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Paddling to find Qu Yuan 2,300 years later



Remembering Qu Yuan

The government minister and poet Qu Yuan (屈原 previously Ch’u Yuan) , 340-278BC, threw himself into a river and drowned, giving rise to a movement for change and 端午节 duanwu jie, today misnamed by Anglophiles as Dragon Boat Festival as if this is about an Olympic event called paddling.


Cited below from Giles, A Chinese Biographical Dictionary. Passage is sub-titled, ‘Ch’u Yuan Asks for Advice‘:

“Ch’ü Yuan…caring no longer to live…went out to the bank of the Miluo river. There he met a fisherman who accosted him, saying,

‘Are you not his Excellency the Minister? What has brought you to this pass?’

‘The world,’ replied Ch’ü Yuan, ‘is foul, and I alone am clean. There they are all drunk, while I alone am sober. So I was dismissed.’

‘Ah!’ said the fisherman, ‘the true sage does not quarrel with his environment (times?), but adapts himself to it. If, as you say, the world is foul, why not leap into the tide and make it clean? If all men are drunk, why not drink with them and teach them to avoid excess?’ After some further colloquy, the fisherman rowed away; and Ch’ü Yuan, clasping a large stone in his arms, plunged into the river and was seen no more….”


Thoughts before drowning

雷填填兮雨冥冥		The thunder rumbles and the rain darkens;
猿啾啾兮狖夜鳴		The gibbons mourn, howling all the night;
風颯颯兮木蕭蕭		The wind whistles and the trees are bare.
思公子兮徒離憂		"I am thing of the young lord; I sorrow in vain."


Thoughts of drowning.

From Crossing the River

Now, the phoenix dispossessed,
In the shrine crows make their nest.
Withered is the jasmine rare,
Fair is foul, and foul is fair,
Light is darkness, darkness day,
Sad at heart I haste away.


From The Lament





Since in that kingdom all my virtue spurn,

Why should I for the royal city yearn?

Wide though the world, no wisdom can be found.

I’ll seek the stream where once the sage was drowned.



Names and squares in red are today’s cities.


Qu Yuan statue in Hubei, Jingzhou 荆州, capital of the ancient state of Chu (1030-223BC) where he served as minister. Below, today’s Jingzhou (those walls are still there):



Another part of Jingzhou on a winter’s day.



Fall of the Malays, According to a Racist Anglophile

Again, blame the Chinese


Mahathir’s Fascist Theory of Race during the Nazi reign. It’s called rassenschande or ‘racial defilement’, that is, a brown skin small town doctor tried to fuck an Aryan blonde!

Those, below, are German-captured soldiers from French-ruled Africa. Unlike Jews who were deported to death camps located around Germany, the prisoners were never sent to Europe for fear they would defile the superior race.


From Indian to Malay: Primary evidence of being Malaiyoo, Mahathir Mohamad’s identity card. It ain’t found in his groins even if you were to cut it open today.



The End of the Malays

Surviving solely by edict on a piece of paper, the Malaysian Constitution, the Malay race never had a much of a beginning. If it didn’t, how could something non-existent, unreal, become extinct?

The answer, according to Mahathir Mohamad, is ‘spirit of the race’, that is, “semangat bangsa“. What he means is, of course, Malay racism:

“Maka di zaman dahulu terdapat satu bangsa yang dikenali sebagai Melayu, yang sudah pun hilang, kerana semangat bangsa luput diganti dengan ketamakan nafsu”.

German Nazis and Hitler like to talk on those same terms, such as the Aryan spirit.

In the Phenomenology of Spirit (Phänomenologie des Geistes) Friedrich Hegel made ‘spirit’ (in German, geist) as the book’s central concept, something that’s thought to be at par with time and space. But, like matter, geist is finite, something akin to Fukuyama’s End of History when, at a given stage, civilization, culture and human thought, upon reaching their zenith, cannot change anymore.

Along this line of the Aryan spirit, the German fascist Martin Heidegger wrote in favor of Hitler’s Mein Kampf wherein race classification is given a pecking order. At the top of which is, of course, the Nordic and Germanic peoples: white, blonde, slim, strong and tough. All of which, note, are physical characteristics as opposed to the notion of ‘spirit’. At the bottom of this hierarchy would be, naturally, the like of Mahathir Mohamad and his Indian (un-Malay) father: brown skin, hair like wires, uncouth, without culture nor learning.

That Mahathir, a two-dime, cold and flu small town doctor in baking hot, backward, uncivilized Kedah should create a racist theory with Malays at the pinnacle is, of course, a joke.

This is a man who can’t even recognize himself, that is, anyone — like he — can be Malay unlike being Aryan because not anyone can be white and blonde. Mahathir’s only attribute for being Malay in ‘Sayang Bangsa dan Negara‘ is ‘semangat bangsa‘, so that, to this stupid old man, ‘ketamakan nafsu‘ (greed/lust) constitute the negation of ‘spirit’, its opposite. A first year philosophy student would laugh him out of the classroom door.

He cannot see that because a Malay is pure manufacture, the Malay therefore has a shelf life. He dies easily. Look at Hadi Awang and his clique of towel head mullahs, all wrapped up Arabian, among the lowest of the Zaidgeist pecking order. Camel herdsmen!

Hadi, Mahathir or Syed Akbar Ali proved that anybody can be one day Malay, next day madman (amok) — hardly the qualities of superior humanity. Even Arul Kanda can be Malay one day, and mamak the next.

