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The belly is an ungrateful wretch, it never remembers past favors, it always wants more tomorrow. — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich


One Day in the Life of Najib Razak

Sometime in 2012 or 2013 when hustling for votes, Najib Razak was often quoted to say, ‘Cash is King’. This is a curious remark because, if cash is king, what is the sultan for? What about Najib himself in his position as head of government? What are sultans and PMs? They count for next to nothing?

As the 1MDB saga unfolded the past two years there is also an increasing sense that, although money is king, it is also a lot of trouble. Sarawak Report‘s latest disclosures (mirror site) about the dozens of (mostly politician) recipients from Najib’s treasure haul at 1MDB and SRC are revealing into the depth of Umno’s political money culture, launched in the era of Mahathir Mohamad. That’s one part.

In another, SR disclosures explained, without meaning to, why Najib talked about ‘cash is king’. It reaffirmed a fundamental dilemma within Umno’s power structure which is, power and positions count for nothing without money.

Until Najib, the received wisdom (wisdom passed on by Mahathir and his fascist hotheads, Sanusi Junid being one) was the other way around: from power flows money, wealth and prosperity. This was also central to Umno’s determination to hang on its political hegemony. It became the guiding light in Mahathir’s national policies, teaching Malays, in turn, to believe that with power on its side, they are invincible and so could beat the Chinese financially.

In time those ideas turned up to be nothing more than a doctor’s pig shit, splayed out the last three decades that saw the rapid rise and equally rapid fall of towering Malaiyoos, from Perwaja, Proton to MAS, the depletion of institutional influences and the perils of power concentration. Worse for it, race relations got worse, not better: When Malays caught up, they got more greedy, more demanding and more fascist, and Umno was proof of Mahathir’s fallacy. Cash, taking the place of power, became king naturally.

Why when everyone was into it, including Mahathir; why, when everyone had a hand in pulling at the seams and sticking a hand in the pocket, pick on Najib to blame for the country’s state of affairs?

If people had wanted an icon for great misdeeds, Mahathir would be a far better representative, that man created the conditions for exploitation galore. If Najib is the indeed the country’s problem what then was his well spring?

Here was an Umno man before he was born, the Umno Mahathir would later refashion into his own image, a party dependent on largesse, forever demanding more, never letting up, perpetually dissatisfied. This set of situations is today acknowledged and reaffirmed in a party statement: Like head of some jungle tribe, the party chief is supposed to be the wealthiest who dispenses favors all round then once a year distributes cattle like they are Tan Sri badges.

But, Najib’s problems were also self-inflicted. They are the failures of a man made worse by circumstances then driven to insane levels. The two diagrams below explain how.


Two schematic illustrations of the same thing:

Diagram 1

Arrows indicate a direct connection whereas lines show relationships. Fraud and conspiracy are far more complex than murder so that the first requires a far greater and wider constellation of players (below), all of who must be paid off.

All of which merely goes to show that if Malaysia is rotten and if Najib is bad, Malaysians in general are worse. Worse because people like Steven Gan and Charles Santiago and Syed Akbar Ali and Wan Azizah, Lim Kit Siang think they are living saints. Counting starts from Mahathir Mohamad and Anwar Ibrahim.

Diagram 2


Murder was the easy part to cover because, with power and positions, Najib’s government could easily let Razak Baginda get away. Not where money was concerned though.

Note how, in the Diagram 1’s right side column, the number and range of people involved. This could only mean that for every one ringgit raised (by 1MDB or SRC) a large share of the monies would have to first go to an assortment of motherfuckers even before these whittled down sums of money are distributed to Umno divisions, to Sarawak and people like Shafee Abdullah.

Shafee is interesting because Najib could have gotten litigation for free from the Attorney-General Chambers. Instead Shafee, according to SR’s disclosures, was paid MYR9.5 million. In another way of looking at the same thing, Najib not only (like Ambiga) distrusted institutions, or their efficacy, he also faced limitations even with power and position on his side. Certainly, if SRC’s MYR 4 billion wasn’t enough to buy influence 1MDB would have to enter into the calculation, itself raising more than MYR 30 billion.

Najib having to pay for influence is entirely counter-intuitive. That’s also to say, there are things (laws and moral conduct, in this case) greater than the prime minister. But Najib’s personal experiences, and success, was to drill a hole right through Mahathir’s groins, which, all along, had proclaimed the supremacy of Malay government and with power on its side Umno will always be king.

Conversely, with all Malays united behind Umno, Malay power will be king.

Najib showed that if cash is king, then Mahathirism and Malaiyoo politics are a swine and a dog.

This raises a question about the Opposition coming into power, if at all: Can people in the DAP or Bersatu live on cow grass or run and manage the country on the fetid Tanah Malaiyoo air?

Cash might not be king to them — yet — and that’s easy to say when they have nothing and they live like pigs. But, sitting on the throne, it won’t look that way. Their hypocrisy and contradictions are already showing: attacking Najib for surrendering national sovereignty to China’s investments while, on the other hand in Penang, the DAP government borrows MYR 1 billion also from China.

For that, Mahathir and Malaysiakini have nothing to say, nothing to criticized about Malaysian dependence on the Chinese.

Such motherfuckers in Malaysia are a dime a dozen. They make up the standard quality of Malay and Anglophile politics that in combination have delivered the mess seen today.





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