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…and repeat the ‘insensitivity’ below.


And for the third time: Monyet Hadi bin Awang. He lives on a tree and carries a magic Islamic wand. He can make things appear, disappear; gone today, back tomorrow. And the poor Speaker. He isn’t vulnerable to Kelantan magic. He is from Sabah.

Only a Chinese newspaper could have done it, and this goes a long way to help the Malays keep their Malaiyoo. Yet, others, Kadir Jasin for example (below), could only preach; he, the Nusantara Scribe reduced to yada, yada, yada.Hypocrisy, trickery, shenanigans and dishonesty” are, Kadir says, “the worse in human nature.”

Is that all. ‘Worse’, did you say? LOL.

The worse is Malaiyoo Shabudin. No? Not khalwat, Kadir? You are pathetic.


Kadir: “Hmm… Now, let me count the ways, the worse in human nature…”

Cukup la, Kadir; retire quietly and nobody is going to call you a bloody fool.



Not Mock Debate. Try Mock Execution

…PAS style, of course.

First, the Mock Debate

PKR’s Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli today questioned if amendments to Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act (Act 355) would ensure that all Muslims are adjudicated fairly under syariah enactments.

In particular, he asked if amendments to Act 355 will embolden religious enforcement officers to take action against transgressors who are members of society’s elite.

“The issue is the need to ensure the syariah enactment is fair to all, but do we have enough resources at the syariah department for that? Enough judges and experts?

“I know who (among Muslim government backbenchers) consume alcohol, and there might be ministers’ children who are co-habitating. Would a religious enforcement officer dare to take action?

“I am aware that I am now speaking outside of the House, but what if there was a sultan or a royal family member who consumes alcohol openly, would an enforcement officer arrest him/her and would he/she be penalised under Act 355?” he asked.

Rafizi said this would cause Islam to be maligned as only the poor get punished while the rich go free.

Syariah enactments in all Malaysian states outlaws consumption of alcohol and sex before marriage for Muslims.

Unmarried Muslim couples who live together also run the risk of being nabbed for “khalwat” (close proximity) as enactment bars unmarried Muslim men and women from being together in private spaces without a chaperone.

‘Room for corruption as judges salary remain low’

Rafizi asked this in tonight’s People’s Parliament session, a mock parliamentary debate on amendments to Act 355 tabled by Marang MP and PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang.

The People’s Parliament session, which was streamed live online via several MPs’ Facebook pages, was called after Dewan Rakyat Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia postponed debates on the amendments to the next session. …

Rafizi, who took the floor first in the mock Dewan Rakyat session, said the debate was postponed so that media hostile to Pakatan Harapan could demonise them as “anti-Islam”.Hence the mock parliamentary session was held, to allow the rakyat to hear that Pakatan Harapan MPs are seeking clarifications on how this would protect and strengthen Islam.Among them, he said, was how the Act 355 amendments does not raise the salaries of syariah court judges.

He said there is risk of corruption and abuse of power by syariah court judges as “those earning RM6,000 to RM7,000 are allowed to send people to jail for 30 years”.

“Someone with a lower salary given big powers to jail someone for 30 years, such powers if not properly managed opens the doors to abuse,” he said.

The Act 355 amendments seek to raise penalty limit for syariah courts to 30 years’ jail, 100 lashes of the whip and RM100,000 fine.Act 355 now allows syariah courts to impose a maximum penalty of RM5,000, six lashes of the whip and three years’ jail.

Amanah’s Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad also questioned why PAS’ Kota Baru MP Takiyuddin Hassan, who supported Hadi’s motion, spoke of the salary revisions but the actual bill did not include such revision.

“This seems like an eye wash to confuse people as if the amendment is to fix everything but the motion has no such thing,” he said.

Punishments vary between state to stateKhalid also said that the amendments allow unfairness across states in Malaysia because it will mean punishments could vary greatly between state to state. For example, he said, the same crime can be punished with just one lashing in one state but 30 years’ jail in another.

“It is like giving a loaded gun to each state and it is up to the states whether to shoot or not. This is irresponsible,” he said. “This is why we must have a committee to standardise things,” he said.

Khalid said the penalty hike was motivated by the desire to have syariah courts as equal to civil courts which can mete out similarly heavy penalties.

“There is no syariah rationale for this… it is like saying to make the court more powerful, so the penalties must be ‘powerful’,” he said.

He also urged the amendments to instead include less punitive penalties, such as community services to rehabilitate offenders.