Today, just as when he came out with the pseudo sociological tract The Malay Dilemma, Mahathir tried to give the Malay some sort of moral, saintly qualities. Before, the Malay was patient, tolerant and easy going. Today, he is supposed to be thrifty and he doesn’t cheat. His propagandist sycophants in the media, before and now (Ahirudin Attan, Kadir Jasin, Helen ‘Aku Cina’ Ang, Annie of the Valley) took those qualities like they were innate to Malays — until, of course, Malaiyoos like Kamarul Zaman, Ibrahim Ali, Ibrahim Sabri and some guy with two coconuts over his head showed up, opened their mouths and spoke like monkeys cawing.

Strange, innate qualities that are exclusively Malay don’t last a generation. And some (Najib?) simply don’t have those qualities. So much for the superior Malay adat.

Never mind all that, which one can easily overlook as individual defects rather than as a collective, and superior, Malay adat. But this: Mahathir being presented as the Savior of Malaysia? Hoo-ha!

Once the Malay becomes extinct, easily done by annulling the Constitution, who shall be the master race? Easy. Go back in history to the English colonial rulers, ignorant and naive as they are but crafty because if they were looking for natives to return the peninsular land as the rightful heirs, they would have no trouble looking. Just as there would be no problem if Australia or Canada or the US were to return seized territories.


Anglophiles Take Up Where Mahathir Left Off

From Anti-Chinese Racism to Xenophobic Malaysian First


For crying out loud, if the rusting steel hulk and reject called Proton is considered a national heirloom so, too, would be Mahathir’s najis, faeces. These are people who pine over iron, tyres, wires and gauges.

What’s the problem with Malays, Anglophiles and editors? Were they raised and taught to be cows, pigs and monkeys? Racist to boot. Perhaps, it’s the Mahathir Effect.

Small wonder Malaysia is so third rate though the more plausible explanation is this: After being sidelined throughout Mahathir’s era, Anglophiles (P. Gunasegaran, Dennis Ignatius, Charles Santiago, et al) have caught a window of opportunity to show they are more Malaysian than Malays by employing an identical racist, Mahathiristic vitriol used before: beat up the Chinese.

This is the Mahathir Effect brought forward then carried into the next generation, rounding the circle in the destruction of every human productive capability started by Mahathir.

Thus, when production dries up and people desert or stop coming and should the xenophobic Opposition takes the throne, they simply steal more to retain power — which they’d justify in the name of Malaysia. Najib did it in the name of Umno, Malays and Islam. Either way, there is no difference in the consequences from Pakatan Harapan theft, squander and Malaysian First fascism. The end of Malays or Malaysia becomes complete.

The Ones who claim to be upright are typically the most vile, like the Mullahs. For more than 50 years, the Church of Dennis Ignatius and more than 7000 of its god-fearing preachers fucked tens of thousands of (mostly) boys from America to Asia. Then when eventually exposed many of these preachers were transferred by being promoted.

Dennis Ignatius also preach Catholic godliness. Here he is:

Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can.

In all the good you have done,

Dennis, “Have you fucked a boy lately?”


On a Lisbon church wall is graffiti of one of Ignatius’s godly peers chasing two children. Then, when exposed, guess what was the typical reply: We answer only to God!




Mahathir the Mamak Qu Yuan

Dear Mahathir: Since you are so righteous and upright (compared to Najib Razak) — but nobody listens, not especially the Court of Umno — why don’t be a Qu Yuan (top of post)? Try the Klang River. After that maybe your message will be heard far and wide, and might last 2,000 years. Malays will send out submarines to look for you, that is, in case you, or what remains of you, are washed into the South China Sea.

A thousand years later, we will put up a statue for you on the banks of Gombak. Long live the Malaiyoo! Long live the Anglophiles!

Just a thought.



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Salman Abedi’s Agama dan Bangsa

Clytemnestra stopped praying and said: “The gods have their own unearthly concerns, unimagined by us. They barely know we are alive.


Salman Abedi, above: Moderate murderer or moderate Islamist? Both probably.


The Network of Muslim Moderates and Islamic Butchers

A Salman and a Kamarul Maketh a Network

Salman Abedi would have been, by any English standard, a moderate, his father having escaped Gaddafi’s Libya, growing up thus in liberal England, reading the Daily Mail, sampling beer and toast and marmalade for breakfast. Then in adulthood he kills English girls and kids. But over what? It can’t be for Libya, an Italian business after all. If not for agama dan bangsa, then…?

Now, compare that boy with another named Kamarul Zaman (below), who grew up in a ‘moderate Islamic country’, went to the liberal (and third rate) University of Indiana, Bloomington, and teaches Muslim Malays in moderate Malaysia.

Lecturers like Kamarul with his cock’s urge for self-transcendance, the academic types with a penchant for murderous ideologies and tyrants, are a dime-a-dozen in the West. Hannah Yeoh has, he says, offended him; the moderate that he is, Kamarul is easily offended of his agama dan bangsa. The offense being against Islam, it therefore covers all Malays so that in his for-Malay agama dan bangsa campaign (Hanah is only the object not the ultimate target of his quest), from who does Kamarul seek assistance?

Why, of course, the police.

The police? Yes, because, it’s there after all; in the law. After which Kamarul would even brag about his police complaint, citing some constitutional clause. (They always go back to it, this Malay ‘special position’.)

