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The Undeclared Malay War

Malay Hormat

‘Cross us we break your Cina head’, according to Eddy Zirul. Here are his rules for a Chinese when passing a Malay on the street:

  1. Parking jgn halang jalan esp jalan tu jalan utama
  2. Hormat kawasan ibadat
  3. Rancang perjalanan dh taw kwsn tu akan jem


The Malaiyoo War — Against All

Muslim societies have a penchant to self-destruct. This is a problem entirely their own, of course, but the trouble is, they invariably take down the neighbors with them.

The question that follows is, what to do if you live next to a Muslim who pledges allegiance to an imported book called the Quran that, in turn, devotes vast passages in its pages talking of warfare, murder, rape, slavery, fraticide, sleeping with young girls or with someone’s wife and then on to plunder, connivance, treachery, looting, deceit and on and on and on — all the activities of humans as humans. And yet it’s called a Holy Book (in capital letters), that fluff of word called holy in which the main threat in the Old Testament is easily summed up in one theme: Kill! You need to be holier, if not, stronger than the Quran or the Bible to come out these books unnerved and intact.

Imagine, therefore, the Quran in the hands of kampung Malay coconut heads — let’s not even get to ISIS people or those Arab towel heads — who are taught to memorize it before they could even grow pubic hairs.

Imagine further that Islam is endowed with ‘official’ status which is, of course, complete bollocks because that makes the god of Islam official but not Jesus Christ? Nor the Hindu gods? The meaning in this constitutional endowment is that even among gods there is a pecking order; like Malays shit on Chinese, Allah shits on Jesus Christ.

Contradiction? Hardly, the pecking order is one device to make another person a lesser being, in truth of matter, inferior.

To comprehend the depth of this hierarchical holiness, recall Teoh Beng Hock’s death after which a court inquiry featured a Thai doctor whose credibility was questioned by the government monkey lawyers not on account of her diagnostic proficiency but the official status of her degree. In Malaysia, Thai certificates are not recognized, therefore, say those coconut heads, her judgments have no credibility and medical science even less reliable.

Apply the same reasoning to an identical category called ‘official religion’ then, in unofficial ones, Jesus Christ might not even be god because a lesser god is a contradiction: either one is or one is not.

In ‘official religion’ is thus the beginnings of Malay ketuanan so that in persons like Zakir Naik or Hadi Awang or coconut head muftis, Malays are allowed to spit with impunity at the Hindu gods: those stones, timber, cows worshiped by dark-skinned people. In ketuanan begins the need for its handmaiden, racism.

Rebuttal is easy: Muslims lift their asses to the heavens to fart at their god. Not enough, they then throw stones at a rock draped in black 5,000 miles away. How more voodoo can you get? But you can’t say all that because Islam is official religion, protected by the barrel of the gun, and Malays have special position, they being higher class, the rest just minions. In all is a perfect two-in-one that cements Malaysia’s position as forever fucked.

In this sort of circumstances, all the talk about unity is utter hogwash. Anglophiles who go on and on about this ‘beloved’ country; others like Hannah Yeoh, pining after a Malaysian paradise of egalitarians, urging people not to change country but change government are but delusional idiots. They’re the ones in denial, without the stomach to accept the reality that Malaysia is finished from the beginning, a lost cause.

The lost cause is simply this: since May 13 and since the days of Mahathir Mohamad, Malays are in a state of perpetual war against Chinese (Indians, of course). Orang Asli? The Malay government simply go on with its affairs as if they don’t exist.

Hence, for a mob of Malays to attack a Chinese couple in a car outside a surau, Anglophiles are shocked out of their holiness. The Chinese? We look at it and say, here’s another one; come a time, we’ll get even because, is that mob or that attack any different from the one at Low Yat?

There, even the Malay thief is considered morally superior so that, in either case, beating up the Chinese is the necessary thing to do. Malays need only an excuse, any excuse. Every crime when committed by the Malay against the Chinese or Indians is justifiable because the latter groups are inferior people anyway. (This is the same ISIS logic.)

Here (top of post in quotations) is, again, the defense of one Malay, tweeting support for the mob: ‘Hormat ibadat‘, says that motherfucker Eddy Zirul. It’s the hormat word again.

Does motherfucker Eddy mean hormat his god or walk on knees and kuckles each time you pass a Malay on the street? It can’t be the first because Allah is not even a Malay god. But hormat is a constitutional requirement. Remember ‘official’? Recall that Allah, claimed by Malays, is bigger than all other gods?

This is the same kind of hormat talked about by another mob of Malays — the IGP’s brother no less — when they shout on the street demanding to tear down the cross from the roof of a church because, in their reasoning, the sign of the cross does not hormat the Malays.

Plainly restated, the very existence of a Christian or a Hindu or a Chinese is considered an affront to all but few Malays, the Muslims, to Islam. Other peoples have no business to be in Malaysia; Mahathir Mohamad himself have made that very clear.

Is it any wonder then that ISIS people like chopping the heads of Christians in Egypt. Like it is in ISIS, facism is in-built into the foundations of Malaysia whereas Malay liberals and Anglophiles go on and on banging warnings against extremism. This foundation is called Islam, and the better for it since it strengthens Malay ketuanan power.

Malaysia is an extremist country constitutionally sanctioned and by its internal dynamics. Malay mob attacks on Chinese are but an undeclared war manifested. Extremism was long ago constructed into those coconut heads, today wrapped in towels: Malays are the master race and their Allah is the perfect tool to express that purpose because both Malay and Allah demand the same thing, Submit! It is what Malaiyoos mean by hormat: go down on your knees.

We, the Chinese, won’t submit: we fight you! We have nothing to lose to see Malaysia razed to the ground. It ain’t our country anyway. You want hormat, we give you hormat: fuck your mother.

Another delusional group of Anglophiles: they think it is just the government behind the disappearances. Wrong. Since the days of Mahathir, Malay society wants you out: if they can’t put you down, and you won’t leave, they make you disappear like Kevin Morais, Altantuuyaa, and numerous others. Once, in the name of Allah, Najib Razak does as he pleases, the entire Malay society, Mahathir included, won’t even whimper.

The Pastor — the Malaysian on the cross — has been sacrificed. Complain less. Instead, watch Malaysia burn like all those so-called ‘great’ Muslim societies before, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Turkey, Nigeria and on and on. To repeat, let Malaystan burn: it is the only thing left worth waiting.


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