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Short answer: Because she is Indian, dark skin and can do nothing about it. Except, of course, to act the cunt that she is.


Super Cunt ‘Why-so-dark’ Sumi: She knew how to weaponize her prejudices — with a piece of phallic instrument called a microphone.


Cunt, Cunts and Cunts

As a child, I have heard in passing or said by neighbors umpteen times by Indians of Indians on the occasions such as, a child is born: “Why? So dark!”

Here, alluding to the same thing, is the confession of the brown skin Malay Zan Azlee (brown skin because some Malays are Caucasians, Middle Eastern, others Indian, and so Malay is not an ethnic but a political class; Ridhuan Tee is Chinese). Zan’s daughter:

I wish my skin was a little bit fairer, like Alethea. … Alethea’s skin is fairer and that is beautiful.

Zan’s response to her: Why would you want that? Your skin looks great to me.

That wasn’t just disingenuous, it was especially contrived because of the folly of his own arguments. Stupid Zan couldn’t see a straight syllogism that a child could: Given that color has shades then beauty, too, must be shaded. So far, nobody, not the Indians gossiping or Zan’s daughter or Alethea is saying dark is ugly; they are merely asserting that in fairer colored skins contain the gradations of beauty.

Beauty, like color preferences, isn’t a matter of truth or evidential fact; it’s a matter of individual desires angled on personal tastes.

Then along comes the cunt Sumisha Naidu, dark skin Indian, armed with a CNA phallic microphone. She grabs the Thing — it has power — sticks it into her mouth, masturbating for the world to see and she cums; Sumi dripping of self righteousness.

On what grounds does she beat up Watsons over the Alethea ad? This couldn’t be news because there could be no news in dog bites man nor, in the same vein, what an individual desires in a fair skin. Beauty, so they say, may skin-deep but that’s where it starts — at the skin. Michael Jackson wanted and got his fair skin after all (which costs money). Has Sumisha accused Michael of hating blackness? Or preferring white? Or racism? White girls who like a darker, tanned skin (and summer’s here!); are they ever accused of racism?

Because the accusation of racism at an individual level is impossible to defend (though in truth, it requires no defense), it is especially useful and convenient. But, how had Sumi arrived at black = ugly = racism? Or conversely white = beauty; but doesn’t equal racism.

The syllogism, that is, Zan’s failure to see the fault in his own argument — this stupid Malaiyoo — equally explains and defines Sumi’s personal prejudices: black is racism but not white.

This predictable black versus white dichotomous outcome has only one origin: white, western society (they invented Opposites fighting) which nurtured its beginnings from Christiandom wherein Adam and Eve, it was argued early on, have to be white. From that racial ideology grew, moving on thence to the slave trade, something already practiced by Arabs when the Europeans first docked at the western African coast, especially the country today called Benin.

Today, motherfuckers like Zan and cunt holes like Sumi and, of course, the eternal cunt named Hannah Yeoh knew how to employ the same racial ideology in an Asian setting: That is, to project skin tones strictly as a morality issue.

The matter of a young girl preferring a fairer skin is never interpreted on its own merits; girls being girls yet they aren’t allowed to grow up as teenagers. Instead their individual preferences, innocent as they may be, are hitched purely and solely to a (western) political ideology refined today into the form of personal abuse.

So, not by coincidence, it is with people like Sumi and Hannah Yeoh and Zan that are Anglophiles — people who like things white, English, marmalade and scones, Jesus and God-Allah, Shakespeare and snow. Hannah so despised the Chinese (not white enough) and Indians (too dark) she refused to give her children the appropriate names. Instead her first born is given a white name: Shay Adora.

The Lady of the Valley is named Annie, Malaysiakini‘s Gan is Steven, Malaysiakini’s Christian preacher Oh is Steve; Indians call themselves Dennis Ignatius when the Charles Santiagos are full up, the blacker they are the whiter their names become; Malaiyoos are all Mohammads, Khairy J thinks the world of Oxford, Najib Razak kisses the ass of a Caucasian camel named al-Saud, and on and on and on, all wanting white, and all shouting the loudest against racism.



The real Hannah, above: fat, bitchy and ugly. But below is how she pictures herself to the world, on Twitter: a Miss Universe sweetness to put a veil over the ‘evil’ (her word) in her heart.




Poor Alethea, above: Michael Jackson can have a fairer skin, but not her. Sumi and Hannah and Zan made sure of it.


Show Alone 獨角戲

We like beauty, and we prefer beauty white. What’s it to you, Sumi Cunt? Go get fucked by a Saudi imam; he’s white. Or this man — the Commander — but he’s dark skin, and old.

Now, after you’ve gotten your cum, see below.

Immediately below is you. After that is Taylor Swift. Who would you say is prettier, far, far, far prettier? And what color is that? That’s racist, No?


Black Sumi versus white Taylor: Why, so dark! And ugly… outside and in.



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