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Paddling to find Qu Yuan 2,300 years later



Remembering Qu Yuan

The government minister and poet Qu Yuan (屈原 previously Ch’u Yuan) , 340-278BC, threw himself into a river and drowned, giving rise to a movement for change and 端午节 duanwu jie, today misnamed by Anglophiles as Dragon Boat Festival as if this is about an Olympic event called paddling.


Cited below from Giles, A Chinese Biographical Dictionary. Passage is sub-titled, ‘Ch’u Yuan Asks for Advice‘:

“Ch’ü Yuan…caring no longer to live…went out to the bank of the Miluo river. There he met a fisherman who accosted him, saying,

‘Are you not his Excellency the Minister? What has brought you to this pass?’

‘The world,’ replied Ch’ü Yuan, ‘is foul, and I alone am clean. There they are all drunk, while I alone am sober. So I was dismissed.’

‘Ah!’ said the fisherman, ‘the true sage does not quarrel with his environment (times?), but adapts himself to it. If, as you say, the world is foul, why not leap into the tide and make it clean? If all men are drunk, why not drink with them and teach them to avoid excess?’ After some further colloquy, the fisherman rowed away; and Ch’ü Yuan, clasping a large stone in his arms, plunged into the river and was seen no more….”


Thoughts before drowning

雷填填兮雨冥冥		The thunder rumbles and the rain darkens;
猿啾啾兮狖夜鳴		The gibbons mourn, howling all the night;
風颯颯兮木蕭蕭		The wind whistles and the trees are bare.
思公子兮徒離憂		"I am thing of the young lord; I sorrow in vain."


Thoughts of drowning.

From Crossing the River

Now, the phoenix dispossessed,
In the shrine crows make their nest.
Withered is the jasmine rare,
Fair is foul, and foul is fair,
Light is darkness, darkness day,
Sad at heart I haste away.


From The Lament





Since in that kingdom all my virtue spurn,

Why should I for the royal city yearn?

Wide though the world, no wisdom can be found.

I’ll seek the stream where once the sage was drowned.



Names and squares in red are today’s cities.


Qu Yuan statue in Hubei, Jingzhou 荆州, capital of the ancient state of Chu (1030-223BC) where he served as minister. Below, today’s Jingzhou (those walls are still there):



Another part of Jingzhou on a winter’s day.



Fall of the Malays, According to a Racist Anglophile

Again, blame the Chinese


Mahathir’s Fascist Theory of Race during the Nazi reign. It’s called rassenschande or ‘racial defilement’, that is, a brown skin small town doctor tried to fuck an Aryan blonde!

Those, below, are German-captured soldiers from French-ruled Africa. Unlike Jews who were deported to death camps located around Germany, the prisoners were never sent to Europe for fear they would defile the superior race.


From Indian to Malay: Primary evidence of being Malaiyoo, Mahathir Mohamad’s identity card. It ain’t found in his groins even if you were to cut it open today.



The End of the Malays

Surviving solely by edict on a piece of paper, the Malaysian Constitution, the Malay race never had a much of a beginning. If it didn’t, how could something non-existent, unreal, become extinct?

The answer, according to Mahathir Mohamad, is ‘spirit of the race’, that is, “semangat bangsa“. What he means is, of course, Malay racism:

“Maka di zaman dahulu terdapat satu bangsa yang dikenali sebagai Melayu, yang sudah pun hilang, kerana semangat bangsa luput diganti dengan ketamakan nafsu”.

German Nazis and Hitler like to talk on those same terms, such as the Aryan spirit.

In the Phenomenology of Spirit (Phänomenologie des Geistes) Friedrich Hegel made ‘spirit’ (in German, geist) as the book’s central concept, something that’s thought to be at par with time and space. But, like matter, geist is finite, something akin to Fukuyama’s End of History when, at a given stage, civilization, culture and human thought, upon reaching their zenith, cannot change anymore.

Along this line of the Aryan spirit, the German fascist Martin Heidegger wrote in favor of Hitler’s Mein Kampf wherein race classification is given a pecking order. At the top of which is, of course, the Nordic and Germanic peoples: white, blonde, slim, strong and tough. All of which, note, are physical characteristics as opposed to the notion of ‘spirit’. At the bottom of this hierarchy would be, naturally, the like of Mahathir Mohamad and his Indian (un-Malay) father: brown skin, hair like wires, uncouth, without culture nor learning.

That Mahathir, a two-dime, cold and flu small town doctor in baking hot, backward, uncivilized Kedah should create a racist theory with Malays at the pinnacle is, of course, a joke.

