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Hannah ‘Chameleon‘ Yeoh: yesterday Bangsa, next day Chinese, tomorrow Islamic, but always Anglophile.


Opportunist, Hypocrite, Racist…

and Stupid — like Umno men


Malaysiakini‘s DAP promotion piece — ‘Anak Malaysia’ mum vindicated as BN sees the light in ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ — has no author name. It was published as news but, let’s see….

First, the supposed news: the ‘vindication’ from BN. Says ‘The News & Views That Matter (TNVTM):

It was a vindication of sorts for Subang Jaya state assemblyperson Hannah Yeoh, who was chastised for trying to register her daughter’s race as ‘Anak Malaysia’.

Vindication? Of sort? What fucking sort? Vindication from what, by what and by who?

Later, Malaysiakini suggested it was kids — that is, kids! Not BN — who are vindicating a matter of national policy, a vindication provided via Khairy Jamaluddin who was again quoted to say “young Malaysians (from a TN50 ‘feedback’) prefer to be known as ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ in the next 30 years.

‘Prefer to be known’, when they were born or when they turn nine? Nine is the Sahabudin-age ripe for marriage. And these kids want to be known as such only in the next 30 years? Not after that?

Now, you are beginning to see how it is Malaysiakini and reporters begin to fabricate news…

So, what exactly was it that Khairy said about the ‘feedback‘? Kids wanted all their birth certificates rewritten as ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ in the space marked for ethnic origin and not as Chinese or Malays or Indian?

Another supposed news faked by TNVTM:

Hannah Yeoh had wanted to define the identity of her first born, Shay Adora, as Bangsa Malaysia

It is a matter of documented fact that Hannah wanted Shay Adora registered as ‘Anak Malaysia’. Shay was born of a Chinese mother and her Indian husband, Ramachandran Muniandy. To register her baby, Hannah had three choices, Chinese, Indian and Chinese/Indian. Instead, after failing to register her as ‘Anak Malaysia’, she wrote on the application Chinese — not Chinese/Indian, a matter of fact; or Indian which ought to have been the natural choice in Asian patriarchy systems.

So the reason for choosing Chinese over other categories…? Smell the odor of her armpits reeking of racism?

In the same application Hannah again demonstrated how she was so ashamed of the offspring’s half Indian origin (must be the dark skin), she used only Ram to register the name of the infant’s father — not Ramachandran. She won’t even give her daughter a genuine Malaysian or Chinese/Indian identity because Shay and Adora are names derived from western sources of interpreting old Jewish places. In other words, Orang Putih.

Regardless, Hannah’s registry of her child remains scandalous not only because of her shamelessness and her racism (the racism of the anti-racist) but especially because, in conflating Anak and Bangsa Malaysia, she completely ignored:

  • (a) that Anak Malaysia is not a physiological category-fact that provides the basis of birth registration and used as an identification tool. There is simply no such thing as Anak Malaysia for a new born and the meaningless in the term raises even more absurd questions: What Anak would be Lim Kit Siang’s father, a Malaysian but born in China? Anak Cina?
  • (b) that Bangsa Malaysia and Anak Malaysia are entirely distinct categories which can only mean different things. The first is a newly fashioned political term. The second is general, colloquial usage to mean a child of Malaysia. It gets worse: how should a child born to Malaysian permanent residents in Australia be called? ‘Anak’ or ‘Bangsa’?

In advocating the politics of DAP/Hannah’s Bangsa politics, Malaysiakini made sure it lied that Hannah was right all along. Yet there was nothing to be right about. After which it again lied that Khairy ever said BN wanted such a sort of politics or if it even sanctioned that kind of usage.

That is, Malaysiakini editors embellished their fraudulent conduct under such terms as ‘see the light‘. Those liberal assholes were simply making things up:

  • (1) that there is ‘vindication’ in the choice of Hannah’s term during Shay’s birth registration because mummy Yeoh used Anak not Bangsa Malaysia.
  • (2) that Hannah is a good, politically far-sighted mother. What she had instead done was to abuse her 6-day old daughter, laundering her for the world to see solely for promoting her own political message — regardless of the veracity of her claims. As mother, that fatty Anglophile has no shame and had proven to be completely irresponsible.

There is an even more insidious message in Hannah’s political laundering: as a nationalist slogan Bangsa Malaysia reminds of Germany’s use of its term Reichsadler during the Hilter’s reign of the Third Reich. “We are Malaysian nationalists,” is what Hannah is implying, whose stupidity couldn’t tell a biological fact from fascist propaganda. Her political ignorance couldn’t tell her there is no such thing as a Malaysian race, just as there is no American race. Nor could she tell the difference between nationality (that is, Malaysian) and Bangsa (which is ethnicity).

Just as there is no physiological fact of a thing called Australian, there is also no such thing as the Melayu race. Malay is a political designation not a race, a designation that is as plain as a stone or a tree standing outside your house.

An illustrative case in point is Zakir Naik, who upon obtaining his citizenship, will almost certainly be classed as Malay when clearly he is of Indian origin. Or, take Ridhuan Tee, whose children would have been categorized as Malay on account of neither biology nor physical birth place but purely because the kids comply with the three-legs of the constitutional definition, of which Islam had been made the overriding condition, far, far more than language and custom today. Going by custom, Hadi Awang would not be Melayu, Ridhuan or Zakir much less.

All that is also to say, Hannah is playing the same Umno game she criticizes for its racism, overlaying her western, Christian liberal values onto her politics in order to paint a picture that she is a good Bangsa woman whereas anybody who refuses the term Bangsa are ‘evil’ and ‘racist’ (her terms). Complicit in spreading those lies and deceptions is, of course, Steven Gan’s Malaysiakini, those Anglophiles from Bangsar.

Hannah, if it isn’t obvious to you by now, was driving square pegs into round holes, wanting to fit her political prejudices into factual reality. She is exactly like the Umno Malays she hates, a hypocrite, adopting the same stratagem in order to win votes and get elected, playing footsie with people’s future and their identities, even her own daughter’s, then talking about unity.

Hannah’s actions have dangerous consequences because all Umno has to respond is simply this: ‘We know what is bangsa. But, tell us, what is it to be Malaysian?

Their answer: ‘See the word Malay in the name Malaysia?

That is, in case that stupid Hannah still doesn’t get it: She will have to masuk Melayu in order to qualify as a Bangsa Malaysia. She has to be fucked by a Malaiyoo.

That being so, isn’t it better therefore to retain segregation and keep to being Chinese? Malaiyoo keep their side, they keep their Islam, their jihad, while we keep ours and stay out of Islam. Isn’t that freedom and a human right?

If, however, Hannah still insists on being Bangsa Malaysia, then by all means. She is even welcomed to slice off a piece off Muniandy’s brown prick and after that her son’s as well. At that rate, she might even turn her entire family Muslim because, if she gets away with her hypocrisy, what’s there to halt her opportunism and racism in order to go after the Malay votes when the Bangsa types run out? That’s Ridhuan Tee bullshit all over again.



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