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Government Sponsored Murders

of Tanah Melayu


Those Murderous Malaiyoos

Accompanied in every calumny of Najib Razak’s Malays, calumny often cited in the name of their ketuanan and in the name of their Allah, they heap insults, threaten us our lives and property, steal from then beat us, abduct our daughters and murder our men and our friends. As this terror reigns, Malays call for ‘unity’ of nation, their apologists (Annie the Bitch) call for peace, so that we forget everything and let them off?

The Chinese have an ethic to show mercy but none to let bygones-be-bygones, a western, Christian morality that has the habit of tolerating injustices and covering up murders. But we are not gweilos, and Malaiyoos who quietly nodded when murder and kidnap happened in their name and under their noses must pay in some degree or other.

Melayu pernah mudah lupa, but we have elephant memories. Rooster year is one full moon away: we, the Chinese, promise to make those Malays account for their crimes. Time has come. In Rooster Year  屠鸡还神.

After we’re done with Najib Razak, the people who oiled the wheels of terror are next, as sure as spring follows winter. This is called Justice, an ethic as old as the oceans. And China, the Chinese, is older than the sea.



In Ketuanan‘s name, the Malaiyoo

threatens us…



distribute insults at will…



steal from then beat us…




abduct our daughters…




kill our men…



…and we, the Chinese, are suppose to just “sit by idle”? (Words of China’s ambassador to Malaysia.)



State-Sponsored Murders

To Altantuya’s family and our Mongol compatriots:

Her death in the hands of Malaiyoos shall not pass for nothing. As killers of Zhao Mingfu (picture above) will be punished, so too hers. In Melayu Land, justice is possible only among equals.

Silence speaks…


Above, the Chinese cared to remember Altantuya Shaariibuu: The Malay cop-killers say she was Chinese, shot her twice on the head, left behind no corpse and reduced her to flakes of dust.


After the Malays (below) had shot dead Altantuya, they won’t even leave behind her body for the parents. In the weeks that followed Malay media hacks (Ahi Attan, Kadir Jasin et al) helped the police, the judges, the prosecutors and the highest level co-conspirators to keep a lid on the reason for the state-sponsored murder. Consequence? Government backed killings have become a Malay norm because they, Najib et al, bloody well own and run the country. They do anything they like.

Then they put up a show trial and one of the killers, already convicted, gets to emigrate, enter Australia without a hitch, while one named Razak Baginda (below, right), the man who has all the motives to kill Altantuya — kickbacks, sex, Malay politics, Najib Razak —  goes for ‘further studies’ in the UK.

Not three years later, the same sort of corruption, the same sort of heinous conduct — international thievery, fraud, money laundering, 1MDB — get a re-run, a repeat all over. More people are murdered, silenced, jailed. This, thus, is Tanah Melayu, ruled by Malays, where they are kings, and the Najibs and the Razaks do what they like, to whoever they like, in whatever way they fancy.

The rest of the world are suppose to just sit on their hands and watch, incredulous of a country that Malaiyoo dogs, demons, scribes and rocks, namely Ahirudin Attan and Kadir Jasin, pontificate and preach about, that the Chinese should be loyal to and die for.

Die for Malays? But they are already doing the work of killing us….


The Malay international reputation: from Mongolia (Altantuya above) to Switzerland (Justo below), from Singapore to Thailand and the US, even some British islands named after virgins.


Yesterday Altantuya. Today Xavier Justo

Altantuya Shaariibuu is to the Scorpene submarine corruption as Xavier Justo is to the 1MDB fraud: one murdered and blown to smithereens, the other still with a price on his head put up by unnamed persons from Tanah Melayu.

After the murder and on the day of the arrest of Razak Baginda (above right), Najib Razak’s ‘cool’ buddy from a defense ministry contract, 500 million ringgit kickback which Altantuya would have known about, but the Malaiyoo later freed without as much as a knock on his knuckles, had this SMS text sent to and stored in his cell phone:

I have seen the IGP. Everything will be solved. Stay cool.

It came from a VVIP Razak had been bragging about to friends, Private Investigator Bala in particular.

Razak Baginda has been nothing but cool since then (Altantuya was murdered exactly 10 years ago), holidaying in the UK, returning home to conduct even more Press conferences, tongue wagging, still cocky. Nobody could touch him. He is, you see, Malay and equally as vital has connections in high places.

Now, contrast Razak Baginda with Altantuya: the latter, woman, alone, far from home, no connections, a foreigner, whose existence in the immigration records was completely erased, and according to the police-killers ‘Chinese’. Therefore? Who cares if they, the Malays, murdered a ‘Chinese’. They would do it again: Zhao Mingfu. This is, after all, Tanah Melayu. Malays-in-Power do what they like.

Bodoh Malaiyoo, above; mati Malaiyoo, below.



After Zhao Mingfu…




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