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Murder, Calumny, Kidnap, Theft, Fraud, Bribery…

The Sick Malay World

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The Nusantara Malaiyoo (above, second from right) in the company of more Malaiyoos. True to form and true to his political Melayu DNA, he never ceases to interpret everything — from school enrollment and kampung poverty to Umno political mileage and, even now, 1MDB corruption — strictly from the view that people suffer, prosper, do right or wrong for no other reason other than because they are Malays or they are Chinese. This is pure, unadulterated Kadirian fascism.

“Cukup la, Kadir Jasin. Balik kampung, lift your sarong, fuck your goats. Respectfully, please.” Kampung is where you belong, among the coconuts.



Joey’s Hollywood buddy on a Kadir: toot-toot…


Cina Jho Low rides Melayu Kadir like a pig

In Google translation, the Malaiyoo word ‘foya‘ means ‘to throw money around’ and, consequently, ‘berfoya-foya‘ means to ‘dissipate’. That translation doesn’t quite jell with Kadir Jasin’s Cina Jho Low Berfoya-foya Melayu Jadi Kuda.

What does it mean for a Chinese to ‘dissipate’ a Malay like a ‘horse’? Until modern times, Malays have never seen a horse in their lives; their forefathers lived only among snakes and chicken, swim among ikan bilis maybe, and treat their padi farms like a shit-jamban.

The alternate meaning-translation in the title is that the Chinese Jho Low rode the Malays like a horse. If so then kudos to Jho Low: good old chap, one Cina chip to whip those bastard Malaiyoos, as a form defiance of Malaiyoo and Umno race politics.

But, if ridden like a horse, the Malaiyoo must be a pretty stupid, docile thing — like those kampung Malays. This is the same line peddled for more than 60, 70 years by Mahathir Mohamad, Kadir’s ummah-fascist guru: the Chinese are out to steal from the Malays and cheat them.

In Chinese culture, though, pigs have more worth than a horse. The work of a plough horse can’t be better, by any measure, than a cow. That being so, what Kadir actually means to say, more accurately, is that the Cina Jho Low treated the Melayu like a pig, fattening them, stole their money, then slit their throats to serve them as bacon.

Kadir’s title would be better off, therefore, as a propaganda tool if he were to say, Cina Jho Low Menghina Melayu Jadi Babi: hina being such a popular word coming from their tongues these days, it being in the mainstream lexicon of the Malaiyoo and Umno media and newspapers.

That way, Kadir would be doing, very well in fact, the work of Najib Razak and Johari Ghani and Ahirudin Attan, all of whom have at various times and in various ways attempted to convert 1MDB immorality, illegality and grand theft into a race issue: that is, it’s the fault of the Chinese; Arabs had donated 2.6 bn ringgit to Umno to fight the Chinese, the Jews and to counter their anti-Islam activities.

This boogey-straw man tactic is, you should know already, a Mahathir classic, from which any wannabe Malay politician and, of course, Najib could readily master. Anti-Chinese fascism requires no great intellectual power. Just stand on a podium and shout away like so many snake oil mamak salesmen do, and like Kadir who does so well from his blog postings.

What’s puzzling though is this: To enlist Chinese support against Najib, Mahathir has taken great pains to avoid repeating the stupidity of his initial anti-Najib campaign: appealing to his Malay racism and his fascism. Hence, Apanama’s repeated yada-yada-yada about the anti-Najib battles as a love-thy-country war regardless of race, religion and region.

Oh yeah? But we are Chinese, pendatangs, owing our loyalties to our Motherland (which I do, indisputably; so what?*) and Malaysia is not ours so why should we fight your stupid Malaiyoo wars? We rather watch you self-destruct. Malaysia bankrupt? So be it. When a make-pretend Malay like Annie the Bitch begins patronizing, asking the Chinese how many of us are ‘loyal to Malaysia’**, she actually means to say, why aren’t you ‘loyal to Malays’.

Loyal to Malays? What the fuck for? The Chinese owe the Malays nothing, absolutely  nothing: all that we have, we earned; numerous things Malays have they cajole and cheat when they aren’t stolen. You want back the IC, Annie? Or the passport? Ambil la, then go fuck your father. The Malaiyoo passport is an international embarrassment. (The Chinese didn’t say that. Old Horse Mahathir did.) Give us, therefore, just one good fucking reason — and one is enough, Firdaus Abdullah — why we should stand with you against Najib? (For the benefit of bodohs like the Annies and the Helen Angs, none of who could get anything right, Malaysia equals Malays is the default political position.)

