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What to do with Umno-1MDB

I am afraid of no one, I only fear Allah. …I started in Pekan and my political career will end in Pekan. — Najib Razak in Umno Pekan, 2016, Sep 3



The higher we soar the smaller we appear to those who cannot fly. — Thus Spoke Zarathustra

The feelings of devotion, self-sacrifice for one’s neighbor, the whole morality of self-denial must be questioned mercilessly and taken to court…. There is too much charm and sugar in these feelings of ‘for others,’ ‘not for myself,’ for us not to need to become doubly suspicious at this point and to ask: ‘are these not perhaps seductions? — Friedrich Nietzsche


A Place for Umno’s 36 1MDB Skulls

At Sarawak Report, Clare Brown has solved (here) one of the greatest Malaysian political puzzles of our time: What to do with the skulls of Umno after they are are dead?

Answer: Hang them on the porch of a longhouse named 1MDB. It will be Najib along with everyone else in the 36-member Umno fascist supreme council. In separate rooms will be Najib’s macai-macai, the running dogs, launderers, prepaid bloggers, 1MDB police, investigators and lawyers, 1MDB directors (you, too, Arul!), the Arabian Mohamad brothers, the towel heads of Umno and PAS, Jakim officers, and those local and foreign bankers, from AmBank and Goldman Sachs in particular.

If Adenan refuses to cooperate, we’ll build the longhouse in Putrajaya, facing the Prime Minister’s office. In time, Longhouse 1MDB shall be renamed Longhouse Umno-1MDB and turned into a museum to remind this country: What we do with the scourge of Malaysia.

Below is a suggested picture design of Longhouse Umno-1MDB. The flag is mandatory, by order of the Putrajaya/Bersatu municipal council.


Along the porch; modern version


Or, would you prefer this design…


Or this.


Suggested contraptions to hold the skulls




The curator of this Umno skull museum shall be someone ‘neutral’, neither pro-Tun nor pro-Najib — that is, someone who has trouble distinguishing between what’s criminal and what’s legal, what’s right and wrong; someone who can’t tell the difference between theft and legitimate, self-earned; someone stupid and naive, someone like …. A?

And there’s Helen Ang. So keen is she to preserve Umno’s Heads, Helen can be the deputy curator, seated 12 hours daily at the entrance, collecting door fees, checking tickets. Old Petra Kamarudin, since he owns a dagger he took to ceramahs, is hereby named the museum sentry-guard; it’s all he can do today, that fart of an illiterate, over-rated half-Malaiyoo: ‘You look up when you wish to be exalted. And I look down because I am exalted.‘ (Nietzsche)

Of course, all are welcomed to tour the museum and see the Umno porch-skulls. Prizes for identifying who’s who: Minimum three correct answers out of 36 gets a Proton Wira with any of the number plates, 36MO1 through to 36MO36, all signed in person by Mahathir Mohamad.




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