That he should feel the police would take his side and not Hannah’s says something about Malaysia’s moderation: had it not been designed then given effect since Mahathir Mohamad’s days to put down, kill if necessary (May 13), anyone neither Muslim nor Malay. That is, the very existence of a Christian (or a Chinese) living in moderate Malaysia is considered an affront to a Muslim person such as Kamarul, today accusing Hannah of being a proselytizing crusader.

This crusading charge is identical to the accusation at ISIS, Salman Abedi’s employer:

With Allah’s grace and support, a soldier of the Khilafah [caliphate] managed to place explosive devices in the midst of the gatherings of the crusaders in the British city of Manchester….

What Salman (ISIS by extension) and Kamarul have in common isn’t just Allah, therefore. They would kill girls (crusaders or not, it doesn’t matter), drawing inspiration from the same Quranic-inspired injunctions that weaves a network of like-minded moderates, Islamists, murderers, lecturers and boys.

In ISIS land, the network is named Khilafah. In Malaysia, it’s variously called ‘ketuanan‘, though seldom the Constitution under which is already proclaimed Malay superiority and given an  ‘official religion‘ and ‘special position‘. Others?

Others are outcast so that, as the years roll by, it becomes increasing apparent to the like of Kamarul and Ibrahim Ali that if the Malay is special and official, what does that make of the Chinese? Vermin to be stamped out, naturally. This has to mean that there would be more to come after Hannah’s infantile book because it wasn’t enough to wreck Hindu temples in Kerling, tear down the Christian cross from roof tops or grab the bodies of the dead from Indian and Chinese families.

Teach you a lesson,‘ says Sulaiman ‘Mad’ Yassin to David ‘Pantun’ Teo

You can see where, after Mahathir, after PAS, after Ibrahim and Kamarul, this sordid agama dan bangsa business is headed. And how.

The disappearance of some Christians, one named Raymond Koh, is just one of the outcomes. If a stupid book could offend Kamarul, then imagine — as a possibility — the murder of its author or a bomb in her Damansara church. These are acts derived not from a supposition; they have to be the result of Kamarul’s logical argument that have exhibited themselves all over Malaysia, today in Manchester and elsewhere.

Yet, stupid White people are still looking for Salman’s ‘network’ in case, they say, he didn’t act alone. Which is like asking, is Kamarul acting alone (Has he a network in UUM?) even after he shoved the Constitution into your face and called on the police do his work of putting Hannah away. Says he of Hannah: She has gone “against and does not take into consideration Islam’s position as the official religion of the country, as well as the position of the Malays“.

[Hannah, you are done in, one way the other, sooner or later, whether in the hands of the police or Kamarul, you choose.]

[Keep looking, Theresa May; you just might find the network. Tip: Try the book shelf in the house of your ‘moderate’ neighbor.]

All this explains why people such as Zakir Naik, Ibrahim Ali, PAS mullahs, Sulaiman, Jamal Yunos, the IGP’s brother… queue up literally, week in, week out, to issue threats. Hindus yesterday, Christians today. Is all that systemic or the individual work of the deranged, lone wolf?

For further evidence into the cultivation of the network, read this Anglophile Al Jazeera English.

You can bet that if the reader was Salman Abedi he would have been inflamed. Injustice! Islamophobe! he’d shout. After which he would take out his Islamic moderation on an Ariana concert. Then, once the dead are counted, the turn-the-other-cheek liberal would declare in a banner to mourn the dead: Let There Be Love. Small wonder it costs so little to kill White people because, after that, they will even apologize to Salman, declaring to his parents and friends: ‘Hatred for none. Love!

These gweilos….

To Kamarul, we, the Chinese, prefer to say: Go fuck your mother, boy.


Kamarul Zaman, above: When does this moderate Islamist and moderate Malaysia become Moderate Butcher?

The Agama dan Bangsa Network

Two, three or even ten years ago, you would have heard the same thing told by Muslims of fellow-Muslims who murder. That he was:

  • a child of refugees who fled ‘from violence and persecution’, whose
  • family members read the papers and were ‘shocked’; shock because
  • they have always been known as ‘very moderate’; and that
  • the sermons are moderate, the mosque is moderate.

So, too, Kamarul would be a moderate, according to Umno and Malaysia. And, of course, Sulaiman ‘Mad Over’ Yassin, and before them even more moderates, Umno people, PAS, Perkasa, JASA, all topped by a man named Najib Razak, a man grown so weak from walking on so many Mahathir-made crutches. Only the mad has cause to fear.



Malaysia, Moderate Terrorist State

The Makings of al-Razakstan

In ‘moderate’ Malaysia, it took Anglophiles like Raymond Koh (pix below) more than a generation to comprehend the depth of what it is to live a two-face life — Englishman imitation and Chinese. And that is, unity is a bad proposition. The greater is the demand, the farther he is from it. Why should Muslims want ‘unity’ (whatever that is) with Christians; or Malaiyoos with Chinese. If there were to be unity, what would be the point then of ‘special position’ and ‘official’? What become of them?

Infidel Chinese knew all that all along: we, too, want segregation. Only, though, the like of stupid Hannah Yeoh, imbued with God, think they can do wonders for a ‘united’ society. Yet, after Koh’s abduction, his family hadn’t learned, that things happen not in spite of the laws but because of it.

