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Olympic news report titles from Malaiyoo editors

For a Malay

  • Azizulhasni Awang melakar sejarah (makes history)

For Chinese

  • Peng Soon-Liu Ying hampakan jutaan rakyat Malaysia (Peng Soon-Liu Ying disappoint millions of Malaysians)
  • Beregu campuran sekadar raih perak (Mixed doubles pair merely manages a silver).



Malaysiakini reported: “Newspapers, said former Bernama general manager Yong Soo Heong (above), play an important role in shaping the minds and feelings of the people.”

Yada, yada, yada…. So much fart from a fatass.

This, below, is what happens when fatass Yong, having served a racist regime all his life, begins pontificating: He still pretends he is some wise ‘veteran’ journalist instead of the Umno propagandist-and-hatchetman he has been all along. People’s minds and feelings are for motherfucker Yong to ‘shape’. No wonder the Malaiyoos are still stupid after 60 years of Yong’s mind ‘shaping’.


Yong: You must be sensitive lah in your headlines.

Kosmos Editor: What do you mean sensitive?

Yong: You jangan simply taruk.

Kosmos Editor: We didn’t simply taruk. We deliberately taruk.

Yong: But you jangan macam tu. People don’t like.

Kosmos Editor: What’s there not to like. We’re stating facts.

Yong: That may be true. Facts can be stated in different ways.

Kosmos Editor: That’s also true. The way of our headline was provided by your Bernama.




Malaiyoos With Crutches Can Never Climb Podiums

If Chan Peng Soon and Goh Liu Ying, the Olympic badminton players, were defeated in the quarter-finals, the Utusan and other Malay papers, Berita Harian for example, would have even nastier things to say. At every opportunity, they like nothing better than to spit at Chinese. Umno, helped by Bernama (General Manager Fatass Yong, above), had raised them like that.

Which is all the more contradictory because Malaysia had never before gotten so many medals especially at this stage of the games. For those Malaiyoo papers, therefore, their issue with Peng Soon and Liu Ying couldn’t be the color of the medals. If not that, then what?

The answer comes from another question: If instead one of the players was named, say, Maimunah would the Malaiyoos have insulted her the same way they insulted the Chinese?

Growing up on the only diet of bangsa, agama dan negara under which the Chinese must bow to the Malay and not get rich, Malaiyoos soon learn that outside Malaysia being Melayu means nothing. Nobody, no one person in the rest of the world, give a fuck shit for the Malaiyoo. In Malaysia, it may be big deal but to climb up an Olympic podium being Malay doesn’t help. Instead, everything is, in the end, up to the individual, the person’s own ability and skill.

In Rio, Malay standing isn’t improved by Umno especially, the protector of Malays and dedak feeder, and which, by Mahathir Mohamad’s admission, is the only thing that matters to Malays. Yet in an Olympic stadium, Umno can’t do a thing to lift up a Malaiyoo arse and deposit it onto the podium. There, in Rio, the Malays discover they are not just on their own, they especially need Chinese pendatangs not just to get enough people to fill up a badminton team but even to strut around the tracks in Melayu baju and carry their flag on Opening Day.

Shamed in that way, how do the Malaiyoos respond to their deficiencies, incompetence and inabilities? They blame the Chinese; they blame Peng Soon and Liu Ying for not bringing home the gold. This isn’t new of course. It’s what racists do, and are so good at, always, in Malaysia. (Wait now for Helen Ang to pour out more and then blame the Chinese for the Malay bigotry headlines.)

Malays are poor it is the fault of the Chinese (Ahiruddin Attan). Malays don’t do well in school, it is because there is no single school and there is no single school system because the Chinese school is in the way, blocking their dreams (Firdaus Abdullah). When a band of Sulus invaded Sabah, causing deaths among Malay soldiers, it is the fault of the Chinese since those deaths become necessary to teach the Chinese to show more patriotism who aren’t doing it (Kadir Jasin). All three men were at one time or other, Malay editors. Bizarre as their comments are but blaming the Chinese for every Malay problem is a default state, a national requisite in bangsa, agama dan negara.

Malays in such persons as Ahi, RPK, Firdaus and Kadir are so insecure, so prone to blaming everybody (remember Ahmad Maslan’s CampurTanganAsing?), that one motherfucking Melayu named Rozzeli Pin also found it necessary to lodge a police report because diver Cheong Jun Hoong had gotten some money over an Olympic silver and for “diving from a plank”.

So incredulous is this level of anti-Chinese hatred by the Malaiyoos that when such stories are told outside Malaysia, nobody believes it. Not even the Chinese themselves in Taiwan or China or Hong Kong.

Yet Malaiyoo racism is so extraordinary that, on the flip side, almost nobody inside Umno is willing to believe that a Malay named Najib Razak could steal 4 billion ringgit from Malaiyoo country. Malays don’t do this such things especially to Malays (Pak Pandir); Umno is protector of Malays after all: Bukan orang Melayu pasal, itu orang Cina Jho Low. Now, when the blame runs out, the Malaiyoo say it’s the fault of the Americans.



There, at Annie, her Mat Rempit readers wash their mouths with Helen Ang’s gargle. What a bunch of Malaiyoo motherfuckers.