Khalid said the bill is not sacrosanct and has been amended three times to date, so he hoped Hadi will amend it further to improve the legislation.

“We do not oppose the effort to strengthen the syariah courts but the amendments have many weaknesses, so we need to debate it and improve it,” he said. Khalid was the last MP to speak in the three-hour session.



Amanah and PKR MPs don’t have to create a mock execution, Syariah style, above. It’s the same with all creeds and colors. Only imagine a moment, pulling Kadir Jasin out of that Islamic hole.


Next, the Mock Execution

All that about the mock debate is so wrong, in particular this:

We do not oppose the effort to strengthen the syariah courts but the amendments have many weaknesses, so we need to debate it and improve it.

These Oppo MPs are, in effect, saying that RUU355 is fundamentally correct — so Hadi is therefore correct — only mistaken in the wording of its implementation, and that they are liable to be unfair or distorted. The like of Khalid and Rafizi still don’t get it: they more they go into it, the more they play with that desert Arab God, the more their Malaiyoo fingers will get burn.

That, recall, was how everything started: Anwar Ibrahim, Abim, Mahathir Mohamad, PAS.

And here’s the fallacy with which they continue from where Anwar and Mahathir had left off. From Khalid:

It (355) is like giving a loaded gun to each state and it is up to the states whether to shoot or not. This is irresponsible. This is why we must have a committee to standardise things.

All Khalid is saying is, give them a gun but tied to it a piece of paper instructing them when to use. What a stupid Malaiyoo.

It also goes to show this: Malaiyoos didn’t just import an Arab, foreign spirituality, they imported a whole set of value system — along with gun and swords — and all that the system entails which, essentially, is barbarism. It is barbarism, nothing else. Nothing. Even the Huns would be embarrassed.

And the results of those early efforts are already staring at these MPs; today those results are below. And yet Khalid et al still want to play with them. They assume Malays are already totally Arabic and Islamic and what’s supposedly good for Arabian Islam is good for Malays (and so, too, good for politics, good for the vote). Below, are pictures of the Malay faces staring at Rafizi and those debaters:




Siti Aishah’s case is illustrative. Here is a Malaiyoo who, in spite of being raised by Umno, raised under the umbrella of ketuanan, didn’t pledge allegiance to Tanah airku (to Umno much less), not even some Sultan, but to an Arab barbarian 8,000 miles away and who she knows next to nothing.

Here is typical of a Malaiyoo who had been taught, by motherfuckers like Kadir Jasin, to believe she owe her (a) existence, (b) life and identity, (c) even their bread and butter to Tanah Melayu. Yet she  wants to go off to give up her life to fight some foreign war she knows next to nothing and then to import it, lock, stock and barrel, and killing who? Starting with Malaiyoos of course. Maybe Kadir would be a good target. And all for what? Following every word in the Quran which they can scarcely read in a foreign tongue call Arabic?

This has to be great.

Poor Kadir, seeing his preaching collapse right under his Nusantara feet. What a motherfucking Malaiyoo.

As an aside, Malaiyoos like Rafizi who argue for ‘fair’ 355 implementation, but he still wants to flog and jail elite Malays who drink and co-habitat. Rafizi is no different from people like Hadi; they think alike. The difference is only a matter of degree, in the implementation, not in the perversity and the irrationality in the proposed law.

Those Malays who drink and co-habitat are the only decent humans left in Malay society. Others, like Rafizi and Kadir and Hadi think they are next to Allah because that has been their conduct and attitude, imposing a morality, making crimes out of pure, innocent human affairs.

Here is another argument from the mock debate:

There is no syariah rationale for this (355)…

Answer: Since when was the Syariah, or any religious law, based on Reason, or on rationale?

You must as well try reasoning with Hadi Awang, that piece of dog. Syariah’s reason for existence, the entire Arab purpose, is that the Malaiyoo obey. It exist, fundamentally, to force compliance. Submit!

Why is it that Malaiyoos never stop shooting at themselves in the foot? Look in the mirror, Rafizi, Khalid, and you will see that MPs, like everyone else, are vulnerable to their passions, suffer from debt and depression and at times — most times — would like to be left alone.

In the circumstance, there is only one solution: take the guns away from these barbarians before they murder their daughters, their neighbors, and everybody else.

O! Malaiyoo!

Mock debate? No! Those PAS assholes are better: they want mock executions. If you guys want to follow, remember to bring swords, headscarves, ropes and baskets — baskets are for the heads. Siti Aishah and Shabudin are already on the way there, you see, doing those things in their Islamic minds.



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