An identical governing principle goes on in the abduction of Tan Yimin (陈乙敏, Chen Yimin) in which seven years ago the state, instead of protecting its citizens, actually breaks its own laws to grab a child from her parent. No notice given. The event recalls how Nazi German police took children away from parents all because they were Jewish.

Yimin’s abduction didn’t just break the social contract between Malays and Chinese. It was especially unjust and manifestly unlawful: Yimin’s father being Buddhist subjected to Islamic law and then Yimin abducted in turn by the police on demand by an Islamic department in Selangor that would apply for itself extra-territorial power in another state at a Butterworth primary school. …

This Malay/Muslim government had long ago crossed the line in the sand so that Koh’s abduction, identical to Yimin’s, demonstrated once again Malaysia has been an Islamo-fascist state from the start. To live in it was never safe to begin with but made worse when Mahathir Mohamad declared it Islamic and co-opted PAS and Anwar Ibrahim into Umno’s politics.

Najib today goes through an indoctrination and co-opt process identical to Mahathir’s days, bringing into Umno the Arab and Wahhabist/Salafist ideas; coddling to the al-Saud family of Saudi Arabia for money and religious power. An Umno Malaysia would want to be the same sort of family-run, tribal and religious enterprise operating in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi, Islam-based, political and tyrannical structure is good for Najib and his cohorts. Backed by the blade of the sword, who dares question Allah once law is invoked in god’s name? Not even the police when instructed by JAIS to kidnap Yimin.

But PAS is already ahead of Umno in the game over who can actually, and rightfully, speak on god’s behalf (near similar to the medieval European notion of the king as god descended). Then there’s this other problem of roping in PAS: its Iranian-style mullah rule by council is incompatible with the structure of sultans and a legislature. In such a situation power is split when instead it has to be centered on a single entity — as in Saudi Arabia, the al-Saud family.

What’s being learned from elsewhere (the Saudis) and by experiment (PAS, 355) is that only under Islam is any Muslim motherfucker able to keep the tribal king in power and lineage-rule indefinite. Najib would want the same for Umno because how else will his power be retained?

The same challenge confronts ISIS (for whom, one must add military power to the tribal and religious political structure). Like it is with the al-Saud family, like it is with Najib, ISIS biggest challenge isn’t coming from moderate Muslims; they are on the same Islamic side for fuck’s sake.

On the contrary, moderates constitute a part of the network so that ISIS challenge is expanding it. Or else, they die like fish in a desert. So-called liberal Muslims, the children of Kamarul or Ibrahim Ali, provide a reservoir of ‘Khalifah soldiers‘ — suicide bombers — because how else will ISIS get a replacement for Salman Abedi? (Explain this idea to White people and their stupid liberal editors, they still won’t get it. It’s their multi-culturalism, you see.)

Nor is the ultimate source power to Umno and Najib constrained by the Constitution. To the contrary. Nor is their problem Mahathir Mohamad, the man who has done so well to till the ground and dug the hole for the Khalifah reservoir. Nor is it the kampung Malays of Pekan, most of who are anyway just coconut tribesmen, who can be paid off like Umno needs to paid off by the al-Sauds. Even Sabah and Sarawak, so poor therefore so easily bought, are no challenge.

Outside of all the above, only the Chinese (and Indians) stand between Najib/Umno and total, unlimited power.

This explains why Umno never ceases to remind the Chinese (or the Hindus) their inferiority, their place in the sun. So that every week, without fail, Malays would unleash one of their barking dogs, a Kamarul or a Mad Sulaiman. At the national level it would be some Kelantanese towel head named Abduh Aziz and from Selangor Tinju Ali and Jamal Yunos. Or, most lately, Ibrahim Ali, another moronic Kelantanese who Malaysiakini likes to drool over and over.

This is where Mahathir’s fight with Najib, centered on 1MDB, has been grossly misdirected all along. Pakatan’s actual enemies — who are also its target electorate — are the ones who had grown from seeds Mahathir sowed, motherfuckers like the Kamaruls and the Salmans, all moderates, who will instinctively gravitate towards Najib and Umno.

All of them are, after all, going for the same al-Saud, ISIS thing: negara, bangsa dan agama. Agama alone makes the al-Saud family chief the king and ISIS the uncontested spokesperson for Islamic fundamentalism. In Malaysia, throw into the mix bangsa dan negara Najib’s powers are unfettered.

Now, further put in the police, the judiciary, the attorney-general, and especially the 1 billion ringgit JAKIM, Najib’s personal infliuence is without constraint. Mahathir’s analysis, on the other hand, point Najib’s political strength entirely to the question of money. But then, stupid man that he is, when has he ever been right?

Get a life, Susanne Liew. You will never again see your husband — alive. They will have to kill him the moment he was abducted — just as Altantuuyaa and Kevin Morais — because, as we Chinese say, 沉湿头 ‘heads deep in water’.

The term moderate, rule-of-law Malaysia or moderate Muslim is a contradiction. There is no such a thing as a moderate. Get it, Thomas Fann?

Joseph Kurup now wants to see Susanne. If it isn’t to give Joseph a blowjob, or if it isn’t about the capability of the police since, as Fann says, is one of the world’s most capable (LOL), ask yourself why? After all, nothing has changed since one hundred days ago. Or perhaps it has, only you don’t know it.

