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Bandar Malaysia…


We are sorry you have to learn about the news in this unfortunate way. But, please accept our gratitude for your displays of generosity. Understand this as well: business is business. And we do mean every word of that phrase. One should never, though, burn both ends of the candlestick: one end business, the other politics. Your fingers will quickly go up in fire.

And Mahathir Mohamad, stop gloating because of what happened. Pro-China? What the fuck are you talking: at age 90, you still understand nothing, don’t you? We don’t need pro-China, and we don’t want them. Will it surprise you to know, all this has nothing to do with you and your endless farting, your motherfucking sessions. 仆街 pukgaai… This goes for you as well, Clare Brown and Syed Akbar Ali. People like you think you’re some saint out there to save the world; we think, fuck your mother. We decide based not on popular opinion, much less your diatribes.


離別再叮嚀 Exhort when parting

My Beloved, my Motherland


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