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The Manure is Perfume for the Rose

(Alan Watts clip below)


Nur and her pet dog: It isn’t just a Malaiyoo motherfucker named Othman Mustapha she’s up against. It is a whole fucked-up country.


Sumi, Auntie Hannah: Where Art Thou?

Against Watsons, who couldn’t fight back, Sumisha Naidu and Hannah Yeoh have much to say, kicking up a self-righteous storm because of a skin whitening jell advertisement which they’d call ‘racist’ and ‘obscene’.

Against Jakim and against Othman Mustapha who is going to hang Nurhanizah Abdul Rahman on the nearest tree for rescuing and then keeping a dog, Sumi and Hannah have nothing to complain.

And we, of course, know why the discrimination: Jakim is government and Muslim and Othman is Malaiyoo so that Anglophiles like Sumi and Hannah won’t have the cunt to pick on Power. To pick their fights, they know, like numerous Malays, to pick on persons who are not Malay, not Muslim, and especially the weak.

Here though is the fundamental issue. All three — Sumi, Hannah and Othman — are cut from the same cloth that is threaded like this, If they don’t like what you do they will pulverize you then claim their actions on behalf of their gods.

Sumi and Hannah had turned a product — which you don’t have to buy if you got western liberal hangups — into a morality issue by equating colors with race. On the same page, Othman is saying the same self-righteous thing, ‘What Nur does, individually, as a human, intruding nobody, can offend him even if he lives a million miles away’. At one level, it’s that Malay sensitivity thing again. At another, a personal act of Nur’s becomes — to Othman, like it is to Hannah and Sumi — an impossible morality issue to defend; she, like Watsons, finds herself trapped every time morals are invoked.

While Sumi and Hannah claim their self-righteousness on the pulpit stand of Jesus Christ, Othman claims his on Mohamad, also another desert, foreign descent, both supposedly holy. With that, all three followers turned into absolute motherfuckers who can, for no good reason, go around picking fault, deliver judgment then hang you — without the slightest hesitation and with acts identical in fashion to the way those gods have operated since the Roman days.

Yet, Anglophiles and Malays talk about a moderate Malaysia, the same Anglophiles and Malays who, daily, spew righteousness in the pages of Malaysiakini.

Once thrown together, one brown skin Malaiyoo, one darkie Indian and one kangaroo Chinese — all Bangsa Malaysia and all Anglo in their value system — it’s no wonder Malaysia is so fucked up.

Excepting one mamak, not one politically connected Malaiyoo — not PKR, not DAP, not Bersatu — has stepped up publicly to defend Nur she so crucially needs now. They, Anglophiles and politicians, can’t imagine how or why this matter is fundamental. We, again, know why they also discriminate. Would it therefore make a difference to the world if they came to power?

And, on and on and on, they talk of saving Malaysia. Allahuakbar! Fuck the akbars….


So dark! Sumi Cunt Naidu: her face needs whitening jell.


Look at all those spots! Hannah Yeoh: Her face needs cleaning agent.


Othman Dick Mustapha: His mouth needs mouth wash. ‘Balik kampung la, you piece of Malaiyoo dick.’


That Stupid Dichotomy: Good vs Evil

To the degree you condemn others and find evil in others you’re to that degree unconscious of the same thing in yourself …. So they project outwards that darkness on Jews, on Communists and whatever the enemy there may be, saying, ‘there’s the darkness that’s not in me and because it’s not in me, I’m justified in annihilating this enemy’….”  — Alan Watts (1915-1973)


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