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Why Najib Couldn’t Be Evil…

But if all the readers of Malaysiakini thought Najib is evil then they are so as well — equally evil, absolutely evil. All of them, including Steven Gan, Clare Rewcastle Brown, Mahathir Mohamad, but who couldn’t see their own evil unless it’s projected in the person named Najib Razak.

By what standards, therefore, you judge Najib?

Najib is beyond evil, just as manure is the contribution to the smell of the rose. Don’t understand, dear Anglo Mkini reader? Then fuck off.


Think, Tong Anglo Chinaman

The Thoughts of Liew Chin Tong

Chin Tong in Malaysiakini:

Fortunes built from decades of hard work and proceeds from currency speculation in the 1990s were wiped out within months, if not days, in the first major contagious regional crisis in recent memory, before the far greater global crisis in 2008.

Our generation was not supposed to start off our adulthood this way.

Whose fortunes? How were these fortunes made? Other countries near and far (from Singapore to Hong Kong and South Korea) have equally made fortunes, those weren’t wiped out. Why? If “our generation” wasn’t “suppose to start off… this way” then how was it suppose to start out? With a silver spoon inside your ass?

Chin Tong again:

Between the 1990 and 1997, after defeating the opposition, Mahathir totally transformed the perception towards him through a bold proclamation of the national objective to become a developed nation in 2020 and the need to provide for a common destiny in a multiethnic society – Bangsa Malaysia – and delivered massive growth hitherto unheard of. It was the era of trickle-down economics.

The 1997 Asian Financial Crisis shattered those dreams….

Mahathir transformed the perception? What was the perception before that? How is a perception ‘transformed’ by a single proclamation? Or even a series of proclamations? Which is the greater or are they the same: the perception of transformation or the transformation or the proclamation itself? How do you create, or in Chin Tong’s word, “provide a destiny”? Does he mean to say, a multi-ethnic society had different destinies to begin with? What is this destiny? How is a Bangsa Malaysia a fucking destiny? Is that supposed to be your shattered dream?

Chin Tong, for the third time:

I read history with a sigh. Had Anwar challenged Mahathir in June 1998, he could have won. Or at least he would not have been isolated. But what had happened cannot be reversed. While the nation stagnated economically and Malaysians became less hopeful, Malaysia saw tremendous change politically in the intervening years.

I would not have entered full-time politics at such a young age if not for the inspiration from Anwar’s Reformasi movement.

You read history, really? Why sigh, Mr Liew? Because history wasn’t your version of it? What kind history would fit your liking? Is it this kind of history: Anwar challenges Mahathir, Anwar win? How do you know? “What has happened cannot be reversed” — is that supposed to be some mystic guru profoundness we don’t know about? “Stagnated economically” is what? GDP growth a year at 5 percent instead of 8? Is that some new economics we know nothing about? “Less hopeful” is because of what: you seem to think it’s economics, Yes? Mahathir boom years, therefore hopeful. Stagnating years, therefore less hopeful? Tremendous political change? What had changed? Better yet, what changed fundamentally? The inspiration from Reformasi? What reformasi? What do you reform on the reformed? Mahathir was supposed to be the reformation, No? And what do you want out of the reformation of the reforms?

You see, Mr Liew, you are virtually the flip side of this man named Tan Keng Liang. Both of you think the same fallacies, made the same stupidities, repeat the same myths, only they come from the opposite directions concerning transformation, reform, politics, economics, inspiration, change, both as inane as is their language and as insipid as is their speech made of air, all very woolly, full of fluff amounting to nothing. It reads nice, like a pillow even comforting, and like Anwar full of reformasi words, of promises, of change. That’s the history, No? But that’s it.

And then you talk about ‘redemption’. What’s that? This is some fucking Jesus business? We, our generation, as you say, had enough, so, please, piss off….

You are a fucking joke.



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