Anglophiles like you, Mr Fann, had been wrong, not once but a thousand times. Malaysia, Manchester, and the West are breeding grounds of fascism that comes not just from the Salmans and Kamaruls but also from moderates and liberals (Clare Brown), and Malaiyoos (think RPK) and Arabs alike. They make a nice explosive cocktail mix; that Clare Brown and RPK and Salman Abedi.




All under tianxia 天下


And why not? It would ‘Save Malaysia’, save those coconut head Malaiyoos from themselves. Raymond Koh and others would be found, their abductors arrested, tried and shot. Malaixia might even keep its (shitty) Proton national; Malaixia taxpayers won’t have to pay for 1MDB. We’ll pulverize the like of Kamarul (along with their families) and nobody will be slapped. The Sulu Sea will be free. Nobody — absolutely no one — will dare touch Sabah.

Malay special position? Malaiyoos won’t need it: we are all special. And Islam is already official. The Orang Asli, like the Kadazan and similar others, will be autonomous, governing their own affairs; we, the Hans, will put in the money.

We’ll even throw you a bonus: put away Jho Low and Najib Razak in Mongolia, next to Altantuuyaa’s house. Live well, Najib…. As for Hadi? We’ll stuff him in the dog cages of Guangzhou. Hannah? She is welcomed to preach to the Uighurs of Xinjiang, from her neck upwards guaranteed and insured.

For all under tianxia 天下, there will be security, justice and peace. One-country, two-systems apply.

(Yes, Guna, all roads lead to China. Actually all roads lead out of China, not to China. Why else would we call it the Silk Road, stupid. For 5,000 years and more we didn’t need the rest of the world; it had always been the other way around. Why then would we need it now, or a motherfucker like you? But, here’s the catch: On the way to or from China, all roads also stop in Mecca — need a drink? — and you should hope they won’t fuck your 12-year-old daughter and then convert her into an Indian slave. After that, please continue your journey. China onwards? Or back to Tanah Ai?)


O! Jian!

Of Love, Sadness & China on the Shore

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Zaid Ibrahim: How to follow in the steps of these failed men? Answer: Name one!

Actually, any one of them makes for no difference to Malaysia’s future.


In Koh Samui, Zaid Ibrahim writes on the Opposition naming the prime minister elect. These are his criteria for the nomination though they are phrased rhetorically:

  • Can we have a leader of the Opposition who is willing to articulate what is right for this country?

  • Can we have a leader who is willing to risk it all by saying to the Malays and the Muslims that their long-term interests require them to moderate their views on many things and that such an attitude will save them and this country?

  • Can we have a leader who is willing to revisit the idea of “fairness” to the various groups in this country?

  • Can he or she capture the right message and the right spirit that can motivate the people to unseat the Barisan Nasional?

Those criteria look straightforward enough and this is to Zaid’s clarity of thought. With the little he has in philosophical proficiency, he has the ability to turn complex national, political issues into basic arguments that run deep, sometimes very deep.

Why deep?

Because the question of ‘what is right‘, for example, is driven not by real needs of citizens but by a single political group, Umno, entirely Malay, that’s managed primarily with a largesse (a fact confirmed again and again, most recently by Nazri Aziz) which is, in turn, extracted by a combination of carrots, sticks and connivance, and among who its senior people are notorious for being both incompetent and manipulative, Islamic fascists to boot.

In his next post, ‘Deja vu all over again‘, Zaid’s singular answer to the criteria he posed was, Mahathir Mohamad. Now, take that answer and apply it to Zaid’s own set of terms; any of which one will do:

  • Is Mahathir the man willing to moderate his own views, much less tell it to Malays?
  • Or, is Mahathir, the man who defined what it is to be an Umno and Malay politician (‘Get rich! It is your right in Tanah Melayu.’) willing, as Zaid says, do something “with the whole system of administration that has long been in UMNO’s grip”?

Zaid’s ability to contradict himself is as legendary as Mahathir’s national policy failures. But, for him to fail every criterion he himself has laid out — in essence failing his own test — is further evidence of Umno’s inbred ineptness.  He reaffirms two of the most common fallacies in national politics: (a) pick the right (Malay) leader, everything will be fine and (b) let that same leader decide the way forward. That is, in another manner of speaking, Malay politics, the harbinger of national policies, is rigged right from the start and also from the top. Malaysian democracy was never bottom up.

Which explains why, even within Pakatan, there is such a position known as a ‘seat warmer’ as if only Anwar Ibrahim, and he alone, can set things right. This is telling on the political system: it is so racist and fraudulent that Opposition politicians have no shame even suggesting such a position. (What do they take voters for? Don’t half the population, the Chinese, Indians and those in Sabah and Sarawak, have any say?)

Malay and other Opposition politicians conveniently like to forget that it was Anwar who jointly with Mahathir triggered the downward spiral for what politics is suppose to do and Zaid’s infantile thinking is illustrative of this past brought into the present — also showing how little or nothing Zaid had learned from the failures before. Chief of which is, it should be good ideas that drive political careers. Instead, the pinnacle of all present and past political priorities is, get the power first. Is Mahathir at 92 not a seat warmer, like Wan Azizah, so that the only question left is, for whom? This being the case, Zaid’s criterion to find the Saviour of Malaysia is nothing but yet more Zaidgeist pig shit.

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Mahathir Mohamad’s Legacy

on Twitter, on TN50, in classrooms, malls, at Annie’s….

