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…dengan bantu orang Cina Jho Low!

No doubt helped along by the Chinese Jho Low. Thank you Joey boy! We, orang Cina, are so good at it. We are the richest assholes in Tanah Melayu, we control the economy, and the South China Sea. (It ain’t called South China for no reason. No?) We, of course, control the Treasury; we control Umno, Najib Razak, even Kadir Jasin’s erectile dysfunction — he, below, should spend time playing with it instead of his grandkids.

If yes to all above. In Comment, vote yes!


Melayu Kadir ‘Foya’ Jasin in profound contemplation: ‘hmmm, ini olang Cina pasal…dia curi aku punya duit.’

Sound familiar? It’s the same script a Malaiyoo president uses in front of an Umno assembly, every assembly without fail, the same thing used for 60 plus years. They think there’s no payback and insulting Chinese is cost free. Well, we’ll see about that, Kadir Motherfucker….


The Glory List

Top 10 Malay racists, all Anglophiles, the most fascistic (see bottom of post):

  1. Mahathir Mohamad (Old Horse 老马)
  2. Najib Razak (PM & Grand Thief)
  3. Ismail Sabri (Minister, Mara phone salesman)
  4. Tunku Abdul Sir Aziz (ex-DAP, ex-Anglo)
  5. Razaleigh Hamzah (ex-nothing)
  6. Mahzir Khalid (some Minister)
  7. Raja Petra Kamarudin (olang putih fugitive in Manchester)
  8. Ahirudin Attan (ex-reporter, Najib’s ‘neutral’ apologist)
  9. Kadir Jasin (ex-reporter, Mahathir’s propagandist)
  10. Zakhir Mohamad (ex-reporter, Najib’s Big hound Dog)


Resurrecting from the Malay Ruins

by a Cina Superman

From (another) ultra Cina Hew Kuan Yau 丘光耀, main points in clip above.

  • Chinese-Malays. Malays just don’t get it; 55 billion from China is for the new government, not for Najib. You don’t get Najib out, the fucker keeps the 55 billion and uses it to fill the 50 billion 1MDB hole.
  • Clever China, Stupid Malaiyoo. A Chinese can be most profound. But no Malay will believe him. Mahathir can speak the most stupid things, all the Malays will believe. That’s how things stand in their Malaiyoo land, though stupidity is not a preserve of kampung types. Think of this man, doyen of the Malaysia’s reporters. Suck your own dick, Ahi.
  • Fascist Mahathir-Democrat Pakatan. Mahathir can’t wear democratic clothes and enter a kampung and expect his reputation to remain intact; Umno will call him a Malay betrayer. Ring a bell? Pakatan will beat the shit out of those Umno’s dogs. Mahathir’s job is to kick the balls of those Najib dog handlers.
  • Taiwan’s 1970 Politics Repeated in Malaysia: Mahathir is Taiwan’s Lee Teng Hui.
  • Najib v 1-lwn 1: This is the new formula. Whoever supports Najib, we will beat the fucker. Whoever opposes Najib, we’ll suck his cock and tweedle her teets.
  • Hew Kuan Yau is going to be boss of the new Malaysian ICAC. (Oops, the secret is out.)
  • Chinese Triads v Najib: The ethics of Chinese triad societies have more sense, have a greater heart (clip below), more gumption and eternally more reliable than Najib and his Red Shirts.



How the Failed Malays?

Nazi Malay-Liberal Chinese Compared


When the Nazi Malay fail, they first lie then they cheat. Now they steal. Still remember Najib Razak? Liars, you see, become fraudsters; fraudsters become thieves.

But failing and winning are matters of comparison. In this comparison Singapore and Taiwan are used because these places are mostly populated and governed by Chinese whereas Malaysia is considered Tanah Melayu, Chinese or other people, including the aborigines and natives, have no part (see, ‘The Price of Malay Racism‘), belongs exclusively to Malays, as nearly all of them have claimed, from government ministers to reporters to satay sellers (Jamal Yunos), from Najib Razak to Kadir Jasin, from mamaks to Ridhuan Tee.

Singapore is used because it and Malaysia shared an identical history, that is, they got the same start, both launched from the same point in time, in place and in life. Taiwan, because itself and peninsula Malaysia are nearly the same in physical and population sizes.

To compare the results today, 2015 is used, require going back in years.

Every relevant measure of statistical comparison shows Malay failure, Umno specifically, to manage every facet of the country’s social, political and economic life. Yet Malays continue to steal, cheat and lie, to themselves, to the world, to their Chinese countrymen in nearly everything they lay their hands on, about the economy, about how good and pious they are and even about PISA scores. They still think a big deal of themselves. Indeed, the Malaiyoo tak malu.



