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A Thambi lectures the Malaiyoo

What happens next…. And why?

See the Malaiyoo beside the Indian? He still needs a thambi’s crutch even to make a stupid argument, but thinks this is all big deal.


A Thambi among Malaiyoos

The two elements in Zakir Naik’s remarks — ‘you can come to probe me here’ (sic!) — says a lot about Malaysia, hence Malays, as it is about Zakir: One, Zakir is saying, ‘I have influence in Malaysia, I stay as long as I like’, and two ‘fuck you, India, I can be anywhere, anytime, you can’t touch me’.

First about Zakir: here is an English-schooled Muslim Indian who employs Christian language (lesser evil), Western solipsism (the Self is final arbiter in an election) and Bentham’s Utilitarianism (morality can be counted like grains of sand). It couldn’t be he knows the western reasoning tools and the philosophical underpinnings in his words. But that’s where they had come from: nothing he knows belongs to him, even though all his arguments have been demonstrated — not once but repeatedly — to be false.

Dressed like a contorted minor Englishman, an Indian Anglophile actually, he wouldn’t be out of place in immigrant town Manchester where lives one of Malaysia’s longest running fugitives named Petra Kamarudin. Not only do Malay princes run when trouble catches up with them (remember that Parameswara, or whatever?), they themselves also harbor fugitives.

Here is the rub: Why are Malaiyoos so taken in by this shorty, little brown-skin toad? So what if he is Muslim? So what if he has a beard? Or if he can speaks with a semblance of logicism. It is called syllogism. And goes like this: Both are evil, one is less evil, therefore choose the lesser. Here’s the contradiction: Both are good, one is less good, therefore choose the less good?

Second, about Malaysia. Perhaps, it is just in Malaiyoo DNA, so made completely stupid, first by the Arabs, today by Indians. Malays are a collective legacy of stupidity, done in by Pakistani drafters of the Constitution then by Mahathir Mohamad, and now this….

Ibrahim Ali’s Perkasa — Malay supremacist and xenophobic and yet play hosts to a foreign preacher — is emblematic of the Malay person and mentality completed overrun. It needs only a little toad to bring the Malay in, never mind his podah Sime Darby anneh slant which sounds like a never-ending fart. No wonder Malaysia is today in its present shit.

Before Perkasa there is Mahathir, the Great Malay defender who has so much to say about protecting Malays and about threats of colonization supposedly by Chinese buying Johor property. But, he has nothing to say of an Indian who, before his eyes, is poisoning and seizing hold of the Malay mind, with certain consequences equally as devastating as his 22-year rule. Both men are doing the same thing to the coconut Malaiyoo; both are convinced, you see, they know what’s best for Malays. It’s one coconut to another coconut.

To all banana Chinamen: Leave this fucked-up country when you still got the chance. Christians in the Middle East had to be bombed out of their homes in the Middle East where their ancestors had lived thousands of years. Don’t think the same won’t happen to pendatangs: ask that banana named ‘Pastor’ Koh. He won’t leave, so he disappeared. Or you’d have your throats cut like Bernard Thien. Or C4-ed, like a Mongolian.

The old idea, promoted by Anglophiles, Ahi ‘Rock’ Tan and Liew Chin-Ah-Tong included, that Malaysia is a civilized country just because it has an English past and its laws is so outdated. Zakir Naik is all very English. In fact, he would sit nicely at a PKR dinner table of thambis, next to R. Sivarasa and N. Surendran, and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between them.


A Thambi with a death grip on Malays

If it were up to the Chinese, we won’t ban him from Malaysia. We would send him an Ibrahim Ali invitation, pick him at the airport, lodged him in Brickfields, a cockroach infested hotel next to Jesus Christ, and cater him from a deli bacon for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

All of which is to say: Why the fuck did they make a big deal out of a shorty brown skin thambi?


Answer: It’s the Malaiyoo.

Zakir Naik preaching to Malaiyoos then converting a couple of young imbeciles, whether Chinaman or estate Indian, it doesn’t matter, they are done in, in one way or the other. The proselytizing is merely incidental to the ultimate purpose which is served by regional politics and, domestically, fascist Malay oppression of the Chinese. It has to be this. ‘The Malay government may be pro-China, but, we have India as balancer: See! Here he is. Small man, big mouth. Just like it has always been: the Chinese provide the material comforts, money; Indians provide the soul of the Melayu‘.

Which explains why motherfuckers like Kadir Jasin and Mahathir Mohamad keep their silence although Zakir has come again and again pinned with the badge of their sworn enemy named Najib Razak. In their time, too, they had done the same things. This time, Najib’s time, it couldn’t be an accident that, after China, he goes to India (the two countries have fought in the Himalayas), sing some Tamil songs, and then return to welcome a thambi fugitive from India.

Does it make sense? Of course, not. Coming from a Malaiyoo these days, few things make sense. But a calculation doesn’t have to make sense.

There is, of course, the Islam thing. If indeed proselytizing is the goal then that would be better served by a desert camel trader. Imagine, soul and money in combination, a two in one, and walla, a Saudi donor!

The international price in this kind of maneuvering is great because other people don’t think like that. But, still, what the heck. Malaysia is finished anyway. Not only does it produce great MBAs then exporting them as swindlers (Jho Low), it’s a country that kills people without cause. Harboring jihadist preachers would be small beer, therefore; before, they have come from south Thailand, Indonesia, and the Sulu.

The price of not bringing in Zakir is greater though: influence peddling, money, and everything that both entail. Worse is, losing the grip on the Malay soul. Zakir is a reminder to Malays: the coconut tree stretches out to heaven and Umno (and PAS, of course) have the only ladders long enough to reach it.

Make sense? It’s not suppose to; the Malay mind was long ago crippled.

Besides, Umno is running out of options, already losing on hudud, the AmBank credit cards are unbankable, money abroad frozen, so that you have to wonder: How much is Zakir paying — not paid — to stay in Malaysia and to run away from India? Maybe they could use his account; the Bank of Al-Saud will do.

As politics go down, the Malay mind is further paralyzed. This has been Umno’s race formula all along, though unintended but no thanks to the mamak named Mahathir. As the Malay paralysis deepens, Mahathir finds himself handing out more crutches.

The problem is this. Since the Malaiyoo has been overrun by Islamists — how do you get rid of something non-existent? — the next best thing is to drain the sand harboring them. That is, bring in more Zakir Naiks to do the vacuum job.

Zakir is a reminder to Malays, that he, a Muslim, is a fraud, like Najib is a fraud, running from the law; that shorty, brown-skin, in coat and tie, is a thambi actually; he had a history and a past before he gave press conferences in English and began addressing Allah as God the Almighty, not in Arabic s.a.w. He is just like the Malaiyoo today, a conquered soul.


Malay oppression in Allah’s name has come to this (below, FMT News), involving some of the most essential things in life, making a living, and those Amanah, PKR and DAP Anglophile and Malaiyoo types will have nothing to say because Kelantan is not their turf and Islam won’t affect the Chinese(?); jangan campur tangan, the motherfuckers say.

We can only seethe with anger? Hadi Awang, again, we swear on fathers’ graves you will pay.


Non-Muslims must abide by Kelantan’s Maghrib shutdown.

FMT News




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