Malay Archipelago? Since when? And the Christians from Miri to Maluku know about this ‘Malay’ archipelago? Does Jokowi know? Does Duterte know about this great Umno vision for Malays? Anyone seen this Malay archipelago on any — any at all — official Malaysia map? Or should we try look for it on some Filipino version?

Whole area? What area? Where to where? Which part of Indonesia now belongs to ‘Malays’ — or, if Dr Shitkin prefers it — Malaysia? Is Manila also Malay? Or Malaysia? Aren’t those voodoo Christians supposed to be kafirs? Christian Malay? That will be the day…. Mahathir’s father is from the Malay archipelago? And Annie’s mother also? What about your father, Dr Shit? And his father before him?

Get a grip Dr Shit; stay in your coconut trees where you belong. Also, and if you prefer with your hijab on, go get a fuck… from whoever.


BTW, in case you didn’t know: Your ‘Malay archipelago’ is in the South China Sea and Malaiyoos like you are getting in the way of freedom of navigation and Chinese ‘aggression’. We are 唐人tangren, and we’re back. Get use to it.

So, that suggestion also means this, Dr Shit: get the fuck out of our way before we sink you. Malay Archipelago? Bah…


Dr Shitkin’s Coming Genocide

It’s Open Season in the Malay Archipelago.

Pop Quiz: What’s common in all the (pictured) events below


Apologise or face protest, Malay NGO group tells film director



Perkasa wages war against MIC over Zakir Naik



Malaiyoo’s Allah under threat:

Lecturer lodges report, accuses Yeoh of proselytisation


Malay maruah under threat:

Videos of man assaulted outside a surau go viral

Warning to Cina: When the Malaiyoo beat you up, you undermine their maruah. You apologize. Always. Get it!


That coconut towel head (below) means the Malay Archipelago:

Enemies of Islam (Malays) circling to wrest power, PAS leader warns


To steal & kill. The Malay Archipelago right: Low Yat, Kota Raya then Kuching

‘Remember Low Yat’, a Malaiyoo tells a shop clerk then beats him up.



Hannah Yeoh’s missionary work in her stupid Look-at-Wonderful-Me Christian book

(mission work is okay with PAS; Hadi Awang won’t disappear.)


In Dr Shit’s Malay Archipelago every life, even for a lowly Malay, is easily a hina.

Factory worker fined 2,500 for ‘insulting’ Perlis mufti

Mahkamah Sesyen Kangar hari ini menjatuhkan hukuman denda terhadap pekerja kilang RM2,500 kerana menghina mufti Perlis Dr Mohd Zainul Abidin. — Foto oleh Choo Choy May

Here’s another insult, Asri Zainul: Fuck you.



Anymore? Add as you please; it will take months to finish. Malay Archipelago is that big. Save MALAYsia? Let’s also save the Malay Archipelago and all the Annies in between.

Over to you, Dr Shit…. (And Annie? She is the half-fucked Malaiyoo who declares she has nothing to say and then go on and on for another 1000 fucking words. That’s Annie of the Valley.)

Hey Scribe of Nusantara! That, above, is your Shit compatriot. Malaiyoos like you are a fucking joke. You still working on saving Malaysia? Or saving the Archipelago? Kadir Jasin, the Moses of Nusantara….

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已经告诉过了 一个小偷一个欺诈者有任何的交易:

明白这一点:在马来西亚,犯罪行为 — 包括谋杀,绑架,盗窃 — 是国家政策的工具。

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Belt-and-Road Express

… without Mahathir Mohamad on board. Why? Because, in his White Man’s way of thinking, he is convinced that countries, like people, are innately one-against-all, forever conniving, perpetually at war, and that this is all politics so the Chinese are out to colonize Malaysia.

But, so what…?

Stay in your twin kampung towers, Mahathir boy. And go fuck your mother.


From the Economist

The belt-and-road express

China faces resistance to a cherished theme of its foreign policy

Silk routes are not always as appealing as they sound

ON APRIL 10th a freight train pulled out of Barking station in London carrying Scotch whisky, baby milk and engineering equipment. It arrived in Yiwu in eastern China (see map) nearly three weeks later, completing the second-longest round-trip train journey ever made (after Yiwu to Madrid and back, a record set in 2014). It lopped around a month off the time of a sea journey from Britain to China.

A day after the train’s departure, a less ballyhooed but potentially more significant event took place in the port of Kyaukphyu in Myanmar. Workers started transferring oil from a tanker into a new pipeline that runs from the Burmese port north to Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province in south-western China. The pipeline bypasses the Malacca Strait, through which 80% of Chinese oil imports are shipped. Eventually, energy supplies to Chongqing, the largest city in the west of China, will no longer be vulnerable to political disruption in the strait.

Both events show that Xi Jinping’s “Belt and Road Initiative”, a central feature of the Chinese president’s foreign policy, is establishing what generals like to call facts on the ground. By financing around $150bn of infrastructure spending a year in countries to China’s south and west (along the old Silk Road), Mr Xi hopes to create new markets for Chinese firms and new spheres of influence for his government.

The president is preparing to host a lavish party in Beijing to celebrate the project—the Belt and Road Forum, as the event is known. On May 14th and 15th leaders from 28 or so countries will join the festivities, including Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Myanmar’s de facto leader, Aung San Suu Kyi. Mr Xi will use the gathering to project his country’s self-confidence and his own as a global leader. But looks can deceive. In reality, Mr Xi faces a backlash against his project. At the forum, he will try to reassure his partners that he is not attempting to stuff their mouths with gold.

