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Ahi likes to portray himself as some media hotshot intellectual (above), a class in the image of some strict samurai (below), like a Bugis warrior, you see. But, greased by dedak, he wouldn’t mind, like Petra Kamarudin, stabbing a 92-year-old man (further below), from behind of course. He would even sell his mother.



If the doyen of Malaysian media hacks (or so he claims) Ahirudin Attan says a thing like,

‘Previously they (Singapore) had 1MDB to conveniently blame for its money laundering lapses.  In the latest case involving Swiber, though, there’s no Malaysian scapegoat to help hide the embarrassment!’ (Emphasis added.)

what hope then is there for the kampung Malay mind?

In his waffling on terms like ‘conveniently blame‘, ‘Malaysian scapegoat‘, ‘hide‘, ‘embarrassment‘, Ahi hopes that nobody will notice his conniving deceit, bypass the 1MDB corruption then pin the 50 billion theft squarely on Singapore, that is, the Chinese. So he’d made sure to add:

‘Investigations in Malaysia into 1MDB were first ordered by Prime Minister Najib Razak, who is (sic; still?) chairman of the fund’s advisory body. ‘

Ahi’s mental acrobatics works like this: 1MDB happened because Singapore was (is?) incompetent, ‘rotten’ especially, and here are the evidences. Exhibit A, Yvonne Seah convicted, second Chinese over 1MDB. Before that, Exhibit B, Swiber, a Singapore financial firm to which Ahi headlined: Something’s rotten in Singapore.

Ahi’s reasoning is, of course, the Goebbels language of Umno used time and again against the Chinese. Recent example, it is the fault of the Chinese if they demand Najib’s resignation: they have no respect (maruah) for Malays, the DAP is anti-Malay and had politicized 1MDB. Therefore, send in the Red Shirts.

That, of course, is an Ahi point-of-view (POV, as Helen Ubah Ang, another Najib motherfucker, likes calling a fallacy), so what he has to say means nothing but is an Ahi fart.

Behind the door of this Najib propaganda room is that Ahi has fans who are as stupid as a kampung Malay. Here is one Gopal Raj Kumar, cheering Ahi along:

I love the way in which the opposition converts any Singapore government action against banks and bankers as being reflective of 1MDB’s presumed guilt by US authorities. Singapore is no independent state. It jumps each time the US asks it to. Suddenly it has turned the screws on the smaller players for one reason or the other to show the world it is cleaning up its act in regards to black money.

The problem with 1MDB and any of its faults (none of which anyone has provided a legal explanation for to conclude it is criminal or illegal) is that no one has ever taken the time to ask if Jho Lo is in fact a part of 1MDB. Like Golaman (sic) Sachs he too is a feeder who went overboard and failed to perform on his commitments. That does not make 1MDB of any of its officers corrupt or its activities illegal.

None of which could veil this fact: Ahi is a fascist Malay pig disguised as an open-minded Anglophile liberal, pretending at the same time to be ‘neutral’ between Mahathir Mohamad and Najib Razak, like Annie of the Valley is ‘neutral’.

This raises, in its turn, a problem, not for the Chinese though, but in ‘Save Malaysia’: the captive Malay mind. That mind has no other way of thinking, independent reasoning much less. There are as many millions of Rocky Bru readers as they are kampung minds.

Hey Ahi, Is this, new way of neutralizing Najib’s Thief reputation, your idea or Najib’s. You think it will work, don’t you. You should try using your dick on your mother, boy; body or corpse doesn’t matter.


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