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Zaid Ibrahim: How to follow in the steps of these failed men? Answer: Name one!

Actually, any one of them makes for no difference to Malaysia’s future.


In Koh Samui, Zaid Ibrahim writes on the Opposition naming the prime minister elect. These are his criteria for the nomination though they are phrased rhetorically:

  • Can we have a leader of the Opposition who is willing to articulate what is right for this country?

  • Can we have a leader who is willing to risk it all by saying to the Malays and the Muslims that their long-term interests require them to moderate their views on many things and that such an attitude will save them and this country?

  • Can we have a leader who is willing to revisit the idea of “fairness” to the various groups in this country?

  • Can he or she capture the right message and the right spirit that can motivate the people to unseat the Barisan Nasional?

Those criteria look straightforward enough and this is to Zaid’s clarity of thought. With the little he has in philosophical proficiency, he has the ability to turn complex national, political issues into basic arguments that run deep, sometimes very deep.

Why deep?

Because the question of ‘what is right‘, for example, is driven not by real needs of citizens but by a single political group, Umno, entirely Malay, that’s managed primarily with a largesse (a fact confirmed again and again, most recently by Nazri Aziz) which is, in turn, extracted by a combination of carrots, sticks and connivance, and among who its senior people are notorious for being both incompetent and manipulative, Islamic fascists to boot.

In his next post, ‘Deja vu all over again‘, Zaid’s singular answer to the criteria he posed was, Mahathir Mohamad. Now, take that answer and apply it to Zaid’s own set of terms; any of which one will do:

  • Is Mahathir the man willing to moderate his own views, much less tell it to Malays?
  • Or, is Mahathir, the man who defined what it is to be an Umno and Malay politician (‘Get rich! It is your right in Tanah Melayu.’) willing, as Zaid says, do something “with the whole system of administration that has long been in UMNO’s grip”?

Zaid’s ability to contradict himself is as legendary as Mahathir’s national policy failures. But, for him to fail every criterion he himself has laid out — in essence failing his own test — is further evidence of Umno’s inbred ineptness.  He reaffirms two of the most common fallacies in national politics: (a) pick the right (Malay) leader, everything will be fine and (b) let that same leader decide the way forward. That is, in another manner of speaking, Malay politics, the harbinger of national policies, is rigged right from the start and also from the top. Malaysian democracy was never bottom up.

Which explains why, even within Pakatan, there is such a position known as a ‘seat warmer’ as if only Anwar Ibrahim, and he alone, can set things right. This is telling on the political system: it is so racist and fraudulent that Opposition politicians have no shame even suggesting such a position. (What do they take voters for? Don’t half the population, the Chinese, Indians and those in Sabah and Sarawak, have any say?)

Malay and other Opposition politicians conveniently like to forget that it was Anwar who jointly with Mahathir triggered the downward spiral for what politics is suppose to do and Zaid’s infantile thinking is illustrative of this past brought into the present — also showing how little or nothing Zaid had learned from the failures before. Chief of which is, it should be good ideas that drive political careers. Instead, the pinnacle of all present and past political priorities is, get the power first. Is Mahathir at 92 not a seat warmer, like Wan Azizah, so that the only question left is, for whom? This being the case, Zaid’s criterion to find the Saviour of Malaysia is nothing but yet more Zaidgeist pig shit.


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