Not so fast

The scheme is running into three linked problems. First, it is unclear what its priorities are, or who is running it. “We haven’t really come up with a specific goal,” says Zou Tongxuan of Beijing International Studies University. Every province has its own belt-and-road investment plan. So do hundreds of state-owned firms. The government’s strong backing has helped to get many projects up and running faster than might have happened otherwise (Mr Xi first began to talk about the idea only in 2013). But no one is in day-to-day charge, so thousands of financially dubious schemes have the imprimatur of a belt-and-road project. And the overweening behaviour of Chinese companies in some countries where they operate has stoked fears in some places of an over-mighty China.

The different names given to the project reflect China’s struggle to make it sound palatable to foreigners. Mr Xi first talked about a “Silk Road economic belt”. That was uncontroversial, but to expand its geographical scope a new term was devised: Yidai Yilu, or One [land] Belt, One [maritime] Road. That sounded ugly in English and, officials realised, risked implying that it was all about a big Chinese plan: they wanted the venture to be seen as a co-operative one. So they came up with the anodyne-sounding belt-and-road translation (despite the unfortunate acronym it produces for the forum: BARF).

A second problem is finding enough profitable projects to match the vaulting ambition of the scheme, which aims to create a Eurasian trading bloc rivalling the American-dominated transatlantic area. It is not certain, for example, how successful the London-Yiwu rail line will be, given that (though faster) it is more than twice as costly as shipping. The Chinese hope to export their expertise in building high-speed rail. But China’s speedy construction of thousands of kilometres of it at home depended on cheap labour and the power to evict anyone who got in the way. That may be hard to replicate.

Belt-and-road projects are failing already. In Kara-Balta in Kyrgyzstan, Zhongda China Petrol, a state-owned company, built a big oil refinery—then found it could not buy enough crude oil to run it at more than 6% of capacity. The country’s deputy prime minister called the plant’s construction “ridiculous”; locals are protesting against its environmental impact.

China hopes the belt and road will bring others into its orbit, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria and Ukraine. But these countries are not exactly champions in the World Bank’s ease-of-doing-business league. According to Tom Miller of Gavekal, a consultancy, the Chinese think they will lose 80% of their money in Pakistan, 50% in Myanmar and 30% in Central Asia. Perhaps they can afford this, but it would be a costly success.

Third, locals in some countries are angry about what they view as China’s heavy-handedness. In parts of Asia, democratic politics have been challenging China’s commonly used approach to deal-making—cosying up to unsavoury regimes. This had begun before Mr Xi devised the belt-and-road scheme. In 2011 Myanmar suspended work on a vast Chinese-financed dam at Myitsone, to popular acclaim. In Sri Lanka, the government elected in 2015 has been engaged in endless wrangling with China over the building of a Chinese-invested port in the home town of the country’s autocratic former president. In January protests against China’s plans there turned violent.

Even in Pakistan, one of China’s closest friends in Asia, Mr Xi has been forced to abandon his usual mantra of “non-interference” in others’ internal affairs. Late last year China openly appealed to Pakistan’s opposition politicians not to resist construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, a part of the belt that links Xinjiang, China’s westernmost province, with Gwadar on the Indian Ocean. Pakistan deploys a force of around 10,000 soldiers to guard the corridor against militant attacks.

The problem is partly one of scale: China is so vast that belt-and-road countries fear being overwhelmed by it. Loans from one bank, China Eximbank, for example, account for a third of Kyrgyzstan’s foreign debt. Yunnan is one of China’s poorer provinces. Yet its economy is still four times bigger than that of its more populous neighbour, Myanmar. Countries both long for and dread Chinese investment.

China is trying to change its ways. NGOs in South-East Asia say that Chinese firms, which had previously treated local critics with disdain, have started to take their concerns more seriously. Chinese banks are asking international institutions—sovereign-wealth funds, pension funds and so on—to join them in lending to belt-and-road projects, in the hope that this will help ensure higher standards. At the forthcoming forum, China is likely to emphasise links between the belt-and-road programme and other infrastructure projects that have been launched independently of it, such as a new transport network around Baku in Azerbaijan. The aim will be to show that Mr Xi’s project is not a threat. But this will be another minor adjustment of wording. The belt-and-road express has left the station. China is merely trying to improve the on-board service.


The Return of the 唐人 tangren

‘The road to my ancestors…’


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The Undeclared Malay War

Malay Hormat

‘Cross us we break your Cina head’, according to Eddy Zirul. Here are his rules for a Chinese when passing a Malay on the street:

  1. Parking jgn halang jalan esp jalan tu jalan utama
  2. Hormat kawasan ibadat
  3. Rancang perjalanan dh taw kwsn tu akan jem


The Malaiyoo War — Against All

Muslim societies have a penchant to self-destruct. This is a problem entirely their own, of course, but the trouble is, they invariably take down the neighbors with them.

The question that follows is, what to do if you live next to a Muslim who pledges allegiance to an imported book called the Quran that, in turn, devotes vast passages in its pages talking of warfare, murder, rape, slavery, fraticide, sleeping with young girls or with someone’s wife and then on to plunder, connivance, treachery, looting, deceit and on and on and on — all the activities of humans as humans. And yet it’s called a Holy Book (in capital letters), that fluff of word called holy in which the main threat in the Old Testament is easily summed up in one theme: Kill! You need to be holier, if not, stronger than the Quran or the Bible to come out these books unnerved and intact.