Regardless. Kadir’s campaigning through his blog The Scribe runs counter to and annuls all of Mahathir’s own anti-Najib efforts. Why? Unless, of course, Kadir is working as a sinister dark horse, on Najib’s side while pretending, always pretending like Ahi and like Annie the Bitch who pretends so well to be ‘neutral’ although the fundamental issue at stake isn’t about taking political sides but taking a moral and legal stand against a national case of high-level fraud and thievery.

Kadir being Kadir, so respectful, so Anglophile, so liberal, yet so clumsy and so amateurish in his fascism, would be giving the double game away if he were to say Cina Jho Low chops the Melayu like a pig. Deceit, chicanery and back-stabbing are in the arsenal of Malay politics: they never knew how to be straight, can’t fight like one. It is, you see, the Malaiyoo DNA.

Former editor of the Umno propaganda sheet the New Straits Times, Kadir is, of course, one of the top Malay racists who thinks there is such a thing as a ‘Melayu’ race, a term that he prefers not to, or can’t, see as a political invention of the British nor of the Malaysian constitution. This Melayu race – so pure, so gentle, so nice, so innocent, as the Anglophile asshole named Wong Chen had told gweilos in Hong Kong — originally resides in Nusantara, whatever that is. That Najib or Mahathir or Jamal Yunos or Ahirudin Attan or Kadir himself should exhibit themselves as the opposite of those character qualities, duplicitous instead, thieving, liars and stupid to boot, Kadir would lose the meaning of his existence.

Beginning with Mahathir and Anwar, irrigated by Kadir and his media-for-hire-hacks, these Nusantara Malays sow the seeds and tilled the ground for the growth and rise of motherfuckers like Hadi and his ummah. Najib is the unmistakable product of their connivance.

Hegemonic Malay and Islam have been the bane of all existence in Malaysia, Najib’s included.

Kadir should return to his Kedah padi farm and try raising pigs and growing coconuts there. That way he’d be useful and productive; the things synonymous with his mind, character, and person.


**Postscript: This bodoh kampung Malaiyoo wants to know, ‘What have you done for your country?’ Answer, Nothing but fuck Sea Demons.

* China my Motherland


China isn’t (yet) perfect but it gives a purpose: People are at peace with one another, the farms are abundant; the government does its job, and to make sure there is enough food to go round gives money for the cattle or goats farmers raised, 700 yuan for every cow head; the local authorities don’t bother us much and we are free to do as we please, save to disturb the public peace; our culture is alive, our arts sing to our soul. The nation is strong and growing still — by the day.

And we especially want to shoot the corrupt, dead, never mind the human rights of Anglophiles like DAP’s Charles Santiago. Chinese culture and ethics are many times superior to the imitation imports of Santiago or Malaysiakini columnist Stephen Ng.

We trust our government (yes, my China government, Xi Jiping by extension) to work in the best interest of the people, especially when dealing with Yankees and the Thief Najib Razak. Corruption isn’t endemic as the western media prefers to portray it: no Malay cops wanting a quick buck, hiding behind trees to pick on a poor Chinese motorcyclist on the way see his girlfriend, ruining their entire evening; no health inspector making miserable the lives of people just because they have the powers; no cops who blow up foreigners for 50,000 ringgit; no justice system that allows killers to cover up their murders then escape to Australia.

There is no Jais nor Jakim nor some motherfucking ustaz to bother us; nobody is obligated or compelled to believe in some Allah or Jesus Voodoo Christ; our women, the prettiest to be found anywhere, don’t have to look over their shoulders and cover their beauty; we can ‘sin’ as much as we like, to get rich, to commit khalwat, to drink, never ever to respect any god. So what if we are ‘sinful’! What’s it to you, Stephen?


The ethereal sound of Chinese music… magical, the true Chinese soul.

So caught up in their ketuanan Malaiyoo supremacy fascist shit, Malays don’t know what it is they miss in the arts, music in particular, that is available to them from their neighbor next door. Instead, they go and learn from some desert Arabs, and what’s there? Allah, more Allah, and camel dung.

The guzheng (below) is so hard to master, nobody bothers and Jian gave up after two years. It takes, on average, eight months just to at least get use to the elementary notes going with each string then another year to master a single score. If not for anything, it teaches discipline and persistence.

Below, 春江花月夜 is classic in the ancient Chinese repertoire.

Flute music

Chinese opera in modern form.



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