopkeepers to show the flag, on the pain of financial and licensing punishment, they restrict my right of expression. (But why limit imposition on shops only; why not demand it of every man, woman or child walking a Subang street?) They act a bully and they act unconstitutional. Aren’t they like Tinju Ali?

Fraudsters especially will want to fly the flag; and the more they cheat, the more likely they will do so. Ask yourself why, then try to answer — if you know how.

If we should express love for Malaysia, we demand to express it solely our way, and won’t give in to threats. MPSJ has no fucking rights to tell us when to use the flag especially one that concerns a weighty matter as Malaysia. The country is not to be trifled with. And the flag doesn’t belong to them; and they are not the guardians of Malaysia. They are not even elected. They exist only to empty trash bins and empty from the house of Ismail Sabri buckets of the man’s shit. That’s all MPSJ is there for, and stick to it. That shall be their patriotic duty.

So please, Sir, get your answers right. OK? And tell your MPSJ this: fuck off. We have wasted half an hour of our dinner time talking to arseholes who run this damned country. Malaysia is so screwed you are welcome to love it, but we’ll be going to have a drink after dinner. Is that permitted? Or must we ask MPSJ permission?

Meanwhile, pass on a message to Charles Santiago: tell him to stick his tongue into Wong Chen’s Subang arse — where it belongs. Indeed, selamatkan Malaysia! With the like of MPSJ and Mr Santiago, Malaysia has much that needs saving. After the saving, we’ll put up the flag even if they prohibit it. Goodbye.



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