Imagine, therefore, the Quran in the hands of kampung Malay coconut heads — let’s not even get to ISIS people or those Arab towel heads — who are taught to memorize it before they could even grow pubic hairs.

Imagine further that Islam is endowed with ‘official’ status which is, of course, complete bollocks because that makes the god of Islam official but not Jesus Christ? Nor the Hindu gods? The meaning in this constitutional endowment is that even among gods there is a pecking order; like Malays shit on Chinese, Allah shits on Jesus Christ.

Contradiction? Hardly, the pecking order is one device to make another person a lesser being, in truth of matter, inferior.

To comprehend the depth of this hierarchical holiness, recall Teoh Beng Hock’s death after which a court inquiry featured a Thai doctor whose credibility was questioned by the government monkey lawyers not on account of her diagnostic proficiency but the official status of her degree. In Malaysia, Thai certificates are not recognized, therefore, say those coconut heads, her judgments have no credibility and medical science even less reliable.

Apply the same reasoning to an identical category called ‘official religion’ then, in unofficial ones, Jesus Christ might not even be god because a lesser god is a contradiction: either one is or one is not.

In ‘official religion’ is thus the beginnings of Malay ketuanan so that in persons like Zakir Naik or Hadi Awang or coconut head muftis, Malays are allowed to spit with impunity at the Hindu gods: those stones, timber, cows worshiped by dark-skinned people. In ketuanan begins the need for its handmaiden, racism.

Rebuttal is easy: Muslims lift their asses to the heavens to fart at their god. Not enough, they then throw stones at a rock draped in black 5,000 miles away. How more voodoo can you get? But you can’t say all that because Islam is official religion, protected by the barrel of the gun, and Malays have special position, they being higher class, the rest just minions. In all is a perfect two-in-one that cements Malaysia’s position as forever fucked.

In this sort of circumstances, all the talk about unity is utter hogwash. Anglophiles who go on and on about this ‘beloved’ country; others like Hannah Yeoh, pining after a Malaysian paradise of egalitarians, urging people not to change country but change government are but delusional idiots. They’re the ones in denial, without the stomach to accept the reality that Malaysia is finished from the beginning, a lost cause.

The lost cause is simply this: since May 13 and since the days of Mahathir Mohamad, Malays are in a state of perpetual war against Chinese (Indians, of course). Orang Asli? The Malay government simply go on with its affairs as if they don’t exist.

Hence, for a mob of Malays to attack a Chinese couple in a car outside a surau, Anglophiles are shocked out of their holiness. The Chinese? We look at it and say, here’s another one; come a time, we’ll get even because, is that mob or that attack any different from the one at Low Yat?

There, even the Malay thief is considered morally superior so that, in either case, beating up the Chinese is the necessary thing to do. Malays need only an excuse, any excuse. Every crime when committed by the Malay against the Chinese or Indians is justifiable because the latter groups are inferior people anyway. (This is the same ISIS logic.)

Here (top of post in quotations) is, again, the defense of one Malay, tweeting support for the mob: ‘Hormat ibadat‘, says that motherfucker Eddy Zirul. It’s the hormat word again.

Does motherfucker Eddy mean hormat his god or walk on knees and kuckles each time you pass a Malay on the street? It can’t be the first because Allah is not even a Malay god. But hormat is a constitutional requirement. Remember ‘official’? Recall that Allah, claimed by Malays, is bigger than all other gods?

This is the same kind of hormat talked about by another mob of Malays — the IGP’s brother no less — when they shout on the street demanding to tear down the cross from the roof of a church because, in their reasoning, the sign of the cross does not hormat the Malays.

Plainly restated, the very existence of a Christian or a Hindu or a Chinese is considered an affront to all but few Malays, the Muslims, to Islam. Other peoples have no business to be in Malaysia; Mahathir Mohamad himself have made that very clear.

Is it any wonder then that ISIS people like chopping the heads of Christians in Egypt. Like it is in ISIS, facism is in-built into the foundations of Malaysia whereas Malay liberals and Anglophiles go on and on banging warnings against extremism. This foundation is called Islam, and the better for it since it strengthens Malay ketuanan power.

Malaysia is an extremist country constitutionally sanctioned and by its internal dynamics. Malay mob attacks on Chinese are but an undeclared war manifested. Extremism was long ago constructed into those coconut heads, today wrapped in towels: Malays are the master race and their Allah is the perfect tool to express that purpose because both Malay and Allah demand the same thing, Submit! It is what Malaiyoos mean by hormat: go down on your knees.

We, the Chinese, won’t submit: we fight you! We have nothing to lose to see Malaysia razed to the ground. It ain’t our country anyway. You want hormat, we give you hormat: fuck your mother.

Another delusional group of Anglophiles: they think it is just the government behind the disappearances. Wrong. Since the days of Mahathir, Malay society wants you out: if they can’t put you down, and you won’t leave, they make you disappear like Kevin Morais, Altantuuyaa, and numerous others. Once, in the name of Allah, Najib Razak does as he pleases, the entire Malay society, Mahathir included, won’t even whimper.

The Pastor — the Malaysian on the cross — has been sacrificed. Complain less. Instead, watch Malaysia burn like all those so-called ‘great’ Muslim societies before, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Turkey, Nigeria and on and on. To repeat, let Malaystan burn: it is the only thing left worth waiting.

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