Annie’s Motherfuckers

Countless Malay politicians, most lately Mukhriz Mahathir, has repeatedly blared out that Malaysians are not stupid. They are of course right: Malaysians are not stupid; it is just the Malaiyoo and the evidential fact of Malay stupidity is found in their unshakeable faith in Umno.

Stupidity migrates; it goes from leader to party to population.

There is a striking characteristic in Annie’s webblog, LifeofaAnnie: her readers had invariably migrated from Helen Ang. Migration goes from one Malaiyoo wannabe to a half-Malaiyoo. Like dogs attracted to a piece of bone, readers in both places are attracted to their racial content, just as pigs like wallowing in their own shit. Predictably, as a result, LifeofaAnnie, begins to read like a version of Helen Ang and their sites turn into a sty for Malaiyoo pigs.

There, at Annie, the same Olympic issue is made identical to Utusan’s anti-Chinese racism. It’s only that Annie’s readers are less capable of camouflaging their bigotry, which they do well instead by beating up Liu Ying or Peng Soon for their inability to speak Malay well. But, how do Annie’s readers know that both of them are Malay incompetent? Answer: because Liu Ying speaks Mandarin. If she speaks English, especially as good as Annie’s pathetic competency, then in the eyes of Annie’s Assholes, Liu Ying would be a perfect Malaysian. Strange, isn’t it; their logic.

In this way, the racism at Annie’s, like at Helen Ang, turns sports from medal colors to racial colors then to language and from there to an issue of nationalism and patriotism. Since Liu Ying speak Chinese, Annie’s fans argued, she can’t be a true Malaysian. Malay competency becomes the arbiter of patriotism, and that was essentially the end point in their arguments. It is the same logic used at various times by Kadir and Firdaus and one botak motherfucker named Sheridan Mahavera.  (Again, they would make an exception of English.)

In answering ‘So what?‘, Annie’s flimsy, half-baked defense of the badminton pair does nothing to stem the anti-Chinese vitriol. And why not? It is for the same reason that Annie’s defense is half-hearted: Chinese must be sensitive to Malays, and never the other way round, and Malaiyoo bigotry had never rested on rationality to begin with — language and nationality, they say (and hang on to your seat), are the same thing!

They have only in mind to spit at the Chinese the way Tinju Ali does his spitting. It is what bigoted racists do, after all, so that, like editors at Utusan and Berita Harian, they will even find in sports a great opportunity to put Peng Soon and Liu Ying out to dry because the Cina pendatang are taking away Olympic glory that Malays themselves aren’t competent enough for. Again, the bangsa, agama claptrap has no use outside Malaysia.

Like the arguments against hanyu that was presented at a recent film festival, Malay ketuanan fascism has no room for the Chinese language. It is therefore never considered a facet of Malaysian life. It has no rights; officialdom pretends it doesn’t exist, and if it exists in towns and homes it is of an inferior status to Malay. (Again, English is the exception.)

Would Annie’s Assholes be interested to know that the Chinese language is sought after by more than 50,000 Malay families — and growing by the month? No. Would they be interested to hear that the Chinese language, Chinese schools by extension, is the only thing preventing education standards in Malaysia from hitting the bottom? No, they aren’t interested. Would they be interested to know that hanyu is also a Malaysian language, accepted by the Constitution and it is the right of the Chinese? No, they aren’t interested.

They want only to spit at Chinese, just like it is at Helen Ang.

If page-views in Annie’s Life is any guide, it shows that Malaysia is full of anti-Chinese racist Malaiyoos. Their racism is very telling: a person speaking the foreign language English is never considered an unpatriotic Malaysian but their Malaysian neighbors who use Chinese is. Thus, like it is at Helen’s, Annie’s Life becomes a venting ground for bigotry by people who invariably grew up in national, Malay (previously, English) schools fashioned by Umno thereby becoming exactly like that Nawawi fella, like Tinju Ali and Jamal Yunos, and nearly every Umno minister without exception.

There is a solution to this Malaiyoo grunting and bitching and it is a simple one: anyone who fails a Malay language test can’t represent Malaysia in the Olympics. This is the bangsa, agama dan negara test all over again — even in sports, Malaiyoo style.

Because of the test, more Chinese will therefore attempt to better their Malay language? No. Do we, the Chinese, care? No. Will the Chinese be worse off? No. Will we throw a tantrum? No.

At Annie and at Helen Ang, as in numerous other forums, Annie’s Motherfuckers share the conceit and presumption that Malaysia is some big deal country the Chinese can’t do without. Well, here’s news for them:

We, the Chinese, don’t give a pig shit for Malaysia and especially not for Malaiyoos, neither their language nor their mothers. You can go and fuck your own mother Malaiyoo, and we still don’t give a fucking damn. Is this statement clear enough, Annie’s Assholes?

What a bunch of losers who can’t even find a single competent Malaiyoo out of 16 million to play badminton much less able to climb onto an Olympic podium. These Malaiyoos got what’s coming; it’s what they have been pining after for decades and decades and are deserving of it, especially these: Najib Razak and Umno. And the better part of it? Malaiyoos tearing away at each others throats. Lovely. So much patriotism on display, speaking in such wonderful Malaiyoo tongues. Dedak Malaiyoo! Daulat Malaiyoo! Patriotic your mother’s ass.


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