This is a man who can’t even recognize himself, that is, anyone — like he — can be Malay unlike being Aryan because not anyone can be white and blonde. Mahathir’s only attribute for being Malay in ‘Sayang Bangsa dan Negara‘ is ‘semangat bangsa‘, so that, to this stupid old man, ‘ketamakan nafsu‘ (greed/lust) constitute the negation of ‘spirit’, its opposite. A first year philosophy student would laugh him out of the classroom door.

He cannot see that because a Malay is pure manufacture, the Malay therefore has a shelf life. He dies easily. Look at Hadi Awang and his clique of towel head mullahs, all wrapped up Arabian, among the lowest of the Zaidgeist pecking order. Camel herdsmen!

Hadi, Mahathir or Syed Akbar Ali proved that anybody can be one day Malay, next day madman (amok) — hardly the qualities of superior humanity. Even Arul Kanda can be Malay one day, and mamak the next.

Today, just as when he came out with the pseudo sociological tract The Malay Dilemma, Mahathir tried to give the Malay some sort of moral, saintly qualities. Before, the Malay was patient, tolerant and easy going. Today, he is supposed to be thrifty and he doesn’t cheat. His propagandist sycophants in the media, before and now (Ahirudin Attan, Kadir Jasin, Helen ‘Aku Cina’ Ang, Annie of the Valley) took those qualities like they were innate to Malays — until, of course, Malaiyoos like Kamarul Zaman, Ibrahim Ali, Ibrahim Sabri and some guy with two coconuts over his head showed up, opened their mouths and spoke like monkeys cawing.

Strange, innate qualities that are exclusively Malay don’t last a generation. And some (Najib?) simply don’t have those qualities. So much for the superior Malay adat.

Never mind all that, which one can easily overlook as individual defects rather than as a collective, and superior, Malay adat. But this: Mahathir being presented as the Savior of Malaysia? Hoo-ha!

Once the Malay becomes extinct, easily done by annulling the Constitution, who shall be the master race? Easy. Go back in history to the English colonial rulers, ignorant and naive as they are but crafty because if they were looking for natives to return the peninsular land as the rightful heirs, they would have no trouble looking. Just as there would be no problem if Australia or Canada or the US were to return seized territories.


Anglophiles Take Up Where Mahathir Left Off

From Anti-Chinese Racism to Xenophobic Malaysian First


For crying out loud, if the rusting steel hulk and reject called Proton is considered a national heirloom so, too, would be Mahathir’s najis, faeces. These are people who pine over iron, tyres, wires and gauges.

What’s the problem with Malays, Anglophiles and editors? Were they raised and taught to be cows, pigs and monkeys? Racist to boot. Perhaps, it’s the Mahathir Effect.

Small wonder Malaysia is so third rate though the more plausible explanation is this: After being sidelined throughout Mahathir’s era, Anglophiles (P. Gunasegaran, Dennis Ignatius, Charles Santiago, et al) have caught a window of opportunity to show they are more Malaysian than Malays by employing an identical racist, Mahathiristic vitriol used before: beat up the Chinese.

This is the Mahathir Effect brought forward then carried into the next generation, rounding the circle in the destruction of every human productive capability started by Mahathir.

Thus, when production dries up and people desert or stop coming and should the xenophobic Opposition takes the throne, they simply steal more to retain power — which they’d justify in the name of Malaysia. Najib did it in the name of Umno, Malays and Islam. Either way, there is no difference in the consequences from Pakatan Harapan theft, squander and Malaysian First fascism. The end of Malays or Malaysia becomes complete.

The Ones who claim to be upright are typically the most vile, like the Mullahs. For more than 50 years, the Church of Dennis Ignatius and more than 7000 of its god-fearing preachers fucked tens of thousands of (mostly) boys from America to Asia. Then when eventually exposed many of these preachers were transferred by being promoted.

Dennis Ignatius also preach Catholic godliness. Here he is:

Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can.

In all the good you have done,

Dennis, “Have you fucked a boy lately?”


On a Lisbon church wall is graffiti of one of Ignatius’s godly peers chasing two children. Then, when exposed, guess what was the typical reply: We answer only to God!




Mahathir the Mamak Qu Yuan

Dear Mahathir: Since you are so righteous and upright (compared to Najib Razak) — but nobody listens, not especially the Court of Umno — why don’t be a Qu Yuan (top of post)? Try the Klang River. After that maybe your message will be heard far and wide, and might last 2,000 years. Malays will send out submarines to look for you, that is, in case you, or what remains of you, are washed into the South China Sea.

A thousand years later, we will put up a statue for you on the banks of Gombak. Long live the Malaiyoo! Long live the Anglophiles!

Just a thought.



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