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Sheridan boy.

Back again, Anglophile racism.


True to his Anglophile values — with which you can draw a straight line coming direct from White people — Sheridan Mahavera cries bleeding heart over some civil servants without enough money. What Sheridan omits to say is that those ‘civil servants’ had it good when the days lasted. That is, it had to come to an end someday.

In another phrasing, Sheridan didn’t, or was unable to, provide context.

Yet context was everywhere, staring in the face of that stupid motherfucker:

1. Civil servants without enough money didn’t just happen. Think Mahathir Mohammad, who, for the purpose of pure electoral demographics, not public welfare, actually told Malays to fuck more, reproduce even more so that by the time a civil servant went from one to five children, 2,700 would never be enough to feed everybody. Sheridan himself wrote with pious fury but, really, hollow words about some of the other causes:


2. Next, the good life. That life was not meant to last. It was build on an illusion of prosperity which Malaysian Insight had itself prefaced in its opening days: So many malls, so few shoppers.


3. Third, and the reality was elsewhere, deep in the jungles, in the Bateq tribe people (below), the sort of people who deserve every inch of this land but from who the like of Sheridan and Mahathir Mohamad had sequestered the country. In their name; bumi! Sheridan might even blame them as being the barrier to unity, holed up as they are in their Chinese-like ghettoes (remember Lisa Ng?), and because they can’t speak Malaiyoo.


So the civil servant is a few hundred short at the end of the month? Big deal.

Here’s a hanky, Sheridan boy. Now, try asking how much the Bateq people are short at the beginning of each month. Or, maybe you will want to fake your survey. Or, if it’s too much trouble to enter the jungle, try asking at the Chinese ghettoes. Botak Bodoh…


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