No matter how things are compared, to whom, in what, when or how, the Melayu never cease to lose. An opening sample immediately below compares Malaysia to South Korea.



What to watch for: It isn’t just the change in 27 years between the two countries but the size of change. In school enrollment, Malaysia was 20 percent lower than South Korea in 1970; 27 years later it was three times lower. In individual incomes, Malaysia earned a third more than South Korea’s; 27 years later it didn’t just reversed — never mind Umno’s New Economic Policy for Malays — South Korea was 2.2 times better off.

The inference is devastating: not only are Malays falling behind, they are regressing, progress taking a U-turn and heading back to where they came — their coconuts. Small wonder, when the lying cease to work, they start cheating and when cheating fails, they start thieving. Small wonder Malays still look up Najib Razak; he is the Grand Thief after all.

In all that time, though, Malaiyoos get more pious, get more Allah, pray more, and while they are at it keep shooting themselves in the foot and then blame the Chinese for still being poor, that they are corrupt and they steal.


Malaysia v Singapore


What to watch for: Using constant US dollars rules out inflation that eats into the price of a packet of nasi lemak; same portion but pricier. Hong Kong is used as an arbiter, a sort of laboratory constant. Over time in Singapore and Malaysia annual individual incomes rise (chart above). But notice how the gap between the two countries keeps widening by the year so that two generations and 56 years later, in 2016, a Singaporean earns on average 3.5 times more than a Malaysian.

Money is important. Consequently, in HDI terms (chart immediately below), which measure life expectancy, how many infants die for every 100,000 births, school enrollment, the sort of human welfare things, Singapore beats Malaysia and keeps it up.



At-a-glance Country Rankings: Singapore v Malaysia

Year Category Singapore’s Rank Malaysia’s Rank Source
2016 Ease of Doing Business 1 18 World Bank, Ease of Doing Business Report
2016 World’s Freest Economy 2 29 Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom
2015-2016 World’s Most Competitive Economy 3 26 World Economic Forum, Global Competitiveness Report
2015 Country with Least Corruption Perception 8 54 Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index
2015 World’s Best Country for Business 8 34 Forbes’ Best Countries for Business Index
2015 World’s Most Competitive Economy 3 14 IMD, World Competitiveness Yearbook
2010 World’s Most Innovative Economy 7 28 INSEAD and the Confederation of Indian Industry’s Global Innovation Index
2010 Country Most Open to Trade 1 30 World Economic Forum, Global Enabling Trade Report
2010 World’s Best Labor Force 1 BERI’s Labor Force Evaluation Measure
2010 Most Efficient Bureaucracy in Asia 1 7 Political and Economic Risk Consultancy Survey
2010 World’s Lowest Risk City for Employers 3 51 Aon Consulting’s People Risk Index
2009 Country with Lowest Tax Misery 11 17 Forbes Tax Misery and Reform Index


Malaysia v Taiwan

In Malaysia you can…


Taiwan  TAIWAN (4.49 per 1000 infants)


Malaysia  MALAYSIA (13.69 per 1000 infants)

Comparison Comparison Comparison Comparison Comparison

That’s 204.9% more likely! In Taiwan, approximately 4.49 per 1000 infants die before they reach the age of one. In Malaysia, on the other hand, there are a total of 13.69 deaths during infancy per 1000 people.



Taiwan  TAIWAN (79.84 years life expectancy)

Comparison Comparison Comparison Comparison

Malaysia  MALAYSIA (74.52 years life expectancy)

Comparison Comparison Comparison

In Taiwan, you (on average) will live to approximately 79.84. In Malaysia, the average life expectancy is 74.52.



Taiwan  TAIWAN (1.5% of people)

Comparison Comparison

Malaysia  MALAYSIA (3.8% of people)

Comparison Comparison Comparison Comparison Comparison

That’s 153.3% more likely! In Taiwan, 1.5% of people are below the poverty line. In Malaysia, 3.8% are.


Malaiyoo kena screw…

The point in all this: Malaysia is a failed state. Malays just fucked up a country which they say they own exclusively, so everybody else is just suppose to sit on his hands and watch.

Well, we are watching with glee….

Malays, whatever their stripes, whether it is the Kadir or Najib type, like to keep it the way it is to stay relevant. They have no other way to justify their reason for existence — Malays are poor and disadvantaged — whether it’s Umno or Bersatu, Najib Razak or Mahathir Mohamad.

Malay fascism in the like of Ismail Sabri and Hadi Awang and Kadir Jasin — those motherfuckers — have been the ruin of everybody. It took Mahathir more than 70 years to realize his folly while the kampung and the Malay reporters cheered him on. Stupid Melayu: Najib Razak is their payback.



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