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The Racism of the Anti-Racists


So full of herself, Hannah on Twitter imagines herself as a shooting rock star (below).




Notice how it is always with people like Hannah Yeoh and Sumisha Naidu (below, the one sticking out a lollipop), these white western imitations who are forever out to create fault, invent grievances and look for offenses (like Perkasa) when there is none; like looking for racism in the color black then making the two equal.

So full of self-righteousness, they would always pick on those who can’t fight back, the defenseless, or a company like Watsons which would find it suicidal to do so.

But, neither Hannah nor Sumi have the cunt to take on Perkasa and Ibrahim Ali, would they? Are they different from the Malay imam hate preachers? Of course Not; these two cunts simply pick a politically satiable topic to feed their Anglophile crowd, numerous of them can be found here, Malaysia’s version of a Brietbart. (Even here.) It is the same thing Ibrahim Ali employs to feed his anti-Chinese Malay audience.

The Alis have the backing of 14 million Malays whereas Hannah — infamous for peddling her 6-day-old baby to score political points — knows which side of her bread is buttered. Or what jam. And Sumi? Just another motherfucking auntie…. Channel News Asia is better off, for itself, sacking her; it will be decent at least.

Well, the two aunties are perfect made for each other: Brown skin fucks a yellow. Why not? Nothing racist in that.

Save Malaysia? Sure… save us from these Hannah and Sumi cunt holes


Sumisha Naidu



Yes, report that Sumi Cunt.



Better than cunt holes把悲傷留給自己



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